Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, March 6, 2005 Deming, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 11:19:58 -0700

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
March 6, 2005 from Deming, New Mexico
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have added three fantastic videos to our Free Ghost Video section under the Ghostweb Links. The first video we filmed was at Shaniko, Oregon during an October 2000 Workshop we hosted. The turn of the century school was abandoned, but we were allowed into the building and while some of our group was inside the two room school, I and about five other members entered the basement area from the outside of the school. The basement had dirt floors and was essentially a storage area. I was using a Hi-8 Sony camcorder on Night Shot. I filmed black ecto figures running one after another throughout the basement area. I called these ghost children, the shadow people. The video is almost three minutes long and is in Real Video rm format.
The next free video we have posted is our Gettysburg Ghost Lights that Fox TV aired for debunking; having computer experts say it was done with smoke and mirrors. The film crew refused to interview anyone else who had witnessed this filming, as three other people were present when it was recorded at Iverson’s Pits, back when the trees were still there. Today, those trees have been cut down to restore the area to what it was like in July of 1863. Watch the ghost lights as they move along together, fade out and reappear, in front and behind trees. At the very end, a single ghost light separates into three individual ghost lights and then reassembles back into one ghost light. Absolutely amazing!
The last free video we have posted was filmed at Reynolds Woods, the same place that Jim Wilson and Diane Guappone, both of Uniontown, PA recorded Battlefield shouts, orders and marching of troops. The video is of a very fast moving, swirling ectoplasmic mist that in places resembles the shapes of horses galloping through the trees. Also notice that dead leaves on the trees are not being disturbed by this fast moving swirling energy. I remember that as I watched this scene on the video display, my feet felt like they were in an ice box, freezing and numbing cold.
Also, take some time and go to our Jeff Rense EVP page, where we have created a small video of the Haunted Holy Cross Sanitarium in Deming, NM. In the background you can hear EVP voices and we have also posted those voices separately. No one was in the building while I was filming. The ghostly voices did not come from our dimension, but the echo of the cement building reflected on the EVP recordings. The video is in both, RM and MPG formats.
If you have some video that you would like to add to our Free Ghost Video section, drop us an email and send us the video and we will review it and if we accept it, we will provide credit back to you as its source, so the media can contact you about using it in one of their segments.
We have posted some wonderful photos this past week in our Free Ghost Photos Gallery found in the Ghostweb Links. Tom McMillen has submitted another Flight 93 crash site photo of an ecto mist captured by his wife, Waynett and friend Christa who takes the photos during their investigations while Tom handles the EVP recordings. Tom is certified as a Ghost Researcher, Paranormal Investigator and an EVP Researcher. No fog was present as Tom validated this fact with a million candle power spot light prior to picture taking at the site.
We have some nice ecto inside a haunted mausoleum and several supercharged orbs in motion taken in a Willard Utah Cemetery by Carol, Clint and Callan Dickens. By the way, Callan is only 12 years old and he also photographed a supercharged orb in motion. Adam Logan photographed some ecto at Dark Hollow, boy what a name.
We also have an amazing photo submitted by Lorraine Scott in which a photo was taken of her, but the problem is in the photo she has no arms or hands. Her arms and hands have vanished!  I suspect this is a good example of an overlapping of a parallel dimension. In that other parallel dimension her arms and hands will suddenly appear and will frighten the heck out of somebody in that dimension. No, this photo was not a time exposure, but a point and shoot type of photo.
I personally know Lorraine and this photo is not a fake or digitally altered. Last year my back was out in three places during our San Antonio Ghost Conference, she offered to help me and after the conference was over, she came over to our motel and did some Reiki healing on my back. I could feel heat coming from her healing hands onto my back. It was like having a hot pad on my back, amazing, absolutely amazing.
We are getting some great photos sent to us each week that are authentic paranormal anomalies and fewer dust orb photos. We still have the occasional email claiming they captured an orb, but hey, if they get excited about capturing a common, everyday variety orb, now think how excited they would be if they captured a real ghost orb instead of floating dust orb particles.
Since we upgraded to satellite Internet, we are no longer limited to the size of photos submitted to us. We currently get between 150 and 200 new photos submitted to us each month. We are amazed as some of the photos are coming from camera phones. The ability to record ghost anomalies with the latest technological devices is wonderful and exciting. We are living in an age when these things are now possible. I suspect there are still anti-digital ghost hunters who think film and chemistry are the only way to capture ghost images. We have been promoting digital technology for ghost researchers since 1994, and it has only gotten better as the years advance.
Recording ghost voices was originally given the title of Voice Phenomenon back when wire recorders were used. Later when tape recorders replaced wire recorders, the phenomenon became known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon, but now with digital technology available I suspect it will change again to Digital Voice Phenomenon, or DVP. We like the term used by Brad Steiger, “Etheric Voice Phenomenon” as his term relates, not to the method of recording ghost voices, but from where these ghost voices originate by applying a term used in early radio theory, the ether waves that radio signals were thought to travel upon once in ancient history.
