Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, August 7, 2005 Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 09:06:55 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
August 7, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We find the Four Corner region very favorable for writing. Some places in our travels are almost dead zones where our creativity seems stymied. Yet in other areas, we can feel the creative juices flowing, such as here on the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation. The people are friendly, the landscapes are breathtaking, and now that the triple digit temperatures have lost out to the mid eighties, the weather is encouraging for more outdoor investigations. This area is like a writer’s retreat, a place where one can reflect and recharge spiritual batteries.
Check out our new ghost photos posted this past week. We post new ghost photos almost daily so take some time and view the new ones, included the hooded figures captured in Bend, Oregon by an early morning paper route gal. She stopped to take some photos of the raising full moon and captured multiple hooded figures.  Drop by our EVP page from the Jeff Rense radio show and listen to the new EVP voices, including the Anasazi woman speaking to Sharon from ruins dating back to AD 1200.
Do not bookmark unless you refresh the page each time you visit the site, as you will be missing all of the updates posted on the site. The same goes for any of the web pages on our domain. We update almost daily and bookmarked pages still retain the old info. Recently we got an order from a bookmarked page that was over eight month old; the old expired address of delayed the order, as PayPal did not notify us of said order. We finally got the order, but it took longer since it went to an outdated email address. If that person had refreshed the page, they would have discovered we are no longer with AOL , but with Satellite access through DirecWay.Com since January.
EVP ghost voices are real, learn how to record and analyze these voices from beyond the grave. No, White Noise is not the EVP method we recommend. We do recommend the Historical EVP method that we have been using for years. We have over 1,000 ghost voices on our Jeff Rense EVP page. If you need help with EVP, try our EVP Handbook at which is the best way to learn.
We now have posted on our Jeff Rense web page the ghost voice of an Anasazi Indian woman speaking to Sharon from the Hovenweep ruins, circa AD 1200. Go to our home page at and click on the photo of Jeff Rense to jump to our web page where we list all of the radio shows we have done for the last three years. Each radio show link has all of the EVP voices we played on that program.
I get many emails from people who are not ghost researchers, but ordinary people who find they may be living in a home that is haunted and want to know more about what to look for or what to expect. One of the first comments is that they want to exorcise their ghost or ghosts, just as they see on television or on films.
Unfortunately, Hollywood portrayals of ghosts are far from accurate and come out of the imaginations of scriptwriters who rely upon myths and folklore for their foundation of knowledge. Their goal is not to instruct or to educate, but to entertain the public. In their quest to entertain the public, they rely upon techniques to scare and thrill the audience.
Scriptwriters depict ghosts as demonic or horribly disfigured, and not as they appear to the living. A good example is if your grandma, who was a good and kind woman in life passes away and she returns to let her family know she is okay, she is still the same loving and caring grandma she was when she was alive, but if this grandma ghost passes through the imagination of a scriptwriter, this kind and loving grandma is transformed into an Old Hag with a long nose with warts. She would be attempting to boil her loved ones in a cauldron bubbling with a foul disgusting brew, and she would be wearing a pointed hat.
Ghosts are people without physical bodies. They do not suddenly become horribly disfigured or demonic simply because their physical bodies lie in a six-foot grave, because their spirits retain their intelligence, their emotions, and their personalities. Imagine what it would be like to transform into a ghost. Close your eyes now, and then open your eyes again, you are now a spirit looking at the mortal world, but you are no longer a part of it. You still think the same way, you still love and dislike the same things as before, but now you are invisible to the living.
We live in a society where we are culturally brainwashed; ghosts harm the living, fragmented souls become ghosts and therefore ghosts are evil and demonic. These myths have no validity, no evidence to support this hypothesis. A few try to attribute this philosophy to the Bible, but any serious student who researches the translation history of the collection of books attributed to the King James version will realize that language changes over time, There is no way that verses can be absolute since the verses are not the original text from which they evolved. Unless you speak Aramaic, you are cannot read the original text of the Bible.
Ghosts exist in a dimension outside of our dimension, overlapping into our dimension during peak geomagnetic fields that in some unexplained manner triggers this overlapping or merging of two distinct dimensions coexisting in the same time and space. We know that ghosts see themselves in the same reality that they lived and died. We know that some events will anchor ghosts to a specific time of their lives, most often a tragedy that ended in their death.
