Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, July 17, 2004 Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 16:19:34 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
July 17, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We went off-line this past Friday when a strong wind gust budged the alignment of our Satellite dish and when we went to realign the dish, a defective bolt gave way and our dish could no longer hold the elevation required for the satellite we use for the Internet. A quick call to our installer has a replacement bolt Expressed mailed to us that arrived on Monday.
However, as luck would have it, the replacement bolt was defective and broke when I installed it. I put on my thinking cap and suddenly like a thunderbolt from heaven struck me and I had an idea. I drove into Cortez, stopped at the True Value hardware store, and found a substitute bolt with an eye on one end, exactly what I needed. I rushed back, installed it, and got back on line, only to download almost 700 messages. Now we are back on-line again. We normally send out the Newsletter on Sunday, but due to the problem with our Satellite dish, we had to delay until we could make the repairs.
Sharon and I ventured over to the Hovenweep National Monument located on Cajon Mesa that is located in the State of Utah. This is one of the most desolate National Parks that we have ever visited. There are miles and miles of nothing in between miles of miles of nothing. From the Indian village of Towaoc where we are staying, the travel distance is about 65 miles, but so much of the travel is at 35 to 40 mph that it takes about an hour and half drive time. The final stretch of land is so barren that it is a waterless, lifeless stretch of desert.
Paleoindians walked across this land some 11,000 years ago as they hunted mammoths and large bison. In about AD 400, the Puebloans farmers arrived in the valley. They were the ancestors of the modern Hopi and the modern Zuni of the Little Colorado River basin and Puebloans communities of the Rio Grande basin east of the San Juan. The desert lands filled with sage were once fertile fields where crops such as corn and squash grew.
According to Joe S. Sando, Pueblo Indian scholar from Jemez Pueblo, “The systematic raising of corn led to the shaping of Pueblo religion, with rituals and prayers for rain and other conditions favorable to crops. The need to know the proper time for planting, cultivating, and harvesting led to developments in astronomical observation. They studied the behavior of the sun, the moon, clouds, the wind, and the vernal equinox.”
The Hovenweep pueblo style dwellings evolved some 1200 years ago ranging from round, square, and D-shaped towers at the head of canyons. The Hovenweep region is unlike the Aztec and Chaco Canyon where huge multi family dwellings were common. In those areas, five story buildings were common, but in Hovenweep, the buildings are single or extended family dwellings with no huge multi-hundred room pueblos. Hovenweep was a rural farming community with spread out ruins, as farms are today in the Midwest, unlike the city villages of Chaco Canyon.
Except for Little Ruin Canyon near the Visitor Center where some 500 families lived, the outer ruins of Cajon, Holly, Hackberry, and Cutthroat lie outside the Little Ruin Canyon. These outer ruins are reached by mud/rutted/wagon trails suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles, not for the low clearance of our Honda.

We stopped off at the Visitor Center and purchased some Native American flute music CDs and a small book on Hovenweep. We talked to the ranger about how to find the other outer ruins and he told us to look for a small sign with a Petroglyph symbol of a bird. Sure enough, driving four miles north of the Visitor Center we hit dirt roads again and saw the little white bird symbol on a small sign pointing down a rutted dirt road.

We traveled some two miles at ten miles per hour when we could speed along, else crawl at a snail pace as we crossed bedrock formations where I had to angle back and forth to prevent the Honda becoming high centered on the elevated bedrock. We finally reached the parking area, but the name does not do justice to the place so designated. It was like parking on a washboard composed of elevated bedrock, I was sure we were going to scrape the bottom of the oil pan at any time.
Once I found a semi-level area, I parked and unpacked the camcorder and EVP recorders. Naturally, it was during the heat of the day, with temperatures hitting 100 degrees in the shade, but we had no shade so the temperatures exceeded 130 degrees.
Our faithful companion, BooBoo, was chomping at the bit to get on with the investigation. So, we started off for the Holly unit ruins with BooBoo in the lead. She stopped at the edge of the “parking lot” and marked the trail so we could find it again should we get lost. Walking on the dirt and on the flat outcropping was a real experience. My shoes felt like the soles were melting as if I was walking across red-hot coals during a Hawaiian Fire Walk.
Sharon followed up at the rear of our team, loaded for bear with her camera, EVP recorder, and her photo binoculars. The trails to the ruins, etched out of existing rocks with make shift steps on slanted, slippery shale, led down into a small gully and up to the other side. It was here that the amazing Holly ruins stood out in all of its majestic glory. The most remarkable sight was ruins constructed on a large boulder. The base of the foundation of the ruins fit flush against the rock surface, much like the ancient temples we see on the Discovery channel where a knife blade cannot enter the cracks due to the perfect alignment of the stones.
