Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, January 23, 2005 San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 10:46:10 -0700

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
January 23, 2005 from San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We listen to Weather Radio and hear about all the snow falling in the east and the blizzard conditions and the State of Emergency that has been declared in MA and in NJ due to the heavy snows and high winds. Our hearts go out to those who are enduring the cold and windy conditions. 
We have a new email address! We will be changing from to Be sure to update your address books and start using the new email address immediately. This address can always be found at the top of the home page at
If you are planning on attending our 9th annual ghost conference, don't delay or you may miss being able to attend. We have limited seating and when it is sold out there will be no more seating available. We have some great activities planned for the conference so mark March 25 – 27 and make plans to attend our event.

We posted some great new photos this past week on, including ecto from the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis. We have several ecto photos posted that came in this week from wedding spirits to New Orleans spirits, so take some time and check them out. Since we have gone to Satellite Internet, we are able to download the photos without any problem now. We have more photos to post today so check back from time to time to view the amazing ghost photos.
We are getting some great stories from the Apache Reservation that are consistent with the hauntings found in almost any city or town in the world. However, here on the Apache Reservation, some of the hauntings relate to the time when the US Army soldiers rode horses hunting for the Apache warriors during the 1870 -1880 era. In Gettysburg, we hear of sightings of Union and Confederate soldiers, so is it strange to hear of Apaches sighting the US Army soldiers riding on horses? I think not.
We are busy writing two books that we have to turn in by June to our Publisher, one is on EVP and we are including the experiences of our members. If you have had some experiences and gotten some good EVP you can share with us, write up your experiences and send it to us. Your experiences do not have to be letter perfect, just send us the raw information and we can prepare it for the book. Your experience does not have to be at some historical site, it can be in your own home or apartment. We want to share with the readers of our book, the many EVP experiences that people receive while conducting EVP investigations.
We have cynics who write and demand proof that the EVP recordings are from the dead. They do not want to take the time to learn about EVP, but want every thing handed to them on a silver platter. What good would it do if we did hand them all the proof, they would simply contend that the proof wasn't sufficient. Skeptics who suggest that these ethereal voices are actually voices picked up by the recorder from radio stations simply have no field experiences, but they do have theories. We have recorded over 1,000 ethereal voices, which we simply call ghost voices or EVP, and in all of these recordings, we have never found any of the voices to be from radio stations. Perhaps a little less theory and a little more field experience would benefit those who are the doubting Thomases of EVP.
We are not out to prove anything to anyone. We simply share what we have found to be valid and that which we have gained insights from our study and from our field investigations. It is easier to have a closed mind then an open mind. A closed mind is not open to the introduction of new information and therefore is at a disadvantage. The closed mind does not have to offer valid explanation that can be duplicated each and every time, but only an explanation that sounds logical knowing that no one is going to ask him or her to prove it. One closed mind wrote me and said he once picked up a radio station from his digital recorder. I said he was lucky because in all of the years we have been doing EVP recordings and with all the members in the IGHS, none have ever reported picking up local radio stations on their recorders. I have never heard of it happening to anyone active in this field.
Again, a logical explanation without substantial evidence is generally the trademark of a closed mind. Conversely, we have substantial evidence to suggest that these ethereal voices are not coming from any radio signals, but from beyond the grave. We have recorded too many interactive voices which negate the idea of radio transmission. When asking a question and getting a response to that question, it cannot be evaluated as radio signals, but interactive conversation. As we stated above, we have recorded over 1,000 EVP recordings from all over the United States, not just from a single locality. We have recorded EVP voices from Central America and found that except for the language, the other qualities are present as they are from the haunts of the USA.
The ethereal voices recorded in a German cemetery speak in German, voices from a French cemetery are speaking in French, and voices recorded in a Polish cemetery are speaking Polish. Ghosts will speak the language in death that they spoke while living. Think about it, this only makes common sense. If I spoke English and died, why would I suddenly be speaking French? I do not know French. At death, we do not suddenly acquire knowledge of other languages. At death, we still retain our emotions with their hang-ups. Death does not free us of those energy configurations we know as emotions. This understanding comes from our intense study and research of the ethereal voices we have recorded over the past 15 years.
We travel the back roads of America seeking out the new haunts not previously reported or publicized. We document the historical hauntings that have influenced the lives of men and women who have experienced them. We do not report on folklore or Urban legends, but actual hauntings that generally have been occurring and reoccurring over the last fifty years. The books we write are true life stories about the relationships between the living and the spirits that haunt from the past and sometimes walk among the living.
Just the other day we interviewed a health care worker who shared his stories about two matronly nurses floating in the hallway of a medical facility, wearing nursing uniforms, circa 1900, and about a little black boy who has been chased through the hallways of a hospital by an employee. When the little boy is almost caught, he passes through the door while the employee had to stop and open the door! Both the floating nurses and the little boy have been seen by many of the staff members and residents of this health care facility. The original hospital was built about a hundred years ago and the description of the nursing uniforms confirms the circa 1900 date and is consistent with the history. We may even have some EVP recorded, along with the voice of the health care worker. We will know more when we analyze those suspect voices from the etheric or from the living.
