Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, August 28, 2005 Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 09:21:47 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
August 28, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have been adding new photos to our galleries almost daily so take some time, drop by, and see the new postings. Be sure to check before sending us snail mail as we are now using the Las Vegas, NV Mail Forwarding address that is posted on our home page at
We have been teaching an important aspect of quantum mechanics for several years. We shared these concepts in our book, Magic Dimensions, published through One aspect of our teaching is about how to change the reality we now have for an outcome more of our choosing. One application of this teaching relates to the language of prayer. We received a special request from IGHS member Sue Greene for some healing energies, prayers, mediations, positive thoughts, and focused energy. What label we use does not matter, what matters is you are focusing on positive healing energies, giving it direction.
Sue Greene said, “Hi Dave and Sharon, I am an IGHS member from Colorado and read your newsletters each week with much anticipation. I just recently read where you ask your subscribers to pray for members who have been ill. I truly believe in the power of prayer, the more the better! On August 3rd I went to the Dr's office for a check up for what I thought were allergies. I was admitted to the hospital that day for tests and the results were Kidney cancer (renal cell cancer) that had spread to my lungs. They removed my kidney and found a softball size tumor, and now the second half of the battle is starting, the chemotherapy on my lungs. I will win, I have no doubt, but the extra prayers can help! I am only 51 years old.”
Please take a moment and let Sue know that you are sending her positive healing energy at her email address of In our book, Magic Dimensions, we give a good example of the language of prayer. Imagine we are talking about a young man lying in bed in the hospital. Do not visualize him in the hospital in a coma with tubes connected to him. This is the mistake that so many people make when praying. They visualize the subject of their prayer as dying, as lying in the hospital bed with multiple tubes connected to them, nurses coming in and out of the room. This is not visualization of life, but of death.
Instead, visualize him riding his bicycle with the wind rushing through his hair. Visualize him as laughing and playing basketball with his friends. Visualize him running through the fields with the wind blowing and a smile on his face. This creates a different outcome, a feeling of life that you accept as reality. You must feel his aliveness, see him running and climbing and having fun, as a young man ought to have.
By focusing on life, not on death, your prayers now take on power and life. You now envision life and health for the young man, not laying in a coma in a hospital bed. The language of prayer is the key to life itself. It does not matter to what God you pray, but the important part is that you pray with intense feelings, thoughts, and emotions that merge as one in the feeling. Prayers without intense feelings, thoughts, and emotions are simply hollow words spoken; they have no power. Empower the prayer by visualizing the recovery successfully completed, visualize the healthy young man running in the fields, feel the wind in his face, feel the sun beating down on him.
This is the true language of prayer that the Essene Masters taught some five hundred years before the advent of Christianity. This language of prayer will cause a dimensional shift whose visualized outcome will become reality for Sue. This is Quantum Mechanics in action, it does not matter what religion you practice, or what God or Supreme Power you worship, the Universe is listening. The language of prayer transcends religious denominations, sects and beliefs, it does not judge if you worship a pagan God, a Christian God or no God at all. The language of prayer is how quantum mechanics initiates a dimensional shift to a new visualized outcome. This process does not need labels or religious sanctions.
A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to send their healing energy to a young man named Charles Kirch who was involved in a serious accident. Doctors gave him a two percent chance of living and advised the mother to disconnect life support. Through the language of prayer, Charles is on his path of recovery. Let me quote just a little from the email sent by his mother, “I saw Charles yesterday and he was talking and smiling. He is now in Re-hab Head Injury Unit. He really wants to come home but realizes it is going to be awhile. I left the hospital smiling instead of feeling helpless and sad.” Charles went from doctors suggesting termination of his life support, to Re-hab for therapy. Miracles are quantum physics in action.
Many IGHS members have written to us and expressed their surprise and delight when they have applied the simple steps that enabled them to change one outcome to an outcome more to their liking. This is proof positive that when they follow the guidelines we have suggested miracles can and do happen to them. The ability to shift dimensional outcomes is not magic or supernatural but occurs according to the weird physical laws governing quantum mechanics. Many people have talked about dimensional shifting using different labels by different folks, but it all boils down to the following the steps that initiates dimensional shifting so an outcome you visualize materializes for you.
