Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, July 31, 2005 Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 08:22:34 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
July 31, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
For a while, it was hot, really hot inside the RV with temperatures hitting 100 degrees inside. The AC repairman never arrived to fix the roof mounted AC on our RV as he promised, so we had to resort to good old Yankee ingenuity to solve the problem. We got our RV cooled off again with an AC from Walmart and we are now enjoying the summer temperatures, cool as a cucumber.
EVP ghost voices are real, learn how to record and analyze these voices from beyond the grave. No, White Noise is not the EVP method we recommend. We do recommend the Historical EVP method that we have been using for years. We have over 1,000 ghost voices on our Jeff Rense EVP page. If you need help with EVP, try our EVP Handbook at which is the best way to learn.
Not all orbs are ghosts, but most are dust particles and do float by our camera lens if we are taking photos inside our homes. No home is free of dust, nor taking photos in the backyard means that there are no airborne dust particles floating by the camera lens. Some people believe their homes are free of dust, but hey, let them live in their fantasy world. What do you think we wipe off the TV screen, just the fallen dust orbs or are they the angels some psychics call these dust orbs. Check out our Ghost Photography Handbook at  to discover the secrets of taking ghost photos.
Last week I spoke about the residual energy myth and its lack of validation. This week, I am going to share some ideas about an area of science that is strange and weird. While this concept is new in science, the application of its teachings is not new. The Essenes practiced this model at least five hundred years before the birth of Jesus.
This model, called Dimensional Shifting is about how the science of quantum mechanics can enable you to change the outcome of future events. If I may, let me restate what I wrote in the home study course about this aspect.

I am setting a foundation whereby you can change the present pathway to a pathway with the outcome you are seeking. Do not think about how this can happen, merely feel it will happen as you follow the insights given below. I am teaching a motif that allows a person to break out of a rut that they no longer wish. Many people find themselves on a road that they we no longer want to travel, so what can they do about it?

The model for Dimensional Shifting has not evolved from the Christian era, but five hundred years before the birth of Jesus. This model known by many names, including the Language of Prayer was practiced at a remote desert Essene community of Qumran, along the Dead Sea whose residents lived close to nature. The Essene Masters taught many principles later adopted by Christianity, but they originated from the ancient Hebrew Bible used by the Essenes called the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are important, as they are the oldest text of the Hebrew Bible, which predates the pre-Christian era by five hundred years. Their language has not changed in two thousand years so the text language is still the Hebrew that is the language of the people. The Dead Sea Scrolls contexts did not suffer the inaccuracies of multiple language translations. Their religious context is validated by Quantum Physics as the portal for Dimensional Shifting.
In order to understand the full impact of Dimensional Shifting, we must first understand some basic Quantum physics principles validated today under laboratory conditions. These principles validate the contextual model presented in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Today’s technology helps us to understand the spiritual meaning found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Quantum theory suggests we will find the existence of many outcomes for a given moment in time. Rather than creating our reality, it may be more accurate to say that we create the conditions into which we attract future outcomes, already established, into the focus of the present. These future outcomes exist in parallel worlds and simply shift into our dimension.

The choices that we make as individuals determine which quantum possibility, we experience in our personal lives. Quantum Physics suggests that by redirecting our focus – where we place our attention – we bring a new course of events into focus while at the same time releasing an existing course of events that no longer serve us.
Most people think about their future in a linear manner. A good example of this kind of linear thinking can be illustrated by the following example. An automatic pistol is fed ammunition from a magazine that fits inside the pistol grip. The magazine feeds shells, one at a time into the pistol barrel. This is linear thinking or a sequence of actions that follows a previous action. A round is fed into the chamber, the trigger is pulled, and the shell discharges the bullet through the barrel. The slide mechanism automatically ejects the spent shell and feeds another round into the chamber.
Instead of thinking in this kind of linear manner, imagine instead of an automatic pistol, you hold a revolver in your hands. The cylinder allows the insertion of shells and the cylinder rotates around the gun barrel. You can decide which cylinder slot to align with the gun barrel for discharge of said bullet. Dimensional Shifts are like a revolver that allows us to choose the bullet in the cylinder slot that will align with the gun barrel. Unlike the automatic pistol, the revolver allows the choice of which bullet will be discharged.

