Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, August 14, 2005
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 08:41:22 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
August 14, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have been busy the past few days editing the proof for book 2, America’s Hauntings Vol 2: Restless Spirits Across America that will be released in late September or early October of this year. Our book 2 is 356 pages long and filled with stories that brought shivers to my spine, stories that had me laughing, and stories that brought tears to my eyes. So many of the stories in the book I had forgotten about since we are now working on book 5 and book 6 of the series. It was refreshing to proof the galleries from our publisher, The second book of the series if filled with photographs that accompany the stories we relate.
Our ghost books will follow the same style as our first book with the bright full spectrum of colors depicting the Full Spectrum Information Library series of books. Our ghost books will not have spooky book covers so they will not get lost in the crowd with other ghost books, all exhibiting similar spooky covers.

Our ghost book covers will stand out with the bright array of colors, just as and the International Ghost Hunters Society stands out among hundreds of other ghost clubs. We did not design our web site to be spooky or ghostly, but to be an information source for those seeking to understand life after death and to understand why ghosts are the evidence of life after death. Our ghost books 3 and 4 are also due out at the end of this year, so we are looking forward to the editing of those proofs soon.
The weather has cooled off to the low eighties or high seventies making it an ideal temperature to conduct outdoor investigations again. The summer has been long and hot here in the Four-Corners, consisting of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.
We watched a program recently where ghost hunters used thermal scanning heat sensors, probably $15,000 type of equipment and they got absolutely nothing. I guess they do not understand that ghosts do not generate heat so a heat sensor is useless and clearly portrays the lack of understanding some ghost hunters have about ghosts.
I also see articles and even TV segments where ghost hunters are using Geiger counters to detect ghosts. First, Geiger counters detect radioactive isotopes and second, ghosts are not radioactive. Where these preposterous notions come from is beyond me.
However, if a TV crew is filming, who cares if your equipment is simply a stage prop, such as a heat sensor or a Geiger counter. You have your fame and the audience is duped into believing you are a serious ghost researcher. I suspect these kinds of ghost hunters think the public is dumb and dumber so they pretend that Geiger counters are valuable ghost-hunting tools. Why not use mouse traps so when the ghost takes the cheese, the mouse trap will capture it. Same logic, same stupidity.
We see TV shows where ghost hunter’s race around in a panic, yelling, and screaming, and now they are claiming that ghosts attacked them. What some ghost hunters will do to earn their 30 pieces of silver. This is not a reality show, it is not professionalism, and it is a sketch on what not to do.
I have almost totally stopped watching ghost hunting shows since so many of them are false representation of what actually happens during an investigation. It is kind of like the ghost hunters are doing everything that should NOT be done during an investigation and then faking success.
The IGHS teaches professionalism, not hype and more hype that resembles the “scare’ shows and other ‘reality” shows that were faked from the beginning. Ghost hunting can be eerie, it is not dangerous, no demons or angry ghosts assaulting your tender body. No one is killed or injured, unless they foolishly trip over a rock or fall into an open grave. (Just kidding.)
Ghost hunting can be a family affair, with the entire family joining in on the investigation. Ghost hunting is a wonderful way to spend an outing with the family. Discover the history of an area, walking in the footsteps of our pioneer ancestors at various historical sites.
Your tools for this wonderful adventure consist of a tape recorder and a camera or even working with just a compass. Most families already own the basic tools. School is starting soon, and the days will be turning cooler, so why not reserve some time for family outings at one of your local historical sites, but this time, try some ghost hunting.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Thoughts:
In a small seaside town, in 1992, the spirit of a little girl walked the halls and played pranks in the basement of a little old cottage. Lights flickered out of control some nights and the activity in the basement left the impression the residents would have a huge mess to clean up in the morning. Music played, coming from sources unknown, voices came from out of nowhere, footsteps from unseen feet echoed throughout the house. Items were moved, some were never seen again, it felt cold in places during the hot summer days, shadows crossed the walls at times, and things flew off the cabinet tops all by themselves.
