Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, May 22, 2005 Navajo Wingate Village, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 07:57:32 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
May 22, 2005 from Navajo Wingate Village, New Mexico
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
Greetings from Red Rock Park located at Navajo Wingate Village, outside of Gallup, New Mexico. Beautiful red sandstone cliffs border the Park on three sides. Apparently they will be launching those beautiful colored balloons skyward in the stillness of this morning. The temperatures should hit the mid to high nineties today. In the evenings we are graced with fantastic sunsets. A gentle breeze and lower temperatures makes it ideal to sit in our lawn chairs watching the evening unfold. We have posted a few photos in our travel section taken here at the Red Rock Park.
We are producing a DVD Video of ancient Indian ruins of the Southwest and would like to add background music to our DVD. We currently have royalty free Native American music we will be using, but we would also like to invite any of our members who are artists to submit to us samples of music that can be used as background music. Our first choice is flute music, but we are open to any other instruments that will render a “Southwest” flavor to the music.
If we select your music, we will provide DVD credit for the music and exposure of their musical talent, but sorry no royalties. This is a shoestring operation, but it will provide the artist with some publicity. This DVD video will also be submitted to our publisher for possible world wide release through them.  A release form will be required by the Publisher. We will include a section on the DVD for the artist that can include their photo and bio. Please send the music samples to Ghostweb@DirecWay.Com. We intend to have this DVD Video ready for release by the end of June. This could be an excellent opportunity for getting your name out to thousands of potential buyers.
This is a good time to begin one of our home study courses. Spring is here and summer is just down the road. What better way to begin your investigations than by completing our comprehensive and second to none course on ghost research, working with people who have lost loved ones and finally on recording and analyzing ghost voices. Check out our list of courses at We ship world wide.
We also have the most comprehensive step by step guide for recording and analyzing ghost voices. The IGHS has been helping people understand the importance of conducting EVP investigations for several years and is the only source for a guide to help people achieve the success that we have accomplished in this field. Check out our “How to do it” EVP Handbook or PDF download for immediate access by going to
A few days ago we got a WeatherBug alert for the southwest. It seems that the past few days were unseasonably hot, higher than previous averages that broke temperature records. The hot temperatures will melt the snow pack in higher elevations causing flooding in arroyos throughout the southwest. This may sound strange, hot temperatures are causing flooding!
The next sites to investigate are the Aztec Ruins and the Salmon Ruins, both are ancient Anasazi pueblos where we will be doing some EVP investigations, filming for a second DVD video and to complete the first DVD video that we have already filmed, but now will be doing the editing and cutting. This will not be an amateur production, but a very professional DVD video release. We have seen other DVD videos, but none will compare to the quality and quantity of material presented in the DVD video. We will have real ghost voices that you can listen to in our DVD player, plus the documentary video on ancient Indian ruins in the southwest.
We are almost done with Book 3 and 4 and will be sending them off to our Publisher in about a week. We will then be starting Book 5, Ghosts of Gettysburg. We invite our members to contribute their stories and photos for this book. We will also be including EVP with the book that will be posted on our Publisher’s web site so our readers can listen to the ghostly etheric voices from beyond the grave.
We have gotten some great photos during the past few weeks, stop by and view them in our Free Ghost Photos section, which can be accessed by clicking on the hot link of same name in our GhostWeb Menu. One of the photos was taken with no flash, in total darkness that shows supercharged orbs in motion. We still get non-ghost hunters writing to us thinking that an orb translates into spirit energy, but when we coined this term in 1996, we meant an orb to be simply a description of shape as in sphere or round ball and nothing more. Too many novices took digital photos of airborne dust particles and seeing the orbs thought they had captured ghosts orbs. A little knowledge is dangerous and too many web sites have posted dust orbs thinking they are the real stuff.
I accept the Holmesian philosophy, which says: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. On the other hand, the skeptics prefer the principle of the Occam's razor: The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. The problem is that when the simplest explanation is eliminated as being impossible, the skeptics will not modify their allegation, but they will hold fast to that explanation or suggest another explanation that lacks even more credibility.
