Union Elementary, NC
The School built on an Indian Burial Ground
11/09/03 & 11/16/03

Union Elementary is a lot more famous then many people realize. One of our members first heard the location was haunted from the old television program Sightings. He had gone to school there and left for middle school the very year it closed. We also have many other friends that went there and they all say it is one of the most eerie and strangest of places any kid could be educated in.

The first of Union Elms. problems come from the fact that it was built over an indian burial ground. This was confirmed by Sightings themselves. When they arrived they decided to go into the cafeteria area with their large crew of camera men. They didn't even make it down the steps to the entrance before things got crazy. As the leading crewman steps out, a brick from the crumbling building above falls right in front of them and the entire team flees as more come down around them. Their final statement was that no one should ever enter that area again.

The other piece to this haunted puzzle lies in the poor safety of the school when it was operational. There was a certain stairway that went to a single office above. It traversed over 13 feet up and yet they never installed a railing to keep the children safe. The member of our team that went there says children died, falling from above. When the auditorium was still standing you could hear children's voices and the marking of chalkboards all around you.

We have hunted this location at least 8 to 10 times in my recollection. Last night was the most troubling of any. The events that occured were truly beyond all reason. The hunt begins as we examine the only entrance to the remaining section of the auditorium, the gym. As I approach the door something bangs it from the other side. I leap back about five feet, the other members, ten feet behind me, heard it and ran as well. This was the first unexplainable event. When we went back to the door we found it to be handle-less and bolted shut. We will get in there one day, but that is for another story.

Detered by the gym we decide to go to the cafeteria. I am taking pictures all during this time and getting mild activity. After we get settled in the corner of the basement we play Ouija. We spoke with a single spirit and only got one legibal answer, "YIH8GOD". It began to get a little freaky in the darkness with a glow in the dark ouija board. The spirit didnt say much and we all left that area after a 45 minute stay.

On the way out we messed around for a bit. While looking for another entrance to the gym I found a way to the roof. It yielded nothing but some vents that were bolted as well. The other members said that whenever I moved on the roof something else moved inside the storage room beneath me. It was hell getting down. I had to scale a brick wall and im suprised I didnt break something. I kept thinking I would fall just like the kids, it was almost in the exact same location and I saw then that the height could kill.

When we were walking back to the car we had to jump a chain fence. About 10 seconds after we all passed it we heard another jumper follow us. Of course when we turned around nothing was there. Our driver unlocked the car and we hurried the hell out of there. As the car reached 40 miles per hour something jabbed into the side of the tire beside me. I felt it rattle the entire car. It was insane, the tire went totally flat in almost 4 minutes. Staring at the tire we found it was sliced with surgical precision. There were no trees or limbs by the roadside that could have snagged us. This was unexplainable event number 2.

Opening the trunk revealed a flat spare tire. Here we were at least a 3 hour walk from home at 4:30 in the morning. Thankfully we flagged down a vehicle and it happened we knew the guy. A cell phone call got us back home safely :). Check out the spirits and what they did to our tire below.

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