By all accounts, the little seaside cottage was haunted. The occupants searched libraries and bookstores for information about ghosts and printed material on hauntings, but at that time, printed material was hard to find. Only one book, recently written by a local author on the subject of strange occurrences and ghosts was available, but then notion of ghosts was not of much interest and even the most recent book was out of print.
The Internet was in developmental stages, a thing of the near future and not a source of instant reference as it is today. Who ya gonna call? That was what we wanted to know because Dave and I had rented the little seaside cottage, we had experienced the activity taking place and we wanted to know more about what was going on and what to do about it. Information from real ghost cases was scarce, as we discovered. It was up to us if we wanted to know more.
This was a time of revival, a time when research into ghosts and hauntings would be resurrected. The next sound that we heard was the explosion of interest taking place.
Our desire was to become, “low profile authors,” to write ghost stories, like stories told around
A campfire, fit for kids and adults alike. We discovered that many people living along the Oregon coast had strange things going on in their homes. Basically, folks tried to ignore the activity because they did not know what to do about it and frankly, ghosts were not something people talked about openly, without the fear of being called “crazy.” Our first book, Twilight Visitors, is a book based on stories from along the Oregon coast and our own experiences.
We left the little seaside community, moving closer to the Portland area. It was only a short time before we realized that once again, our little house had a resident ghost. We learned from the owner of the house that Amelia, the ghost who lived with us, had died in the house, alone. Her story was tragic and she remained bound to the house. The spirit of Amelia was negative and angry, a different spirit to deal with than the ghost of the playful little girl along the coast.
The turning point for us became our website and the onset of the IGHS. It did not take long before interest in ghosts piqued again and to know what happened from there, all you have to do is look around you today. Ghosts are a hot topic around the world today. I share this information because in the long line of ghost websites, books and movies, a twist has taken place. A twist that needs to be straightened out before it tightens any further.
Our goal, when we started the IGHS, was to find ways for average people to enjoy the company of others having the same interests, being able to investigate and learn about ghosts without fear or financial demands. We knew from experience that people could go out and conduct investigations successfully with a camera and a tape recorder, which most folks already have in their homes.
Over the years, we have tested equipment that gives reliable readings to aid investigators during their investigations. We carried EMF meters and Thermal Scanners on our website for several years, as they can be valuable when conducting investigations. We have tools that aid, but are not required for successful investigations. The cost has been within a reasonable range for the average person to invest in without hardship.
We have always stressed the excellent results achieved by using film or digital cameras and a simple tape or digital recorder following certain guidelines. Video cameras are an excellent addition to investigations and we have used Sony Video Cameras with night shot since they came out on the market.
Along with the progression of ghost hunting comes the progression of specialized equipment and the high cost that reaches even beyond our own financial means. The focus has turned to a need for elaborate gadgets and the outward appearance of the ghost hunter. It has become more of what it is the ghost hunter has than what he does with it.
Maybe it is not so much what a ghost hunter can accomplish, but how many bags of gadgets he carries and how many trips he makes from the car to get them all inside. Impressive stuff, if that is what people are looking for. The big question is why, when those who carry all the expensive gadgets get no better results than if they used a camera and recorder.
We hear from many people who thanked us for our website and shared information with others. Families were doing things together as families as they had found a common interest and had fun going out investigating together. Lately, we hear about people who were enjoying the research and investigations together, ending up in bankruptcy court.
Trying to buy into the idea that bigger is better has landed some folks in a position of not enjoying ghost research anymore. They have had to focus on what to do about all the debt they find themselves buried under. The focus changed from the purpose of learning and documenting, to visions of grandeur, being big, better and best in the field of paranormal research.
The saddest part is losing good, credible researchers to financial concerns that are out of control. Just as some are going in debt in the name of ghost hunting, some of those same folks think they can solve the problem they have created by charging elaborate prices to conduct investigations. Others have dropped out of ghost research completely as it became a financial burden they could not afford.
