Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, February 27, 2005 Deming, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 11:49:55 -0700

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
February 28, 2005 from Deming, New Mexico
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
Our Conference is filling up fast and we will be sold out before the event so do not delay registering else you will miss one of the best EVP conferences in the United States. We are forefront runners in EVP research and we will be sharing the techniques that surpass the traditional approach to EVP.
We are getting great reports from those who are now working on our home study course for EVP Researchers. We teach you what we have learned from our combined 30 years of experience in this field, let us teach you our techniques, our secrets of recording ghost voices from historical sites, not from radio static, but from the ghosts who still haunt their dwellings, such as theaters, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or the battlefields where they died. If you want to learn more to further your knowledge and research, consider our home study programs.
I was talking with my Mom up in Oregon the other day and she was telling me that it hasn't rained in Oregon for 20 straight days, which for Oregon is very rare. Oregon is noted for rain, mildew, moss and for its greenery due to the abundance of rain. In contrast, Arizona and New Mexico have green grass growing around the cactus and other desert plant life. In some places, it looks like the grass should be mowed it is getting so tall. Yes, the weather has changed for this winter; places in the east are getting more snow than ever before.
It is amazing how our weather patterns often repeat those from a century or more in the past. People talk about the Super Storms of today, but if they would take time to examine the weather patterns from our past, they would soon realize these are not Super Storms, but the repeat of weather history. Climatic changes occur naturally and in cycles that we tend to forget about. We would rather listen to talk radio hosts who proclaim the end of the world scenario with another Ice Age, or by a giant Tsunami that would destroy the world.
The recent Tsunami that hit Southeast Asia killing over 200,000 people was greatly in the news, yet a few years ago we heard nothing when flooding in Europe killed over 200.000 people because we were experiencing serious flooding in our country at the same time. Some people would consider the Tsunami more destructive than constant rain in Europe that resulted in similar deaths from drowning. One was unexpected and sudden, while the other was slow and constant, but each was just as destructive.
Sometimes we fail to realize that nature is violent and uncontrollable, a hostile environment that we tend to ignore until it is too late. We romanticized beautiful sunsets on peaceful seas, yet this serene scene can quickly change into a raging storm.
Our lives must not be racked from one extreme to another as people run around claiming the sky is falling, the sky is falling. One of the most important aspects we have learned as ghost researchers is to maintain a level head and to ignore those who are promoting fear and uncertainty with their end of the world scenarios while promoting their books on talk radio. It seems to me that what these soothsayers are promoting is a lack of understanding on how nature operates in cycles and will attempt to heal itself of damage done by those who abuse our environment.
How does this all relate to ghost researchers? As ghost researchers we know that life beyond the grave will mirror life on this side of the grave. When I use the term mirror, I do not mean a mirror image that is reversed, but that life on the other side is much like life on this side of the grave. The people who dwell on the other side (ghosts/spirits/souls) may not have to eat or sleep or have to experience physical pain, but they do retain their emotional pain from this life.
They can smoke and drink alcohol on the other side, as we have many examples of aromas coming from smoking pipes, cigars and cigarettes. We also have examples where the aroma of whiskey is experienced by the living. Why is this hard to accept? We continue with what we love to do on the other side, if we love our whiskey here, we will love our whisky on the other side. We got a good EVP recording from the Haldeman mansion in Locust Grove, PA, where we recorded an older lady proclaiming, “I love my whiskey!”
Even some of the victims of the Johnstown Flood of 1889 are still hanging around Johnstown so there must still be anchors holding them here instead of them being able to let go of their terrible ordeal and moving onward, where ever that might be. Instead they are anchored to this earth plane, trapped because they cannot or are unwilling to let go of that tragic moment that ended their lives.
It seems to me that when spirits become trapped in an area because they are unwilling to let go of anchors that are holding them here is no different than it is for the living to let go of their anchors that are holding them back in life. Are ghosts so much different than the living? I don't think so. I can think of people that I know who are stubborn or who are vengeful when wronged. I can think of no better anchors than stubbornness or vengefulness to hold us back when we cross over to the other side.
While there will always be people promoting death and destruction as a way of selling their books, the important thing for us to remember is that it is not how long we live, but the quality of the lives that we live. Each day should be as important as the last day of our life. Instead of putting off changes until tomorrow, today would be a good day to change because we do not know what tomorrow will hold for us.
The one thing I have learned since we started traveling full time is that I need to live each day as if it is my last by living life to its fullest; experience all I can and be grateful if I have another day to experience the beauty of this life.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
For weeks I have heard talk about a program to be aired on UFO’s hosted by Peter Jennings on the ABC Network. Finally, I heard one talk radio host say, a major network is doing a two hour program on the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects. Finally it was being acknowledged and people everywhere were encouraged to tune in, their hopes high that new evidence would be presented, new witnesses would step forward and scientists would have some professional input on the increased activity in the night skies.
Since we finally have cable TV once again I looked forward to watching the much talked about program. Although I admit I missed the first 35 minutes of the program, I did turn the show on and watched it for a little while, turning it off before the program ended. I felt it was a bitter disappointment, yet so typical of the style in which media presents things not understood. A dear friend wrote to tell me she had looked forward to watching the program and after the first 30 minutes of the show but found it so boring, she fell asleep.