Skepticism is healthy in this day and age, but being rutted in a narrow perspective that sanctions clichéd hypothesis that supercedes practicality or actuality is dangerous. We learn from new experiences, not from stale supposition that ended with the Holy Inquisitions of the medieval period. We no longer burn witches at the stake, but we allow self righteous ministers to condemn them from the pulpit. Times have changed, but sometimes attitudes remain as evidence of our closed mines.
While we are judgmental about anything we do not understand, we need to forsake judgment for an open mind.  An open mind that is free of fixed ideas that blind us to the reality of what is happening around us. Some people may not look at life through rose colored glasses, but they view the paranormal with religious monocles that distort the vision. A reality that does not fit our pattern of comfort is not steeped in evil or demonic overtones, but perhaps should be evaluated for its own merits, free of prejudices and biases.
Ghosts are like people, some are good and some are not so good. If anyone has ever worked or known someone who was a SOB in life, what do you think that person would be like as a ghost? They would retain their intelligence (or lack there of), emotions, personalities and attitudes. If a SOB in life so in death they are still that same SOB. However, now someone viewing them through religious monocles will see them as demons! People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
I wrote about ghosts as this past week we have had many ghostly visitors to our RV from beyond the grave. I have heard my name called; we have seen a white orb light in our RV and a shadow that moved across the ceiling. Many pranks were played on us during this time. You might ask what our response was to this gathering of spirits? We simply laughed and told them to leave BooBoo alone, you know as in “Pick on somebody your own size.” We do not condemn or judge the spirits, but we extend to them the hand of fellowship with a warning, “leave BooBoo alone.” Our poor dog is constantly harassed by some of these phantoms from beyond the grave. All of this harassment is in the form of Halloween pranks where we are the victims of those pranks. Oh what fun it is to travel, we get to hear from so many of the phantoms who drop in to say hello.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
It is a beautiful, sunny day and as I gaze out the window I enjoy the beauty of the red sandstone that surrounds the RV Park. We are deep in the heart of Navajo country and it is peaceful here. The other evening as we were walking BooBoo, I heard music on the wind. It was distant, echoing from the red cliffs and I heard the sweet, clear voices of singing. It was tribal music. On the other side of the rock formations, in the rodeo area, the Navajo were performing and their music filled the air. It was so beautiful as is the land on which they live.
I listen to talk radio nightly and normally listen to the words and wisdom of two radio hosts, one being Michael Reagan. Not being much into politics, I can hear what is taking place in the U.S. daily and learn about subjects of importance that aren't making headlines in the national news. Subjects that affect us all and the future of our children and grandchildren. Some topics aren't always easy to listen to as they ring clear and close to home.
We live in a world that is groaning in pain. Times are changing as people live in great anger and fear, distrust and disbelief. The more we look around us the more we see the anger acted out and crimes that stem from selfish need and those driven by greed. Most American’s try to go about their own business and maintain a normal life while some crack under the pressure and ultimately strike out at someone nearby so even innocent strangers can find themselves victims.
We hear so much about missing children; abused, attacked by sexual predators and usually found in a shallow grave. Heinous crimes that involve innocent children that strikes the hearts of American’s everywhere. Abuse of children is nothing new but like so many subjects, society has chosen to hide and deny its existence. We seem to have come to a day of reckoning. Hiding a problem allows it to continue to grow and fester in the shadows and gain silent strength. “Ignorance is bliss,” or so the saying goes, or until the problem strikes close to home. Because of the silence, abuse of our children is showing up in day care, churches, neighborhoods and homes and we just weren't prepared for what has hit us directly in the face.
 Until recently, it remained a subject hidden from view but ignore it or not, it is still happening everywhere. Michael Reagan makes a good point when he talks about that kind of thing destroying a childhood and in all probability a life. The events may pass but the memories of it remain clear in the minds of the victims. It’s all in how we deal with or don't deal with such a dark subject that makes all the difference in the outcome.
