Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, April 17, 2005 Grans, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 09:44:59 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
April 17, 2005 from Grants, New Mexico
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have added more ghost town glass pendants to our collection. You can view these new pendants at We are tumbling more glass this week and will have more posted in the coming weeks.
Our newest book is in stock and we will autograph it and ship it by priority mail. We charge actual shipping cost with no extra handling fee and we ship the next day. Check out Haunted America Speaks at .
Brad Steiger wrote the Forward to Haunted America Speaks, saying, “Prepare to experience a few shivers when you follow Dave Oester and Sharon Gill along shadowy corridors and into moonlit cemeteries in search of real ghosts--the ones that exist in reality, not on the movie screen. But have no fear. These experienced and intelligent ghost hunters will bring you a great deal of inspiration and awareness, as well as a few authentic shudders.” Brad Steiger has written over 160 books on the paranormal and considered the foremost authority on the paranormal.
We have added more ghostly photos to our Free Ghost Photos so drop by and experience a shiver or two from viewing these photos. We even have photos from the Union cemetery in Easton, CT where the White Lady was reportedly sighted floating.
We have been working to produce some DVD video documentaries of the some of the haunted sites we are investigating and include the EVP ghost voices we record at those sites. We decided to make the first sixty-minute DVD video on Salinas Pueblo Missions and on Chaco Canyon. The Salinas Pueblo Missions are the Franciscan Missions built at the 1600s pueblos in south central New Mexico and the Chaco Canyon segment highlights the Anasazi culture in Chaco Canyon from AD 850 to AD 1400.
The Chaco culture encompassed over 115,000 square miles and included about 100,000 people. The Anasazi built five-story buildings with over eight hundred rooms in them; they charted the solstices and the equinoxes, the cycles of stars, even the 18.6-year cycle of the moon. They established trade routes and engineered a road system that would be unequaled in North America for seven hundred years.
We will be releasing this new DVD video in June. We also plan to do other DVD videos with EVP ghost voices from across America. In the past we have tried to work with other video documentary producers, but each time we find that the video producers have hidden agendas or failed to live up to the high standards we demand. We finally decided after some prompting from Jeff Rense, the guru of paranormal talk radio, to produce our own DVD with video and EVP ghost voices.
We want to share with our fans and members the wonderful history we have in the Southwest. The Southwest is the breadbasket of life in the United States. The First Americans came from Siberia to Alaska on the land bridge some twenty-five thousand years ago, but perhaps much longer ago, as the Sandia Cave in New Mexico produced artifacts dating back over 31,000 years ago and artifacts from the Pendejo Cave in southeastern New Mexico dated back more than 55,000 years. Long before the Ice Age melted and flooded the land bridge, closing the land route to America.
I am sure it is safe to say that these paleoindians were the First Americans who walked in the Southwest at least 55,000 years ago. Their descendents today are the Mogollon, Anasazi, Fremont, Ute, Hohokam, Salado, Sinagua, Patayan, Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Acoma, and the Rio Grande Puebloans. The history of the earlier descendants started in the Four Corners region in about AD 1 and ended about AD 1400. This was a time of agriculture and community living in five story buildings with over eight hundred rooms.
The Native Americans of the eastern seaboard originated after the 1600s with many tracing their language roots back to the Southwest. This is the cradle of the life because prior to this time, the First Americans were hunters and gatherers following the herds of wildlife, but in the Southwest, they developed agricultural skills and pueblo style villages. Our DVDs will show these amazing Indian ruins and the ghost voices we captured during our investigations
In regards to Salinas Pueblo Missions, we reported last week that as Sharon was walking away from the ruins, she heard and captured on her recorder the ghostly bells from the Gran Quivira Franciscan church. The hauntingly interesting facet is the pueblo and Franciscan church has been empty since 1672 when the puebloans abandoned it due to drought, famine, and Apache raids. The echoes from the far past were heard and recorded by Sharon as those ghostly bells are still ringing today. My first thought was whether Mass was being held, or if it was for some other occasion.