The program featured some very prominent scientists and witnesses yet left the viewer wondering if all the experiences and events of the past weren't the work of idiots who were either promoting UFO sightings for monetary reasons or suffered the Old Hag Syndrome (sleep paralysis.) Two good excuses for folks to consider, but even logically, anyone with common sense would know this wasn't the case. Those pinpointed for involving themselves for big money, were people who were in positions where money wouldn't have been an issue and if all of the witnesses were delusional, the abductees suffering sleep paralysis, then we have bigger epidemics than the flu attacking humanity. What a shame the show was presented in a manner that reduced the brilliant reputations and work of outstanding men of science to sound like gold diggers, speaking out for the purpose of self gain and the almighty dollar.
The witnesses who shared their experiences and the abductees who told of their personal experiences were dismissed as people who were mistaken in what they saw or suffered the effects of the Old Hag. Why? Because two PhD’s were interviewed who said those people were symptomatic of sleep paralysis, though I doubt they ever saw, spoke to or listened to those who experienced being abducted. I would have been impressed with the other side of the coin, by people like Whitley Strieber being interviewed who have small foreign objects that remain within their bodies that have come from unknown sources and cannot be removed. There are many out there who have had experiences of abduction with evidence that cannot be denied, yet those people were not included in the show. Had the program been intended to share truth and give evidence of abductions taking place, people like Whitley Strieber would have been included in the interviews.
The people who participated in the program had to have held hope for the truth to be revealed and something of a more positive nature to come of the program. I am sure they at least hoped for a balanced program on the subject of UFO’s that would share their stories, giving evidence that something is truly happening to them and to many people around the world. This isn't just an isolated case of sleep paralysis, it is happening everywhere and to people whose experiences resemble those of people they don't know. The show was not balanced; it almost tipped over it leaned so far to debunk the whole concept.
I had not heard one positive response to what was presented last Thursday night, until I listened to some of the reviews on talk radio. It seems it was okay for the show to be presented in a negative fashion as at least the subject was getting notoriety on a major network. That may be true, but it is also saying that negative publicity is better than no publicity at all, in which case, there are a hundred shows out there that have aired over the years that present a more balanced and accurate story of what is taking place in the night skies. Rather than a run of the mill program that gave just another slanted view of things, it would have been nice to see something done in a more positive light. Yet it does open the doors to do more programs on the subject, as I heard told on the radio last evening.
Watching the program brought back some vivid memories for me. It was late one Saturday night as Dave and I and two other ghost researchers stood in the cold night air at Iverson’s Pits, on the Gettysburg battlefield. We had gone out with the video camera to do some filming before the park closed. The camera was on a tripod and after close to an hour we all decided since we'd not seen or felt any activity, we'd leave. We were saying good night to our friends, the camera was still recording, facing the line of trees that edged the parking lot. No one else was around; it was just the four of us out on the battlefield in the still blackness.
When we got back to our hotel room, Dave sat down to scan through the film he had shot while out at Iverson’s Pit. After almost an hour, he hadn't seen anything anomalous on the tape and just as he was watching the last two minutes of footage, I heard him say, “Oh, my gosh!” He watched it several more times, running it back, then forward again. He called me over to show me what he was watching, asking me questions about the last few minutes we were out in the field. He was going through all of the normal questions that might have created the lights he had captured on film. We always try to rationalize things we capture on film, be it still camera or video, we want to know for sure what we have isn't a natural or man made occurrence. Nothing would have caused the lights that we watched to weave in and out of the trees and act the way they were on that film. There were no cars driving by with headlights shining and no one else was out there with flashlights. We would have seen and heard someone walking by us, but none of us saw anyone along the tree line.
The next morning Dave shared the film with people attending the conference. That is something we always do at our events especially when people are going out to do investigations for the first time and question what they have captured on their cameras or recorders. Everyone who saw the ghost lights were amazed at how they moved, how they brightened and dimmed, came together as one then separated to weave in and out of the trees. After the conference we flew back to Oregon and went back to our daily schedules and routines.
Quite some time had passed when we were contacted by a producer who was looking for video footage to use on a program about ghosts. The film Dave had from Iverson’s Pit seemed to fit right in with what the producer was looking for so after many phone conversations, arrangements were made to send a camera crew out to interview us for the segment where the ghost lights would be used.
We spent hour after hour, day after day looking for an area in central Oregon that looked like Iverson’s Pit in Gettysburg. It was easier than flying everyone back to Gettysburg to film the area where the ghost lights were captured. We found a site, got our still photos together that the producer had requested and met at the designated time and place. Dave had been assured on the phone that the program would be the real deal on ghosts, not a program intended to debunk. We had been there and done that before with media and if that was the plan, we preferred not to waste our time.
The film crew wasn't interested in any of the still photographs we had with us and there was no interest in filming me for my knowledge of what took place at Iverson’s Pit that night. Of the four people who stood in the field video taping and taking pictures, they only wanted to interview Dave. I sat in the car for over three hours while they filmed him and it bothered me that they knew there were three witnesses there during the filming who could validate the reality of the ghost lights, but they weren't interested.
