Blast Cemetery, Gaffney SC
Halloween Night 2005

We originally planned to go to Blast cemetery/battleground in Gaffney, SC, but we started out the trip only having a general idea about where it was located. A lot of hunts are like that, all you have is a city and a road name, but you drive two hundred miles anyway hoping for the best. When we finally found the church that the graveyard was supposed to be around, it turned out that the area was way more populated than we expected, it wasn't really safe to park our cars on the side of the road there. We circled around the place a couple of times, still not seeing the cemetery, and debating whether we should park and look around or not. The parsonage was located very near to where we were forced to park. As we got out of our cars the preacher turned off his house lights. We decided it was time to leave before he called the police on us.

So there we were, mulling over the prospect of a ruined Halloween. One of our veteran members, Adam, suggested that since we were already in Gaffney that we drive another hour into Cleveland to visit our old standby, Poinsett bridge. It turned out to be a great idea that saved the whole night :)

When we arrived we were not surprised that some locals were already there, people have been there almost every time we have visited. They were really cool and also into the paranormal, it's great when you meet new people and feel like you've known them for years because you have so much in common. They suggested that we travel past the bridge and up the mountain by the various trails that had been made. They said that the woods were supposed to be more active than the bridge, and they turned out to be right.

It was already 3:30AM when we got there, we didn't have as long as I would've liked to take pictures. Once I did start snapping we began capturing a red and yellow energy that looked almost like fire, no one there had ever seen anything like it before. The same energy appeared in many different pictures throughout a one hour time frame. After 5:00AM it was time to go, many of our members had to go to work very early the next morning (Halloween on a weekday sucks).

Check out the pictures below, I have hosted them at the highest possible quality and have also offered zoomed and enhanced views whenever possible. Behold, these are GHNC's best pictures ever.

Intro Video

Until next year...