Since we decided to do the documentary, we elected to travel back to Salinas Pueblo Mission this past week to shoot more video and do more EVP recordings for our video DVD documentary. We arrived at the Abo pueblo where Franciscans began converting Abo residents in 1622, and by the last 1620s, the first church was finished. The Franciscans felt a second and larger church was needed, so they started adding on to the original church, expanding its size. The second church was completed about 1651; Abo was of one of the largest missionary operations in New Mexico. It is interesting to note that in the roofed hallway that surrounded the mission’s central patio was a round Kiva, or Indian religious ceremonial chamber. Even the Franciscan church at Quarai had a square Kiva inside the church.
In 1853, Major J. Carleton came upon Abo at dusk. He wrote, “The tall ruins standing there in solitude, had an aspect of sadness and gloom. The cold wind appeared to roar and howl through the roofless pile like an angry demon.” This red rock structure did indeed give the impression of sadness and gloom. The original church allowed very little light into the inner rooms. The Kiva was impressive since the reason why the Franciscan friars allowed their church to have an Indian religious chamber within it is unknown.
As I walked within the remains of the sanctuary, I heard nothing, but my EVP Recorded captured the ringing of bells, loud and clear that overrode the background completely. This resonating pitch started out low and increased in amplitude until it reached it’s apex at maximum volume. I could not believe that this was the second time in as many weeks that we had recorded the echoes from the past, Franciscan church bells that have been silent for over three hundred years. I will be playing these ghostly bells on our next Jeff Rense radio program on the first Friday in May. Anyone can listen to us live though his web site at
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
Traveling through unfamiliar country can be a grand adventure, especially if time is not an issue. There are different things that take place when traveling that provide unexpected pleasures and create something exciting from what would have just been another day of driving. Taking a wrong turn, not writing down complicated directions or asking directions only to find out that the language being spoken is foreign to you but there is no one else around.
Maps are good although when traveling through many different states, you could end up with quite a collection of individual maps for more detailed information on locations within those states. An atlas is good to carry but there too, you do not always get the details you might need. One option to collecting paper maps is travel maps on CD. These may offer much clearer detail to be viewed on a computer monitor, of which we use a laptop all the time, and can be an asset when all else fails. 
Depending on the CD you happen to buy, some provide accurate up to date details of an area, while others include inter-dimensional data. This may sound strange and yet I have no other explanation for some of the details we have found on our own travel CD. Some roads just do not exist in the realm described or towns will vanish before you get there. One tiny tip to remember about using travel CD’s is that you get what you pay for!
One major discrepancy we have found is that there is a difference between a city mile and a country mile. A country mile can be twice as long as a mile depending on the area. I know this to be true from personal experience. The last ten miles of any journey should pass quickly, that is just logical. It is the first part of any journey that goes slowly; at least it seems to be that way. The last ten country miles of a journey seem to never end. We always talk about our children on trips saying, are we there yet, but when traveling country miles, it is the adults who are asking that question.
I started to see the difference a few years ago while in Pennsylvania. We were invited to visit the home of some friends for the first time. The sweet young woman assured us it was about four miles from a certain off ramp of the highway, which happened to be the exit to the campground where we were staying also. The sun had set hours earlier and it was a beautiful starry night as we headed down the paved country road. We drove and drove, slowed for deer and critters crossing the road and kept on driving. The road twisted and turned, rose up and dropped down and we kept driving, seemingly mile after lonely mile.
For the five people going out to visit that night, all five swore it seemed much farther than four miles. We must not have realized she was talking about country miles. Miles pass more slowly at night and slowing down for curves and critters a person also loses time. We all noticed the big difference that night though and once we arrived, we talked about how far it seemed we had driven.
During daylight hours, that same four miles goes more quickly due to better conditions. In that part of the country however, we discovered that a country mile is actually three times longer than a city mile. Although the woman had said, four miles, when gauging the drive in daylight, we discovered the drive was actually thirteen miles. This is solid evidence of a major difference between a normal mile and a country mile.
If you are planning to drive through new and unfamiliar country, plan lots of extra time, as you never really know how much longer that country mile will be than what you anticipate it to be.

Happy Hauntings
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