Poinsett Bridge, Cleveland SC.
Halloween Night 2003

We have quite a history with this location. We first learned about it almost two years ago from researching on the net. Since then we have made three unsuccesful trips. Each trip came closer to bridge, but we were always too late in getting there. Its almost a four hour drive and it takes time to ask for directions and get your bearings. We finally made it there this Halloween. The bridge was truly a site to behold. Poinsett Bridge, built in 1820, is the oldest known bridge still standing in SC. It was used in the Civil war for trading of goods over Little Gap creek.

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We took over 160 pictures and used the ouija board on top and underneath the bridge. It was maybe 4:30 in the morning when we got a little shaken. Its deathly quiet on this mountain in Cleveland. We hear a vehicle coming from a long way off and wait in silence as it draws near. We see a tow truck drive by and pass our car on the side of the road. It slows down and begins to back up torwards the car. At this point we believe we are screwed and will be stuck trying to locate a towed car 200 miles from home. The driver went to his car to talk to the trucker while we all waited in the woods. After awhile we heard laughing and decided to come out and see what was going on. It turned out to be some kids like us just looking for some fun on Halloween. We showed them the pictures we were getting and played some Ouija. This meeting made the night very memorable as did the bridge itself. This hunt also marks the first time our Kodak has caught traces of ecto. This location lived up to its moniker of "spiritual vortex".

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