Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, June 19, 2005 Cortez, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 08:40:33 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
June 19, 2005 from Cortez, Colorado
Dr. Daveís Notes:
Summer is here, even thought it is not June 21st yet. The temperatures in this part of the southwest are in the mid eighties every day. The evenings are nice as it cools down as soon as the sun sneaks below the mountains. The mornings are beautiful and cool, heating up by 10 or so in the morning.
Last year at this time, I got word that my Mother was involved in a serious auto accident. While she almost died several times, she has sprung back with amazing restoration to her health, thanks to so many of our readers who sent her positive healing energy during her recovery. She is now walking without a walker and is working up to her daily mile walks. I want to personally thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to pass along some positive thoughts for her recovery.

Check out our new ghost photos posted since last week. These photos are free to view and can be found by clicking on the Free Ghost Photos Java link at the top of the home page. These photos will not be of airborne dust particles, but of valid photos of what I believe are authentic ghost images.
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We have over 16,700 members receiving our weekly Newsletter, living in over 87 countries worldwide. We started our Newsletter in 1997 and it is one of the oldest ghost hunting newsletters on the Internet today. It reaches the largest concentration of ghost hunters, researchers, and believers in the ghost hunting community.
We are currently on the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation in southwest Colorado. We have many ancient sites in this area that we will be exploring in the coming weeks. We are on the west side of the Rocky Mountains so we have access to many early mining sites. For us, ghost hunting is a study in history so we can learn about the people who may be earth bound.
Our experiences in Aztec, New Mexico will not be forgotten. The Aztec Ruins was perhaps the spiritual capital of the Chacoan Empire after Chaco Canyon was abandoned. One visitor to our web site wrote us and asked if the Anasazi Indians suffered hardships under the hand of the Spaniards.  The Anasazi Pueblo people were long dead by almost four hundred years before the white man set foot into New Mexico. When the Franciscan missions arrived in 1598, the Anasazi people had already merged with the other southwest Native people.
There are many more Anasazi sites in this area that we will be investigating in the days ahead. Some of them were established around AD 400. While there are over 50,000 documented sites, there are still literally tens of thousands of ancient sites not yet discovered. This past Saturday we drove out toward Hovenweep Pueblos and along the way we discovered another ancient Anasazi site that has not been excavated. We almost missed it, but for the rock walls that stood out amid the sandstone formations.
My interest is not so much in the Anasazi period, but extends back to the Archaic and Paleoindian times, which can only be separated by the technology used in making arrow points. The earliest radiocarbon findings for the Paleoindian sites seem to suggest an age older than 55,000 years. These were radiocarbon dating of artifacts and organic material found in caves in New Mexico.
Most archeologists agree that the Clovis period or 11,500 years ago is now fact, while they may disagree about the age of the Paleoindian sites, they now collectively agree on the Clovis period. The reason I bring this up is that now we seem to refer to earlier sites as Pre-Clovis as we do for Pre-Columbian age sites in Mexico.  We have done investigations at sites, such as Fort Rock in Oregon and the Petroglyph Rock in the Lava Beds of northern California that are of the Clovis period, meaning that Native people existed some 11,000 years ago in those regions. We have not yet recorded EVP voices from that far back, most are within the last 1,000 years.
We teach that ghosts are everywhere and that is why we ignore books that list haunted places as we discover new sites all the time. We would rather discover a new site and then move on to other historical sites to investigate. People who write us and ask where they can find haunted sites fail to grasp the scope of our statement,ĒGhosts are everywhere!Ē  In every village, hamlet, town or city there are haunted sites waiting to be discovered.
We list places to check out on our web page under Free Ghost Articles. Instead of using your camera and getting dozens of dust orbs during the summer, why not pick up your digital or tape recorder and capture some real ghost voices. Listen to the emotions being expressed by them; it will give you chills and goose bumps.
Ghosts are real and they are alive and well in their respective dimension. They can overlap into our dimension during peak geomagnetic conditions involving the lunar cycles and during the times of solar storms. They are not cursed or fragmented, but each spirit has its own intelligence, emotions, personality and its beliefs carried over from its mortal days on the earth.
No, we have never seen or experience demons in our combined 30 years of ghost hunting. I know some people claim to see demons under every rock, but all we see are ghosts with attitudes. Perhaps this is why we do not see demons, they are reserved for the demon believers and for the demonologists to exorcise for a FEE. There are those who prey on the fears of the innocent people who have watched too much TV and believe they have demons in their homes by charging fees to rid them of their evil spirits. This is horse pucky! The only power that these demonologists have is to laugh all the way to the bank.
We never charge for an investigation. Ghosts cannot be exorcised because the living has no power over the dead, any more then the living can banish the animals or fowls. .Let me see them banish a big old grizzly bear standing ten feet tall by saying some holy words at that old bear. It will never happen. Only in TV land are demons expelled or banished.
People write to us expressing their fear of demons and we ask what demons, but especially why they think they are demonic. They write and say that a ghost is haunting their home. First off, to label a ghost as a demon is wearing their religious hats way too tight. I can understand their fear of ghosts since we tend to fear what we do not understand. But the tendency is to destroy what we fear. In this case, their fears are groundless.
Ghosts do not hurt or harm people as a general rule; any more than a dog will attack you on the city streets. Yes, it could happen, a dog could attack you, but the odds are very low as are the odds that a ghost will harm you. In todayís society too many Hollywood films depict ghosts as dangerous or life-threatening, but we must remember that Hollywood stories are the figments of some scriptwriterís imagination and not based on facts. The truth of some things can lack the chills and thrills of what sells in Hollywood. Itís understandable, but also hyped to draw big crowds.
