Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, March 27, 2005 Albuquerque, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 09:09:55 -0700

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
March 27, 2005 from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dr. Daveís Notes:
We had a fantastic ghost conference this past weekend. We shared our experiences and our techniques for recording ghost voices, for working with ghost photography and why the IGHS is so different from all other ghost clubs. People come together as strangers and leave as friends. We asked IGHS member Cindy Cribbs to host the ghost tour through Old Town Plaza sharing her knowledge of the various haunted buildings. We sold out of our Haunted Reality book during the conference and will not have any more until this Fall when we return to Oregon and restock.
We have in stock our newest book, America's Haunting Volume One: Haunted America Speaks from our Publisher so that we can offer them direct from our web site. Each book will be autographed by us and sent by USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation for $18.95. The shipping charges are the Postal Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation fees with no handling charge. We ship within 24 hours of receipt of orders unless we are traveling and then itís the following day. This is the first in a series of ground-breaking, keep-you-up-all-night books from real life ghost hunters. Augmented with photographs and maps, and including a URL for listening to the many of the ghost voices discussed, America's Haunting Volume One: Haunted America Speaks is a must-own for anyone interested the paranormal. The book can be ordered from our web site by going to: .  Read the book review by Sharon at
We added a great video from Steve and Tammy Kulis of They shot some footage at the Spangler Springs on the Gettysburg Battlefield that is remarkable. The springs are haunted by the Lady in White who loved a soldier and they would meet in secret at the springs. He broke off their relationship and she took her life in the depth of sorrow, yet she has been seen over the years at the springs, looking for her true love over the years. The video shows what I believe to be the Lady in White along with two ghost orbs in motion that are leaving a contrail. The video can be viewed in our Free Ghost Video page by clicking on said Ghostweb Link at the top of the home page. We thank Steve and Tammy for giving us permission to post their special video segment.
Donít miss our photo of the Venezuela Hooters, the franchise restaurant chain that has an odd looking face on the television, which was turned off at the time. Tom McMillen had a team member that captured an excellent photo of a shadow person. No details can be made out, but the human shape is clearly evident. Some people falsely claim that shadow people are evil or demonic because they are black, but this conclusion suggests they are employing their religious beliefs rather than conducting an objective investigation. Shadows are simply another configuration pattern for these spiritual entities, the same as if they were photographed as orbs in motion or as ectoplasmic vapor. Donít miss viewing what may be a portal that is forming behind a man at a restaurant.
A common folklore about ghosts is that these spirits do not believe in God. This is not true, if a person believed in God when he or she was alive, they will continue to believe in God when they pass beyond the grave.  Ghost researchers should not extrapolate their religious beliefs into their investigations. If you do, you are doing a disservice to others. This is paramount of having a closed mind and instead of drawing conclusions based on the investigations; the ghost researcher is artificially coloring the results of the investigation to be consistent with their religious beliefs.
One of the hardest aspects of working with people who have had negative experiences with a haunting is to educate them about the common sleep disorder known as sleep paralysis. This was originally called the Old Hag Syndrome where it was thought that an old hag sat on your chest, or tried to choke you or to hold you down at night when you would awaken. We get people calling us claiming that a terrible ghost is holding them down or they are being attacked by a ghost at night that holds them down. Often these victims will display bruises as evidence of their ghost attack. While this may sound valid, if we examine it closely we will find that bruises are common with some people. My aunt always got bruises and had a hard time explaining that her husband did not beat her, but her skin was so sensitive that any pressure to it would leave a bruise.  Sharon will often get bruises that she has no idea where they came from, yet these same bruises would become the evidence of ghostly attacks by others.
When we sleep soundly and we remain in the same position all night so that we have not moved, this is a form of sleep paralysis. If we moved in correlation to our dreams, we would be acting out our dreams during the night, which can be related to sleep walking. The relaxation of the body during sleep is a form of paralysis that protects us from any type of acting out during sleep. I have awakened at night unable to move, unable to get up. This type of paralysis is natural and is important so our body can bet some rest at night. Those who do not understand this natural process will become alarmed and claim they are being attacked. It seems our worst fears are realized when we cannot move. If our fears are of aliens then it will be aliens holding us down. If it is fear of the dead, they will imagine it is an evil ghost after them. Check out the articles on our website regarding this condition, for more information.
We live in an age when Hollywood teaches their audiences that ghosts are evil and demonic, the same as witches. We don't realize that Hollywood has no intentions of educating us, but simply to entertain us with the imagination of the scriptwriters. Ghosts and witches have been given a bad rap by Hollywood. Even the recent film, White Noise presented false information about EVP researchers. It seems Hollywood has to have demons fighting for the souls of the living, when in reality, demons are important only to those who accept and believe in them and for the rest of us, demons are myths to scare us into submission.
My parents use to say that ďThe Boogeyman will get you if you are not carefulĒ when I was young and yes, I was scared of the night. The night held untold terror for me. I disliked camping because sleeping outdoors at night was a real challenge for me. When I watched the Creature from the Black Lagoon, I just knew that I had to be careful around any water. I grew up on a farm with a wooded area. I remember walking home through the woods one evening from a friendís house I had to pass a stump with a projection that looked just like a fin from the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I remember that as I drew near this stump, my heart started to beat faster and I had to hurry past it with my eyes cast downward least I see this limb start to move. I have come a long ways from being afraid of the darkness to investigating cemeteries at night without using a flashlight.
While I do not believe in demons, the existence of negative energy that can be called evil does exist. This evil is not associated with religious teachings, but rather it represents negative energy that co exists with positive energy. It is not a conscious energy pattern meaning it is not intelligent nor follows some evil plan to steal our souls. Negative energy is like flotsam adrift in the cosmic sea. It has no rudder to direct its flow, but may come ashore and attached itself to a place that then that place becomes associated with evil.
