Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, July 3, 2005 Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 09:25:40 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
July 03, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We hope all Americans are having great Fourth of July in memory of the Independence Day our country is celebrating. Our UK IGHS members might remember that day as the day their wayward colonial misfits rebelled from them. The IGHS does not involved itself with political or religious boundaries, we just see people who share a common goal of understanding life after death. We take a larger view, we are all citizens of this planet, and we are all going to cross over to the other side one day, so all of us have the same concerns and worries about life after death. Our individual religious faiths often are not sufficient to explain what lies beyond the grave and why ghosts are so prevalent. The IGHS teaches that ghosts are the evidence of life after death.
David John Oates, who is the founder of Reverse Speech, has written the Forward to one of our books coming out later this year. We have been on his Australian radio program and have been using his Reverse Speech techniques for EVP voices since 1997. His contribution to ghost research lies in his discovery of Reverse Speech. He has over 7,000 examples of Reverse Speech on his web site. While he is not a ghost researcher, his discoveries have enabled us to understand better the EVP we record.
We were surfing on the Jeff Rense web page and we were shocked to learn that his daughter, Symone, fell 70 feet from the top story of a shopping center. She is in critical condition with severe brain injury. We ask everyone to send positive energies for her recovery. She needs all of the healing love and prayers that each of you can contribute on her behalf. Visualize her running and laughing, not lying in a hospital bed. Visualize her happy and well as she goes window-shopping for a new dress. The language of prayer says that we must have emotions attached to the words we speak.
David lost his only son in a drowning accident several years ago and now his daughter, Symone, is fighting for her life. David is facing some emotional challenges with his daughter in critical condition and our prayers and positive energy will help him and his daughter, Symone. Take a minute and send him an email letting him know that you are thinking of his daughter, Symone. He has set up a special email address is and you can also visit the special web site he set up to keep people posted on his daughter’s progress at Let him know that you are an IGHS member who cares. He needs the positive encouragement during this difficult time.
The weather is warm and sunny, but the wildfires from Arizona and Utah are bleeding over into this area and filling the sky with a hazy condition. However, the sunsets are fantastic the smoke in the atmosphere is turning the sunsets into magnificent displays of intense oranges and reds. Even here on the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation several wildfires have broken out, one was along the main highway apparently started by a careless smoker who tossed a burning cigarette out the window. Two other wildfires were burning the other day that we could see from our RV Park, but the fire department got them quickly put out.
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We received a story for our Ghosts of Gettysburg book, but we have lost the name of the person who submitted the story to us. The story is about East Calvary Field and starts out with the following: “The night was dark as there was only a sliver of a moon. The small group of ghost hunters walked through the tall grass as silently as possible. Suddenly, before them they saw a mist, it grew in size and glowed in the darkness, the vanished before their very eyes. Those present felt their hearts pounding deep within their chests and gasped for air as their fright tensed the muscles in their bodies. It had come suddenly and unexpectedly out of nowhere and now they tell others of the evil they had felt, standing in the field of darkness.” If this is your story, write to us right away, as we need to send you a Release Form required by our Publisher.
We are actively now seeking additional stories regarding the Gettysburg Battlefield. If you have an experience, write it up and send it to us for inclusion in our book. Also, send your mailing address so we can send you release forms required by our publisher. If you have some good ghost photos, we would accept them. Please tell where you captured these anomalies. You can send the photos in high resolution as we have broadband Satellite access and the size of the file is not a problem.
I would like to share one experience that taught me a good lesson about judging cemeteries. We took a drive east from Cortez and searched out some old cemeteries in Mancos, Colorado. The first cemetery had nice looking tombstones, some dating back to the early 1800s, the grass was cut short, and flowers were in bloom. We found the older portion and did EVP recordings and when we were finished, I wanted to find the second cemetery I had found on a map. We drove south on the road, past a few houses and a barn with a Peacock sitting on the rafters with a five foot tail. About half a mile beyond was the entrance to the Webber Cemetery.
We opened the gate and drove into the old cemetery. The cemetery looked abandoned for many years, as the tall grass was brown around the monument that told about the naming of Webber Cemetery. We drove a little farther, crossing a small canal and found the old cemetery that was fenced with a wire gate. We stayed in the car and recorded a couple of tracks. The cemetery was small with only four or five flat headstones visible. I did not want to spend much time here as it lacked the romance of a truly old cemetery that had tall tombstones.
