Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, January 9, 2005 Casa Grande, Arizona
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2005 13:20:04 -0700


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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
January 9, 2005 from Casa Grande, Arizona

Dr. Daveís Notes:
We have a new email address! We will be changing from to Be sure to update your address books and start using the new email address immediately. This address can always be found at the top of the home page at We have gone to Satellite Internet and will be leaving behind the headaches of wireless Verizon slow operating speed of 14.4 kbps. We have waited for five years to be able to upgrade to Satellite Internet, and now it is a reality for us.

The only problem I had converting to Satellite Internet was in my laptop. I got a virus in December that took my Internet Explorer hostage and denied me using it on dial up connections and my laptop refused to access the network adaptor for the Satellite modem. Norton AntiVirus checker never caught this virus and it wasn't until I tried to access the Satellite Network Adaptor that jello hit the fan. The Satellite Dish installer gave up after six hours and said to contact technical support. The task was upon my back now to resolve this issue and I have very little computer savvy, I know where the on and off buttons are and that is about all.

I learned in the Marine Corps to never give up so I took this same attitude with the laptop, I will not give up. It took me fourteen hours of working to resolve the virus and network issues. I got Spyware Doctor to get rid of those nasty spyware issues and AdWare to remove adware cookies. Even after removing the spyware/adware and running Norton Antivirus checker, I still could not communicate with the Satellite Network Adaptor.

Sharon suggested I upgrade to XP Pro over the Home Edition I was using. Yes, once I installed the XP Pro, I resolved the issues, the virus appeared was sent to cyber hell where it belonged, and I was able to achieve access to the Satellite Network Adaptor. My last major virus problem was in Rapid City, SD back in 2002 when I got hit hard. Even with the virus checkers, firewalls, and spyware removers, itís a dangerous arena out there for the unsuspecting computer user.

My download speed is now ranging anywhere from 60 kbps to 240 kbps, which is fantastic when compared to our wireless Verizon cell phone modem operating at a very slow pace of 14.4 kbps. I feel like I now have access to the outside world via the Net. Bottom line is that I can now download the attachments that visitors and members send to us for evaluation without a concern when they exceed the old 100K limit we had to set with the wireless download. A one meg file took 20 minutes to download, now itís a few blinks of the eye and it is done.

Registration is going great for the conference. Registrations have come in from as far west as Hawaii and as far east as North Carolina and as far north as Canada for our Southwest Ghost Conference in March. We have updated our Conference page at with a hot link to the lodging page, which has a list of hotels in the area. Our primary event will be in or near Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque.

This is one event that you will not want to miss. Our conferences are filled with vital information that benefits those involved in the ghost hunting community. We do not entertain with ghost stories, but educate those attending. You will not find us talking about UFOís, Bigfootís, or other non-ghosts happenings because we concentrate all our effort on ghosts and we teach you how to be a better professional in this field.

Albuquerque is what we call the City of the Dead because so many of the buildings have bodies buried within the walls instead of in a cemetery plot. One casket was discovered under the floor of one of the local restaurants during remodeling and was left undisturbed where it was found. Last year we held a seminar in Albuquerque and IGHS member Lorraine Scott was photographed several times with large ectoplasmic vapor surrounding her while she was standing in front of this haunted restaurant.

We got a very good mp3 video taken from a surveillance camera set up in this personís living room. An orb that left a small contrail flew out of one room and into the living room. The tapered contrail appeared to resemble those captured on film. I have asked permission to post this video segment. If permission is granted, we will post it in the free ghost photo section of our web site so all can view and benefit from it.

We are posting the new Ghost Town Glass Pendants today so drop by and take a look at

We are starting to hear back from our members who have viewed White Noise and their comments are not the best as far as recommendations are concerned. It seems that the film presents the fact that white noise static is the only way to record EVP and that it is associated with demons with terrible things happening to EVP researchers. It does sound like a fundamentalist scriptwriter was involved in the script.

We have NEVER encountered demonic spirits while recording EVP or afterwards. The only demonic spirits we encounter are from the fundamental religionists who attempt to enforce their viewpoints onto everyone else. Fundamentalists tend to promote their brand of views under the threat of demonic punishment for violation of their views. This is done under religious viewpoints rather than any basis of fact.