I mentioned it was hot, our faithful companion is no dummy, ever chance she got she would sit in the shade of one of the small pinion trees. She was no stranger to the shady spots found along that trail. The Holly unit was inhabited some 800 years ago. If the gully had a free flowing stream that provided fresh water then I could see why the Native Americans chose this site. However, it was still a great distance to other villages and to their fields.
Perhaps these outer ruins were the homes of people who liked to be by themselves. Today we have people who prefer to live in the country rather than dwell in the overpopulated cities. Communities like Chaco Canyon, Aztec Ruins, and Mesa Verdi would compare to Los Angles, Chicago and New York City compared to the smaller rural farming communities of today. The Hovenweep Puebloans enjoyed the benefits of rural living, low crime rate, and were close to their crops.
Modern man does not comprehend how the simple life style had its benefits. We think in terms of the Internet, cell phones, ipods, and other gadgets that we believe simplifies our lives today. All I can say is that you need to be here to appreciate the lifestyle of these early Americans. They lived a life without worry about generating income, paying mortgages and lease payments, keeping up with the Jones, nor whether government was going to condemn their property so another business could possess their land. Yes, their life was hard and cruel at times, but so is life in the twenty-first century.
It was really hot as I video taped the various ruins to include in the DVD Video we are producing. I walked the trail to the final and largest structure standing in the Holly unit. I remember setting up the tripod and stepping off the trail near the small cliff so I could angle the camcorder and get a better view of the ruins. BooBoo was on a leash that I held as I set up the Camcorder. She started to wonder around and I did not see her walk through the legs of the tripod. I started to record when suddenly I saw the camcorder start to lean and then fall to the left as BooBoo headed toward Sharon who had come up the trail.
I caught the camcorder and then quickly explained to BooBoo the physics of gravity and how it relates to the leash and tripod legs and perhaps a few undeserved four letters exclamatory terms.
Unlike the film, Field of Dreams, where they said, “If you build it, they will come,” I should have told BooBoo, “Yank it and it will fall, but somehow I didn't think my witty remarks would mean much to BooBoo when she spied Sharon and was on her way to her.
After untangling the leash from the tripod legs, Sharon volunteered to hold the leash while I finished filming the ruins. After Sharon and BooBoo walked off, I continued filming my objective, only to hear Sharon call out to say, “I am out of memory in my camera!” I had forgotten to load up on memory sticks for the Sony digital camera Sharon was using before leaving the parking lot.
So much for more photos at the Holly unit, as it was too hot to walk back to the Honda and hike back to the ruins. I am talking about walking in 130 plus degrees of angry heat, no wind to drop the heat index. My feet were already on fire as we hiked back to the car. In my heart, I had the desire to return, but compared to sitting in the car with the air conditioner turned on and blowing cold air into my face, I admit, I let my feet overrule my heart in this case.
After refreshing ourselves with cold water, air conditioning, and shade, we headed back to the Visitor Center to explore the Little Ruin Canyon, but by the time we got there, our reserve energy supply was on empty, the sun had taken its toll on us and we did not feel like walking the two-mile loop.
Sharon shared with me some strange experiences she had at the Holly unit. She said it felt like someone or something was following her. She had the distinct feelings someone was behind her several times, but not even a bird or ground dog was visible.
I mention the above because the site where Sharon was taking photographs and where she felt that someone was behind her, she captured EVP with her digital recorder. These was some of the loudest voices I have heard, they compare to the voice we picked up in Columbus, Nevada of an old prospector saying, “Deep, deep shaft.” 
Only this EVP recording was in a language I have never heard before. The voice was of a woman who sounds like she had to be standing right behind Sharon when she spoke. I cannot express the feelings of listening to the voice of a ghost who died between 800 and 1,000 years ago and sounded like she was in the prime of her life. Chills ran up my spine as I could visualize an Anasazi woman standing behind Sharon either warning her or cautioning her about something. The voice was that clear and distinct.  The voice almost has a singsong rhythm that was beautiful to hear.
I also found two other weaker ghost voices following the single strong voice of the woman. Sharon recorded her voice within ˝ second of starting the EVP and the entire three voices occurred within the first twenty seconds of recording.
We will be playing these voices on our next Jeff Rense program on August 5th. We may be the first ghost researchers to bring back ghost voices from the Hovenweep. We have post these photos from our Hovenweep visit in our Travel section at Check back after tonight to view them.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
It has been an exciting week and the release of the new Harry Potter book has once again, stirred the public in controversy. People have flocked to the bookstores to get their copies of J.K.Rowlings latest in the series and the sales are phenomenal.
