Halloween Hunt 2007

The Ghost of Tom

There is an old two story house tucked deep into the woods, past a field that's off the side of a rural road. Not many people know about this place. It's one of those rare locations that has somehow escaped development. Walking through the woods and the family cemetery surrounding this ancient home is like stepping back in time. The GHNC team found themselves in that very graveyard on Halloween night.

One thing was different about this visit compared to times past, there were only two members who remained to investigate the final haunting of the evening. Once the two hunters calmed their nerves, they began to search for any tombstones that might be hidden amongst the dense vines and plant growth.

A beam of light cuts through the black of night as my partner flips on his camera lamp, he then kneels down to sweep debris from the face of a chiseled stone.

The etchings on the headstone tell of Tom; his last name was too weathered to decipher. To our astonishment, Tom had died in the year of 1813. This meant that the house was still standing after nearly 200 years - amazing. Upon noticing this, the camera light suddenly goes out on its own, leaving us gasping and terrified in a silent darkness.

We both remarked that a chill had come in the air, and that our skin was literally tingling from the presence of an unseen energy. As I regained composure and took a picture, Tom decided to reveal himself in the form of ectoplasmic mist - a full manifestation!