Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, April 24, 2005 Milan, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 08:55:31 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
April 24, 2005 from Milan, New Mexico
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We drove out to Chaco Canyon, which included driving fifty miles on marginal dirt roads, some of which were simply filled with ruts, all on the Navajo Reservation. We did notice that when the occasional car or truck passed us and we waved to them, the Navajo never waved back. Now this is a custom in the Western US because of the low density population, neighbors are anyone you see on the road. The non-Navajo drivers all waved, but something in the wave may be offensive to the Navajo’s sense of correctness. Walking in the path of beauty and harmony does not mean returning a white man wave.
Traveling sometimes at ten miles per hour over the road and remembering the sign at the beginning of the dirt path, I mean road, the sign said, “Travel at your own risk!” I have never seen so many miles of miles, except for traveling through West Texas. We were fortunate as there was a new Pick-up truck ahead of us, but in twenty minutes he was long gone, vanished in this arid desert. One happy moment on this journey was the two antelopes sited by Sharon. Antelopes by nature are very skittish of humans, but these two were grazing by the road and didn't even raise their heads as we drove by.
Driving on the dirt road to Chaco Canyon can be characterized by relating it to sitting on a vibrator for an hour. When we finally arrived at the Visitor Center, the first place I headed was the Comfort Station, as in relief was in sight. Bumpy roads seem to bring out the best in me. We toured the bookstore inside the Visitor Center and added to our collection of book weights for the RV to haul around for another season. We always stamp the books we add to our ever expanding inventory with the Official Stamp of the Park. 
It seems that it is getting harder to remember what year we purchased the books we carry around. The ink stamp inside the book is a gentle reminder of where and when it was purchased. One less thing my gray cells have to remember. The last time we were in Chaco Canyon was when it was over 110 degrees and that was hot and dry for us hiking around the ancient ruins. This time it was in the high 70s and I ended up with some very red arms and a red neck, first time someone has called me a red neck!
The Chaco culture encompassed over 115,000 square miles and included about 100,000 people. The Anasazi built five-story buildings with over eight hundred rooms in them; they charted the solstices and the equinoxes, the cycles of starts, even the 18.6-year cycle of the moon. They established trade routes and engineered a road system that would be unequaled in North America for seven hundred years.
Chaco Canyon has Pueblo, Hopi, and Navajo names. Pueblo Bonito is an important part of their ancestral homeland, a special place where clans stopped and lived during their sacred migrations. Their descendants continue to return to pray and honor the spirits of their ancestors. In traditional Navajo stories, Chaco Canyon is the home of the Great Gambler, who came from the south, enslaved the Pueblo people, and forced them to create the great buildings before he was outwitted and driven away.
As I stood on the banks of the Chaco Wash, I could visualize this bone dry wash flowing with life giving water twelve hundred years ago, sufficient to provide water for agricultural usage as well as for the drinking and cooking water for the many communities or pueblos that called Chaco Canyon their home. One petrogylph on the canyon wall between Pueblo Bonito and Chetro Kelti is of a counter clock wise swirl with smaller swirls extending outward and connected by a line. This petroglyph may represent Pueblo Bonito and the outer pueblos that extend westward from this pueblo, which was the largest pueblo in the canyon.
One petroglyph was of a rider on a horse, clearly not Anasazi, but pecked or carved in the sixteenth century, after the horse was brought over by the Spaniards and probably carved by the Navajo who were already living in Chaco Canyon. It seems many indigenous people called Chaco Canyon their home, perhaps starting with the paleoindians dating back to the early echoes of time. I have to smile as my retired fifth grade brother-in-law follows the Jesus road and in his mind and in his words, the earth is only seven thousands years old.
I seem to recall from my Geology classes that the basement rock was over 4 billion years old. I mentioned last week that archeologists now suggest that early man (First Americans) arrived over 55,000 years ago into New Mexico arriving no doubt through the Siberia-Alaska land bridge that existed until the Ice Age ended and the great glaciers melted resulting in rising the sea level and flooding the plains that connected Siberia and Alaska.
