Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, May 15, 2005 Milan, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 08:16:03 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
May 15, 2005 from Milan, New Mexico
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
Brad Steiger wrote the Forward to Haunted America Speaks, saying, “Prepare to experience a few shivers when you follow Dave Oester and Sharon Gill along shadowy corridors and into moonlit cemeteries in search of real ghosts--the ones that exist in reality, not on the movie screen. But have no fear. These experienced and intelligent ghost hunters will bring you a great deal of inspiration and awareness, as well as a few authentic shudders.” Brad Steiger has written over 160 books on the paranormal and considered the foremost authority on the paranormal.
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We will be heading out this week as soon as our Mail Forwarding catches up to us. We will be heading for some more Anasazi ruins in northern New Mexico that we will be including in some DVD videos we are producing. We are looking forward to producing two DVD videos in June as we start our third book about the Ghosts of Gettysburg.
It seems that the National Park Service wants to close the Gettysburg Battlefield at dusk, from its normal 10 PM closing time. Apparently too many ghost hunters are violating the curfew and the National Park Service wants to be able to fine curfew breakers the sum of $75 for violating the closure rule. The Park also cited problems with alcohol and drug abuse in the Park in the evening. While some ghost hunters are upset, I can't help but wonder why it has not been done before now. Gettysburg was the only National Park Service to allow their park to be open beyond dusk. All other Civil War Battlefields close at dusk and people are kept off the battlefield to prevent the kinds of problems that Gettysburg has experienced for some time.
It is a shame that the actions of those who feel the need to break the rules and do what they want, when they want because they are the exception to the rules, actually ruin things for everyone else. Those sneaking in after 10 PM will continue to sneak in but in the meantime those who sincerely want to tour the park until 10 PM and do things the right way will lose the privilege. Damage has been done in different areas, including Sachs Bridge and though not part of the military park, it is a valuable historic site.
Drinking is a problem as the battlefield is so huge that minors can disappear into the battlefield and party. The ghost hunters who are violating the curfew apparently are ghost hunters who are not allied with us and the IGHS as we teach about respect and observing curfew limits. Those who violate these curfews should be cited by the Park Rangers. We always encouraged people to observe the curfew times and never trespass when posted. Ghost hunters need to be responsible for their actions and mindful of posted curfews.
While many may think that they are being singled out for discrimination, I personally think this rule should have been enforced long ago. I know of ghost hunters who brag about being on the battlefield after 10 PM. The ghost hunters I have personally observed who were investigating the battlefield at night were novices when it came to inclement weather and photography. I observed flashes going off all over the battlefield in misting rain that only provided rain or moisture orbs. No one who is properly trained will go out in the rain to take photos, that is absurd, all one will get is rain orbs. We have found that our investigations have never been affected by the weather or by a time closure since we do voice recordings during the day.
Ghosts do not have physical bodies so therefore they do not sleep so they are just as active during the day as at night. Ectoplasm and ghost orbs can be captured during the day so what is the problem with a night closure? The town of Gettysburg had to set a curfew at Sachs Bridge due to abuse by ghost hunters and that is not even on the battlefield. Ghost hunters need to be respectful of historical places and not abuse that privilege by violating curfew times that are imposed to reduce vandalism, alcohol and drug abuse by irresponsible individuals.
Six months after starting the Ghostweb I could count on one hand the number of ghost hunters web sites on the Internet, today there are hundreds of ghost hunting web sites. It is amazing the growth we have seen since we started helping people learn about this fascinating field. Prior to our web site, there existed no group or groups willing to help people learn about ghosts, this was one reason we decided to establish a presence on the Internet.
We encourage growth and learning; hopefully many of the hundreds of web sites are researching ghosts as a means to understand life after death and not simply as a hobby like stamp collecting or fly fishing. There is a wealth of information available by understanding the nature and psychology of earth bound spirits. Never before in the history of mankind has so much information been available concerning our existence beyond the grave. It is interesting that the Good Book fails to address issues surrounding life beyond the grave. I personally do not believe that that existence necessitates sitting on a cloud playing a harp for eternality. Myth, tradition and folklore swathe the afterlife in unrealistic expectations that fails to be validated by those who seek to understand life beyond the grave.
