Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, February 20, 2005 Deming, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 11:11:06 -0700

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
February 20, 2005 from Deming, New Mexico
Dr. Daveís Notes:
Since I recommended the great spyware/adware remover last week, we have been contacted by many of our readers who wrote us saying that when they ran the free service they discovered to their horror that their computers had anywhere from 180 to 250 plus infections. Even those who used Ad-Aware were shocked at the number of infections found on their computers.
I have used several different brands of spyware and adware removers and I have found one of the most effective removers of these malware infections is from a company that will scan your computer for free. Take a moment and have this company scan your computer by going to The first time I used this program, it found over 300 infections in the registry alone. None of my other adware or spyware programs found these infections.
I also am using their Error Nuker for removing errors from my registry. I constantly add and remove programs from my computer and most of the software companies do a lousy job at removing all of their software when it is uninstalled. I recommend you try this Error Nuker for a free scan by going to and see for yourself how many errors were residing in your registry. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to scanning your computer for infections caused by spyware and adware. Why not keep your registry clean and healthy to avoid serious problems down the road.
We are very pleased to announce the release of our newest Home Study Course. This is Part 3 of our home study program, the Certified EVP Researcher. The Certified EVP Research is an in-depth study program focused specifically on the recording and analyzing of EVP recordings. We go into far greater material than is found in our EVP booklet or found in the ghost researcher course. Those who take the course will discover that a simple tape or digital recorder is all they need to complete the EVP Researcher program. This course reflects the growing interest in EVP and the demand for help in understanding and in interpretating ghost voices.
There are so many investigators who are confused about what they are recording and who have no where to turn for help or understanding. While many ghost research organizations have basic ghost hunting 101 and psychic 101 courses, none address the EVP side of the paranormal. We are offering the first course for EVP Researchers that is available on the Internet. We are listing the names and email addresses for those who complete the EVP Researcher course so the media and others can reference them. The EVP researcher list can be found at
A home can be experiencing paranormal activity and have dust orbs captured in photos taken with a digital camera; the two events are independent of each other, not related.  A spirit, who may haunt a home, may never show up in a photograph as ecto or as a spiritual orb.  However, the spirit may display itself as a ball of light moving extremely fast or through EVP, you may record the spiritís voice.  The simple fact that a digital or film camera captures multiple orbs is not proof of said spirit.  I have personally observed balls of light flashing by me for a number of years and these balls of light if captured in flight show up as a single orb.  I have captured the Ghost Orbs of Gettysburg on video and they resemble the Ghost Orbs captured on video by William Fink of the Louisiana Ghost Hunters Society.  Ghost orbs do exist and are photographable.
I received one such photo yesterday taken by IGHS member Jonathan Ayers of Lynchburg, VA that clearly shows an orb behind a chain link fence. The chain links can clearly be observed in front of the orb so the size of the orb can be determined since it is behind the chain link fence. Check it out at I have cropped the photo to show only that portion that relates to the chain link fence as there were several airborne dust particles or dust orbs in the photo.
It is interesting that with this photo, IGHS member Sue Sereno of Lynchburg, VA suggested that when you get a picture with several orb anomalies and one is a valid ghost orb, but others in the photo are just dust orbs that perhaps itís possible that the spirit orb has enough strength to stir up dust so that the other dust orbs appear. This is an interesting concept since we all have had experiences where spirits give us cold or icy feelings and sometimes a breeze. This breeze is movement and perhaps like Sue says, their movements may also be kicking up dust orbs.
Ghost hunting is a learning process.  We start out with a basic level of understanding, we add to this level the experiences we gain and the insights realized, and in the process, we advance to a higher level.  We learn that there exist in nature multiple sources that generate orb like anomalies; we gain an additional level over those who are still confused by orbs. 
A good ghost researcher learns from their mistakes and become wiser for it.  I see far too many dust related orb photos on web sites across the Internet.  I understand the excitement and rush at recording the first ghost photo, but due diligence is still necessary. A good rule of thumb is that all transparent orbs are dust related and only those orbs that have substance and texture qualifies for further evaluation. We must eliminate all of the possibilities that the orb is naturally produced before attempting to consider it coming from the paranormal realm.
Consider the following example. If we compare a ghost orb to a dog, we can compare a dust orb to a cat. The beginner may think that any animal with four feet qualifies as a dog, but the more experienced ghost researcher will see that there is a difference between a dog and a cat, not just the similarities of being an animal with four feet. This is what needs to happen in the ghost hunting community as we have far too many beginners attempting to shine by posting airborne dust particles and calling them ghost orbs. I understand why they post these dust orbs as they simply do not understand the differences between the real ghost orb and the common dust orb.
A camera is like a loaded gun and can be used irresponsibility or it can be used as an effective weapon to stop crime and protect life and limb. The camera is a tool and depending on who is using this tool determines the quality of photos. It is not the camera, but the photographer that makes the difference. Anyone can point and shoot, but the differences lie in how that photographer evaluates their photos.
One of the easiest methods for determining the presence of these airborne dust particles is to use a million candlepower spotlight to confirm the existence of airborne dust particles before taking their night photos. Any floating anomalies in the beam of light guarantees that their photos will contain orbs! Wal-mart sells these one million candlepower spotlights for less than $10, yet so many would rather get dozens of airborne orbs in their photos than to check for dust orbs first.