I would have to think that these early First Americans also made use of Chaco Canyon, with its forest and water resources. Today the canyon is arid and without a source of water, but thousands of years ago according to scientists who study tree rings and the dating of them, suggest that the land was fertile with plentiful rain.
It was while I was shooting scenes for our DVD Video that my digital recorder captured several ghost voices that may date back to the Anasazi period when the Pueblo Bonito (AD 850 – AD1250) was active with village life. In one particular segment I could hear what sounded like the beating of a drum or the pounding on stone and then a female voice spoke. The pounding on stone disappeared as soon as she was done speaking. This strange sound was not recorded prior or after this ghostly EVP was captured. We captured a total of seven EVP ghostly voices at Pueblo Bonito.
As I said earlier in this article, the Pueblo, Hopi, and Navajo consider Chaco Canyon sacred and that the spirits of their ancestors still dwell within these pueblos. My EVP seems to confirm that the ancestral spirits are still active in Chaco Canyon. This is Historic EVP at its best, exploring ancient ruins that date back over eleven hundred years and recording a ghost voice in perhaps the Anasazi language, not sitting around a table listening to static on the radio and claiming to record ghost voice in the static.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder boomed in the distance, gusts of unseen wind rustled the dry leaves on the old Oak trees, scooting the leaves on the ground scraping their way cross the sidewalk like unseen fingernails down a blackboard. Distant lightning flashed across the sky lending quick glimpses of dark structures, casting shadows in eerie configurations.
A twig snaps in the darkness and chills run down your spine as you stop and listen, awareness heightened to anything that could be lurking in the inky darkness, watching and waiting. Two red glowing eyes watches intently from behind the dense thicket of a dying hedge, then they slowly close.
In the distance the spooky old house on the hill glows with each lightning flash across the sky. A light in the upstairs window shines dimly through tattered strips of hanging curtains then suddenly blinks out, the darkness taking over once again.
In the distance the dark mansion looms up behind the tall, heavy wrought iron fence. Leaves blow in little tornadic circles and crackle under foot as you walk toward the locked gate. Calling out, “Hello, hello” your voice echoes back as the sole response. It appears that no one is around and hasn't been for a very long time. As you turn to leave, you hear a click and turning back to face the house; you see the gate is now standing open. The wind gusts and dry leaves swirl around your legs and through the open gate as if beckoning you to follow.
The silhouette of the old country mansion rises high into the dark, cloudy sky with enough back light to enhance the massive turrets and high walls. The house has a serious history of murder, suicide and insanity. Knowing the troubled past gives the atmosphere of evil within the thick, cold walls. A team of investigators is drawn to discover how much evil remains within the dark, ominous rooms.
The drive along the rutted dirt road was a slow process. It wasn't a long drive back to the old cemetery but it was eerie in the darkness. Once the two investigators reached the cluster of trees they would be among the old headstones. The Indian graves were at the very rear of the cemetery and it was easy to find as it was unkempt and overgrown with blackberry vines and weeds. The white men were interred in the very front, on gently slopping land that was freshly mown.
In the daylight the remote cemetery was quiet and nice, but under the cover of darkness it was ominous and eerie. The driver stopped the car on the dirt road that separated the two cemeteries. Turning the engine and the headlights off left the two investigators in total darkness and silence. They opened the car doors and exited the car, listening and alert. They were totally alone in the middle of no man’s land without help nearby should they need it. Off in the distance a coyote howled and the clouds in the sky were lit by the rising moon. They only thing missing was the Bates Hotel sitting on the rise.
Do the scenarios given above remind you of a Hollywood production? Are you getting that well known adrenaline rush with your heart starting to beat harder? All of the above tales set the scene for good old Hollywood movies, except one which was taken from one of our own, true experiences. I’ll bet the paragraphs really got you going and if you have any interest in ghost hunting, that is the kind of scenario you are expecting to find. You may be right in some ways, but real ghost research isn't always like a Hollywood horror flick, it is real down to earth work with real results and real evidence of life after life.