The otherworldly visitors to the land of the living can be shocking as well as intimidating. One man working the night shift at the above health care facility refused to work the night shift after experiencing ghostly antics that scared him half to death. Our lives revolve around what we know and what we accept. Our parents, our schools, even our ministers do not teach us about the ethereal entities that may suddenly appear in our lives and turn our beliefs upside down. Once we remove our blinders, we discover a whole new dimension to life. We may surf the Net to find paranormal answers, but all we find are contradictions and a lack of understanding regarding the paranormal.
Sharon and I are deeply involved in research into that aspect of our lives when we cross beyond the grave. We are not part time ghost hunters and full time employees in some other profession, but we are full time researchers and full time investigators. Our lives center around the research and investigations we conduct daily. We share our findings on our web site, in this Newsletter and in the books, we have written.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
As I sat down to do some research for an article this week, I came across some very interesting information in an unlikely place. Personally, I enjoy researching different subjects and finding different opinions. It gives me food for thought to read credible accounts of ghost activity and then to read about the subject from a skeptic’s point of view. I enjoy learning both sides of a story, gleaning all the information I can, feeling more able to decide for myself.
There is always a tendency for some people, in areas of new research, such as all areas of the paranormal, to perpetrate hoaxes or fraud. This is a historical fact and has been seen, particularly in fields of interest that are gaining universal interest and recognition. We have seen this happen in ufology, in the discovery of crop circles, cattle mutilations, mediumship, and séances, ghost research, Bigfoot sightings, Angel sightings and miracles. Where serious researchers strive to document evidence and gain knowledge, there is always a flipside that perpetrates the hoaxes.
In early England, there were numerous cases of faked haunting’s, one of the most dramatic cases took place in 1649. Dreadful ghost activities allegedly took place that drove a group of Cromwell’s administrators from a palace in Woodstock. It was revealed later the haunting was actually the handiwork of a loyalist. Though it was only later that it was revealed fraudulent, hundreds of people believed the stories to be true.
There have been some very famous hauntings that today are said to have been frauds. The one story that attracted my attention was that of the Borley Rectory in Essex. I first came across the story written by a true skeptic. To learn more from a researcher’s point of view, I found more on Borley Rectory in Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places, by Brad Steiger. When I was finished, I felt like I had a more comprehensive view of the past and present stories at what has been called, the most haunted house in England. I want to share the skeptical opinion of the Borley Rectory haunting first. I will then present facts obtained from more current documents of the events reported from the Rectory. It seems even today the haunting remains under scrutiny and is very controversial.
Harry Price was a ghost researcher and investigator in London, England and in 1940; he published a book, documenting his findings and experiences at Borley Rectory. According to Price, from the time the rectory was built in 1863, some very astonishing occurrences took place there. The author reported many manifestations, including the ghost of a nun that had been seen walking the grounds.
 Price reported that there were all sorts of noises in and around the rectory that could not be explained as normal. Spontaneous fires broke out, cold spots were felt, and crockery flew through the air when there were no humans present to throw things around. There were also ghostly messages written on the walls. Price visited the rectory many times and at one point, May 1937-1938, he rented the rectory himself. He interviewed many witnesses and gave testament of his own experiences in his book. It was considered to be the most conclusive evidence of ghosts ever presented.
The rectory burned in 1939. Until the remains were completely torn down in 1944, people continued to visit the site, maintaining there were still strange things happening. Price authored a second book on the rectory in 1946. In 1948, Harry Price died. In the 1950’s the SPR (Society for Psychical Research) in England did a complete investigation of the site and alleged haunting. Parapsychologists Dingwall, Goldney and Hall, declared Borley Rectory was never haunted.
When they compared Prices reports with the actual statements made by witnesses to Price, it was found that Price embellished and distorted the reports, making them more sensational. They also found that during the peak time of the reported haunting, Marianne Foyster, the wife of Rev. Lionel Foyster who lived in the rectory from 1930-1935, was actively creating the phenomena taking place, claiming the events to be real. It was discovered that Price, himself faked some of the phenomena while he was there. Price recorded all of the events in his book, whether real or fabricated.
For every reported incident at the rectory, Dingwall, Goldney, and Hall claimed to have found non-paranormal explanations. There were a few events that could not be explained, yet once a hoax is discovered, all the evidence is held in question and considered invalid. Harry Price reputation as a ghost hunter and psychic investigator was respected, until he wrote the book on Borley Rectory. Since investigating Price and his revelations of the dramatic haunting of the rectory, according to one skeptic, it has been shown that Price had poor regard for the truth. His reports of other alleged events are held in question as a result.
After reading the opinions of the skeptic, I needed to know more about this famous haunting. What I read in Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places rings similar and yet with the blanks filled in, the overall picture of the Borley haunting started to fit into place and make more sense. I will paraphrase from the information I read.
