Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, February 6, 2005 San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 11:54:44 -0700

Mission Statement:
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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
February 6, 2005 from San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
Today we have to deal with viruses, worms, trojans and now malware such as spyware and adware that infect computers, taking some programs hostage while others simply spy on what we do on the Internet.  If you have noticed that your computer is running a little slower or it seems to be having problems with opening some of your programs, you probably have malware, such as spyware or adware that has infected your computer. One such infection took my browser hostage that took me 14 hours to resolve, but that was before I added spyware and adware removers to my tool bag.
Since going to Satellite Internet broadband, I have had to rethink my safety issues for the computer. I dumped Norton and got Grisoft virus check which found viruses that Norton missed, thanks to a member in New Zealand who alerted me to Grisoft. I have to run a series of removal programs daily else I find that being online has contaminated my computer with unwanted infections.
I have used several different brands of spyware and adware removers and one of the most effect removers of these malware infections is from a company that will scan your computer for free. Take a moment and have this company scan your computer by going to The first time I used this program, it found over 300 infections in the registry alone. None of my other adware or spyware programs found these infections.
It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to scanning your computer for spyware and adware infections. I no longer worry about getting viruses, but I do worry about spyware and adware infections that creep into my system whenever I am online. I am a firm believer in removing spyware and adware daily to avoid serious problems down the road.
We recently got an email from a student at Oregon State in Corvallis, Oregon who described the many happenings in their dorm and asked for someone to come and investigate the site. If anyone is reading this Newsletter and is near Corvallis and would like to conduct an investigation in a haunted dorm at Oregon State, drop me an email and I will provide the contact name and telephone number so they can communicate to arrange an investigation.
We are offering special Valentine’s Day discounts on our Home Study Program so check out the specials at www.mainhsc3.html or click on the banner at the top of the home page at
We are currently working on the new Part 3 of the Home Study Course that will be focused on EVP and the field techniques and protocols that we have been using so successfully over the past few years. We will be offering a Certified EVP Researcher diploma for those completing the course. The Part 3 EVP Course goes into far greater depth and details than our EVP booklet and will provide insights into the history of EVP, types of EVP, pictorial examples of using the software, including David John Oates Reverse Speech software, and practical examples of EVP investigations. If you would like to be put on a list so you can be contacted when it is released, send us your email address and we will notify you when it is available.
We did our monthly two-hour radio program with the Guru of the Paranormal, Jeff Rense last night and had a great time. We even posted a photo of BooBoo and played some segments of her talking. Check them out at Listen to the many EVP ghost voices from a 100 year old hospital where two ghostly nurses, in circa 1900 uniforms, float around in the halls, rooms and emergency room helping patients while they float through walls and doors. We got 22 ghost recordings during a twelve-minute interview with a witness to these ghostly hauntings.
We also played ghost voices from the 1910 Elks Club building in Globe where we got over 20 ghost voice recordings. We got many of these recordings on the second floor near the bar area. It was interesting as we got one voice that said, “Quarter Shot,” which back in the 1920s meant a shot of whiskey sold for a quarter, hence, quarter shot. This historical reference to a shot of whiskey was right in line with the history of this building. We find that recording at historical sites gives us insights into the people of that time period. It is like a window to the past is opened and we are recording what was going on at a very busy place.
This is so different than using white noise and recording static off of a radio while sitting at your desk at home. Historical EVP is exciting and full of discoveries not found by using white noise or static. Yes, white noise can be used for capturing EVP voices, but it is much harder to do and generally requires more specialized equipment that most folks don't have access to for recording.
Our historical approach uses any off-the-wall tape or digital recorder; the bells and whistles are not necessary. Inexpensive digital recorders work as great as the expensive units! If hand-held tape recorders are used for EVP recordings, we would recommend an external microphone, such as the ones carried by Wal-Mart for $9.98. Remember the microphone is directional so the direction you are pointing is the direction you are recording the sounds.

We have posted more photos this past week so take some time to view them and see what kind of spirit anomalies other people are capturing that has nothing to do with floating dust orbs. Since going to Satellite Internet, we now have the opportunity of receiving photos of all sizes and of being able to post them to our web site at , so drop by and view the newly posted photographs.
We depart on Monday from the San Carlos Apache Reservation where we have been for the last five weeks and will be heading toward Deming, New Mexico, which will be our base of operations for the next couple of months, as we continue to search out haunted historical sites and take breaks combing the desert floor for more carnelian nuggets.
If you have sent us snail mail in the last two weeks, it is probably waiting for us in Deming, which we will pick up on Tuesday. We had originally planned to stay two weeks in Globe, but ended up staying five weeks because there are so many places in Globe that are haunted and we had little time here to investigate. We met some wonderful people who shared their experiences and their love of Globe with us.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
I have put together more milk glass pendants; the glass has patterns of flowers, ridges and is very dainty for wearing. I can only imagine that some of these pieces were parts of special bowls or vases that would have been used in the late 1800s. You might want to take a look at what is new on the jewelry site. The pieces that have etching or raised patterns sell quickly so if you are interested, don't hesitate to order. We try to add more jewelry as the pieces sell so keep checking as there is normally something new for you to view.
