Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, January 30, 2005
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 12:17:59 -0700

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
January 30, 2005 from San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have a new email address! We will be changing from to Be sure to update your address books and start using the new email address immediately. This address can always be found at the top of the home page at
If you are planning on attending our 9th annual ghost conference, don't delay or you may miss being able to attend. We have limited seating and when it is sold out there will be no more seating available. We have some great activities planned for the conference so mark March 25 – 27 and make plans to attend our event.

We have been posting more photos this past week so take some time to view them and see what kind of spirit anomalies other people are capturing that has nothing to do with floating dust orbs.
We had some remarkable success during our second EVP investigation of the old 1910 Elks Club building in Globe, Arizona this past week. Sharon and I captured 18 ghostly voices from the second and third floor of this deserted building. One EVP segment had spirits speaking for ten seconds, which is a long time when it comes to EVP segments. It almost sounded like this old building had more then just Elks meeting here as some of the female voices suggested a much older profession may have been involved.
Speaking of EVP, we are still looking for contributions from those who have EVP experiences for our book on EVP. If you would like to submit your story, please write it out and include as much information as you remember about the investigation. Also describe the voices you recorded so the reader will know what you are referencing in your story. If you got any ghostly anomalies with your camera, except for multiple orbs, which we all know are airborne dust particles masquerading as orbs. Spirit energy or orbs in motions are evidence of things from beyond our physical realm. This is your opportunity for having your story published and recorded for all time.
Check out our newest book: America's Hauntings Volume One: Haunted America Speaks at . Barnes and Noble have decided not to go through Ingram’s, the largest wholesale book distributor, but is now ordering books directly from our publisher. Soon our books will be on the bookshelves of all Barnes and Noble stores nationwide. Our book was selected by Barnes and Noble to be in the first tier of books that they will carry on their bookshelves. Volume Two: Restless Spirits Across America is already at our Publisher and we are working on Volume Three and Volume Four that are due in June.
There are some interesting theories that since ghosts are electromagnetic in nature, meaning that they exhibit the same electrostatic nature as when you rub a balloon on your arm and then bring it next to your arm, your hair will stand up and this is the same effect when a ghost is near you. Your hair will stand up on end. Now if they are electrostatic in nature, wouldn't the electrostatic condition attract airborne dust particles in the same way that dust particles are attracted to the television screen? If so, then in theory some ghosts may be represented as a unique form with dust particles attracted to it. Now before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusions that all orbs are ghosts, I am not suggesting that at all. What I am suggesting is that orbs that are clearly transparent or lopsided or with faces are in fact dust orbs, not ghost orbs. However in some cases the dust particles are so arranged in an orb as to suggest a matrix pattern that is very different from typical dust orb patters yet is not the texture and composition of the ecto orbs.
I had a young woman send me a photo of her holding up a Jesus doll and in the photo behind her was a basic dust orb. She was telling me how her prayers had been answered and Jesus was floating behind her in the photo. When I explained that the airborne dust particle in the photo was not the Jesus she was claiming it to be, she wrote back and said my words offended her and I should be careful of how I described her Jesus orb. Okay, I admit I am outspoken, I call a floating dust particle a dust orb. I am sorry if some will confuse dust with religious icons, but hey, no one has ever suggested a dust orb was Buddha or Silva or even Kali.
Our readers are sending in good quality spirit anomalies while visitors are the ones who are sending us the dust orbs captured in their living room. We are getting some really good photos and have been posting them on our web site. Thanks to our new Internet access, we have the ability to download these photos without regard to their size.
I get a lot of email from people asking how to banish ghosts from their home. Apparently they have watched too many Hollywood films or read too many books by demonologists who claim to be able to banish spirits at will. This is not true. The living has no control or power over the dead. The living cannot use religious rituals, icons, holy words or any other acts to banish spirits who do not want to leave on their own account. While it is true that negative spirits will leave if the source of negative energy is removed from the home, this is not the same as banishing spirits.
Negativity is drawn to negativity so if the source is eliminated the negativity will no longer be available to attract negative spirits. Notice I said negative spirits, not demons or creatures from Hade that demonologists claim inflect the land. Remember they charge outlandish fees to the innocent victims to rid their homes of alleged demonic hauntings. I think this form of behavior is abusive and borders on fraud. Ghosts cannot be banished by merely saying words or claiming to have holy power to expel these spiritual entities.
What are ghosts? I am firmly convinced that ghosts are the evidence of life after death. Not the life after death as taught by the Western Religion, but life beyond the grave that demonstrates to us that our essence, our soul, our spirit within us does not perish at death, but continues its existence without a need for a physical body.