However, much to my amazement, when I played back the EVP recordings, we got nothing at the well-kept cemetery and when I played the recordings from the abandoned cemetery, the first part of the recording as when you hit the play button, a voice said, “Is Victor okay?” This was the only EVP voice we got from the two cemeteries. Now I wished that I had taken more time at the abandoned cemetery. Yes, it was hot, in the 90s, but that does not influence the spirits of the dead. I should not have been thinking of “snakes in the grass,” but rather what some of the spirits might have had to say to us. Somehow the saying, “never judge a book by its cover” took on a deeper meaning when it comes to investigations.

Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
What do you call someone who believes so deeply in the work he is doing, he continues pursuing his goals regardless of the difficulties along the way? Someone working at things outside of the box, non-traditional ideas that go against the grain of what people see as normal. Someone who has discovered something so special, whose methods bring us closer to truth and farther away from lies and deceit while taking a beating for standing strong for what he believes to be real. It takes strength, fortitude and determination to work in areas of unexplored territory, knowing what he has discovered upsets some people, even those in positions of power. Power enough to create or destroy whatever might get in their way. What do we call someone such as this who pioneered the field of Reverse Speech and has revealed information for the world to share at will? His name is David John Oates and we call him, Friend.
I heard David Oates many years ago on a popular radio program, discussing his process of reversing speech, playing examples of how our subconscious mind may be saying one thing while our lips are saying something very different. It was amazing to listen to this man talking about a process of discovering truth among all the many lies the public was being told. He tested Reverse Speech on everyone around him, anyone he could find to record and proved his point on the radio program I listened to. When Dave and I started doing EVP in our ghost research, we contacted David Oates as his reversal of speech worked very well with recording human voices of the dead. I think we shocked him with what we revealed, as he never expected to hear from ghost researchers or what we were doing with Reverse Speech.
Since that time, we have spoken with David Oates on many occasions and stayed in touch through the years. He has graciously had us on his radio program in Australia, which we have enjoyed doing very much. David Oates is a very real, sincere man who is exploring the unknown in his ways, just as we explore the unknown in our ways. Somehow, the two have come together and work well, enlightening ghost researchers who are actively recording voices of the dead.
David Oates has suffered at the hands of those who want to see his research stop, just as we have, by those who would step in and teach whatever it takes to make a buck or drive us away from the work we are doing. I think that happens in any field that draws attention or makes sense to people interested in learning more than what they have been taught through the years. Dave and I have been more fortunate though as the truth is, David Oates has had three of his homes burned down by unseen hands to destroy his work and further pursuit of it. I heard about the trouble he has had and felt one thing, that being that if he weren't on the right track with some valid theories and evidence, he would not be a threat to anyone. In fact, no one would even pay attention, now would they, let alone take action.
We were shocked when we learned about David Oates daughter, Symone, having a terrible accident and her injuries are severe. I think back on the article I wrote last week about parents losing a child and how millions across the country feel such sorrow not having even known the child. Our hearts ache for David and his family at this most difficult time.
After falling seventy feet in a Mall, Symone has serious head injuries and probable brain damage. We know that when we pray, send positive healing energy, healing light and love, light candles and say prayers in our own ways collectively, the Universal Consciousness responds in positive, healing ways. Dave and I witnessed the miraculous healing of his Mother last year and today, she continues to gain back her strength and get her life back the way it was before her accident. She truly believes that because of people praying for her recovery, she is still with us today and we both believe that to be true too.
What ever your faith or belief, we are asking those who read the newsletter to pray for David Oates daughter, Symone, for her complete recovery. We also know how difficult it is for families when tragedy strikes and threatens the life of one of their precious own so we ask that you pray for strength for this family during this difficult time. Miracles happen and just as Dave’s Mother recovered from her tragic accident, we know in our hearts that Symone can recover from what has happened to her.
There are so many tragic things happening in our world right now that we have absolutely no control over but it makes the world a pretty scary place at times. The hardship and heartache is everywhere, striking when we least expect it. But we do have the power within us, collectively to send healing to a young girl who has her whole life ahead of her. Miracles happen when people put their heads together for a common purpose.
Take a moment to go up to the Jeff Rense website and read the article about Symone, for the whole story of what happened. Look at the lovely face of Symone and envision that face full of life, happy, healed, and strong. While you are on your computers, take a moment to send an email to David Oates. I can only tell you from experience that when tragedy hits close to home, it feels like one huge, lonely world, even when there are people all around you. I know reaching out to support David Oates will help him tremendously and it helps us too, just to know there is something we can do.
Bless you all and have a safe and happy Fourth of July.
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