Evil is a funny word, it is a label attached to ghosts when their action is contrary to our belief system. In Gettysburg, the East Cavalry Field was labeled as an evil place because some ghost hunters had experienced some intense negative energy. We investigated the claims and found no evil, no negative energy, but we did find some ghosts with attitudes. There was no evil at this site, but the ghost hunters applied their religious views and their fear of the unknown.
We take our fears with us into adult life. Now when I walk through a graveyard at night, I do not think about the Boogeyman or the Creature of the Black Lagoon, but I must admit that I do have an active mind and I do think about all of those horror movies that Sharon and I watch in the evening. How things come out of the darkness to grab you or to rip your head from your body. Perhaps that is why I love to conduct EVP investigations, as it can be done during the day. No night work, no creatures lurking in the darkness waiting to welcome me to their feeding area.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharonís Notes:
Because of the interest in the ghost town glass jewelry at the conference, the stock is presently depleted. I will definitely be making more that Dave will put on the website as soon as possible. I will also be working on more Carnelian jewelry, by request, to post back on the website so keep checking the site for new additions.
Our hearts and prayers are with the family of Terry Schiavo as they go through this horrible time of loss. I can only imagine the pain they have had to endure. To understand the legal process and outcome of the battle to save Terryís life is impossible.
As I am sitting here with hot coffee, trying to get warm again, I can look out the window of the RV as the snow falls. It is rare that snow falls on Albuquerque at the end of March, but the skies have opened up with rain, hail and snow most of today.
As I reflect on the Meet and Greet held in the park last evening, I remember the chill in the air and how the wind picked up though it never dampened the spirits of those who had joined us there. Cindy and James hosted the Meet and Greet, serving meat and cheese platters, chips and dips, all kinds of veggies, fresh strawberries, and a full range of sodas, bottled water and hot coffee. The food was wonderful, the conversation was exciting and we knew instantly that this was a very special group of ghost hunters. They came to New Mexico from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Canada, Hawaii and from many towns around Albuquerque..
Not only did everyone find meeting at the park a fun time, they were also surprised by the presence of one very famous ghost hunter, BooBoo. Since the event was being held outdoors and since people always express how much they wanted to meet BooBoo, we felt this was ideal for taking her with us. She truly seemed to enjoy meeting everyone and rolling in the grass, sniffing the cold air and watching everyone talk and laugh. We received many compliments on how good she was and even I was impressed with the way she dealt with meeting new people and mingling.
Strangers became friends as we all talked, laughed, shared and looked forward to the weekend together in Albuquerque. As the party started to break up in the park, folks got together to go explore Old Town after dark. Above the heavy cover of clouds was a full moon, the ideal time for the ghosts to be out in the Old Town Plaza or waiting for ghost hunters among the old adobe buildings. One group of explorers did experience the ghosts of Old Town and found the encounter to be quite frightening; one they'll never forget.
Bright and early Saturday morning with the sun shining and the wind blowing ever so slightly, we pulled into the parking area of the Best Western, Rio Grande Inn. The conference room was all prepared for our arrival, everything set up beautifully. People started to arrive and within an hour the room was filled. Dave began the session discussing various aspects of EVP and ghost research. By the end of Daveís talk, we learned it was snowing outside.
After the break it was my turn to talk. For the past three years I have not spoken at events for various reasons, usually involving a time factor. This year Dave made sure I had the time to talk on the subject of fear. In the past, I have talked between twenty to thirty minutes, which was sufficient. Dave counted on my talk lasting the normal length of time, which I consider to be mistake number one. To his surprise my talk lasted a full 45 minutes. This cut into the rest of his talk time and the time for playing examples of EVP.
Since the end of the conference I have taken the ribbing of my life about talking so long. Iím hearing rumors that if this keeps up we will have to extend the next conference to five hours of sessions rather than the four we schedule. When speaking to the group of people, I found I was very much at ease and the time flew by. I was sorry the battery in my watch had died earlier in the day or I would have kept closer track of my designated speaking time (oh yea right!). I learned a lot from those attendees who contributed their thoughts and questions and hope they learned something new from my talk.
After another short break, Dave again returned to the front of the room to finish off the session. He did very well too, though he somehow had less time to talk and play the EVP (here everyone can say aah, poor Dave). We kid a lot in fun but overall everyone had a wonderful time and that is as much a part of our conferences as the teaching and learning.
We were all ready for the two hour lunch break and afterward we would meet in the Old Town Plaza for a hour and half, historic tour of the haunted sites in Old Town. One of the finest tour guides in Albuquerque, Cindy Cribbs, availed herself to us. Cindy has extensive knowledge of haunted sites throughout New Mexico but Old Town Albuquerque is where she really shines. Her talks are informative, her experiences are interesting and the humor included is priceless. Itís more than just a walking tour, itís an experience all will remember. We are honored to have her participate in our conferences in Albuquerque and with the addition of her tour, the events we hold here are complete.
There aren't enough words to thank Cindy and James for all they contribute to our conferences. We always enjoy returning to Albuquerque to visit the historic and haunted sites and spend time with our good friends. During the walking tour we had more rain, sleet and snow. The wind blew and the air was icy cold yet Cindy never missed a beat and everyone enjoyed the crazy weather and the time we all spent together. We meet a lot of folks as we travel and enjoy most everyone we meet. Sometimes when we hold an event, it feels more like a family reunion. Thank you to everyone who shared in such a special time.
Happy Hauntings, Happy Trails and Sunny Days, from the Land of Enchantment.

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