Borley Rectory and the reported events have been contested and have become very controversial over the years. The fact remains that at least twelve clergymen refused to live in the rectory because they believed the stories they were hearing to be true. Also, a window in the dining room was bricked up at the request of a rector as he could not stand to see the ghost of a nun continually peering in at him. That seems like pretty solid evidence that something very strange was taking place there.
The rectory was built in more “modern times” but was built on the site of a medieval monastery, the ruins of a nunnery still visible. Many legends surround the nunnery but the most famous was about a nun who was sealed into one of the convent walls, still alive. Her crime was eloping with a Benedictine brother because they had fallen in love. Later, he was hanged for his actions while she was entombed in a convent wall. Not only had occupants of the rectory seen the nun on the rectory grounds, some of the local villagers had seen the apparition also.
Rev. Henry Dawson Ellis Bull originally built Borley Rectory for his wife and fourteen children. Rev. Bull ultimately died in the blue room of the rectory in 1892. His son Harry also died in the blue room of the rectory in 1927. The daughters of Rev. Bull all attested to have seen the nun while living in the rectory and to having experienced other phenomena while in residence there. Rev. Bull bricked up the dining room window so the family could enjoy dinner without the spectral nun peering in at them. It was when Rev. Foyster and his wife and four-year-old daughter moved into the rectory in 1930, that the activity increased.
The Foysters’ had heard all the dark tales of the Borley Rectory, as Rev. Foyster was a cousin to the wife of Rev. Henry Bull. Rev. Foyster, with the onset of activity, realized the stories about the rectory were true, yet believed his faith would protect him. He kept a journal of the phenomenon he and his family experienced while living there. However, it was Mrs. Foyster who was the target for most of the attacks and she was the one with whom the resident ghosts attempted to communicate.
Rev. Foyster knew Harry Price had investigated the rectory and interviewed the Bull family so he contacted Price. Harry Price and his team arrived at Borley Rectory to investigate the accelerated activity. Rev. Foyster shared the journal of the continuing events he had been keeping, with Price. Price related over 2,000 incidents that occurred during the time the Foyster family lived there. The family had endured the paranormal activities at the rectory for five years. Once they moved out, the bishop had the rectory put up for sale.
Because of the reputation of the rectory, there were no takers wanting to own such a haunted place. It was in 1937 that Harry Price learned that the rectory was vacant and he leased the place to further research the ghostly activity. He enlisted 40 men who would take turns living at the rectory for one year. Price positioned equipment for detecting ghosts around the interior of the rectory and left clear instructions for proper observations and documenting of phenomena.
Messages appeared on walls and two Oxford graduates witnessed the writing appearing on a wall as they were cataloging other new messages that had appeared. All messages were circled and dated as to when they appeared. One observer to the appearance of the writing on the wall was Professor C.E.M. Joad of the Department of Philosophy and Psychology at the University of London.
Investigators soon discovered cold spots in the rectory. One such cold spot was on the landing outside of the blue room, where both Rev. Bull and his son Harry had died. Another cold spot of was found in an upstairs passage. Though these cold spots had gone unnoticed during prior investigations, they were now documented and the temperature recorded at 48 F. The temperature was constant regardless of the temperature throughout the rest of the rectory.
In late 1938, Captain Gregson, who was not intimidated by the stories about the place, purchased Borley Rectory. He was upset when his dog went wild and ran away the day they moved into the house though. The dog was never seen again. Gregson reported a few unexplainable occurrences he had experienced. On February 27, 1939, Borley Rectory was destroyed by fire. In testimony given by Gregson, he stated that a number of books had flown from the shelves, knocking over a lamp that engulfed the house in flames.
Recently, one man stepped forward, writing a book on his involvement in the hoaxes perpetrated at Borley Rectory. Allegedly, he grew up in the area of Borley Rectory and in his youth participated in keeping the stories of the most haunted house in England, alive. It seems that he experienced events that he could not explain away as being normal.
We can read and research haunted sites weighing the pros and cons of each alleged haunting. Stories of places like the Borley Rectory that took place so long ago, are sometimes difficult, especially when there are conflicting accounts. There are details in a haunting that will be consistently similar and should be considered carefully.
In this day of modern technology and mobility, we are able to visit some of these known sites to investigate and document events that could continue to take place today. Through the use of digital technology, we can easily photograph areas for anomalies and record for voices from the past, to document and validate continuing activity. On the same note, the information and evidence we gather can be shared with others interested in the facts associated with an alleged haunting. The Internet has given us the ability to do just that, bringing a world of people and information much closer together. We can question, confirm, and/or deny the legitimacy of ghosts at places we ourselves may never get to visit. 
As I read the information in one book, written by a skeptic, I found there were few details about the statements made regarding the events and the work of Harry Price. When reading about Borley Rectory in Brad Steiger’s Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places, I found that controversy mentioned in the beginning of the story and details were brought to light throughout. The details are what make a difference when researching a haunted site as they can clarify questions in our minds and bring the overall picture into more clarity.
Happy Hauntings
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