Cherry Hill Church

Investigation Report

We found out about this location from members of our forum who had been there before. They told of strange sounds and smells, cold spots, and even of rocks being thrown against the side of the church. Every report we could find had determined that the place was definitely haunted. With high hopes, we began the hunt by picking up some new equipment. Believe it or not, the team has never used voice recording devices in the field before. We decided it was time to investigate this new avenue of research.

At the store we saw many digital recorders but eventually settled on an older cassette based recorder. This particular model had everything we were looking for. It had an external microphone port, a head phone port for output to a PC, and even a port for remote activation of the unit. We also picked up an extra microphone in case the one that came with it didn't work too well.

Once we got back to ghost hunter HQ, we did tests with the new recorder to determine the distance at which it could pick up low voices. We were astonished to find that the included microphone could easily detect whispers at distances of well over thirty feet! Now we felt completely prepared for the hunt, we had all the bases covered - EVP, EMF, night vision video, and digital photography.

After a short drive (compared to most trips) we arrived at our destination some time after midnight. At first sight the place appeared to be very creepy. The fenced in graveyard could be seen from behind the church, and both were bathed in an eerie amber light that came from a nearby utility pole. It was very quiet and secluded, there were not many cars passing by to bother us.

We started the hunt by doing a sweep of the graveyard. Almost immediately one of our members heard loud breathing coming from the field beyond the fence at the back of the cemetery. For a good five minutes we figured that there must have been animals in the field, it sounded like a horse exhaling breath. Upon looking into the field, we discovered that there were no animals to be found. At this we began to get a little worried, and that's when we started to hear the horrible howling noises coming from the woods at the edge of the field. It sounded slightly animal in nature, but in many ways it was more human than animal. As we were sitting quietly and listening attentively, the silence was shattered by a muffled gunshot!

It was determined that the gunshot had been within at least three hundred yards of us. We were not worried about any human pursuer, it was clear from the strange sound of the gun that it must have been spiritual in nature. The sound had been close yet distant, loud and yet muddled, as if it had come from the past...

Later that night we found ourselves discussing the events that had transpired while looking up at the stars in the sky. Just as we were remarking on what a clear and beautiful night it was, a green orb materialized in the sky above the graveyard, quickly flew about ten feet, then vanished as instantly as it had appeared! We were completely amazed for some minutes, it's not often that orbs are visible to the naked eye. At this we left the recording device in the graveyard and began our sweep of the church and surrounding areas.

It appeared to us that the church was not as active on this night as the graveyard, we did not detect anything with the EMF meter or catch anything with our camera. I stopped and asked the spirits if they could throw a rock against the church as they have been known to do, but we were not lucky enough to witness this phenomenon in action. We then returned to the graveyard to retrieve our equipment and prepare to leave.

When we got back to our recording device, we began hearing the strange stirrings in the field again. We then stood quietly in anticipation with microphone outstretched, only to be scared out of our wits by the most startling occurrence of the night; a demonic cry was heard from the wood line! The scream we heard cannot easily be described, you must hear it for yourself in the audio recording found at the end of this report. Our nerves were wearing thin at this point, we quickly packed up our equipment and headed for the car.

The hunt was concluded at roughly 3:30am. Our final consensus is the same as that shared by fellow hunters who have investigated before us. The Cherry Hill church is most certainly haunted, and you can find this out for yourself should you be brave enough to visit!

Until next time...


Listen for an unearthly scream. Make sure you turn the volume way up before playing


Footage of a strange object!