Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, January 16, 2005 San Carlos Apache Reservation, AZ
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 10:31:18 -0700

Mission Statement:
The Ghostweb is the official Web Site of the International Ghost Hunters Society. Membership in the IGHS is always FREE. The IGHS is an international society dedicated and committed to the research and study of ghostly phenomena recorded through EVP, digital, film and video photography. The IGHS is a society of ghost believers, ghost hunters, and ghost researchers with over 15,000 members in 87 countries worldwide.
International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
January 16, 2005 from San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have a new email address! We will be changing from to Be sure to update your address books and start using the new email address immediately. This address can always be found at the top of the home page at
We have posted ten new photos and an MP3 video in the free ghost photo section and in the Members Only section. The photos include one of a transparent cat that may be from a parallel dimension rather than a ghost cat. There is a photo of the eyes of a young boy who is staring at his mother from beyond the grave. A New Years Day photo shows circular ecto patterns suggesting that it was taken from within a portal opening.
A mother takes a photo of her sleeping son to discover ectoplasmic spirit energy encompassing her son, no, this is not the scary demonic spirits portrayed by Hollywood, but rather it is probably the loving spirit energy of a deceased loved one who is checking up on the child. Another woman takes a photo of a child sleeping and discovers ectoplasmic spirit energy over the child. The video is of an orb that is leaving a contrail behind it as it moves from one room to another.
We have some feed back on the White Noise film. So far the bottom line is that the film portrays a negative image of EVP researchers and that white noise/static is the only method for recording ghost voices, which is absolutely false. The film presents the idea that demons will kill any and all EVP researchers. This kind of belief that demons will hunt down EVP researchers reminds me of the over zealous minister pounding on the pulpit threatening the congregation with hell fire and damnation if they get involved with the evils of ghost hunting. Ghost hunting is a safe and enjoyable hobby for people everywhere. Ghosts do not sleep so investigations can be scheduled during the day rather then late at night. We teach the only thing you have to fear in an investigation is the living, not the dead.
One of our readers committed on the film. Karen Olsen said, “This film is not my first experience with fundamentalist scare tactics. Personally, I think the film gives a rather sensationalized portrayal of the whole subject (being a commercial movie and "psychological thriller" type film, I sort of expected that going in).  For one thing, it gives the impression that EVP recordings can *only* be produced via white noise/static on radios, tape players and television screens; there's no mention of live recordings without the use of white noise on the recording device.  More problematic, however, is that the film actually gives a very negative impression of the EVP recording process, as if some fundamentalist screenwriter was trying to scare people off from attempting to record EVP on their own.”
Karen did mention that at the end of the film, a caption comes up on a black screen claiming that "of the thousands of existing EVP recordings, one in twelve has an overtly threatening message." Again Hollywood has misled us down the fictional road. We have done over 1,000 EVP recordings and have not found the “one in twelve to be overtly threatening” to have any truth to it at all. I have no idea where this absurd number came from, but then again, perhaps the claim was an attempt to keep people from doing EVP research. However, in real life, far away from Hollywood, the IGHS ghost researchers are not being killed off for doing EVP research. In fact, I know of no ghost hunter who has been killed by ghosts.
I had hoped, like many others, that the film, White Noise, would be a positive step forward so people could understand the concept behind EVP recordings, but I was wrong. Hollywood is not here to educate us, only scare us. We have no need to be educated when we can be fooled into believing demons will kill anyone who is out to record EVP voices. Just as so many other movies, White Noise is based on farce, not fact.
Even the absurd SciFi Ghost Hunters show is not out to educate us, but rather these amateurs rely upon bogus scripted plots and faked EVP to present as Reality TV. The phony Ghost Hunter show is another example of misinformation about ghost hunters by amateurs more interested in sensationalism. This just goes to show the world that Hollywood films about the paranormal are not to be taken seriously by anyone.
Sharon and I did an investigation on Saturday at an old abandoned hotel in Globe and we were not attacked by demons and today, we will do three more investigations, one of which is in one of the underground tunnels connecting the hotel with buildings across the street. While the tunnel may be spooky and we may tremble while in the tunnel, it is not from worries about demons attacking us, but rather from the fact that we are alone in the dark and it is bitterly cold. Remember even Garfield the Cat said he was afraid of the dark. Why, because of Hollywood films portray darkness as the time for monsters and demons to come out and attack innocent, unsuspecting people.