We do not know if the voices we record are ghost voices or voices from a parallel dimension that is overlapping into our dimension. We know so little about parallel dimensions, but we do know that voices are being recorded on our recorders and camcorders that are not originating from our day and age. No radio programs, no CB’ers or Cell phones are generating the voices. We get ghost voices commenting about events and conditions common to their era. Recently we played some ghost voices recorded at the old 1916 Camp Cody and got comments associated with the hospital and this was the area we were recording within.
The battlefield ghost voices reflect battlefield comments, so how can these voices be coming from a radio station or from a cell phone conversation as claimed by skeptics? Skeptics do not need common sense, all they need is an explanation but their explanation requires no working model to substantiate their claims. The debunker on the FOX program claimed our Gettysburg Ghost Lights were faked because he could produce the same effects on his “quarter million dollar Special Effects studio.” Yea right, I am going to have a Special Effect studio in my back pocket for the sole purpose of faking my video footage. Doesn’t everyone? Where does common sense enter the equation? I believe that skeptics who debunk ghosts are simply using smoke and mirrors to fool people. Their explanations do not apply to those working in the field and are therefore lame, explaining only what someone could accomplish with expensive equipment, time, training and a motive of dishonesty. Hogwash!
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
In 1989, I sat in the waiting room while nurses settled my husband Jim into his room in ICCU. A dear friend sat by my side, the staff assured me I could see my husband very soon. I tried to be patient though it seemed like it was taking a very long time. My friend, Brent, and I talked little as we were both scared but tried not to show it. It had been a long evening and we both hoped things would calm down once Jim was settled in his room under the care of a qualified cardiac physician.
I felt that I should call my parents so they would know what was happening. They were very close to my husband and I knew they would want to know he was being hospitalized. There was a telephone in the waiting room so I dialed my parent’s phone number. After several rings, my Mother picked up the receiver and said, “Hello.”
I started to talk to her and tell her about Jim and what had happened, when she told me it was not a good time to talk as she and my Dad had company. She thought I should call the next day as she could talk then. I hung the telephone up feeling very alone but so very thankful for the friend sitting by my side. I sat back down, tears running down my face as Brent put his hand out to me. I explained what had happened but there was little to be said. Time was passing slowly and we were worried about what was happening with Jim. The nurse came in and told me there was a problem. Jim had gone into cardiac arrest and they were working on him. She had nothing encouraging to tell me other than they were doing their best.
My husband was my best friend, we did everything together and to hear the words, “cardiac arrest” sent a shock through my system. I would not accept that Jim could die and leave me. No one would have. He was only 51 years old and until two years before, he always been in excellent health. Once again Brent took my hand and asked me what we should do. I suggested that we pray. We sat together, our hands still clasped and prayed for Jim. Our religious beliefs differed yet our prayers were heartfelt and sincere.
As I sat there with my eyes closed, praying that God would intervene, I suddenly felt a cool breeze. It was softly brushing my face but definitely far cooler than the ambient air in the room. The air seemed to swirl around me as though the air conditioner had come on with the air vent blowing directly on me. It was late November and snow had been falling when Brent picked me up to drive me to the hospital. The air conditioning would not have been on in the hospital. As suddenly as I felt the cool air, I felt a calmness and deep sense of peacefulness within me. I opened my eyes and looked at Brent who was still sitting next to me with his eyes closed and his head bowed.
When he opened his eyes, I asked Brent if he had felt anything unusual. He said no, he had not felt anything. I told him what I had experienced and though he was sitting right next to me, Brent never felt a thing. I told Brent that Jim was gone. He did not laugh at me and yet he did not want to believe that Jim had died. Brent was a very sensitive man, a very good friend, and he loved Jim almost like a Father. Jim’s death would be a tremendous loss for him, as it would for me. Nothing like that had ever happened to me and yet I knew what the cool breeze had meant. I knew that in his loving way, Jim had let me know that he was leaving. The cool caress on my face told me he was moving on to the other side and that he was at peace.
A short time later, the doctor walked in to break the news to me that they had done all they could, but Jim had died. It was obviously hard for the doctor to find the words as he stumbled through what he was trying to say. After he broke the news to me, I looked directly into his eyes and said, “I know it.” It seemed as though the doctor sat speechless for a very long time, maybe shocked at my reaction or waiting for hysterics. I cannot say for sure, but it seemed as though he did not know what to do or say.
Brent called his Mother to let her know he would be home shortly, that Jim had passed away. I called some dear friends from the church I was attending and though they were in bed asleep, they headed to the hospital right away. The Pastor of the church couldn't come. I didn't wait until the next day to call my parents, I called to tell them my husband was dead, a call they never expected. I didn't keep them from their visitors, I just delivered the news, and by that time, my friends had arrived to take me home. I don't know what I would have done had it not been the love of the friends Jim and I had shared in Utah.
Life can take sudden twists and turns that we never expect. We can lose someone dear to us in the blink of an eye. It happens every single day to people we may know or those whom we will never meet, and it hurts to the core of our being. Our lives are never the same no matter how we struggle for normalcy and we find ourselves left with a gaping hole in our hearts. My life changed that cold November night, never again to be the same.