I walked that road as a seven year old child. Adults in the neighborhood knew about the old man who lived on the corner and how he was a threat to the children in the area, but they kept his secret. I learned about the old man the hard way but kept his secret too for over thirty years. In thinking back I can't help but wonder about the many children in the neighborhood that played in the yards along that street. I wonder if they fell victim to that “nice old man” too.
What happens when we bury the secrets imposed on us as children? If we ignore it and try to forget does it go away? As children we are faced with a lot of emotion and confusion, that when is boiled down it equates to betrayal and grief. Children find themselves thrown into an adult situation but lack the adult skills to resolve it. It was never discussed when I was a child. In my seven year old mind I knew if I told my folks what happened I would be punished for crossing the street without permission. I figured they wouldn't believe me anyway. Who do you tell if you can't go home? No one. What do you do with all that emotion and confusion? You make it go away so no one will ever know. But that isn't what happens as it is always right there in the pit of your stomach to return to the surface another day.
Though things are somewhat different today, society continues to suppress subjects that disgust or repel us. Death tops the list of taboos (which by the way is a certainty for all living things), with a long list of no-no’s that follow close behind. If we talk about the darker sides of life they become more real but once that happens we still struggle to deal with them. Without some struggling there is no resolution and without resolve, the people in the world become more burdened with the growth of negative emotion until we see more striking out and destruction of our civilization. It’s the hidden secrets that lead to an individuals destruction, bit by bit.
 Abuse is a word that we hear more these days with people going to prison for the alleged abuse of prisoners of war, abuse of freedom this country is known for and the abuse of one another in many horrible ways. Hiding things does not make them go away and ignoring any kind of problem only exaggerates things. When we don't deal with anything that has hurt us, hurt our families or hurt us as a country, it grows and we become angry people. We may try to conduct our lives in a normal fashion, but actually what we are doing is nothing. We turn on the evening news after working hard all day and all we hear are the negative attributes of each day and the bad things taking place in the world that keeps that stomach acid stirred and the anger growing inside.
Negative thinking and emotions beget negative thinking and emotions which makes for a vicious circle of a very negative environment. We take in the negative during the waking hours and project the negative when we discuss things taking place around us. It is so easy to become caught up in the negative that we don't even realize its happening. I’ve heard professional people talking about what it means to be so negative and to continue to project that negativity and their view of the outcome is bleak indeed. Some even see the end of the world around the bend because we will self destruct due to the direction we are going.
No one has all the answers to the problems of the world today, but we each have control of our own little corner of the world. We can each begin to change our environment within our own homes, within our own communities. Change begins within each and every one of us. That’s where it all has to begin. Just as the negative spreads, so can positive spread as there has to be a balance between the two for harmony to exist.
 Everyone has their own set of woes, problems and hardships as they come in as many ways as there are people today. Everyone has the choice to work through their pain, to face it, deal with it and go forward to see the good and beautiful in this life. We get out of life what we give to it and because of the falling down we are able to get back up and see another day. We can take the hard lessons we've been given and turn them around to help others who suffer the same agony we went through and survived. We can be there for each other with a shoulder and an ear to help them get through. By reaching out, just as Mike Reagan and others like him are doing, we can make a difference in our little world and in the worlds of those around us.
The point here is that if we don't deal with the issues in our lives now, they must be dealt with on the other side of life. We don't shed the problems when the physical body dies, we take them with us. If we die with unresolved issues, we are anchored to this plane until we do work through them and find resolution. It’s not as easy as some may think because what we are loaded down with emotionally the day of our death goes right along with us.
 We have always stressed how important it is to shed negative emotions and face problems that can anchor us after death. The more we understand the dead, the more we can understand the living. Unloading and working through issues here and now lightens the load through the rest of life and gives us opportunity for enjoyment and growth. If we take control of the issues in our lives, the issues won't control the lives we have.
Happy Haunting!
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Kind regards,
Dave, Sharon & BooBoo
International Ghost Hunters Society
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All Rights Reserved.


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