Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, March 20, 2005 Deming, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 10:28:22 -0700

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
March 20, 2005 from Deming, New Mexico
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We depart Deming, New Mexico on Monday as we slowly make our way toward Albuquerque and the Southwest Ghost Conference next weekend. The Conference has been sold out for about three weeks, earlier than any of our other conferences. We will be stopping along the way upward to investigate a few haunted sites that have interested us over the years. The weather is pleasant and warm, which makes it far easier to conduct investigations compared to snowy or rainy weather.
After the conference we will be doing an in-depth investigation at the Salinas Mission and the Casamero Pueblo outside of Grants, New Mexico. We are also looking for Newsletter readers who have any experiences at the Salinas Missions or at the Casamero Pueblo ruins. We will be doing a week long investigation of three old Missions in New Mexico and at the Casamero Pueblo ruins and would like to include the experiences of other IGHS ghost researchers at these sites.
We now have received several cases of our newest book, America's Haunting Volume One: Haunted America Speaks from our Publisher so that we can offer them direct from our web site. Each book will be autographed by us and sent by USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation for $18.95. The shipping charges are the Postal Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation fees with no handling charge. We ship within 24 hours of receipt of orders unless we are traveling and then it’s the following day. This is the first in a series of ground-breaking, keep-you-up-all-night books from real life ghost hunters. Augmented with photographs and maps, and including a URL for listening to many of the ghost voices discussed, America's Haunting Volume One: Haunted America Speaks is a must-own for anyone interested the paranormal. The book can be ordered from our web site by going to: .  Read the book review by Sharon at
We are busy working Book 3 of the series and will consider guest authors for this book as we did for Book 1 and 2. If you receive this Newsletter, you will be considered if you submit a story of an investigation that stands out in your mind as something special. Write up the story; include any historical details about the site and how you conducted the investigation. Please include any photos of paranormal anomalies captured or EVPs of any ghost voice recordings. Send this to us at and we will do the editing and any correction necessary. You will be credited as the author of the story in our book. If we decide to include your story, we will send you a release form that is required by our publisher.
We have recently gotten some wonderful ghost photos from Carol and Clint Dickens showing pink, green, yellow and white supercharged orbs in motion and have these photos posted in our Free Ghost Photos section. This is an amazing feat considering most of us will capture supercharged orbs in motion maybe once or twice a year, but Carol and Clint are photographing them almost each they investigate this old cemetery. Carol is a recent graduate of our Ghost Researcher Home Study Course and is setting a fine example of professionalism.
Imagine being in a Mausoleum that is semi dark and snapping a photo with the flash off and expecting to see just your friend and all of a sudden finding three orbs moving about, each leaving a bright contrail. Your first reaction is to look up and wonder when in tar nation those elusive spirits might be. I suspect that they were visible to your camera not to your eyes because they exist in a light spectrum beyond the range of our human eyes. It is for this reason that dogs and cats can see and hear these spirits of the dead while most of us cannot. Take a moment and check out Roger Wheat’s Haunted Mausoleum in our Free Ghost Photos section. We thank Roger for his contribution to our ever growing collection of ghost photos, the largest on the Internet collected during the past ten years.
Our investigations have ranged from the Pacific Northwest, across the United States and from Florida to Pennsylvania. We discovered the monster mosquitoes in Minnesota that many people thought were angels because their photos showed wings, but again it is hard to dispel their religious beliefs that the angels were only mosquitoes close to the camera lens. We have seen the low rolling fog that pours into Gettysburg on a cold night and how the crickets will suddenly stop chirping in the valley of death.
Our EVP recordings span the haunts across the United States. We have investigated the flood city of Johnstown with Nancy Coplin and Debbie Harris where we recorded the voices of the flood victims of the great flood of 1889 that killed over 2,000 people. We worked with Jason Snider and members of the Crawford County Ghost Hunters Society in America’s heartland. We enjoyed conducting investigations at his favorite sites and found the grave of Mary whose voice Jason Snider has recorded that is calling for help. Mary’s grave had been knocked over and perhaps she was asking for help in being acknowledged.
We reflect on the investigation at Andersonville in southwest Georgia where Sharon actually saw the apparition of a POW soldier. The EVP recordings were consistent with comments one would expect to find at this Confederate run POW camp for Union prisoners.