Events that took place after Jim died changed my life, as I knew it. I had no idea what would happen to me or where I would go, but I knew Jim would want me to go forward and not give up on life. I had some paranormal experiences happen in my home after Jim was gone and though the occurrences were typical of things Jim would have done, I denied it was him causing the things to happen. I kept telling myself he was at peace in heaven as that was what I had been taught throughout my life. Looking back, the only explanation could have been Jim trying to let me know he was there as no logic or rationale could explain the events.
The process of grieving was difficult for me. I was a 40 year old widow facing a whole lot of unknown. I looked for books on grief and could find nothing to help me understand what it was that I was trying to work through. The church I attended had no answers, no help for me outside of donating time to volunteer at the church. I helped paint the new office and stained the doors to keep busy but the pain remained in me, with no relief in sight.
I realized by my own experiences that we are a society that denies death and refuses to discuss it. Friends can turn their backs feeling helpless and afraid. When people lose someone they love or friends they have known, they are faced with their own mortality. That is not something people want to do, in fact the emotion triggers a flight or fight within them and they find it easier to walk away. Life went on as normal all around me but I felt like my life was isolated and moving in slow motion. In all of the change and confusion, I promised myself that if I ever got through it all, I would find a way to help others understand the process of grief and accepting death as a natural part of our lives. It is not an easy time for anyone when losing a loved one, yet we all will face it at sometime in our lives. We can not run from grief any faster than we can run from death, whether we talk about it or not.
Though my life has changed, it has been a magical journey of discovery. I have experienced events that enlightened me to the fact that those we love do want us to know that they are free from their physical aches and pains and have found peace and happiness on the other side. I denied it for a long time and yet I still knew deep within me there was a message in each event that took place. I realized that even though we are in an age of tremendous technological and scientific advances, we cower at the idea of death.
When we have to face it because of our own loss, we do not know what to expect or what to do. Many give up on life when death hits close to home, sometimes committing suicide, rather than face life alone. It takes an earth shattering experience and tremendous loss to wake us up to all that is around us and to open our minds to knowledge we can gain, even in loss. When we hit bottom, there is only one way to go and that is upward, if we allow ourselves to do so.
I have never forgotten what I promised myself I would do if I survived the agony of loss. I was not sure how I would be able to accomplish fulfilling such a promise, but I have learned that things do happen to open the doors of opportunity. The International Ghost Hunters Society is a result of Dave and I meeting and pursuing the same goal. We moved into a haunted house in Seaside, Oregon fifteen years ago. Our first book, Twilight Visitors, was based on personal experiences and knowledge that we gained while living there. We realized when setting up the our web site, that people had a lot of questions and stories to share and they yearned to know more about the spirit realm and things taking place around them.
The Ghostweb was the first active website of its kind and it grew by leaps and bounds, generating a tremendous interest in ghosts. The home study course was the first of its kind offered through the Internet, designed to teach people how to research and investigate ghosts and haunted sites in scientific ways. We established standards and protocols for investigations that prevent natural causes to be mistaken as paranormal anomalies.
We have only grown and expanded our knowledge over the years and share that knowledge with people who are interested in learning more. The second part of the home study course was developed to expand knowledge of death, based upon the doctoral thesis I had written. It helps the investigator understand death and grief and also how death and grief affects people’s lives. It covers events that can occur following a death so those working with people can help them to understand in a deeper way, what is happening to them and around them.
Paranormal events occurring around a surviving spouse and family members is a common occurrence, it is not something that happens on rare occasions. These are the things that happen but we do not discuss them out of the fear of ridicule. It is difficult enough just accepting the loss and changes taking place. In order to heal, people need to be able to talk openly about what is happening and come to an understanding of the events, not hide them.
The responses from those taking both parts of the home study course have been tremendous. One lady told us how she had grieved the death of her beloved Father for fourteen years, searching for answers, wanting to be able to let go of the pain. She and many others have thanked us for providing a comprehensive course that helped them understand something that society at large, considers taboo. The woman has, since taking the course, not only worked through her personal pain of loss, but she has helped others who are struggling for answers too. She is busy in the field of ghost research and working with those who want answers and help.
As Dave and I continue to investigate and understand the other side of this life, we continue to share the knowledge we gain. This is something we have been able to dedicate ourselves to do, full time. It is a field of knowledge that is revealed slowly, but surely with sincere interest and exploration. Where one question is answered, two more come to mind, but we are dedicated to learning all that we can and to helping others along their path to discovering for themselves the truth about life after life.
We now offer a part 3 to the home study course, the EVP Researcher. This is the most comprehensive course on EVP recording available, where we share our secrets, our techniques and our experiences with various recording mediums, such as digital recorders and camcorders. Ghosts do not sleep so EVP recordings can be done during the day as some cemeteries and buildings are closed at dusk.
There is far more to this life than meets the eye and by continued research, we are discovering and documenting things unseen. We have been misled in many aspects of our lives, but there are too many things happening in our world that cannot be explained away or hidden any longer. The events are frequent enough that they cannot be ignored and brushed off as imagination. For Dave and myself, it is our life work to learn more and that is exactly what we intend to do.
Happy Hauntings
Southwest Ghost Conference in 2005:
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