I hear the biddies calling talk radio, stumbling over their words, trying to quote scripture from the Bible about witches and magic complaining about the terrible influence these books have on the children of this nation. It is a war between dark and light and that is all they see. No, they have not read the books, but they judge the content because of what they deem to the subject matter to be. What a crock and if it wasn't so disgusting, it would be laughable. One woman called complaining that the stories are dark and evil, filled with magic and witchcraft, drawing kids who love reading these books into the catacombs of black magic and devil worship. These moaners have not read the series of books and have lost touch with what it means to be a child and using imagination and reading for enjoyment.
The people complaining about the Harry Potter books are the same ones who wanted Bambi taken off library shelves along with classics like Snow White and Dumbo. I do not know a single person whose thinking was twisted or ended up practicing the dark arts because of ‘Bipity, bopity, Boo!” If reading or watching fantasy is destructive, maybe it has turned that way due to the opinions expressed by those planting those ideas in the minds of our kids. To those folks, they declare that all ghosts are demons and anyone interested in ghost hunting is a devil worshiper. Things are seen totally black or totally white in a world that is filled with beautiful with at least 256 shades of gray as well.
Among those shades of gray are imaginations, dreams, and fun. The new things we experience in this life that fill our lives to the fullest, unexpected, and unstructured like the cement of black and white experiences. Creativity stems from expanding our imaginations, writing, art, and all the things created by individuals come from freethinking and the love of creating. Life is filled with good and bad yet there are those who would shelter young people from what they deem as bad, those same young people grow up in a real world they are not prepared to face. Would you prefer to see your children reading and enjoying a book written to entertain or have them watching an evening news channel? Or may you feel having a young child watch the torture and violence in The Passion of the Christ is healthier than reading books about a small boy discovering he has special talents as he grows up.
If people look for evil and negative, they will find it wherever they look, regardless of whether it is a book, a song or a movie. In this day and age, negativity abounds and something needs to break the cycle of doom and gloom around us all. We have read the books, watched the videos, and highly recommend the series. Rather than always looking for the negative, maybe the complainers should take some time to see the positive in each story. Why these old women did not complain about the brutality and sadistic film known as Passion of the Christ, or why so many parents dragged their impressionable children to see this disgusting torture film is beyond me.
It is interesting to note that while listening to talk radio last night, calls started to come in from the younger generation of readers. The young people were far more sensible and rational about the Harry Potter books than the stiff lipped, straight-laced old folks voicing their complaints on something they know little about. They are not complaining about other programs and movies out there right now that approach the subjects of magic and fantasy, such as Lord of the Ring series, their only target is Harry Potter. Get a grip, people, Harry Potter is not the Anti-Christ! Now a new topic.
When visiting Hovenweep recently, I had the most remarkable experience. The day was extremely hot so our chances of walking the four-mile path or hiking any distance diminished quickly. We drove out to one are, the Holly ruins and took pictures, also recording EVP. It was not too long of a walk so we felt okay taking BooBoo along.
From the moment I got out of the car, I had a strange sensation we were not alone, even though we were miles from anyone. Ours was the only car parked outside the ruins and aside from a few birds, there were no other sounds. It was ideal for recording EVP.
We stopped at the first ruin and as Dave set up his video camera, I took a series of still photos. I found myself looking behind me several times, as it felt like someone was behind us. As Dave picked up the tripod and video camera to move down the path, I mentioned to him that we were not alone. It was a statement made without question. Even saying that felt a bit awkward because neither one of us could see anyone near us.
Dave and BooBoo, who had found some shade, had moved on down the path leaving me behind. I started after them and caught up, turning on my recorder and laying it on a nearby rock. I proceeded to take a few more photos. Dave finished filming and he and BooBoo moved farther along the path out of sight.
I stood alone looking at the deep canyon below the ruins, feeling the strong sensation of someone close to me. The recorder ran a bit longer than normal due to the feelings I was having during that time. When I was ready, I moved closer to where Dave was standing, filming the ruins of a culture that lived in the structures, we were viewing from 800 years ago.
We finished recording, filming, and trudged back to the car. I had always wanted to visit Hovenweep but today regret doing so in the summer. Because of the heat and the sixty plus mile drive back to the RV, we departed the Holly ruins and headed back to Tawaoc. I will never forget our first visit to Hovenweep, or the strong feelings that we were not alone.
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