We recorded moving ghost lights at Iverson’s Pits on the Gettysburg Battlefield that has become legendary. The ghost lights moved across the stationary Sony NightShot camcorder. The ghost lights passed in front of trees and behind trees, therefore giving us distance from the camcorder. The ghost lights merged together as one large orb and separated back into three individual orbs, all recorded by the camcorder.
Near Rainier, Oregon, Sharon snapped two 35 mm photos that contained the full body apparition of the Blue Lady of Woodbine Cemetery. She has also recorded several ectoplasmic mists at this same cemetery during various previous investigations. Others have heard ghostly voices and someone singing in this old cemetery on the hill.
In Congress, Arizona, we recorded the voices of children at an old pioneer cemetery and over 40 ghost voices at an old stone cabin within an abandoned ghost town. These ghost voices were of miners who worked deep inside the earth with pick axes as they searched for gold. We investigated this old ghost town almost daily for two months as we continued to discover more foundations and broken glass and chards of old china plates.
At the old abandoned 1916 Camp Cody in Deming, New Mexico, we record ghostly voices coming from the area where the Holy Cross Hospital once stood. We discovered the truth about the haunted sanitarium that started an urban legend that spanned several generations. We search out the strange and the paranormal as we seek to understand about the spirits of the dead.
We share in our Home Study Courses what we have learned in life. Our Certified Ghost Hunter program will teach its students all about the spirit realm, not the folklore or myths, but what we have found to be valid. We share personal insights and knowledge that we have gained over the combined 30 years of specializing in this field. We share our understanding regarding the psychology of earth bound spirits; why the common myth of exorcism is not valid. We teach what is not common knowledge about ghosts and what knowledge has been lost over time. We explain why the traditional approach to ghost hunting fails to succeed. When we listen to other ghost hunters being interviewed on talk radio programs and they are unable answer any of the questions asked by the host. It is one thing for someone to represent themselves as an expert in the field of ghost hunting, but totally another if they don't have knowledge of more in-depth research in which they can answer questions of some complexity for the listeners.
The serious ghost hunter will want to know more and that is where our courses come into play. We can teach the student everything that we have learned and are learning. We continually update our material and we seek to share the knowledge we gain, with those who want to know more.
The Home Study Course for Paranormal Investigator focuses on Sharon’s doctoral thesis and all that she learned after losing her husband. She had no idea what grief was all about and discovered that most people don't either. Our society just does not discuss death so the process of grieving is very misunderstood as is death. Part of the work that we do is to help folks understand what transpires after losing a loved one so they understand that all the emotions they are experiencing are normal, though they feel like they are losing their minds. In writing the second part of the Home Study Course, we have been able to help many people come to a deeper understanding of spirits and the process of death when they experience losing someone dear to them. In turn, they can help others as well.
Many times a ghost researcher will go to investigate someone's home, and find that they have recently lost someone to death. There are a lot of questions about the new activity, about the way they are feeling, and in having knowledge, the investigator is able to help the people understand both sides of the problem. We can anchor those we love here on this plane, by loving them so much we refuse to let go. When a Mother loses a child, she does not want to let go and in her misery can anchor the child's spirit here. It is as important to understand the necessity of grieving and letting go as it is to understand activity taking place. It is part of what we are all about and I've walked that road myself. We feel like there is a need to talk about death and afterlife and all areas of losing someone because it all goes hand-in-hand for healing.
In our Part 3 of the Home Study Program we teach folks how to conduct EVP investigations and how to analyze the ghost voices they record. Most people can record these ghost voices but they have problems in understanding what is being said by these spirits. Once capturing an EVP of tape or digital media, what does a person do with it? The course takes the student step-by-step through the process of analyzing and bringing the voices into clarity. The course teaches how to use the two Acoustica versions 2.25 and 3.2 for filtering and analyzing ghost voices. It has proven to eliminate the frustration of evaluating EVP.
Our Home Study Program is unlike any other study program offered on the Internet today. We have personal experiences relating to life and death that others have not experienced. We are engaged in this work full time, we have no other day job. We travel, we write and we share what we learn with our members and our visitors to We have over 4.6 million visitors since we started our web site, and we grow daily as more people discover our site and our mission; there is life after death and the ghosts are that evidence of life after death.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
Though the term EVP, electronic voice phenomena may be fairly new, the idea of recording for voices from beyond has been around for decades. Though most of the research has been conducted throughout Britain, Scandinavia and Europe, many distinguished researchers and scientists, under the strictest of test conditions, did careful research.