A ghost may haunt a home that it lived in during its mortal life, after crossing beyond the grave, there was no desire to leave that home. In some cases, one or more ghosts choose as a place to dwell based on the emotional energy flow found in the home. Other times, the ghosts were the owners of homes that no longer exist and new homes built upon the land where their home stood in the past.
Typical signs that a home is haunted are as follows:
Footsteps heard going up and down the stairs
Someone walking in the room above you
Footsteps heard in the hallway.
Muffled voices
The feeling of being watched
Missing jewelry, keys, glasses, pens. etc.
Hearing your name called
Cold spots
Having the hair on your arms or neck stand up
Feel a cold chill come over you
Seeing balls of light shoot across the room
See shadows pass along the wall
See movement out of the corner of your eyes
Strange voices on your answering machine when no one called
Photo anomalies taken at home (non-dust orbs)
Recording voices on a tape or digital recorder when no one is speaking
Being touched by an unseen entity
The list can go on and on, recent polls suggest that one in three believe in ghosts and perhaps this is because so many homes are haunted, not by demons and other mythological creatures, but by the spirits of those who have lived and died there. When we remove the religious blinders hindering our understanding and discover that Hollywood’s goal is to sell tickets and not to educate the public, we can achieve a greater understanding about the spirits of the dead who may interface with the living.
Western cultures think in a linear manner represented as a straight line with the past on the left and the future on the right. The Eastern cultures and Native Americans believe that we exist as a circle, with no beginning and no end. Black Elk vision of hoops within hoops suggested an interconnectedness of each person within the hoops of life. The only exception to this belief that death and the living are still connected lies within the death beliefs of the Navajo people whose dead represents Hollywood’s view of ghosts. All that was evil in a person’s life is left behind at death and this evil is the ghost that haunts the living.
Ghosts respond to the living by mirroring back the same energy flow directed at them. For example if you are frightened of ghosts and think of them as evil and demonic, the ghosts will respond in kind to you by being evil and demonic. Similarly, if you radiate love and respect toward them, they will respond back with that same respect for you and your family. We fear what we do not understand and we attempt to destroy what we fear. This philosophy is detrimental to a peaceful and enjoyable coexistence with spirits who are alive and well living beyond the portal of death.
Sometimes the living can pick up on the energies radiating from the dead, perhaps a ghost is still grieving or suffering emotional turmoil for an event in its past. We do not create labels for ghosts, such as a level 1 or level 2 haunting. Ghosts are ghosts’ period. We dislike labels in the same way we dislike labels given to the living, such as “he is a poor learner” or “he will never make anything out of his life, his dad was drunk.”
Many years ago, one of my daughters was judged to have a learning disability because she disliked reading books. The teacher wanted to place her in a Special Learning Disability class. We said no, instead we decided to let her home school for a year. We found books that would be of interest to her and let her start reading them at her pace. By the time she returned to regular school, she was a prolific reader, gobbling up books left and right. She outpaced her classmates and was reading at a grade level higher than her class. This was because we avoided labels that only diminish people; it never lifts them up to a higher level.
How we treat ghosts that may be dwelling in our homes will determine the outcome of the relationship in the final analysis. There is no way the living has power over the dead. No exorcism, no blessing, no cleansing, no ritual, no icon, no prayer, no holy water, no holy words will banish ghosts if they are not ready to leave.
There are no soul rescues, no leading ghosts to the light as claimed by psychics for the simple reason the living has no power over the dead. If parents cannot control their children, why do people believe that they can control ghosts? God does not intervene to save the life of innocent children who suffer at the hands of killers, so why would he intervene and remove ghosts that are not threatening the life of anyone?
The answer is clear, God does not intervene though He may give us insights and promptings, but He will not stop a speeding locomotive from running you over if you are standing in the middle of the railroad tracks. We should use each and every experience to gain an understanding about our lives and about the life to come beyond the grave. Ghosts are evidence of life after death, the eternal nature of our souls, instead of attempting to bury them, to banish them or to curse them as fallen from God’s good graces. This hypocritical thinking is negative and destructive, remember the day will come and we will be standing on the other side wondering why everyone is now scared of us and calling us demons and evil.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Thoughts:
The month of August is here and parents are busy getting their children ready to return to school. It seemed like a very short summer going from cool temperatures directly into hot days and warm nights. Fortunately, here in the Four Corners area, we have had some relief from the high 90s to some overcast days that included big, fluffy clouds, wind, and cooling rain.
