Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, May 29, 2005 Aztec, New Mexico
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 09:10:59 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
May 29, 2005 from Aztec, New Mexico
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We are at the Aztec Ruins, an Chacoan Pueblo of noted fame for its Great Kiva. We will be posting some photos later this week of this ancient Anasazi Pueblo. The spirits of the old ones still walk within the Great Kiva, as evident by the EVP we captured the last time we investigate the Great Kiva. The Aztec Ruins is like stepping back into time. We will write more abut it later.

We have added about a dozen new Ghost Town porcelain and milk glass pendants to our collection; many are from porcelain shards with beautiful colored designs. One even has the number 30 clearly displayed. We also added a carnelian nugget. All of our pendants come with a silver chain and are wire wrapped with sterling silver. The price varies according to the spot price of silver, which has almost doubled since Sharon started making these Ghost Town Pendants. Stop by and view these lovely creations at These are one of a kind creations straight from the haunted ghost town of Congress, Arizona.
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We also have the most comprehensive step by step guide for recording and analyzing ghost voices. The IGHS has been helping people understand the importance of conducting EVP investigations for several years and is the only source for a guide to help people achieve the success that we have accomplished in this field. Check out our “How to do it” EVP Handbook or PDF download for immediate access by going to
We are done with Book 3 and 4 and will starting Book 5, Ghosts of Gettysburg. We invite our members to contribute their stories and photos for this book. We will also be including EVP with the book that will be posted on our Publisher’s web site so our readers can listen to the ghostly etheric voices from beyond the grave.
Memorial Day is a time to remember our dead, especially those who gave their lives in the defense of their country. We take our hats off to those who have given of their blood so America can be free. It is also a time to remember the men and women of the US Military forces at home and overseas right now. Take a moment to remember these fine people serving in the military and their families. We also understand that this three-day weekend is a time for families to enjoy the great outdoors. Leaving the crowded cities and towns and heading for the mountains, lakes, or the coast. For families heading for the mountains, it is a time to smell the pine trees, build a campfire, and listen to the cracking fire and watch the dancing flames and forget the cares of the world.
There is nothing like sitting around a campfire, smelling the burning wood, and staring at the flames dancing across the logs. Maybe it is some part of our psyche that yearns for this primitive representation of protection against the elements. I imagine our paleo-ancestors found great comfort sitting around a fire. The campfire was not only a source of heat, but also, the place where meals were prepared and a place for stories of the day’s hunt.
I remember during my younger days when I served as a Scout Master for the Boy Scouts of America. I would gather the boys around the campfire and relate stories of things that goes bump in the night, of strange monsters that roam the darkness seeking fresh blood. I never had to worry about any of our scouts straying too far from camp at night. We would find old stumps sticking out of the ground and visualize how they would be deformed legs from creatures stuck in some portal opening, forever frozen in time and space.
Campfires were great for cooking tin foil dinners. Tin foil dinners are dinners that are prepared by laying two sheets of tin foil down, adding meat, sliced potatoes, carrots and onions, along with two tablespoons of water and then folding the tin foil over the enclosed food and twisting the ends tight so as to not leak water. Add this little bundle to red-hot coals and cook thirty minutes before turning the bundle over to the other side. The resulting meal is simple and requires no plates. It is amazing the favor of a campfire adds to such a meal.
Yes, campfires can bring back many memories of bygone days. While these thoughts have nothing to do with ghosts and things that goes bump in the night, they do have to do with our innate memories stirred by a campfire. If life gets too hectic for you, remember, relief is just a campfire away. Take some time the next time you are in God’s great outdoors, bring some twigs together, add a match and you will find yourself drifting back through the eons; at least, it works for me.
I also learned another lesson about Memorial Day weekend. As a young boy, I learned to pay respect to our kindred dead by bringing flowers to put on their grave. I remember going with my grandparents to the graves of their grandparents. At the time, I could not understand why they would take flowers to family members who were dead.
Five decades later, I understand why we put flowers on the graves of those who have gone before us. We show our respect and we proclaim that we remember them to the world. They are not gone and forgotten. We do not forget those we love and cherish when they enter the Long Sleep. For them, it is not the Long Sleep, but an awakening that they find themselves in a totally different environment, no longer suffering from the physical pain of mortality, they find themselves in a world that will mirror their former life, but free of pain.
Perhaps the first realization for them is that this Life after Death existence was not like anything they heard in Sunday school classes. There are no pearly gates, no streets paved in gold and no angelic messengers waiting for their arrival into this new spiritual realm. Their reality is based on their perception and not necessarily, on what they proclaimed in life. Their true feelings and the intent of their hearts manifest the reality they discover.
If they held anger, animosity, resentment, bitterness or any of the host of other negative feelings before they passed beyond the grave, those same negative feelings and emotions continue with them and act as an anchor to hold them in our earth plane. They are not able to progress beyond this earth plane and enter their spiritual dimension inhabited by those who pass beyond the grave.
Those spirits can cast off the anchor or anchors that prevent spirits from escaping from this physical plane at any time by letting go of the negative emotions that they have been carrying around as excess baggage. When we get our feelings hurt, we tend to hold onto that hurt and pain caused by the person who hurt us. Instead off it being like water off a duck’s back, and allowing it to roll off us, we bury the hurt and pain deep within us and guard against its removal.
Somehow, through the years we seem to add pain and hurt to our collection and in so doing, we treat it as if it was a treasure trove, guarded so we do not lose any part of that collection. Instead, we should have forgiven the person, healed from the pain and moved on forgetting that we harbored ill toward someone. If we forgive, heal and forget, we will not have anchors to choke us from continuing our spiritual journey after death. We would then be free to depart this earth plane, but retain the rights to return at any time we elect to visit or check up on friends or loved ones.