Our visit to Globe, Arizona has proven to be productive, enlightening and informative. The local people are friendly, welcoming, and open minded. Never before have we traveled to a community where we have felt so welcome and accepted. Never before have we heard so many ghost experiences without the competition and contention that has evolved as a result of jealousy and one upmanship. We find it wonderful to meet with fellow ghost researchers and spend time in their territory, but to go into a small town and meet so many folks who have had experiences and want to share them with us, are unique indeed.
The folks in Globe that we met are as relaxed and open, talking about ghosts in their homes and businesses as grandmothers are when bragging about their grandchildren. The idea of ghosts roaming the hallways of old hotels or new hospitals is absolutely common and they are accepted as part of everyday life.
We hear stories and get a lot of email from people who are terrified and in a panic over the idea of ghosts. It isn't just the idea of ghosts; it’s the idea that ghosts are evil demons. Fear stems from the lack of knowledge, period. It is the lack of knowledge combined with the talk of ghosts, spirits, shadow people and unusual activity that some ‘experts’ claim are fallen angels, devils and demons. We grew up fearing the darkness at night and as adults we still fear the dark closets and basements as we have all heard that’s where the dark creatures of the night hang out. With the Hollywood portrayal of ghosts being evil, killing ghost hunters at will, dragging people by the legs into graves at night, slashing, sucking and mutilating, folks get an instant replay of these images when something goes bump in the night. We tend to feel more vulnerable during the hours of darkness and if anything terrible is going to happen, we think it will occur at night.
It is normal to be fearful of things we don't understand as fear is part of our emotional make up. Fear is also a learned emotion. As we are born into this life, we are taught what to fear usually because of physical dangers. We fit covers over electrical outlets when we have small children in the home, and locks on the cabinet doors to keep kids safe from toxic items we use for cleaning and disinfecting. Even medicines can be harmful without supervision and we teach children not to touch things because they can be harmful, even lethal. We instill fear for good reason but we also instill fear for no good reason as well. What we teach our children stems from what we were taught when we were young and learning. My Mother was terrified of heights and her deep fear set the example for her daughters to fear heights also as we learned from her.
I recall attending Sunday school and leaving the church fearful because I learned if we aren't good, living up to the high expectations we are taught, the devil will take us to hell when we die. Even within the walls of a church we are taught to fear, though some of us learned at a young age we would never be good enough to achieve eternity in heaven anyway. Fear, a learned emotion that can remain embedded within us, warranted or unwarranted, we all experience feelings of fear.
Until the onset of the Ghostweb and all of the groups that started to appear on the Internet, talk of ghosts was pretty limited to whispers and Halloween. There were a handful of devoted people, who wrote ghost stories from their own experiences, but it wasn't until the interest in ghosts piqued and the subject exploded world wide, that people from the other side of the belief system really started to promote the dangers from demons roaming the earth. Talk of devils and demons perpetuates fear, especially in people who do not understand the nature of ghosts.
I listen to talk radio almost every night and we do a program with Jeff Rense the first Friday of every month. It is always a good source for learning something new. Some nights provide food for thought, other nights provide thought invoking concepts and there are nights when the programs are worthy only of turning them off as they are so absurd. I always try to maintain an open mind and find balance and understanding between the truly intellectual and the truly ridiculous. Working in the field as we do, we have gained insights and knowledge and normally can tell the difference between the serious researcher and those wanting nothing more than notoriety.
When I hear the author of a new book claiming that ghosts, spirits and shadow people are fallen angels, malevolent in nature and intending to harm the living and destroy mankind, I have to draw the line. General statements that ghosts are all demonic, evil or malevolent may be the idea of some ‘experts’ but if they do not back up what they teach with something plausible, then to me it is just another opinion that stems from the lack of knowledge. It is just another uneducated stab in the dark to stir fear.
Average people listen to talk radio and enjoy the subjects that are meant to inform and entertain. From the tone of some of the emails we receive, generally people have difficulty differentiating from what is real and true and what is not and take each subject seriously. No wonder they become fearful if they hear bumps in the night as their thoughts return to the demons bent on destruction.
Dave and I have dedicated our lives to research and investigation to discover truth in misunderstood paranormal activity. To our readers and fellow ghost researchers, I can honestly say, in all of our years of work, we have never encountered devils, demons or spirits with an agenda to harm or kill. We have encountered some serious negative energy and learned how to deal with such phenomenon, teaching our members how to respectfully do the same. I might only suggest that when watching all the new movies about ghosts and hauntings and all the new television programs about ghost hunters, and listening to all the authorities on talk radio, know that they are there to entertain and not educate.
Happy Hauntings
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Kind regards,
Dave, Sharon & BooBoo
International Ghost Hunters Society
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