Haunted Places

Dark Ectoplasm can be seen in this house, You can see dark mist covering parts of an otherwhise white wall. The image of a mans upper body can be seen beside the window, as well as a figure around the sink.

In this same house you can clearly see a orb flying near the window.

This photo was taken by a friend of mine in the Great Mouth Caverns. The guide said that it was rumored a woman died there while exploring the cave. You can see pure golden ectoplasmic energy all around the cave.

Another picture of the Great Mouth Caverns. Here you can see two ectoplasmic figures flying side by side high into the cave. Again they are gold, maybe the same ghost as the previous photo, only this time he has a companion.

These pictures were taken while talking to an EVIL spirit with an ouija board. When asked why he was evil he repeated I KILL, I KILL. The best thing to do when faced with this situation is to close the board by going to goodbye and leaving as soon as possible.

This picture was taken after using the ouija board. We are positive this spirit is pure evil. As you can see the ecto is taking up the entire picture.... this is the best picture of ectoplasmic mist i have ever seen. I have outlined the image of a demonic face, compare it to the mist and see what you think.