The focus has shifted once again and I will share an example of this. A lady in a small town inherited her family home when her Mother passed away. The home was a beautiful old Victorian house that she knew was haunted. The house was scheduled to be demolished, but she heard we were staying in a nearby town and asked if we would like to investigate it inside. We were excited about the invitation and set a date and time to meet her at the house.
After the arrangements were made, the woman became concerned. She had seen us on TV and had read our books so she knew who we were and knew our reputation. She was worried because she did not know how much we would charge her to investigate her house. We had not discussed that over the telephone. When we met her, she expressed her concerns trying not to stumble over her words.
We could tell she was afraid of the answer she might get from us. She was only wanted someone to investigate and document what was inside the house because as a child she had many, unexplained experiences. She basically wanted some validation that her experiences were not just imagination.
I have never seen a look on anyone’s face like the expression that appeared on hers when we told her we do not charge to investigate people’s homes. She explained to us where her fears had come from when having investigators come to the home. It seems she had consulted a local group of ghost hunters who quoted her a fee of $2,500 to conduct an investigation.
At the time, the price was more than she could afford so she was not able to have anyone investigate the house. She got to thinking that if small groups charged $2,500 to investigate her home, our fees would be out of sight, having been on TV and writing books on real ghosts. I can understand why she might have been concerned.
It has always been a privilege to be consulted for an investigation in someone’s home. If the people wanted many pictures, we would ask that they provide the film and help cover the cost of developing, but they also received the photos. With the onset of digital cameras, there was not developing cost and the photos could be put on disc if they so desired. We only asked that if the investigation was successful and we captured anomalies in the photographs or voices on the recorders, that we have their permission to include their story in one of our books.
Many groups not only charge a high investigation fee, they arrive at a home with twelve to thirty people to investigate. Not only do they accomplish nothing with that many investigators, the homeowners are scared silly at the horde of strangers walking about their private homes. That is perfectly understandable if you consider yourself in the same position.
Dave and I established the IGHS and we are the sole directors of the organization. There is no one else involved in how the organization is operated, in case people have heard otherwise. Dave and I strive to teach and inform. We teach people from our own experiences, sharing tools and techniques that work well for us in the field. The home study courses are a result of years of focused work and experience. Our books are true stories and experiences from our own investigations and those of our members who choose to contribute.
Throughout our years of research, we continue to use the Sony digital cameras, simple Radio Shack digital recorders and a Sony video camera with night shot. We have gotten excellent results with basic equipment and we are not over loaded with bags of expensive equipment or hours of set-up time. Our focus is on the place we are investigating and the experiences of those involved with the site. Our focus is not on electronics, heat sensing equipment, or white noise for background when recording EVP. If something we use gets broken or wears out, it can easily be replaced without having to take out a loan to do so.
Ghost research is not about how fancy or expensive the equipment might be. It is about learning about life after life, about people who have passed over and remain here for whatever reasons they might have. In the meantime, researchers learn about life and develop a heightened awareness and sensitivity to all that is around them. The bonus is that ghost research is a hobby that brings people of common interest together to discuss different aspects of the research and share experiences.
Families that have a common interest in something are out doing things together as a family rather than separately. It does not require a major financial investment in equipment to conduct investigations, but it does require a personal desire to learn and grow and invest some time into a serious, but little known subject we have always talked about on Halloween.
If you have the idea becoming involved in ghost research requires more of an investment than you might have, then you have been misled just like many other people. If you have a film or digital camera and a tape or digital recorder, you are ready to roll. If you have a desire to experience the field of ghost research, basically you have all you need to get started. If you have questions, that is what the IGHS is here for and why we have the largest ghost research website on the Internet.
Keeping the material aspects of research simple allows for more personal growth and fulfillment without the unnecessary stress and financial woes. Use equipment that works the best for you and enjoy the experience. It is well worth it. There are some mighty fine folks around the world that are involved in ghost investigations and research. I guess you could say, people are talking about ghosts and hauntings out loud these days and it’s about time, wouldn't you say?
Happy Haunting,
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