Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, May 8, 2008 Milan, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 08 May 2005 10:54:10 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
May 8, 2005 from Milan, New Mexico
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have a new mail forwarding address. We had some problem with mail forwarding from our New Mexico address so we have upgraded to a faster service, which allows us to check on our mail by our Satellite Internet. If you need to send us anything please use the new mail forwarding address in Nevada:
Dave Oester/Sharon Gill
848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #592,
Las Vegas, NV 89107
We have added some more beautiful porcelain ghost town pendants to These porcelain shards were once dinner plates with colored designs that we found in the old mining ghost town of Congress, Arizona. The rarities of these shards speak for themselves as they are found few and far between as we conduct our EVP investigations. Check out the new photos we have posted, each new porcelain shard pendant will have the “new” tag associated with it. We have also added more ghost town glass that Sharon has wire wrapped.
Our newest book is in stock and we will autograph it and ship it by priority mail. We charge actual shipping cost with no extra handling fee and we ship the next day. Check out Haunted America Speaks at .
Brad Steiger wrote the Forward to Haunted America Speaks, saying, “Prepare to experience a few shivers when you follow Dave Oester and Sharon Gill along shadowy corridors and into moonlit cemeteries in search of real ghosts--the ones that exist in reality, not on the movie screen. But have no fear. These experienced and intelligent ghost hunters will bring you a great deal of inspiration and awareness, as well as a few authentic shudders.” Brad Steiger has written over 160 books on the paranormal and considered the foremost authority on the paranormal.
This is a good time to begin one of our home study courses. Spring is here and summer is just down the road. What better way to begin your investigations than by completing our comprehensive and second to none course on ghost research, working with people who have lost loved ones and finally on recording and analyzing ghost voices. Check out our list of courses at
We also have the most comprehensive step by step guide for recording and analyzing ghost voices. The IGHS has been helping people understand the importance of conducting EVP investigations for several years and is the only source for a guide to help people achieve the success that we have accomplished in this field. Check out both our home study course on EVP Researcher and our “How to do it” EVP Handbook or PDF download for immediate access by going to
Last week we were waiting on the United States Postal Service to deliver a Priority Mail packet that should have taken one or two days at the most to arrive. It finally arrived and it took 14 days, and the USPS is going to raise the price of stamps in January. Go figure!
We are busy completing our two books due at the end of this month for our publisher, after that we have five months to complete our Ghosts of Gettysburg book. It seems that all of our time of late has been directed toward the completion of these books. Next year we are not going to commit to writing three books, but maybe we will do three DVD videos and one book for our publisher. We are still giving thought as to what that book will be for next year.
We finally watched the raw video footage that was shot at Abo in the Salinas Pueblo Mission where I captured 12 seconds of resonating ghostly chimes while inside the ruins of this Franciscan church with my digital recorder. While I was video taping a trail sign depicting the early village life of the Abo pueblo and away from the old church, the digital camcorder recorded about four seconds of these ghostly resonating chimes. This was the first time we discovered that not only the digital recorder, but now the digital Sony Camcorder recorded the ghostly chimes. As far as we could determine no one else has recorded EVP at this mission or the ghostly chimes.
This past Friday evening while on the coast to coast Jeff Rense radio program, we played the ghost voices from the Salinas Pueblo Missions, one of which was the ghostly bells that Sharon recorded at Gran Quivira. This 17 second segment not only contained the resonating chimes, but it also contained the multiple voices coming from the pueblo that existed in the AD 1622 – AD 1672 era. Even Jeff Rense, the Talk Radio Host, could clearly hear the many individual voices. The recording site where Sharon not only recorded the chimes, but she also heard them with her ears at the same time as it was being recorded, is directly below the old Gran Quivira church that was never finished when the pueblo was abandoned in AD 1672.
It is hard to imagine that we have recorded ghostly chimes originating from ruins long abandoned for over 325 years. Perhaps instead of ghosts we have a dimensional overlapping occurring. Consider the pages within a book, with each page representing a dimension, but that one page is hiding the other pages or dimensions. What if the voices and chimes we recorded were actually coming from an era that still existed, but in a different dimension? Ghosts or multidimensional actors on the stage of life?
As far as we know no one has captured ghostly chimes from these two pueblo missions, so why were we blessed twice with this accomplishment. Perhaps we were at the right place at the right time. Perhaps because we came to document that there is life after death or perhaps it was because we showed respect while visiting these ancient pueblos and we honored those who lived and perished in these pueblos. I do not believe that I was a Native American in any past lives, while I do believe that I probably existed in some past life, it was not as a major figure, such as a general or president or as a hero of history as so many claim.
Unlike those who claim greatness in their past lives, I suspect I was just an ordinary person trying to do my best in whatever endeavor I was involved with at that time. I do not see or hear spirits, I am not a gifted psychic, but I am a man who believes it is important to understand about life after death, not the religious myths, but the simplicity of what will happen when we cross over to the other side. I believe that ghosts are the evidence of life beyond the grave.

We try to teach visitors and members that ghosts are not just for Halloween and spooky ghost stories, but as physical evidence that we live again beyond the grave. While some believe that by snapping photos in rain or when it is misting or capturing orbs that are airborne dust particles are ghosts orbs, these environmental orbs are not evidence of anything except of orbs imparted by nature. The last time we were on the Gettysburg Battlefield, it was raining lightly and we observed dozens of camera flashes blazing away in the night. It was apparent to me that these “ghost hunters” lacked an understanding of basic ghost photography 101.
Those who were using film cameras wasted their money on the film and developing, yes they got orbs, but they are not of the paranormal nature. Instead of snapping photos in the rain, they should have been turning on their voice recorders and attempting to record the echoes from the past, not rain drops from the present.
