Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, June 26, 2005 Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 08:44:50 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
June 26, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We parked our RV in the Sleeping Ute RV Park operated by the Ute tribe with gorgeous views of Ute Mountain. This mountain and the lands surrounding the mountain was given to the tribe when they surrendered. They were the last Ute band to surrender in their war against the White Invasion of their land. Before the surrender, they occupied Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Today, their band is limited to the small southwest corner of Colorado. They have an interesting legend surrounding this mountain. I am presenting part of it taken from their web site.
“In the very old days, the Sleeping Ute Mountain was a Great Warrior God. He came to help fight against the Evil Ones who were causing much trouble. A tremendous battle between the Great Warrior God and the Evil Ones followed. As they stepped hard upon the earth and braced themselves to fight, their feet pushed the land into mountains and valleys. This is how the country of this region came to be as it is today.
The Great Warrior God was hurt, so he lay down to rest and fell into a deep sleep. The blood from his wound turned into living water for all creatures to drink.
When the fog or clouds settle over the Sleeping Warrior God, it is a sign that he is changing his blankets for the four seasons. When the Indians see the light green blanket over their "God", they know it is spring. The dark green blanket is summer, the yellow and red one is fall, and the white one is winter.
The Indians believe that when the clouds gather on the highest peak, the Warrior God is pleased with his people and is letting rain clouds slip from his pockets. They also believe that the Great Warrior God will rise again to help them in the fight against their enemies.”
The Utes came into the Four-Corner region after the Cliff Dwellers abandoned their homes and long before the Spaniards arrived. They did not grow corn and squash like the ancient cliff dwellers. Their food came mostly from the game animals that they hunted and from plants and berries that they gathered. The Utes spent much of the year moving from place to place looking for food. As hunters and gathers, they did not remain in one area, but traveled throughout Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
The Utes were mighty warriors and feared by many tribes. We have found that the Utes are a friendly bunch of folks, and like most Indian tribes today have problems with young people turning away from tradition and embracing the White Man’s ways and forgetting their own heritage. Many do not speak their native language anymore. This is not just a problem for the Ute Tribe, but for all Native people. It is terrible losses for any tribe to have their young forget the ways of their people. We should never forget our roots!
We appreciate the opportunity to stay here on the Reservation as compared to our month stay in Aztec, New Mexico, and the atmosphere here so much lighter and without the oppressive feelings we experienced in Aztec. We have always enjoyed staying on the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation; it is on the western side of the Rocky Mountains and just west of Mesa Verde. The energies here are positive and our creative juices are flowing. Completing Book 3 and 4 by the end of May while we traveled was taxing on us.
We are gearing up for Book 5 that we will start in July and finish in December. We are getting excited about starting our Ghosts of Gettysburg book. We have had so many positive experiences on the Gettysburg Battlefield during the six years that we held annual conferences there. We were amazed at Little Round Top when we were recording at the skirmish line of the 20th Maine boys and recorded a Confederate saying, “The Blue Cross is trouble.” We learned later that this EVP related to the Blue Cross, the icon for their regiment. If you have any experiences that you would like to share with us regarding the Gettysburg Battlefield, drop us an email and share it with us. Those submitting stories are given full credit for their experiences, EVP and photos that are shared.
We even submitted our Book 6 proposal to our Publisher and should know in a week or so if they approve our request. Book 6 will be a fun book for us to write. We are also working on the final touches for our DVD Video, which will contain over 150 ghost voices we captured across the United States and in Belize when we investigated a Mayan Temple. The DVD will also contain video of the 1600s old Spanish Missions where we recorded ghostly bells on two different occasions. We also have video of the old Anasazi ruin in Chaco Canyon, Casamero Pueblo, and Aztec Ruins. We are working out the background music now and should have it done shortly.
Producing this DVD Video, we are acting as Independent Film Producers, so when we get emails from visitors to our site and they claim to be Independent Film Producers requesting material for a prospective film, I have to smile, say to myself so what, so am I. But, we work to find our own sites and material and fund our projects from the sale of our books. Many new Independent Film Producers write and ask if I could recommend a source of funding for them so they can produce paranormal films. The only source of free money is growing on the Money Tree and I have never found that tree yet. We have to pay all of our cost incurred to produce our own DVD Video,
It seems that so many Independent Film Producers are anxious to cash in on the paranormal, but so far, almost none of the videos we have viewed have been positive toward the subject at all. The last film, White Noise, distorted the image of EVP researchers and provided false facts concerning EVP researchers at the end of the film. No EVP researchers have been killed as the film claims. Again, Hollywood attempts to deceive the public regarding the true nature of the paranormal.
We were looking for some remote cemeteries this past Saturday and while we did not find the ones we were hoping to find, we did locate the old Webber Cemetery several miles south of Mancos, CO. This was a remote country cemetery that has few burials with the first was in 1928. We recorded from the car near the wire gate that opens into the small cemetery. We recorded a strong male voice as soon as we turned the digital recorder on, followed by several weaker voices in a 53 second recording. We will be playing that EVP on our next two-hour radio program with Jeff Rense on July 1.

Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
Though I have had no news regarding my dear friend, Mary, I ask for your continued prayers, positive energy and healing for her. Cancer is a terrible and the treatment is a horrible ordeal. I know that your thoughts and prayers will be of benefit to her. I received word that my Mother has returned to her home. It has been quite an emotional time for her as her neighbors lost everything, yet she is able to return to and remain in her home. We are thankful for that and for those of you who thought of her and prayed for this positive outcome.

”Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other that we are still.
Call me by my old familiar name;
speak to me in the easy way which you always used;
put no difference in your tone; wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow; laugh as we
always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together; pray, smile, think of me,
pray for me; let my name be ever the household word that it always was;
let it be spoken without effect, without the trace of a shadow on it.
Life means all that it ever meant; it is the same as it ever was;
there is unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of mind because I
am out of sight? I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very
Near – Just around the corner. All is well.” Author: Anon.
I came across this poem while doing some research and felt it was worthy of sharing. It is said that while we rejoice and celebrate the birth of a baby here, those on the other plane of existence weep at the loss of a soul. When we weep at the loss of a loved one, they rejoice and celebrate on the other side, at the soul’s return.
Losing someone we know and love is difficult bringing us pain beyond compare. Today, we hear so many reports on the news about the death of children, abductions, and kids who are missing. To lose a child has to be the hardest loss of all. For a precious life to be cut short prematurely makes no sense. At least not on this plane of existence, yet there is reason and purpose for all that happens. However, losing a child or loved one does not make it easier to accept.
It is heart breaking news to hear of tragedy and death on the news stations. Millions across this land feel sorrow, even though they are strangers to those who have lost someone dear. It is impossible to comprehend the depth of pain experienced by parents, family and friends of those who have lost someone dear, tragically and unexpectedly.
People fear death, which has been a fact of life throughout history. A history of spiritual corruption makes death a taboo, like a dark monster lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to jump out and grab us. Death is something unknown to be feared. Though death is a certainty in life, humanity spends a lifetime denying it will happen to them. We grasp onto and hold tightly to what we know, finding safety and security in this material world. We don't talk of death; we don't understand death or its untimeliness, and do not care to know about it. A family member can lay dying while the family gathers, only to talk about the weather among themselves. We have no knowledge of how to talk to someone dying to help them prepare for the transition ahead of them.
In 1989 when my husband passed away, some members of my family came to stay with me and attend the funeral. I couldn't comprehend, in my grief, why the occasion resembled a happy family reunion rather than a time of loss and sorrow. Laughter rang out through the house though I was not laughing and talking was ongoing as though nothing had changed. It was only much later that I realized that my family could not deal with the tragic death of my husband, someone they knew and loved. For me, I felt isolated and alone in my grief, even with my house filled with family.
If we looked at death differently, surely we could see it as being more than something to ignore, deny and dread. Life as we know it ends when its purpose has been fulfilled. The physical body dies when it is unable to sustain life. Like shedding a sweater when its purpose has been met and warmth is no longer needed. We also liken death to the snake that sheds its skin. The old skin has served its purpose and is no longer needed so off it goes. The snake lives on in the new skin, just as our soul, the essence of who we are lives on without need of our old skin, the physical body.
Realizing that our loved one has shed the physical body but the essence of who they are lives on could mean accepting the signs taking place around us and being aware of their presence rather than ignoring what is happening. With the interest in ghost research peaking again, people are more aware of the little things around them taking place.
Is it that the veil has thinned or the fact that folks have a deeper awareness of things that are happening that they never noticed before? I think it is the latter and not the former. The veil is not thinner, but our awareness and acceptance is at its highest in decades. When Dave and I set up there was only one or two other web sites on the Internet, today there are hundreds. There are several thousand visitors a day to our web site during the slow times and between three and four thousand visitors a day on normal days. More people are becoming aware of ghosts, thanks to the Internet.
As we leave this dimension of existence, we move on to another realm at a higher vibrational rate where a physical body is no longer required. The transition from this physical life has been described as a beautiful, mystical journey into a freedom and beauty we have not experienced in this life. Rarely is it described otherwise.
Death is a release from suffering on this physical plane. We tend to make every effort to prolong life, even when people are near death. If we can keep someone alive and close to us for another few days or weeks, we feel we are serving them well and WE feel better, though the suffering continues for those being kept alive. We just fear letting them go into the unknown and yet by the time death is near and eminent, they already know far more than we do and they are ready to make the transition.
Research into ghosts and the spirit realm gives us new insights into life after life. For some, ghost research goes against the grain of their religious beliefs, almost like a red flag waved in front of a bull. Not only do these people run from others involved in research, while running they shout condemnation and continue to live in fear of death and the unknown. Hiding behind our fears teaches us nothing in this life because to learn anything we have to want to know more and reach out, sometimes beyond what is considered to be acceptable by society at large.
Cancer can be a deadly disease and before research and study was conducted to discover what it was and how to treat it, to have cancer was a signed death warrant. Through knowledge came answers and understanding. That understanding brought hope for a continuation of life, not the dread of a certain death. In studying death and the continuation of life on a higher energy level we can come to an understanding and an acceptance of what will ultimately come to each and every one of us.
In researching and gathering essential data like EVP and ghost photography, we know there is a continuation of life in another form and place. It is an invisible energy that surrounds us and something we can put a name on with the information we gather. We capture voices of the “ancient ones” and voices of the recently deceased, which indicates a pattern. Not only are the spirits of those who have gone before us around us, they are closer than we realize. Most of the messages received are those of happiness from the dearly departed. Not only are the spirits of our loved ones free and happy, they want us to be happy in our lives too. They want us to know about the other side of this life, otherwise they would not bother to try to communicate to us.
We can look at death as an ending or a beginning but it is only by our understanding that we finally stop running in denial of it. The IGHS is an organization in search of truth, to gain information about life after life to eliminate fear of the unknown and to understand there is more to life than what we see and sense in the physical world around us.

Happy Haunting!
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