I have found that ghosts mirror back what I project out to them. If I am positive and upbeat, the spirits I encounter are positive and upbeat. I believe it is better to laugh at their pranks than to complain about it. Ghosts love pranks and if you laugh with them, it will take the wind out of their sail by not freaking out.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharonís Notes:
Happy Fatherís Day to all you Dadís out there. In memory of my Father, who passed away on October 13, 2004, I would like to share some special moments about my Dad. We all can look back on special memories of things that took place within our own families when we were growing up and that is something Iíd like to share this week. Also, maybe within these stories are a few lessons that help us get through some of the more trying things in this life.
I think of my Dad often these days and remember him lovingly. My Dad was always a big man to me, not only tall and handsome, but big and strong. He was always someone I could depend on for protection, advice or just a hug when needed. He was the disciplinarian in our family so when I did something wrong, which seemed to be part of my nature more than my sistersí I knew what to expect. The worst part of being punished was having to wait all day until Dad got home from a hard day at work for the inevitable spanking. When coming in the door he could have walked in and just said, ďAssume the position,Ē to save us both a lot of time.
I will never forget waiting for Dad to get home from work one evening. He was always home just before 6 PM as Mom had dinner on the table precisely at 6 oíclock. Knowing I had done something wrong that day, I had anticipated his arrival in fear and trembling. As the hour of his arrival drew near, I got more desperate to do something to ease the sting of the spanking. Quickly, as I heard his truck pull into the driveway, I ran and got one of my Golden Books and stuck it down the back of my pants. I had watched the Little Rascals do this and if I remember right it was Alfalfa that used a book in his pants when he was facing a spanking. Somehow it worked for him so I thought Iíd give it a try.
Dad got ready to spank me and now of course, I know that at the time he had to have seen the square form of the book stuck in my pants. He later told me it was all he could do to keep from laughing out loud when he saw that, but at the time he never let on that he knew what I had done. When his big hand came down across that thin little book, I could only ask myself why in the world it worked so well on TV and hurt so much worse than a regular spanking when I tried it! That book must have vibrated many times across my back end after impact and I never again tried to block the blows with a book. I definitely do not recommend this method to children today either, though spanking has become pretty obsolete.
Once my sisters and I were grown, my Dad loved sharing stories about his kids with the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. Children always love to hear from their Grandpa what their mom or dad was like growing up and somehow, Grandpaís enjoy sharing stories that we normally wouldn't ever talk about. I was a mischievous child and my nieces and nephews loved hearing Grandpaís tales about my antics as well as those of my sisters. Dad shared the story of the book many times and he would laugh until he couldn't continue talking and big tears would well up in his eyes. His memories meant a lot to him as did his family. They mean a lot to me too.
My Dad never really talked about his childhood, but it was a happy one until the day his Father walked out of his life for ever. He found it hard to forgive his Dad and because of that he carried a lot of anger, a heavy burden inside of him, for the rest of his life. He never realized how that affected us all in different ways. By his holding on to the negative emotions he felt for his Dad, he forfeited some of the good things around him that could have enhanced the fun and joy in his life.
He worked very hard to provide for his family and in doing so, sacrificed special family times. In his later years he saw how close his daughters were to Mother and felt left behind somehow. But in giving himself to providing for us, the closeness just never developed as it did with a Mother who was always there. Dadís get a bad rap at times because they are gone and working outside of the home. Eventually, not only the children feel cheated from having their Dad around, the Dad starts to see how much he really doesn't know his children very well. It is a loss for them all.
My Dad was a very gifted musician who was asked to play violin professionally with the Symphony Orchestra in Southern California. Because he feared a career in music would not support his family adequately enough, he declined and put his violin in its case and stored it away. I rarely heard my Dad play his violin. I know he had regrets regarding his decision not to be a part of something that he dearly loved, but he had to look at the reality of the times and the economic needs of a growing family. His Father had walked away and the responsibility of earning an income fell on the shoulders of his oldest son, my Dad. My Dad not only lost his Dad, he lost his childhood because of his Fatherís decision to leave. It is easy to see why forgiveness came hard.
My Dad had learned the building trade so he decided he would build houses and become a finish carpenter. As his reputation grew, he started building homes along the California coast. He loved Laguna Beach, which was a small coastal artist colony back in the 1950s and 60s. In 1963 we moved from our home town, closer to Los Angeles, down to Laguna Beach where my Mother still lives today. The beautiful homes he built dot the coastal towns in California from Long Beach to San Diego.
The house that my Mother lives in was one that my Dad built in the 60s. With insight and forethought he built the house on pylons driven into the ground down to the bedrock. The house has remained standing solidly through two major slides on that hillside. The house next door to my Motherís broke in half with this last slide yet Motherís house remains standing, almost as a memorial to the creative, intelligent man who built it so many years ago. As far as I know today, my Mother may be able to return to her home on the hill and remain there safely. Every home above her house is gone now, which says a lot about the way my Dad constructed their home.
My Dad and I didn't agree on many things but we somehow came to the agreement that we would agree to disagree. He loved America and served proudly in the US Marine Corps. He was a self-made man who graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, as did many men in his day. He had a heart of gold, as big as all outdoors and was devoted to his Church and his State. He was a good husband and Father.
I miss my Dad and hold onto those funny stories and experiences. He taught me a lot of good and also taught me a great deal about the importance of forgiveness and letting go to live life to the fullest and happiest. I inherited some of his talents, his creative thought and seeing things through to completion. Like my Dad, I create and enjoy being able to see the fruits of my labor. I will always remember that no one in the world could hug me like my Dad and Iíll always miss him singing happy birthday to me over the phone each year. Iíll remember how he laughed when telling the stories about his girls and how proud he was as a Dad. Happy Fathers Day,

Happy Haunting!
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