Walking through the Walmart in Cortez, Colorado the other day, I was amazed to see a big display of orange, gold and red silk flowers and fabric with big orange pumpkins, ghosts, black cats and typical Halloween patterns. Halloween is second only to the Christmas holidays for decorations, gifts, and celebrating. It struck me strangely to see smiling jack ‘o lanterns grinning in the craft department when the days are so summer-hot and we have not turned the corner into the cooler days of Fall yet.
Through the summer months, I have worked up some new necklace styles for Halloween and Fall fashion. We will be posting some new Carnelian and Hematite necklace and earring sets soon so be sure to watch for them. Also, I have found some new sterling silver charms this year that you might be interested in seeing. Little ghosts, cats and little RIP tombstone charms that are real cute and different, plus some surprises we will be posting over the next couple of months. We will also have some new styles posted periodically so watch for them.
Nice Halloween jewelry has been pretty difficult to find unless the beads are plastic and the charms are painted. I strive to find unusual beads and charms with quality and meaning, trying to keep the cost low. With the fluctuation in the silver market, the cost has gone up a little bit from last year, but the jewelry on our site is still unique, the cost is lower than any other on the Web. The gemstones I use are real, no plastic beads and the charms are sterling silver, no paint.
Do not forget the cost of shipping is included in the cost and we try to ship within twenty-four hours of the order.
Take some time to check out the jewelry on our site and keep checking, as we will be adding new pieces all the time. If you are book marking the page, you will miss new updates and additions if you are not refreshing/updating the page each time you access the page.
We enjoyed being on the Jeff Rense program Friday night, and as always we threw him a few curves. It’s not very often anyone can sneak up on Jeff Rense with something totally new, but we do that once in a while, when he least expects it. If you missed hearing the program then you missed hearing BooBoo Speaking. Yes, you read it right, we recorded BooBoo expressing herself and you can make out her commentary in forward and reverse. Dave also posted a picture of BooBoo when she was six weeks old and a photo taken recently. We have a lot of members who love their pets and enjoy their special qualities. If you have not heard BooBoo Speaks, check it out and let us know what you think. I think you will be as amazed as we are at what Boo has to say.
We are presently working on our latest book, Gettysburg Ghosts. Having spent six consecutive years holding Ghost Conferences in Gettysburg we have a lot of wonderful stories and experiences to share. We are also including the real story behind the ghost lights in this book. The ghost lights that have been seen on TV and debunked so dismally by so-called experts. The Gettysburg Ghost Lights are the real deal and there were four people standing on the battlefield together the night that the ghost lights appeared on the video camera. Nothing was visible with the naked eye and no one else was around the area. If you have a story to share, write us and we may even include it in our book.
 It is such a shame that good evidence of life after life can be trashed outside of the paranormal field of research. Why would science have an explanation for something anomalous when it happens spontaneously and cannot be reproduced in a laboratory? That’s like calling in a plumber for an electrical problem. The specialists are the people working hard in the field to document evidence of ghostly activity, not “experts” who sit behind a desk and study some special area in the scientific field. The ghost lights that Dave captured on video tape are valid, regardless of what is presented on a television program that was bought, and paid for.
We are receiving many emails from IGHS Members who are contacted by media for filming in their areas. These members are learning very quickly, what is required for a program to be aired on television, on ghosts. It is not the way real ghost researchers conduct their investigations or the strict standards and protocols they follow. To be honest, not every ghost investigation will result in audible fifes and drums on a battlefield, cackling witches on a dark and stormy night in a Salem cemetery or ghosts showing up in period dress in a haunted house to express their woes or terrorize a camera crew. But that is what sells and it makes good entertainment.
Basically, all of the emails say the same things. Media wants a sensational program, something that will scare the willies out of the audience, real or not. It is sad that most ghost investigations are conducted in a serious manner with few results. It would be lots easier if they could just train the spirits to come when called and video tape exactly what it is they want. Here again, just as we've always said, the living have no power over the dead, unless the dead want to cooperate.
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