We do live in violent and turbulent times, our television broadcasts are filled with the negativity around us, if we allow ourselves to soak up this negativity then we become a part of that problem. One of the great insights we have learned in our travels comes from the Navajo Indian people. They believe that we need to walk in the path of beauty and harmony daily. If we allow ourselves to deviate from this path, we have allowed a dark wind to blow through our soul. The Navajo sense of justice is not directed at reprisals, such as revenge or punishment, but in the healing of the person who is sick. When the dark wind is gone and the individual returns to a path of beauty and harmony then justice has been done. I know these may just seem like words, but they are powerful insights into how we must live our lives.
Many people are afraid of conducting an investigation and having the ghosts follow them home afterwards. Ghosts can follow you home from anywhere, from the cemetery, from the grocery store, from Wal-Mart or any other department store you visit. A common misconception is that saying a prayer will prevent the ghosts from following them home. A prayer is just words like an affirmation; it is said one time and forgotten. An affirmation has to be said many times to have any effect, therefore a single prayer said and forgotten does not insure anything. We teach that a prayer has to come from the heart; it must be filled with emotion and feelings to be effective. Simply mouthing words fail to accomplish the desired objective. It has been my experience that prayers, rituals and icons have absolutely no effect on whether a ghost will follow you home.  One could simply ask the spirits not to come with you when you depart. Whether they respect your request or not is up to them.
The living has no power over the dead, in the same way if you stand in the middle of the railroad tracks and raise your hand and command the speeding freight train to stop in the name of a Deity. A good example is if you stand in the middle of the railroad tracks and command the freight train to stop in the name of the Deity, you better have your Last Will and Testament done and a plot paid for at the local cemetery. I suggest that common sense is more important than myths and legends and folklore that fails to stand up to the test. The best course of action is to simply ask the spirits to not follow you home, if this is a concern to you.
We have had ghosts with us (haunting) for the last fifteen years. Even traveling in our RV, we get ghostly visitors regularly dropping by to spook BooBoo and to play some funny pranks on us. Do we get scared? No, there is no reason to be afraid, we simply laugh or ask them to not scare BooBoo. They are always welcome to join us in our travels, who knows, they might be from the historic sites we investigate. Life is an adventure; do not be afraid to experience the unknown.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
I was listening to a radio program in which the topic was pets. People could call in to the program host and ask questions they had pertaining to their dogs or cats. One person called to ask about a problem he had with his dog. It seems he brought another dog home and the dog they had was quite unaccepting of this new addition. The owner wanted to know if this would work out or if he needed to take other steps to solve the problem.
The host of the program responded by saying it is something that would work out. What the owner had not stopped to realize is that his original dog suddenly had someone new in the picture and he resented the intrusion. The host equated it to the guys’ wife bringing home another man to live in the house. The host said that it represented an intrusion, something that said, “Get out,” there is someone new now and you are not so important around here.
As I listened to the program, I realized the same scenario applies to someone who has a ghost in the home. They instantly feel the need to get rid of it; they do not want it there. The first thought is to get the spirit exorcised, to force it from the place that it has chosen to remain. The reaction would be the same as if someone new, pet or person suddenly showed up on your doorstep. The message would be “Get out,” and the reaction would be the same, “No way!”
The host of the program told the caller that the situation was one that could be worked out to benefit all. It would take time, patience and understanding for resolution to occur. It is the same with spirits, with time, patience, and understanding; we can learn to coexist and live in harmony without need for threats or attempts to throw spirits out. If we remember that they are there for a reason and work to help them resolve the issues holding them there or just understand their presence, the results are far more positive than if we throw salt on open wounds to rid ourselves of something we do not understand.
If people could look at the presence of a spirit in their homes or businesses like they would look at another person who is struggling with a difficult situation, the solution should be the same. Just as you would not throw a hurting person from your home knowing they need help or advice, exorcism is akin to that and creates more hostile reaction than anything.
The thought that always comes to mind when I think of people who want to rid themselves of a spirit is our friend, Rafael in Portugal. Through his training, he came to an understanding about ghosts when he encountered the spirit of man in an old mansion. Rafael did not run or try to rid the place of the ghost, he turned to see if he could help him. What resulted was the amazing story that we share at our workshops. The spirit was the former gardener of the estate. His death came before he could say good-bye to his daughter and tell her that he loved her. Rafael was able to help the man by contacting the daughter and delivering the message to her. In his aiding the spirit, the spirit moved on as the issue was resolved.
In most situations that come into our lives, that we do not understand or approve of, with some patience, understanding and a bit of work, the end does not have to be disastrous or extreme. We can find resolution and a happy ending.
Happy Haunting!
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Kind regards,
Dave, Sharon & BooBoo
International Ghost Hunters Society
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