Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, March 13, 2005 Deming, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 09:35:25 -0700

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
March 13, 2005 from Deming, New Mexico
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have updated our home page at, hopefully making it easier to navigate by placing many of Ghostweb Links in one area with hot link buttons. We are constantly getting photos sent to us for evaluation, which we do for free. Those that interest us, we ask to post to our web site. We are now getting fewer dust orbs photos and ten times more ghost anomalies. We are finding that so many more people understand the differences between dust orbs and ghost orbs. Now, only the beginners believe that all orbs are ghosts instead of being mostly environmental in nature.
We have added new ghost photos daily since our last Newsletter. We got a wonderful photo taken at the Myrtles Plantation showing what appear to be apparitions of British Red Coats soldiers. If you have visited Myrtles Plantation you may have already seen this photo hanging in their collection. We also have photos of green, black, white, and orange ecto and more supercharged orbs taken in the Willard Cemetery. We also have four photos of spirits playing with a cat and our last photo posted of a haunted dorm room at Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA. Drop by and check out our new photos and remember we are adding them daily. Find the Ghostweb Link and click on the Free Ghost Photos button.
Many times the topic our remarks stem from recent emails or telephone calls. Such is the case for today’s comments. I could not help myself as all I could do was shake my head and attempt to explain about reality and about Hollywood scriptwriters.
It started out a fine morning until I got a call this past Saturday morning from someone who asked about our Electron Capture Packs. When I asked him what he was talking about, he explained that he was on a web site that was promoting Electron Capture Packs that supposedly captures ghosts, as in the Ghost Busters movies. He seriously thought a device to capture ghosts did truly exist.
I laughed and explained that ghosts cannot be captured and only in the minds of Hollywood scriptwriters did Electron Capture Packs exist. He assured me that the web site was renting them for $120 a day. I assure him that this was a neat scam because there is no way that ghosts can be contained. Think about it for a minute, a ghost exists in a different dimension and people believe that we can capture and contain an entity that can change dimensions at will, yea right!
One of the axioms that most people learn early in life is that if it sounds too good to be true then it is not true and you are about to be fleeced by someone. Anyone promoting devices to captured spirit entities have either watched too many flicks or are cursed with an overactive imagination. Claiming that technology has made breakthroughs in electron capture devices rates very low on the scam market. I would have thought they would have had the imagination to claim that the capture device was a result of applying quantum mechanic principles. Since quantum mechanics deals with multiple dimensions, the capture device captures the ghost and places it in another dimension while closing the door behind it so it cannot return to this dimension. At least this line of hogwash sounds more mysterious than talking about Electron Capture Packs, right out of Ghost Busters!
The IGHS has been teaching about the nature of ghosts since 1996. The primary reason is that there is so much folklore and myth surrounding ghosts that is absolutely false. Just as this spurious NJ web site is promoting a tool that does not exist to function as claimed, the people who fall prey to their offer are ignorant about the nature of ghosts. They tend to consider ghosts as a game animal that they can hunt and destroy, with no thoughts as to the nature of the ghost itself. Ghosts are not like game animals, but they are the mirror image of the living. They think, they act, and they respond to stimuli just as the living responds.
Ghosts retained their intelligence, their attitudes, their personality and their beliefs from their former physical lives. Ghosts are not cursed to roam the earth or fragmented souls stuck here. Many have issues to resolve before they can move onward just as the living has issues that they are attempting to resolve so they can make their lives happier or more productive. When I speak about ghosts being the mirror image of the living, I am not talking about how Professor Churchill allegedly created mirror images of existing paintings and then supposedly called these mirror images his own, but rather in the context of the spirit realm as a duplicate of the physical realm.
I have heard of many scam artists attempting to sell ghost capturing devices, even heard the Art Bell show one time where someone called in and claimed he had captured a ghost in an extra room in his house and didn’t know what to do with it. The man claimed to have captured the ghost with ultrasonic bug zappers scattered around a room. I was familiar with the ultrasonic bug zapper he mentioned and his claim was all horse pucky, but Bell and many listeners believed he had captured a ghost in this manner.
For weeks after the program aired, listeners who heard the program would call asking what had happened to this ghost catcher. The man who had captured the ghost in his house could not be found as his number was disconnected and he was never heard from again. How anyone can believe that bug zappers could or would capture ghosts is beyond my understanding. I often wonder why so many lack having any common sense today, they are deceived by every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along with a cock and bull story.
The same Bell praised the ABC program hosted by Peter Jennings for the overall program that aired a fair and balanced approach to the UFO mystery while some of the finest minds in the scientific community were made to look like foolish teens out for a fast buck. Yea right! Bell reversed his former position on UFOs and now thought the hatchet job done by ABC to be fair and balanced. The ABC show was bias from the very beginning and focused on showing that the UFO phenomenon was nothing but a myth. So much for an honest and open approach by the media as it shows us once again that they have hidden agendas. There are many programs on the subject of UFO’s that present more evidence than what was seen on ABC.
I know that when Fox interviewed me in regards to the Gettysburg Ghost Lights, they lied through their teeth and had no intention of presenting an unbiased presentation of ghosts. They knew from the start that they were going to use us as the punching bag. In most cases, the media has hidden agendas when it comes to so called “documentary” on ghosts. This is just a fact of life as the media is not going to give the ghost researcher a fair shake. Yes, they will shake them, but it is always by the short hairs. What are they afraid of if they give ghost hunters a fair shake? We no longer work with the TV media; they have burned us too many times. We don’t mind radio as we have been regulars on the Jeff Rense radio program for the last seven years, but no more TV for us.
