Hunt 16

Hi, my name is Scott Griffin. I grew up beside a cemetery that has always made me wonder about death and the afterlife. All those years that I have grown up there, I have seen and felt great activity. The cemetery is home to many of my family members. One of them is my Great Grandma, she was one of the best human beings that you could ever imagine. Before she died I never went over to the graveyard. One day I went to visit her at her grave, I talked to her about life and how I loved her, and then I could feel something about this place, something ghostly. I guess you would feel that way about any graveyard, but it was like the spirits were calling to me in that place. After my dad would yell at me or if needed to clear my head I would go to the graveyard. I know it sounds strange, a kid that goes to the graveyard to clear their head, but it was so true. Still to this day I go there to talk to my great Grandma. I'm 21 now and still a full member of the Ghost Hunters Of North Carolina. We take hunts there sometimes but only 2 or 3 people can go because I only take my best friends there. It is a very active place and I will always remember GRIFFIN CEMETERY.

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