We are again experimenting with some different techniques for recording EVP and if they are successful, we will be sharing the techniques with our readers. It is interesting as I surf across the Internet, I find many people have theories about the why’s of EVP, but none of them ever say with any certainty that their ideas have been tested and found successful. It is easier to create a theory then to show that the theory is valid.
We are still working on the ultrasonic real time EVP device, field testing the third prototype. It will take some time before we are satisfied with the results. However, during a meeting with our Engineer this past week, I came up with a new idea for another piece of equipment that is not found on the market today. Our Engineer will be working on bringing that vision into reality over the coming months. We will be calling the device the Ghostweb Quad Meter, as it will provide four functions that I feel are important to IGHS researchers.
We have three major investigations lined up for today in Globe so we will be busy afterwards with evaluating EVP recordings and reviewing photos taken during the investigations. We will be experimenting today with some changes in how EVP is recorded and if we find the new techniques are successful, we will be sharing them with our readers.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
I would like to share an experience we had in an old cemetery in Mesilla, New Mexico. We had our digital recorders with us to record for EVP. The cemetery was one of those that left us in awe. Loved ones as represented by the flowers and decorations from Christmas that covered almost every grave remember those buried. We saw a lot of damage to some of the more prominent, ornate headstones. It always saddens us to see such needless destruction.
Once in a while, Dave and I will play music when in an area. We have done that many times in Gettysburg while investigating on the battlefields. We've been doing this for some time now and most often get spirit activity, responding to the music. I'll never forget one night, just before the Park closed in Gettysburg, when we were driving the back road into Spangler's Spring. We had Civil War music playing on the CD player as we stopped along the road to record and take photos. The night sky was pitch black and with the dense growth of trees lining the roadway it felt pretty spooky. With my recorder out the open window, the music suddenly went into voices of men loudly saying, “Fire, fire, fire.” and I remember thinking that if anything were to happen, it would have been during that time. I also remember it startled me so bad that I slunk down in the car seat just waiting for the flash of cannon fire. We laughed afterward about it but got nothing on the recorders that night.
A long time member of the IGHS, Alice Whitehill, plays the mountain dulcimer while out in the battlefields and has had tremendous success with her music and the reaction she gets from the spirits present. Her experiences have been documented in her book, In Tune With Spirits. Alice has led the way in using music during investigations and has shown that it does draw the spirits to the source of the music.
A few years ago at one of our conferences, two of our members tried singing while out in the battlefields. The lady started singing, Amazing Grace while her companion was videotaping. Suddenly, on the audio portion of the videotape, bagpipes could clearly be heard playing Amazing Grace along with the singing. We had heard stories of people hearing bagpipes out in the battlefield, but had not experienced the phenomena ourselves. It was chilling to hear the music play as the woman sang. It was exciting to hear what was taking place. Music is something understood by everyone, though the words at times may be foreign to us, the music itself can draw us to it. Just as Alice, playing her dulcimer at the conference drew my full attention; it seems to draw the attention of those who have gone before us as well.
As Dave steered the car into the cemetery in Mesilla, the music from a new CD of Native American Flute music played softly on the CD player. We will turn the music off if we are recording from the car in areas, but this day, I told him I thought we should let the music play for a while, before turning it off. He stopped in one area of the cemetery to take a few photos, while the music played. We then continued to the back of the cemetery, recording in different areas, taking photos in others. The music played as we left the cemetery to head back to the RV. It was late afternoon, the sun was starting to set and the evening air was chilly. The air was still and the only sounds to be heard were those of doves, nesting in the trees nearby.
We drove to our next site to record and as Dave stopped the car and turned off the ignition, he only turned the key to the mid position and as the CD cycled the next flute song, it played loud and clear. Dave immediately turned the key to the off position as we were already recording. Later when he listened to the recording, clearly, a male voice came through the recording that simply said, 'More.' It was clear to us that the music playing was enjoyed by someone in the cemetery who wanted us to let the music continue to play. How wonderful it would be to have the ability to hear the voices as they speak so that we could oblige those who are trying to communicate with us. We got more voices in the cemetery, but the one that came through the clearest was the spirit voice asking us to play more of that beautiful flute music.
Happy Hauntings
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