We are very pleased at the number of IGHS members who are wiser and not caught up with the rain drop orb folly that so many non-IGHS ghost hunters pursue. We do not normally post ghost orb photos any more simply because so many visitors to the site think that all orbs are ghost related. It seems that so many non-IGHS folks that see a valid orb posted will immediately assume all orbs are valid.
We have seen a tremendous increase in the numbers of IGHS members who understand the difference between dust or pollen orbs and real paranormal orbs. They are not the ones being fooled by rain drops or airborne dust particles, but it is the visitors and non-IGHS ghost hunters who are still posting dust orbs and calling them ghost orbs. We encourage our members to discover the joy of recording voices from the past, voices from historical sites. Unlike the film, White Noise, demons do not attack researchers and unfortunately the film depicted EVP research is only possible by using static as background noise. This is false and suggests that those who wrote the script lacked an understanding of EVP research.
There are far more EVP researchers who use the historical approach than the few who sit around tables with their radio blasting out static and trying to get voices coming in over the static. In historical EVP, we can hear the emotions being expressed within these voices. The EVP far out weights the joy of viewing a two dimensional photo. Ghosts do not sleep, so you can do all the recording you desire during day light hours. Listen to our new voices posted on our web site and can be found at
On our Jeff Rense page we have hot links to all but one monthly EVP radio program we have done with him during the last three years. There are almost three years of hot links containing the new EVP ghost voices that we have captured each month and played on his radio program. We have over 700 ghost voices on our Jeff Rense web page that you can listen to anytime you want, plus the ghost voices in our EVP section and the EVP in our Members Only section.
Once you experience the IGHS version of EVP, ghost hunting will come alive with the reality of the dead who are alive and well. Sense the wonder of life after death by investigating sites during the day and record the voices of those who are still haunting the sites.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
Carl Jung, the noted psychologist, talked about a Collective Consciousness. This Collective Consciousness has access to the Hall of Records containing all knowledge. In the same manner, it appears that individual souls or spirits can co-mingle collectively within the white orb, but each retains their individual characteristics including their emotions, their intelligence, and their personality. They may travel together within a central orb until such times, as they desire to depart. Another example is a passenger train. Many passengers are riding together, but each passenger can depart when ever they so desire.
I would like to share some interesting research we have done lately that reflects on this concept of a Collective Consciousness. The Beatles first experimented in the 60s with a recording technique known as backward masking or recordings played backwards. David John Oates ( pioneered the development of the Reverse Speech Technique that he describes as “The backward messages can be received and understood by the human mind. We know this because many instances of reversed conversation have been found in Reverse Speech, where questions are asked and answers subsequently given, all in reverse.” We have been reversing EVP for about five years and use this technique very effective in understanding what the spirits are saying in their forward speech.
In Congress, Arizona, at the site of an old mining ghost town, we recorded over three dozens ghost voices from the ruins of a single stone cabin. In one EVP recording, the spirit said he had lost his mining partner, but in reverse, he said that his partner fell down the mine shaft. This gave closure to his forward speech as to how his mining partner died. We reverse our EVP using Acoustica 2.25 downloaded from a German web site for $15. We did upgrade to the 3.2 version and find that it is working very well for us. Our booklet, EVP Handbook is a step by step guide on how to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices at using the Acoustica 2.25 software for EVP filtering, including how to hook up the recorder to the computer.
Sean Smith sent us EVP that he captured, but this time, he reversed his son’s comments and found when his son was reading the name on a gravestone, and the reverse speech described the spirit hair color. We applied this new technique that Sean discovered in some of our recordings. We would record questions that we asked and listen to the response in reverse speech.
One Forward Speech asked, “What is Heaven or Hell like?” The Reverse Speech said, “Right here, there is a heresy.” This suggested that Heaven or Hell is right here and that the concepts of a Heaven and Hell are a heresy.
Another Forward Speech asked, “What death is like?” The Reverse Speech said, “The place you go, no muscle,” Suggesting that death is a place we go without a physical body.
This is a great new area that holds endless possibilities for new knowledge. Some suggest that Reverse Speech is tapping into the Collective Unconsciousness and the great Hall of Records. Others suggest that the Reverse Speech is coming from our own spirit or soul. However, I think I should warn you that when you attempt this technique, you must focus on what you are asking. For example, if I ask, “What is death?” I must focus my mind on this question desiring to know the answer. If my mind is wandering, the reverse may not be understandable. Ask your question with an open mind; do not be skeptical, just be open.
When I asked about Heaven and Hell three different times and got the same response each time. I asked about death twice and got almost the same response. I allowed five minutes pass between each time I asked. I asked these questions while we were investigating the ruins found in the desert setting of the abandoned Camp Cody. Due to the hot Southwest temperatures and the presence of rattlesnakes, desert vipers and a host of other poisonous snakes, we employed our Vehicular technique, of recording from the safety of our vehicle.
We also recorded many EVP recordings in our RV. BooBoo, our pet Corgi, was acting funny as we were preparing to leave the RV. She kept looking up at something, so I got out the digital recorder. I was using a GE digital recorder we just purchased from Wal-Mart. I turned on the record mode and set it down on the back couch area.
We left the RV and did our shopping and returned a few hours later. I started listening to the recording. I discovered that within the first thirty seconds of turning on the record function, I had recorded some six individual spirits or ghosts within the RV. On one of these recordings, it sound like a child giggling, but when I slowed down the segment by 50%, I discovered it wasn't a giggle, but a spirit talking fast. I even reversed his comments.
Most people would think that since we are traveling, we would not have ghosts in our RV, but as we have been teaching for almost a decade, “ghosts are everywhere!”
Happy Haunting!
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Kind regards,
Dave, Sharon & BooBoo
International Ghost Hunters Society
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Beautiful Ghost Town Glass Pendants by Sharon

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