The program that aired was a fiasco and the purpose of the program was to show how easily film and video tape could be manipulated to create anything a person wanted on the film. Dave shared his time and his video footage and they did their best to make him out to be a fraud, indicating he easily could have enhanced and manipulated the footage. We started getting calls and emails immediately from people who knew us and the work we do. They were extremely upset over the program and angry at the way it was presented. We got a call from a PhD who had attended the conference and had seen the video of the ghost lights the morning after they were captured, in the conference room. She knew the footage was valid and she knew that we aren't out there manipulating film to fool people who want to learn about ghosts. She was very upset over the way the program had been presented and she had also contributed video footage to the program that was considered to be valid and unmanipulated.
That show aired over five years ago. Now we have learned that the network that produced the original program, has sold the footage that continues to be debunked on a program called Fact or Fiction. They run it and rerun it and tell the viewing audience the tape is fictional, the story untrue. The ghost lights are valid and had one person working on the program interviewed the other three people who were there that night, they would have known those lights were not seen by human eyes but were ghosts of one of the most haunted battlefields in America.
When they point fingers at credible, honest and reputable professionals making inane statements that the people did it to capitalize on a subject of a paranormal nature, you can know that the only people capitalizing and making big money on UFO’s, ghosts, bigfoot sightings or anything out of the ordinary, are the networks. The media, generally speaking, does not look for the truth to educate but look for ways to draw audiences to entertain, regardless of the cost to those who freely and willingly give their time, information and evidence for a program. We are the ones involved in the work, the research and having the experiences while those promoting the programs sit back and try to disprove the evidence that is provided with people from fields that are unassociated with the subject.
Airing programs favorable toward paranormal events would require explanations of those events. It is easier to remain in the rut of debunking and not explaining because there is not enough knowledge in the scientific community to explain the unknown. If it can't be reproduced in a lab, then it cant be happening, is the way of thinking. In trying to explain how phenomenon occurs, those involved would first have to consider their reputations and futures among their peers and anything outside of what is considered to be set in cement, could give cause to alter the beliefs about the nature of man. It could damage the reputation of someone who has good standing in their field of expertise to agree with something in a field so new as paranormal research. There are a few who step out and attempt to explain some of the phenomena that is taking place, but they are hit with the notion that they did it only to capitalize on it.
William Welch sated in his book, Talking With the Dead, that science has generally thought about our material universe as being the entire universe and not just a small part of a much greater whole. Things are changing in science, history and fields of study considered to be absolute, especially with the work being done in quantum mechanics, which gives reason to raise their sights and think outside the box.
If a true professional uses the excuse he has not time to be involved in research outside of their career field, then his right to be professionally skeptical is forfeited and he must be content to let others do the work and be satisfied with the discoveries they are finding. In the case of ghost photography, what purpose is served to bring in a pro in the area of computer generated manipulation when the serious ghost researcher has no interest or desire to produce fraudulent photos or video. To manipulate or superimpose ghostly images to claim as valid is a step backward, not a step forward in the research. A computer expert may be a pro at that kind of manipulation but in no way does it fit right in with serious ghost research or the material they document for the sole purpose of gaining knowledge.
There are fakes and frauds in every arena for the sole purpose of their own self gain. That does not mean every researcher has the same motivation but when it comes to TV programming, you can see where all are thrown into the same basket or someone independent of the area of work, sits back voicing an opinion, making judgments in black and white without facts or background working in that area.
During one investigation conducted in Gettysburg, a cameraman who had come from England found that his equipment suddenly ceased to function. He could not understand this and kept wondering what was happening. Dave told him he seemed to be standing in a strong energy field and if he would step away from that immediate area, his equipment would work again. He continued to try making physical changes to get his equipment to function but to no avail. Finally, he stepped about fifteen feet back from the area where he had been standing and sure enough, his equipment started working normally. The man was in awe of what he had experienced and yet had he not had that experience himself; he would have remained in the mindset of skepticism.
Those who are out working to research and document are having the experiences and are far more critical of the experiences from a professional standpoint, finding truth in what takes place than those who sit behind a desk or in a lab, called on to make judgments. In any paranormal event, logic, book learning, and structured thinking don't always apply. We can't depend on what we apply to our linear thinking and knowledge of science and humanity, to events taking place outside what we deem as “normal.” It is like trying to put a small glove on a large hand. It may cover some small part but it does not cover the whole hand or the whole picture of what has occurred.
We have come a very long way to acceptance of UFO’s, ghosts, Bigfoot sightings and eerie, unexplained events that people experience but we have a very long journey of discovery ahead of us. The best we can do is watch television programs with minds that are open to whatever is presented and evaluate the information to decide for ourselves what is true and correct. In knowing the position taken on subjects of a paranormal nature, at least we can understand the fact that it is easier to debunk than to provide answers to questions that remain unanswerable. If you want information that will further the knowledge you seek, don't depend on television, go to the sources where people are working and researching to find answers, not just produce another show for entertainment.
Happy Hauntings
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