Memorial Day is a time to pay our respects to our friends and loved ones who are no longer with us in the same way each of us would like someone pay their respects to us if were on the other side. The excuse that our loved ones are not in the grave, only their discarded shell, is horse pucky. We pay our respects at the gravesite, our loved ones will know that we are there and they may return to accept that respect we give. The grave is the final resting place of our earthly remains and for many spirits; their grave is a major link to their mortality.
Let us remember that Memorial Day is not just for soldiers and sailors who have given their lives; it is for everyone who has passed beyond the grave as they too need to be remembered. How many headstones contain the words, “Lest We Forget” or “Never Forgotten.” We promise our dead that we will not forget them and Memorial Day is a day set aside for most people in America to remember their dead. Remember, how you treat the memory of your dead may reflect how you will be treated when it is your turn for the Long Sleep.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
I want to share a very special story. I have changed the names of the people in order to protect their privacy. In the 1990’s, we were contacted by some people about strange things that were happening in their home. They had just moved into an old farmhouse and things were taking place that had no logical explanation. They discovered our website and called us, not knowing we were only two hours away from them. Both husband and wife were highly educated and their two daughters were following their examples. The girls were happy and loved their new surroundings yet they were unsure and a bit frightened by what was going on in their new home. They wanted some help and some answers but what they learned, was more than they expected.
We found the house and property to be actively haunted after spending time with the family and being able to investigate at our leisure. The land had its own story of tragedy and death, which we felt was the cause for the paranormal events. We filmed with several television crews who wanted a true ghost story and real witnesses. As we worked closely with the family, they came to know that the ghosts were not demons, as they had been taught in church, but had been guardian spirits for the family when problems arose.
I will say here that two known psychics had visited at one point and told the people they would be wise to demolish the home and start over. The psychics said there was evil there and that destruction of the home would rid them of the problems. This offended the homeowners. They knew that the psychics was way off base, they knew that the ghosts would not hurt them, in fact they protected them. They loved their home and did not want to tear it down. Another example of how psychics can allow their own imagination to blur what was really happening.
It had been several years since we had seen the family, though we would exchange Christmas cards once a year. One morning while we were staying at a friends place in Virginia, our cell phone rang. Dave answered and immediately knew who it was, just hearing her voice. Janice calling to share something had happened recently. As I watched Dave as he listened to her describe the events, I saw tears start to flow. Naturally, I wondered what had happened and if the family was okay. When Dave hung up, he turned to me and related this true story.
The family had a big St. Bernard that they had owned for many years. He was probably the biggest dog I had ever seen in my life! The dog had died recently and the girls were devastated having lost him. He was as much a part of the family as the rabbits, cats and other critters the family had. The strange part of this was that shortly after the dog died, the youngest daughter had told her Mom on several occasions that she had seen him. The Mom and Dad listened but did not pay real close attention, knowing that things happened like this most of the time.
Janice and Fred had decided to use part of their land for a vineyard. Up on the hillside and quite a ways from the house, they had planted acres of grapes. Because of other business during the day and because of the extreme heat of the summer months, Fred decided he would work in the field at night by the headlights of his tractor. One night he was on the tractor working the vineyards when suddenly he saw something white and large run quickly through the headlights in front of him. The area is very isolated and Fred started to wonder if maybe it was a cougar. They are common in that part of the country and very dangerous so he decided he would watch to see if he saw it again.
It was only a few minutes before Fred felt something pull on his leg, hard. He thought again of the cougar and knew that if it had been a cougar he saw and that is what had his leg, he was a dead man. The next thing Fred knew, he was jerked hard to the ground. In the darkness, he heard a loud crack and then a huge crash. He looked up to see that a large limb from a tree had broken and fallen across the cab of his tractor. Had he been sitting in the drivers’ seat at the time he fell, he would have been killed.
As Fred gathered his wits about him, he realized a cougar had not pulled him from the tractor, as he was lying on the ground, totally alone. In fact, there was nothing in the field except him. He was not sure what had just happened or why.
Fred went back to the house and told his family what had just happened to him. They looked at his torn pants that were almost in shreds on the leg that had been grabbed. The interesting part was that he had teeth marks in his leg and the teeth marks that were the size of a very large dog. The teeth marks were the same size as those of their beloved dog, whom they had just lost. Everything started to come clear to the family. The young daughter had seen the dog outdoors, even after he had died and that night they realized how very protected they were.
Janice and Fred realized that night how quickly things can happen that can take someone we love from our lives. The girls would have been without their Father and Janice would have been a very young widow. They have learned that love survives the grave and that bond never dies, even the bonds we have with our pets. The huge St. Bernard knew of the impending danger to his master and from beyond the grave, rescued him from certain tragedy. Though Fred never saw the dog, or anything else out in that field that would explain what grabbed his ankle to jerk him off the tractor, he knew his dog had been there to save him. With all of the events that have taken place out at the farmhouse and around the property, the family never doubted what had taken place that night. Oh yes, Janice said it taught her to be more attentive to what her daughter told her too. That is a very important lesson for any parent.
She had called to relate the story to us and to thank us for everything we have shared with them. We shed our tears, knowing that our friends are doing okay and thankful we could help them to understand the nature of the ghosts that they coexist with in their beautiful valley. Janice told Dave that working with us had changed their lives and that they were thankful to have worked with us. They coexist with the spirits of the past, in peacefulness and that gives them comfort. Now they know that their beloved dog is still around, watching and protecting, just as he did in life.
Happy Haunting!
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