Poinsett Bridge, Cleveland SC
Halloween Night 2004

The trip began like any other, a frantic race for equipment, batteries, and the other necessities that make a Halloween party a party. Chris, one of our two electronic wizards, was hard at work on our new design for an infrared flashlight. Patrick was also trying his best to finish up his homemade ELF and temperature sensor before it was time to go. We had nine people going with us on this trip, all certified GHNC, but it was still more than we have ever taken before.

The infrared LED circuit, with 25 functioning diodes

In the dark with no flash, the digital camera can detect light invisible to the human eye

Crowley in the field, testing the flashlight for the first time. You can see the housing we chose for the LEDs, and also the two 6-volt lantern batteries required for power
Once everything was ready we headed off to the local Wal-Mart for batteries. As much as I hate to support Wal-Mart's corporatism, I can't afford convenient store battery prices. We had gathered lots of equipment, heres a list:
  • Gaussmaster ELF meter
  • 1950s Salem Fuld Ouija
  • Cryptique talking board
  • Homemade multi meter ELF and temp digital sensor
  • Infrared flashlight + 2 6-volt batteries.
  • Kodak DX4530 digital camera
  • Laptop computer for analyzing pictures onsite
At the entrance of the store they had pumpkins for sale. I looked for the biggest one I could find, with an idea to bust it at the bridge later that night. Everyone was ready by nine o'clock, we got in the car and headed down US-485.


The hour and a half stretch of I-85 is your usual monotonous road experience, I won't bore you with the details. The real action began when we arrived in downtown Greenville at 11:30 PM. The directions we had printed from the net were not as good as we had thought. After an hour of driving in circles it was finally decided that we stop at a gas station to ask for directions. All we needed to find was US-25, it should have been simple. When I walked out of the gas station I saw one of our group talking to a man that looked very strange. He was real jumpy and it was creeping me out. Everyone headed over there to see what the deal was, and the the guy claimed he was with the Marshall Tucker Band :)

I don't know what this guy was on, but he was making everyone really nervous, and we weren't taking him anywhere. Before it was all over, he offered two hundred dollars to us if we took him to a hotel down the street. At that point we knew something was up and got the hell out of there. That is a prime example of the unexpected things that happen on a ghost hunt. You end up in the wrong part of town by mistake, and you can meet some weird people.

Our group arrived at the bridge shortly after one o'clock, it had been a long journey. We carried all our supplies to the bridge and then began to setup a base camp. The party had begun.

Everyone is having a good time, and if you look closely, there appears to be a wisp of ecto at the top

The bridge was very foggy, too foggy for good hunting really. You can still discern ecto and orbs from fog, but the task is a lot harder when the fog is in every frame. The picture above is a good example, ecto would be a singular and shapely entity, whereas fog would be dense and prevalent throughout the photo.

Brightness, contrast, and gamma adjusted

The night was off to a good start, but soon after getting situated, a car pulled up and even more people arrived.

We all gather around the board

I think she said her name was Jenny, if I remember correctly. She was very skilled, the planchette started to move instantly and swiftly as she placed her fingers upon it

Joe slams a beer while Jenny tells us why she is apprehensive about playing the board. Years ago she said that she played in the same house where her step mother committed suicide. As she began the reading she said her dead stepmother came walking down the stairs, and that two gargoyle statues on a mantle started to animate.

The reading was cut short because the ladies were getting a little scared. They left after that and we began with our real investigation. As we traversed the mountain we got ELF readings and many cold spots. The gauss master was getting 5+ point spikes, something I've never encountered before. After we explored the woods for some hours, it was beginning to get late. Some of the team wanted to stay, but the drivers were ready to go. The final nail in the coffin was when it started raining on our way out. I barely had time to snap the closing pictures.

Because of the poor weather conditions, much of the pictures are too obscured by fog to be authenticated. But if you study the pictures closely, I think you'll find we came out with solid evidence of spiritual activity that night. Enjoy the pictures, and I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. Until next year...

Three examples of ecto

The 184 year old Poinsett Bridge

Crowley checking ELF in the fog

Jacko meets Little Gap creek

And just for reference, here are some pictures that we know are fog. Compare to the ecto above and make your own decision.