During our fifteen years of adventure in this field, we have learned that life goes on after death and love does survive the grave. Too many times we hear of loved ones who return from beyond the grave to give comfort in times of crisis. We know that our beloved pets do not stray far from us in death; if they loved us in life they love us from beyond the grave. We know there is life after death, but this existence is far different than taught from the pulpits. We create the framework for our future existence by what we do now and how much garbage we elect to carry with us beyond this life. Death is not the end, but another wonderful chapter in our ongoing existence.  And yes, ghosts are the evidence of that life after death. 
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharonís Notes:
How can we apply logic to subjects that seem illogical, natural explanations to supernatural events or try to explain what is paranormal by normal means? We are born into this world learning from infancy what is around us. The environment we grow up in becomes normal to us and we accept knowledge by means of our five senses. We come to know color, smells, textures, hot and cold, soft or scratchy, tastes, sweetness or bitterness, sounds that are comforting or frightening. In the process of learning normal physical things through sensing them, we also automatically react to them.
We are hearing more about people being born with a sixth sense and we firmly believe this to be true. In talking with people all across this country and in other countries, we can mentally call upon childhood memories and learn the progression of things. We hear about invisible playmates or at least that is what they were termed. To the children involved, those playmates were very visible and quite real. How the parents dealt with the issue became a turning point for their child.
Parents who accepted and indulged the childís stories of a playmate only visible to the child, didnít impact their child by embarrassing them or berating them for using their imaginations, or what we now realize was most often a sixth sense. A good example of this would be when Dave was a boy; he grew up on a farm in a very small community north of Portland, Oregon. Neighbors were distant as were children his age. Dave had a playmate he kept company with frequently. His friend was a little Indian boy who was very real to Dave. He recalls they would sit on a log that hung out over a canyon, just chatting. Daveís Mother clearly remembers that Dave talked at length about his friend, though she never saw the little Indian boy herself.
The imaginary playmate was a normal part of Daveís childhood and rather than dispute the Indian boy existed, Daveís Mother would give Dave a cookie and another one for his friend. Dave outgrew his friend but remembered the times they spent together. Daveís parents never tried to make Dave believe it was only his imagination and the Indian boy was not real, nor was he trained away from the sixth sense he had. Eventually Dave outgrew the ability to see the spirit of the Indian boy. Dave was not told he was bad, silly or lying about the presence of an Indian boy, nor was he told he was nuts for having a playmate that no one else could see.
Something that Dave and I found very interesting during our research of the area where he grew up was that the entire area was once home to Indian villages. He recalled that when his Dad would plow the fields, he would unearth artifacts, such as arrowheads. Not far from the site of their farm, a nuclear plant was built and it was rumored to have been situated on sacred Indian burial ground. In adulthood, he verified that his Indian friend could actually have been the spirit of an Indian child that once lived there.
We have always said that a skeptic remains a skeptic until they have an experience of their own. Only then do they realize there is more to this life than they ever realized. Something that exists just beyond the five senses that we have used and developed since birth. Something that stirs the adrenaline in us as we listen to stories or entertains and amuses us as we dress in costume once a year for an annual Halloween party.
We try to apply human logic and rationale to something that has been considered illogical, paranormal and outside of what we accept as being natural. Possibly, had humanity taken a closer look and accepted what our sixth sense in our youth was allowing us to experience we could view it today as being, normal rather than abnormal. Miracles are accepted and viewed with awe yet; magic is not accepted as it is seen as something dark, mysterious, and evil. Often it is the label given to subjects rather than the subjects themselves in reality. There are no shades of gray in a world seen as black and white.
We accept pets into our lives and train them in our ways. They know good from bad or right from wrong and live devoted and obedient to their masters. Yet, we can watch them as they see into another realm, react to things we cannot see, unrestricted by our training, our beliefs, and our judgments. They may refuse to enter a room or a place that gives them discomfort. They may chase something or play with someone beyond our visual range. They alert us to whatever lies beyond our senses and understanding, beyond our beliefs.
In looking closely at the reality of things, it seems to be those who are innocent and unrestricted by strict guidelines and belief systems that retain the sixth sense and experience a realm outside of what we term as normal. Along the path of exploration into understanding the paranormal, we have found that there is far more to this life than just what we see, hear, taste, small and touch. There is too much evidence available to give us a deeper knowledge of things we know so little about, if we just take the time to open our minds.
Happy Hauntings
Southwest Ghost Conference in 2005:
The IGHS is holding its 9th annual ghost conference in 2005. Registrations have come in from Hawaii, New Mexico, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Alberta, Canada for our Southwest Ghost Conference for March 25-27 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our conferences are not for entertainment with authors or speakers talking about Bigfoot or UFOs, but rather our conferences are educational and instructional. We will be sharing techniques and protocols for taking ghost photographs and recording ghost voices. More information can be found at regarding this conference. We have nearly booked our seating capacity, so donít delay in booking your seat. We are planning on a meet and greet on Friday night, sessions and hands on investigations on Saturday and for those staying Sunday, we will have a list of haunted sites they can investigate in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque area.
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Kind regards,
Dave, Sharon & BooBoo
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