We will all cross beyond the grave one day, our religious and philosophical views will either be confirmed or we will be awakened to a new understanding about death. Our understanding must be like so many of the spirits who dwell on this earth plane now. The voices we record are not filled with religious context, but with life as it were for them during their sojourn on this plane. I guess for me, EVP is a window into our next existence. An opportunity to ponder life beyond the grave and beyond the religious static found in this life.
While many may disagree with my philosophical outlook of life, the important aspect is that each person can delve into EVP research and do recordings to discover the mysteries that lie beyond the grave How they interpret those conditions and inhabitants is important only to them. We are each on a road to discovery, of exploration into what is beyond the grave. There are no absolutes beyond the grave, but only absolutes in the religions created by man for man.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
While the term EVP, electronic voice phenomena may be fairly new, the idea of recording for voices from beyond has been around for ages. Though most of the research has been conducted throughout Britain, Scandinavia, and Europe, many distinguished researchers and scientists, under the strictest of test conditions, did careful research.
Unknown to many, more modern day researchers in America, electronic equipment used from the beginning of this research included videotape recorders, voice printers and oscilloscopes. Because of the concern over radio broadcasts being picked up on the recording tapes, great care and precautions were taken to prevent this type of interference. What is less known is that aside from the outstanding scientists, sound experts and electronic specialists, the Vatican also became involved!
With the onset of research into voice phenomena, a regular tape recorder with fresh, new tape and a microphone were set up in the usual way. During the recording sessions, no sounds are heard, yet in replaying the recorded tape, faint voices of unknown origin mysteriously appear on the tape. Though seemingly impossible, the voices, nonetheless, were there then and are there as we record today.
Once people began hearing about this remarkable phenomenon it became not only a popular topic for discussion, it also became heatedly controversial. Scientists, clergy, and average citizens argued over what they heard being said, but mostly people wanted to know where these voices were coming from? There were no definite answers, but there were some who attributed the voice phenomena to PK. Others felt they were voices from UFO’s whereas others felt sure the United States CIA was involved somehow. Others felt they were voices from beyond the grave, the dead trying to make contact with the living. Of course with the research being done and the results being obtained, there was a whirlwind of theological controversy taking place. So how did this all being anyway?
In 1959, Swedish artisan, Friedrich Jurgenson decided to go out and record birds singing in the countryside. When he played the tape back, along with the bird songs, he also heard a male voice, speaking of ‘nocturnal bird songs’ in Norwegian. He wondered if he had somehow picked up a radio broadcast on the tape. He set out to do more recordings, curious if he would obtain the same results. Though he heard no audible voices while recording, when playing the tape back, he heard voices and they seemed to be trying to reveal significant information. The voices addressed Jurgenson by name, giving him personal information, which no radio broadcast would have been airing. Many of the voices claimed to be deceased friends and relatives.
Jurgenson continued experimenting at his home for several years, gaining cooperation of many scientists, including Drs. Bender and Karger whose names today are associated with the recording of voice phenomena. Jurgenson also had very close connections with the Vatican as he had done much filming of documentaries in Italy. The Catholic Church was interested in the voice phenomena and it was stated they would keep a close check on the paranormal voice recordings.
Dr. Konstantin Raudive, a former student of Dr. Carl Jung, met Friedrich Jurgenson in 1965 and learned the various techniques Jurgenson had employed for recording the voice phenomenon. From 1965 forward, Raudive devoted himself to the phenomena of voice recordings. By 1974, Raudive had recorded well over 100,000 phrases picked up on magnetic tape recordings, in various languages, some of which are unknown languages even today. The messages are normally ten to twelve words long in a mixture of languages that discourage the possibilities of having picked up radio broadcasts. Many voices address Jurgenson and Raudive personally at times even by childhood nicknames.
Because of direct interaction with the researchers, the possibility of the recordings being radio broadcasts is almost eliminated totally. Interpretation of some of the foreign languages recorded have come into question yet it is the voices speaking clearly, such as a name or nickname that give rise to the genuine phenomenon as being just that, the real thing.
Researchers and many in the scientific community who are working with EVP have come to believe these voices come from beyond the grave. With studies done with widows and widowers, doctors have found that nearly 50% have expressed having had some form of communication with their deceased loved one. An American psychologist and a Welsh physician have estimated that 50% of normal people have seen or communicated with deceased friends or relatives.
These average people are not mystics or psychics; they are normal, hard working, common folks you see every day. The figures are changing all the time as to the experiences people are having with loved ones who have passed on and folks who are experiencing strange phenomena in their homes and places of business. The reason is due to the fact that people are not hiding these experiences any longer out of fear of ridicule. People everywhere are finding that others too, are experiencing the paranormal, as it is more common than folks ever dreamed it was.
Happy Hauntings
Southwest Ghost Conference in 2005:
The IGHS is holding its 9th annual ghost conference in 2005. Registrations have come in from Hawaii, New Mexico, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Alberta, Canada for our Southwest Ghost Conference for March 25-27 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our conferences are not for entertainment with ghost book authors or speakers talking about Bigfoot or UFOs, but rather our conferences are educational and instructional. We will be sharing techniques and protocols for taking ghost photographs and recording ghost voices. More information can be found at regarding this conference. Book early, as we will again have limited seating available to us. We are planning on a meet and greet on Friday night, sessions and hands on investigations on Saturday and for those staying Sunday, we will have a list of haunted sites they can investigate in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque area.
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