Sharon will be writing about the POW WOW. This was our first experience and it felt like we were living the “Dance with Wolves” film. I cannot express the beauty I observed, but I was impressed. As a non-Native American Indian, I saw the gathering as one of friendship and camaraderie among the many Inter-Tribal members. This a family event and the people loved dancing and singing. Check out our photos at our travel page at
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Thoughts:
The first thing on the agenda this week is to thank you all for sending your positive thoughts and healing prayers to Krista Mattson. She has gone through her surgery and is home now, recovering well. The tumor was removed and she is on the path to good health and getting back to her normal life. It means a great deal to someone facing an ordeal like surgery or chemo to know they are not alone and there are people behind them sending them love and healing light and prayers. We have certainly seen that in the last few months as there have been several accidents and illnesses that could easily have turned out less than desirable.
It has been an exceptional week for us here in Colorado. The weather has cooled into the mid 80s and at times, we can feel a hint of autumn in the cool morning air. I am amazed at how quickly this month has flown by. It is hard to imagine September is right around the corner. As I am writing this, I can hear the drum beat from the 2005 Inter-Tribal POW WOW here on the Ute Reservation, the biggest event held here this year.
Dave and I walked over to the vendor’s arena last evening to look around and watch as the opening ceremony began. There were Indian dancers all around us in their brightly colored ceremonial dress and it felt as though we had stepped back into another time and place. It is one thing to see pictures on postcards and in magazines, but being a part of a real POW WOW where the intricate beadwork and a multiplicity of feathers are right in front of you, is hard to describe. It feels surreal to hear the beating of drums, the chanting, and singing, to watch the dancers as they perform, seemingly unaware of the collection of people observing them.
I walked around the arena watching the people who were happy and seemed content to be participants of this annual event. Children were running and laughing and not once did I see any fighting or crying anywhere, as they too seemed content. Not all of the vendors had everything set up but the many that did were very warm to us, smiling as we walked by them. No one pushed to make a sale, they chatted happily with those of us who walked by to take a peek at their beautiful jewelry, blankets, dream catchers, paintings and hand-made leathers items. It almost felt dream-like as the sun was setting in the western sky.
I listened to the drumming and singing until 11 o’clock last night and could almost picture the ancestors of these tribes of people, celebrating and performing ritual dances for changing seasons, giving thanks for all that had blessed their lives. I could imagine being in a white settlement, mission, or fort while traveling west, hearing the drumming, and chanting off in the distance. I could only imagine how it must have struck fear in the minds of those moving west as the stories of Indian savagery filled their minds. In truth, the greater part of stories like that are legends, not reality.
Things were different then than they are now and the Indians we have met and spoken with are a beautiful people who enjoy their lives, their lifestyles, and the heritage they take pride in. There are those who prefer the white man’s ways and strive to live in those ways. We all have our choices in life, some roads are more difficult than others are, but we do the best we can do while we are here.
The thunder rolled across the sky as the drums began this afternoon. I made me wonder if someone was conducting a ceremonial rain dance! We have not had rain here in a while so it is refreshing and needed. As the rain faded with the thunder, Dave and I took our cameras and walked over to the arena where the dancing contests were held today. The sun was shining brightly once again though big white clouds floated silently across the blue sky. The dancing was already in progress when we arrived in the arena to observe. There was no restriction on photography so we took video as well as still photos.
The ceremonial dress varied from tribe to tribe, some wore bright yellows, reds, and greens while other wore traditional white or beige with Native American designs beaded and sewn onto the basic colors. Dancing were the elderly men with the large, feathered headdresses, and next to them were their children and grandchildren in their costumes. I found it interesting that the modern generation of Indians use modern materials for the dress; material that brightly glistens in the sun with the added feathers, beads, and bells. Among those dancing were the children, so beautiful all dressed up. Some of them looked like they were no older than two or three years old, but they danced up a storm, right along with parents and grandparents.
While Dave filmed the dancing with the video camera, I used my digital camera and took still shots to share with our members on the Ghostweb. It was a very special time for us, being able to join in on the fun and enjoy watching the different events taking place during the day. We truly enjoyed ourselves.
Dave has posted my new jewelry designs on the jewelry page. Halloween is just around the corner so if you are looking for ghost jewelry to wear during the holidays, or year round as many do, be sure to go up and check them out. This year we are including anklets, charm bracelets and new charms, like the coffin charm that opens to a skeleton inside. There are limited but there are more on backorder so if that is something that interests you, do not delay! I will be sure to alert readers as to when the backorders come in, should they sell out. The little coffin charms are an antique gold plate for now, with pewter coffins backordered. These are really cute so check them out.
For those of you who prefer something a bit more subtle, I found some scarecrow charms this year and the arms move. They are designed with Austrian Crystals rather than the Carnelian and Hematite so you might want to check those out at well. They fit well within an autumn theme rather than just Halloween. I even added a skull necklace with Yak Tail bone skulls and a larger silver skeleton head as the center piece.
Happy Haunting,
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