White noise static EVP is one method of sitting in your home and turning on the radio and finding a dead zone of just static and then recording the static. Our method is to go out into the trenches of the battlefield to record the voices of the actual soldiers. We teach to go to the historical sites, the old abandoned buildings, the spooky cemeteries and record with a digital or analog recorder. I promise you that the voices you hear and the sensations you experience does not compare to sitting in a comfortable room with the radio turned onto static in an attempt to record voices. Any voices that you might record will give you no idea what period they evolve from.

The IGHS method of going to the site to record provides the listener with not only the history associated with the site, but the voices that may be speaking in the vernacular, meaning the local speech of the area. In the south, you can hear the southern accent, in the northeast, the New England accent. EVP can be an experience without fear of demonic repercussions, rather than just a concept.

While Hollywood EVP researchers may be killed as presented in the White Noise film, in real life, this does not happen. Ghosts are not evil or demonic and they are not out to kill us researchers. There is too much religion and not enough reality used in that film. We have recorded over 1,000 ghost voices and our experiences have been positive and insightful. We highly recommend anyone to pursue EVP recordings, as it can be done during the day. Ghosts have no need for sleep so they are active during day as well as at night.

Happy trails.

Dr. Sharonís Notes:
Dave and I started the IGHS in 1996 after starting the Ghostweb web site. We started receiving tremendous response to the six photographs we posted. Once the IGHS was going strong, people started to request a home study course that people could buy to learn how to conduct investigations, take photographs and evaluate them and start their own clubs. Our home study course was the first of its kind to be available anywhere. As we progressed, we developed a second part to the home study course. The second part of the course deals with death and dying, helping those who have lost a loved one and experience paranormal activity. It is a course geared to help people understand death and the grief process, taking ghost research a step further to a more personal level of education. The second part of the home study course is based upon the doctoral thesis I submitted when working toward my PhD.

I experienced the sudden death of my husband in 1989 and saw for myself how little people knew of the grief process, the way friends and family walked away like I had some contagious disease they might catch and strange events that took place within my home. I did not understand grief nor did I understand why pictures suddenly flew off the walls of my home or why things were moved in the manner my husband would have moved them. I certainly had no understanding of ghostly phenomena, nor did I accept that my husband could be there when everything I had learned throughout my life, taught that he was in heaven, not earthbound.

I realized how others probably met death of a spouse or loved one in a similar manner, regardless of their religious upbringing. We can find comfort in religious teachings during grief, yet there are questions unanswered regarding the things happening around us when death comes. I promised myself if I could get through the horror of it all, I would strive to reach out to help others experiencing the same things. What I did not realize at that time was how I would achieve my goal.

The second part of the home study course is a result of my experiences and the knowledge I gained. It is not the ghost hunting information revealed in the first part of the course. It takes the information gained in Part I and extends it into working with people who experience ghostly phenomena after losing someone near and dear to them that they do not understand. It is an essential part of ghost research and helping others to understand that there are reasons why the spirits of those we love do not move onward right away, that there are sometimes things left unsaid or issues unresolved. With knowledge comes understanding and with understanding we lose our fear of those we cannot see. I never thought of my husband as a demon or his spirit as demonic but the experiences I had were real and at that time, I lacked understanding.

We receive email from people who have taken the second part of the home study course, who find it is a great benefit when working with people and also when losing someone they love. A recent email inspired me to write about Part II of the home study course as a man wrote to let us know that he had just lost his Mother but remembering what he had learned in Part II of the home study course, he found peace about his devastating loss. He said the second part helped him through the darkest hours before her death by helping him understand that death is not the end, it is a transition to another plane of existence. Death is never easy, regardless of the education, but knowledge can take the sharp edges off of the experience and bring us to the realization that we need not fear death. It is only because of our society and religious teachings that death is feared, therefore not spoken about which means we are in no way prepared when it hits close to home.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a leader in the study of death and dying, realized throughout her years of work that even Ministers who visit the dying and families of the dying have no clue how to minister to people at such a tragic time. There are ways that we can reach out and help those suffering the loss of a loved one or help a stranger who is seeking answers to activity taking place after a loved one dies. Ask yourself how you would react to someone who called for help after losing someone near and dear to them. How would you help them to understand that a loved one is near and can do things around them to get their attention, eliminating their fear of demons present in their home? There is a vast amount of knowledge above and beyond ghost hunting and it is found in Part II of our home study course. It explains the rest of the story, it brings understanding and it gives ways that we can reach out to help others as well as ourselves.

Happy Hauntings

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