The membrane between future possibilities may be so thin that we fail to recognize it when we cross into a new outcome. We may feel that the choice has been spontaneous or natural; the change now allows us to experience a possibility that was only a dream in the past. The skeptic will not see the new outcome because their minds refuses to accept the possibility of dimensional shifts, but those who can see the new outcome in their minds eye will experience this dimensional shift from one reality to another reality.

Prayer or the focus of attention is the language that allows us to express our dreams, making them real in our lives. Dimensional Shifting is not magic or religion, but explained through Quantum Physics and predicted nearly eighty years ago. Quantum Physics implies the existence of many outcomes for a given event.
The existence of multiple outcomes implies that each possibility exists and is currently available to our world. We do not know how this embryonic mix of our physical dimension and the parallel dimensions interface, but we know that each parallel world outcome waits to be called into the focus of our awareness. As our outcome gives way to another, for a brief moment the two must occupy the same space at the same time. Einstein predicted that two moments could and do exist in the same time and space. Einstein’s’ construct was validated in the lab eighty years later.

The Essene text suggests that the effect of prayer comes from something OTHER than the words of the prayers themselves. The secret of prayer lies beyond the words of praise, the incantations, and the rhythmic chants to the “powers that be.” The Essenes invite us to LIVE the intent of our prayer in our lives. The power of prayer is found in a force that cannot be spoken or transmitted as the written word – the FEELING that the prayer’s words evoke within us.

It is the FEELING of our prayers that opens the door and illuminates our paths to the forces of the seen and unseen. To change the condition of our outer world, we must actually become the condition of our desire from within. The Essene elders taught that we have three conditions to have a power prayer. We must merge our thoughts and our emotions as one to create the feelings we need to become the silent language of change.

A simple equation would be Feeling =Thoughts x Emotions. We must have the product of our thoughts and our emotions to create the feeling that is necessary to obtain a new outcome. The revolver will only spin if our thoughts and emotions merge to become the feelings necessary to activate the dimensional shift.

Simply speaking prayer words have no power or effect. This is why so many prayers fail to materialize. Often we offer up negative prayers, such as “please spare my son’s life” or “please heal the cancer in my daughter’s body.” These are prayers that focus our attention on what we do not want. We envision our son laying in a hospital bed struggling for life or we see the tumor eating the good cells in our daughter’s body when we pray. These kinds of prayers are doomed to fail. Our vision is concentrated on the death of our loved one and we want divine intervention to prevent it, but this is a negative prayer.

We need to focus on a higher choice that we chose to bring into our lives, and live from that point of prospective. For example, instead of praying for sparing the life of the son, visualize him running in the field, climbing trees, playing baseball, laughing, joking, and having fun. This envisionment creates a different outcome, a feeling of life that you accept as reality. You must feel his aliveness, see him running and climbing and having fun, as a boy ought to have.
You focus on life, not on death and thus your prayers now take on power and life. You now envision life and health for the son, not laying ill in a hospital bed. The language of prayer is the key to life itself. It does not matter to what God you pray, but the important part is that you pray with intense feelings, your thoughts and emotions, which merge as one in the feeling. This is what Quantum weirdness is all about, the existing of parallel dimensions and the opportunity to execute dimensional shifts at the will of the individual.

The basis for dimensional shifting is not mere words, but in the deeper feelings, we generate within us. We live in a reality where we can change the present outcome to another outcome that is more acceptable. There are no good or bad outcomes, only outcomes. Do not judge them, accept them, and learn from the lessons therein. Discover the reality of Dimensional Shifting.
Happy trails.

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