I had to use the examples I have seen at the beginnings of various horror movies because when people hear the words, ghost hunters that is the vision that comes to mind. Investigators who conduct investigations in people’s homes ring more like every case being another Amityville Horror. Not true, in fact when investigating a home, the investigator will spend a great deal of their time talking with the owners and occupants to learn about what events have been taking place. It’s essential to know the facts for a thorough investigation. Freaking out at horror stories is totally outside of a professional investigation. Beware of the frauds and those seeking attention because they do exist.
Most of the time investigations take place without the Hollywood version of a ghost story. We have walked all across and around the battlefields in Gettysburg and though we have recorded EVP of what sound like events that took place during the three day war there, we have never experienced watching the ghosts of the soldiers during a battle. That is Hollywood, unless someone has a special gift of seeing into the spirit realm and the spirits wish to be seen by them.
Ghost stories and spooky movies are terrific entertainment, but a serious ghost researcher will find that those types of scenarios rarely play out. Dave and I have spent many hours walking the ruins of the Indian pueblos and old Spanish Missions in New Mexico. I’ve had rocks tossed toward me at some sites and I have felt the presence of spirits at other sites, but we've not been attacked by Indian spirits or greeted by the chubby, smiling face of a sweet little Friar in the Spanish Missions. It is what we capture on the digital recorders and on cameras that tells us the spirits are still in those sacred places. It is the heightened sensitivity that we have gained through our investigations that is meaningful because not only are we sensitive to the spirits, we also become more sensitive to our fellow man.
One other thing that I’d like to mention about ghost research is that it is a learning experience and can take you to a place in your own spirituality that you have not found before. Dave and I have never gone to a site to set up video cameras in every room while we sit and drink coffee and eat cookies in front of a monitor waiting for a spirit to appear and knowing we could catch them no matter which room they went into. We carry minimal equipment and use common sense in our investigations.
We have not found it necessary to invest huge amounts of money into heat sensing video cameras or equipment that takes hours to set up so we can go back after hours of work to sit and watch a monitor. I can almost picture ghosts standing back wondering what the heck all the hubbub is about, laughing at what the living are doing to capture them on film. I think that type of display is more for the living than for the research as nothing more has come from huge investments than what IGHS Members have captured with simple cameras, digital recorders and an open mind.
What I have found most interesting in the years that we have worked in the field of ghost research, is the media that follows the “ghost hunter” through a building or through a dark tunnel are not interested in what is really taking place or the results they are getting. The real hope is for another Hollywood scenario of terror and everyone running screaming from a place with a nasty ghost with a long butcher knife following right behind. Is that what the serious researcher is looking to find? I think not. The soft voices captured on a digital recording or the misty cloud that appears on the camera is the evidence the serious researcher is looking for, without the hype.
Not long ago I wrote an article on fear and what and why we fear what we do not understand. We have been exposed to years of horror films, the latest being White Noise. I have had people ask me if ghost hunters are at risk when recording for EVP, as the film depicted. That is the influence movies have on us today and when we are out among the headstones or walking through the spooky ruins of our ancient ancestors, those are the things that come to mind. We have been doing this kind of research for a very long time and have not experienced anything that even resembles a Hollywood production of ghosts.
If you have an interest in real ghost research or you want to know more about life after life because you have lost a loved one and are having unexplained experiences, consider learning more through our Home Study Courses. You can learn how to investigate and document ghosts without being terrified and you can also learn how to talk with people who are having experiences that scare them half to death. We have heard about families, who have nothing in common, all going their own way, entering the field of ghost research as a family and having an interest that everyone enjoys. People have learned about life and death, grief and going on after a loss that had taken its toll for years without resolve. By learning about grief, they work through it and can let it go, going forward to teach others what they have learned. Ghost research is far more than just going out and reconstructing a Hollywood production in real life. It is a true life experience that gives knowledge, brings people together and gives hope that there is more to this life than what we experience every single day. Rather than fearing the unknown, it is an opportunity to learn about it.
Happy Haunting!
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