Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, July 24, 2005 Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 10:22:48 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
July 24, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Daveís Notes:
We would invite you to send some healing energy to 19-year-old Charles Kirch who was involved in a terrible bicycle accident on July 12, 2005. He is in a coma in Santa Clara County Hospital in their Intensive Care Unit. He has suffered a severe trauma to his brain. The Doctors are only giving him a 45% chance of waking up. He needs our prayers, mediation, and all the positive healing energy we can direct to him. Do not visualize him in the hospital with tubes connected to him.
Visualize him riding his bicycle with the wind rushing through his hair. Visualize him as laughing and playing basketball with his friends. This creates a different outcome, a feeling of life that you accept as reality. You must feel his aliveness, see him running and climbing and having fun, as a young man ought to have.
By focusing on life, not on death, your prayers now take on power and life. You now envision life and health for the young man, not laying in a coma in a hospital bed. The language of prayer is the key to life itself. It does not matter to what God you pray, but the important part is that you pray with intense feelings, thoughts, and emotions that merge as one in the feeling.
It is hot in this part of the Southwest; we have had several days of triple digit heat with very little wind. It really makes one think about how hard it was on the Native Americans who lived and worked a thousand years ago without the aid of air conditioning or swamp coolers.
The summer is a great time to complete home study courses; the weather is either too hot or too rainy to do many investigations. However, it is the perfect time to complete the certification courses offered by the International Ghost Hunters Society. Since 1998, we have been offering our home study courses. No other group or institution has this kind of record of accomplishment.
Our home study courses are not the basic Ghost Hunting 101 that comes from a $9.95 book, but from our combined 30 years of experience and as the only full time ghost researchers today. We have no day jobs; we eat, drink, and sleep as ghost researchers. We certify more ghost researchers through the IGHS than any other ghost group. Check out our courses at
I would like to share some thoughts on a theory that many ghost hunters accept as being valid and originating from the early part of last century. This erroneous theory is residual hauntings or hauntings in time. This theory says that energy imprints into the surrounding environment from an intense emotional event and this constitutes the residual haunting or it is a fragmented ghost caught in a time loop repeating his or her acts over and over in an endless loop.
Let us start out with talking about ghosts. Ghosts are departed souls who have lived and died on this earth, but for some reason they elect or become anchored to this earth plane after death. Based on our research and from our field investigations, the intelligence, personalities, and the emotions experienced in this mortal life, survives the death process. This collective energy combination represents our souls; we know that we cannot destroy energy, but that it is transformed into another energy configuration. This energy is detectable with EMF meters, a compass, or other instruments that detect the electromagnetic or magnetic fields.
Since we can measure the physical energy emitted by these entities, we know that ghosts are not figments of our imaginations as some skeptics suggest. The presence of ghost will disrupt the electromagnetic fields, recording devices capture their voices, and the ambient temperature decreases by their presence.
The traditional ghost hunting community teaches that this soul, which we call a ghost, is a disembodied fragmented spirit lacking human qualities. This disembodied soul is a fragment of the soul trapped in a sequence of identical events repeated over and over much like a looped tape. Most of the knowledge within the traditional ghost community comes from writings and books published in the late 1800s or during the early years of the last century.
Ghost hunters often rely upon previous writings for their understanding without attempting to prove or disprove the basis for that knowledge. This accounts for the mistaken belief that suggests that ghosts are fragmented souls and that portions of the soul are trapped here while the other parts are elsewhere.
We have made discoveries and gained insights suggesting that the disembodied spirit is not an "it," but is a transformed or evolved life form that for reasons unknown to the vast majority of the population, has chosen to remain behind on this earth plane as a ghost or is anchored here due to unresolved issues or unfinished business. 
The soul remaining on the earth plane may have unfinished business, unresolved issues, but the soul is not fragmented. The soul may be confused, lost, or it may simply feel comfortable remaining in this earth plane. Many reasons account for souls remaining here beyond those previously stated. We know of cases where a spirit remains here to watch over family members, or they return at will to be near loved ones.
Researchers proposed the theory of residual haunting as the acceptable explanation for any haunting that reoccurred on a regular basis, such as the favorite tale of ghosts dragging chains in English castles at midnight. Even if the reoccurring events took different forms and had different content than former visitations, the traditional ghost researchers grouped those events as constituting a residual haunting.
Today many traditional ghost hunters accept the theory of residual haunting because there has been no other theory proposed that explains routine hauntings whether their repeated actions exactly duplicate prior actions or whether their actions are random but occur on a timely basis. This notion probably originated with the Church views that souls fragment at death if they are still earth bound instead of in their ecclesiastical abode.
The Church does not accept that the soul can remain in this earth plane without existing in a cursed and fragmented state. The Navajo believe that when a Navajo dies, all that is evil and negative remains behind as a ghost. Their worldview of ghosts seems to parallel the Church teachings, which are not based on facts, but rather this idea has evolved as a tradition and traditions are as important to the Church as doctrinal tenets.
This notion that energy is fragmented and imprinted in the surrounding area is not consistent with the research we have done and the thousands of field investigations we conducted across America. In none of the field investigations has residual haunting explained the paranormal episode we encountered. We discovered the fragmented soul concept to be completely fallacious as it misleads researchers into trying to put a square plug into a round hole, it simply does not fit!
This archaic belief belongs in the realm of folklore and myths. Science is mutable and changeable. If a hypothesis that explains an understanding proves to be inaccurate, science will reject it and accept the new explanation that becomes the working theory. However, the Church is not able to reject tradition; the fragmented soul concept continues to influence our society today much similar to the way ghosts frighten the traditional Navajo.
If we remove religion from this equation, we can clearly demonstrate that ghosts are not fragmented souls, but souls with intelligence, emotions, and personalities held over from their former physical lives. The only difference between a ghost and the living is that one has a physical body the other has a spiritual body. Western man functions around the concept of a linear time line where our lives are space-time events on this linear time line that stretches from our past to our future. We travel along this time line until we pass beyond the grave.
Each event on our life is marked on this time line. This marker or pointer delineates some important event that was significant enough to influence the balance of our travels along that time line. We represent each event in our life as a series of space-time events or pointers along this time line.
These space-time events can be positive or negative depending on the experience. The positive events in our lives act as paving on our time line allowing us to travel smoothly down the time line. However, negative space-time events become potholes on our road and it is these potholes that cause a spirit to become stuck at those particular space-time events when death occurs.
When we cross over to the other side, we have a life review that we can represent as travel along our time line. We travel along our smooth paved time line until suddenly we hit a pothole. We cannot advance until we smooth out that pothole. We become stuck at that pothole until we can remove it from the time line. In battle, the pothole relates to our emotional energies at the time of death. The life review can flash by in milliseconds, but the results are the same. We cannot continue onward until we repair the potholes from the past. We are linked to our past even in death. Now is the time to repair the potholes found on our road of life, now is the time to repair damage and release our negative emotions, such as resentment, bitterness, anger, or hate. These negative attributes do affect our future, both now and in the life to come. Food for thought.
Happy trails.

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