We have been sold out for the last couple weeks for our ghost conference later this month. We had a great response and we are looking forward to having a great time meeting those who are attending and to do some on-site investigations with those attending our event. We will be sharing our techniques and secrets in recording the voices of the dead.
We are getting some great praises from those who have purchased our EVP Handbook, which is a step by step guide for recording and analyzing ghost voices. This is the most comprehensive handbook available today that provides a step by step guide. If you have interest in doing EVP, why not learn from the experts in field? For a step up into a more in-depth course on EVP, we recommend our Certified EVP Researcher home study course.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
The past few months have taken me into an area of research that I have not studied much about in the past. I have been studying a lot of the material written by people involved in deathbed visions. Dr. Raymond Moody has been a leader in these types of studies, Dannion Brinkley, having been struck by lightning and killed, only to return to this life, has also written two books on his experiences and is now working with hospice patients. Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Karlis Osis, PhD, Erlendur Haraldsson, PhD., are all leaders in the field of deathbed visions and understanding the dying and what they experience before death. There have been studies conducted in this area since the 1950’s, so it is not something new. Unless a person is searching for information on a topic such as this, it is not something that they would find just lying around on a library table.
Nurses and Doctors generally have a code of silence regarding death and the dying. It is not something our society will discuss openly. Working with people who are dying, we tend to turn more toward the idea of respect for them and the sensitive nature of their conditions rather than the fact that things are occurring around them that not only scare them but things they would talk about if they felt there was a level of understanding there. Rather, a patient who is having visions before death is considered more to be out of their heads or hallucinating. This has generally been a misjudgment on behalf of medical personnel.
Since Dannion Brinkley had his death experience, he has found that working with the dying may take time for the patient to learn to trust, but the patients are more often than not, wanting to discuss what they are experiencing. They want to talk about what is happening to them, what they are “seeing” and feeling. In the first place, dying is a slow process when death comes through the natural process. The patient often feels very alone, alienated from others, knowing their days are numbered. In talking with them, they find a place of comfort and with Brinkley’s death experience; he is able to help them make the transition more easily. We should not fear one of the most natural processes of life, yet we do.
One very interesting aspect of studying death and dying is the fact that there is a tremendous difference between a patient hallucinating and a patient having deathbed visions. It has been found that medication rarely influences deathbed visions, and most of the chemical and physical conditions attributed to these visions, are not influential at all. A deathbed vision may be one of seeing another realm, a bright light, brilliant colors, and feeling a pure sense of love. A deathbed apparition, most of the time, is the vision of a loved one, coming to comfort a dying patient and help them make the transition into the next phase of existence. Another little known fact is that religious beliefs are not a major influence on deathbed visions.
Patients who experience deathbed apparitions describe the vision as being a close relative who has passed on, angels or dear departed friends. Rarely does a dying patient describe seeing Jesus, Buddha or other religious deities. They find comfort in seeing the vision of a Grandmother, Mother or a relative they were close to in this life. This also validates that the bond of love is eternal and our loved ones are near to help us transition to the other side of this life when our time comes. Evidence is abundantly clear that we do not die alone, which is something feared by all.
The difference between hallucinations and apparitional hallucinations is this: Hallucinations are mixed, many being incoherent, rambling events non-reflective of a dying situation. Hallucinations are a form of mental imagery involving sensory qualities similar to perception but not corresponding to sensory input. What singles out hallucinations from all other kinds of imagery is the fact that the person is awake during them and experiences the same sensation of realness regarding the image as he/she does when perceiving real objects. The experience of realness is a basic component of perceptual processes.
Apparitional hallucinations are when a patient sees only a person while his perceptions of his surroundings remain intact. In other words, the patient still recognizes his/her room and normal surroundings, it is only the apparition that is unusual or seemingly out of place. The person is not describing being in a different place at a different time of their life, but their visualizing a person they knew who has died before them, now standing in front of them. Deathbed apparitions are coherent, lifelike, concerned with the death situation and generally bring a message to the patient of an afterlife which he should enter without fear.
In the majority of cases, the dying patient finds comfort and peace in the vision and the fear of dying is replaced with expressions of hopefulness and joy in making the transition. As a society, if we were more open to discuss dying and all the events associated with the transition, there would never be a fear of death. Hospitals are a place of healing and yet many die in this setting, which makes the transition even harder.
Doctors enter the field of medicine to heal the sick, not watch patients die, though it happens. Even in the medical training, little is taught on how to deal with the dying and death. It is the same within the religious community. Ministers are not known to deal with the dying or survivors of the dying in ways that truly give comfort. Many have been found to end up with their feet in their mouths because they stumble around death like it is alien to them. There again, we are not a society that talks of death, therefore we do not understand it or any aspect of it.
I have listened to talk radio on many occasions when someone has called, recently having lost a parent and strange things have happened shortly after their passing. Some call to talk about a dying parent talking about a deceased relative standing in the room, yet they see nothing themselves. We should take notice of what these people are trying to tell us as it reinforces something very important to us all.
We do not die alone and love does not die with the physical body, it is eternal. When events take place after losing a loved one, we need to recognize that they are trying in the ways they know will get our attention, to tell us that they are free of the physical bonds and happy. They love us and want us to know they are not far away. They want to extend the message that death is not the end, it is only another chapter in the book of life and we need not fear making the transition.
Happy Hauntings
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