Unknown to many, more modern day researchers in America, the electronic equipment used from the beginning of this research included videotape recorders, voice printers and oscilloscopes. Because of the concern over radio broadcasts being picked up on the recording tapes, great care and precautions were taken to prevent this type of interference. What is less known is that aside from the outstanding scientists, sound experts and electronic specialists, the Vatican also became involved!
With the onset of research into voice phenomena, a regular tape recorder with fresh, new tape and a microphone were set up in the usual way. During the recording sessions, no sounds are heard, yet in replaying the recorded tape, faint voices of unknown origin mysteriously appeared on the tape. Though seemingly impossible, the voices, nonetheless, were there then and are there as we record today.
Once people began hearing about this remarkable phenomenon it became not only a popular topic for discussion, it also became heatedly controversial. Scientists, clergy and average citizens argued over what they heard being said, but mostly people wanted to know where these voices were coming from? There were no definite answers, but there were some who attributed the voice phenomena to PK. Others felt they were voices from UFO’s whereas others felt sure the United States CIA was involved somehow. Others felt they were voices from beyond the grave, the dead trying to make contact with the living. Of course with the research being done and the results being obtained, there was a whirlwind of theological controversy taking place. So how did this all begin anyway?
In 1959, Swedish artisan, Friedrich Jorgensen decided to go out and record birds singing in the countryside. When he played the tape back, along with the bird songs he also heard a male voice, speaking of ‘nocturnal bird songs’ in Norwegian. He wondered if he had somehow picked up a radio broadcast on the tape. He set out to do more recordings, curious if he would obtain the same results. Though he heard no audible voices while recording, when playing the tape back, he heard voices and they seemed to be trying to reveal significant information. The voices addressed Jorgensen by name, giving him personal information, which no radio broadcast would have been airing. Many of the voices claimed to be deceased friends and relatives.
Jorgensen continued experimenting at his home for several years, gaining cooperation of many scientists, including Drs. Bender and Karger whose names today are associated with the recording of voice phenomena. Jorgensen also had very close connections with the Vatican as he had done much filming of documentaries in Italy. The Catholic Church was interested in the voice phenomena and it was stated they would keep a close check on the paranormal voice recordings.
Dr. Konstantin Raudive, a former student of Dr. Carl Jung, met Friedrich Jorgensen in 1965 and learned the various techniques Jorgensen had employed for recording the voice phenomenon. From 1965 forward, Raudive devoted himself to the phenomena of voice recordings. By 1974, Raudive had recorded well over 100,000 phrases picked up on magnetic tape recordings, in various languages, some of which are unknown language even today. The messages are normally ten to twelve words long in a mixture of languages that discourage the possibilities of having picked up radio broadcasts. Many voices address Jorgensen and Raudive personally at times even by childhood nicknames.
Because of direct interaction with the researchers, the possibility of the recordings being radio broadcasts is almost eliminated totally. Interpretation of some of the foreign languages recorded have come into question yet it is the voices speaking clearly, such as a name or nickname that give rise to the genuine phenomenon as being just that, the real thing.
Researchers and many in the scientific community who are working with EVP have come to believe these voices come from beyond the grave. With studies done with widows and widowers, doctors have found that nearly 50% have expressed having had some form of communication with their deceased loved one. An American psychologist and a Welsh physician have estimated that 50% of normal people have seen or communicated with deceased friends or relatives.
These average people are not mystics or psychics; they are normal, hard working, common folks you see every day. The figures are changing all the time as to the experiences people are having with loved ones who have passed on and folks who are experiencing strange phenomena in their homes and places of business. The reason is due to the fact that people are not hiding these experiences any longer out of fear of ridicule. People everywhere are finding that others too, are experiencing the paranormal as it is more common than folks ever dreamed it was.
So, does communication by electronic means really seem so far fetched? The only questionable means of recording EVP seems to be when scientists set up to record off of radio static (white noise) since by its very nature, the radio could be picking up another radio station and not some discarnate voice from the Etheric world.
Happy Hauntings
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