Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, September 4, 2005, Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2005 08:34:05 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
September 4, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have been adding new photos to our galleries almost daily so take some time, drop by, and see the new postings. Be sure to check before sending us snail mail as we are now using the Las Vegas, NV Mail Forwarding address that is posted on our home page at
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It is not always easy to think of topics to write about each week; often I derive the subject from an email received during the week. However, this week nothing came in to spawn my imagination or fire my soul. I have focused much of my attention on the New Orleans and the plight of the refuges. I keep thinking 3 trillion dollars spent in Iraq and the end is not in sight, how much money will our government spend to help the refuges and the City of New Orleans?
Kuwait gas prices are 78 cents a gallon because our government subsidizes the cost of their gas. Our gas prices are leaping out of sight, our government is not offering to subsidize it. These are the kind of thoughts that filter through my gray matter as I watch the refuges wading through the water seeking help.
We have been invited by Brad Steiger to be on his Halloween Special with Jeff Rense on October 14th, where we will be playing some of our classic EVP ghost voices. We had a blast this past Friday as we did our two-hour program with Jeff and shared ghost voices captured by Bob Gallienne of, David Liles of, LeAnna Reardon of, and Jim Wyrick of
If you cannot pick up the live radio show through your local radio stations, you can always tune into his program by going to and listen to it live at no cost. Membership is required to listen to the archives, but not to the real time broadcast.
As a general rule, ghosts will not harm people. Just as saying, as a general rule that stray dogs will not attack people. However, if you provoke stray dogs, or belittle the ghosts, expect some negative response. This is the old law of the boomerang, as in what you send forth will return to you in the same way. If you are a happy, go lucky type of person, positive energy spirits are attracted to you. If you are a negative or angry person, you will attract angry ghosts who will take out their frustrations on you. This is the old birds of a feather that flock together concept.
Are ghosts good or bad? It all depends on what they were like in their earthly life. We carry with us into the next realm, the intelligence, the personality, the emotions and the attitudes we had in this life. It is the evil that men do, not some mythical demon from Dante’s Inferno, which by the way is where the concept of Hell originated, as early Church leaders thought that the Dante’s play inspired repentance and obedience to the Church. We ask people to take off their religious blinders and view ghosts as people and as part of the human race instead of viewing them with religious bias and condemnation.
We also view ghosts as the evidence of life after death, a life that goes on beyond this mortal body we have now. We know that our pets, such as our dogs and cats, when they pass over to the other side, often remain near to us as ghost pets. We have talked with hundred’s of people who have lost pets and discovered to their joy, their pets are not far from them after death. Sharon and I have both experienced the return of a pet we had loved and lost. Sharon even saw her Yorkshire terrier of 14 years appear as a younger Yorkie a few years ago. I recorded her bark on EVP and have heard her snort and bark and felt her tug at my leg.
Many see ghost hunting as a way to get rich, fame and fortune as TV ghost hunters, but truth be told, hype and deception become key roles, not educating the people. We see good examples of this kind of prostitution by ghost hunters, who have sold their integrity to Hollywood for their 30 pieces of silver. Their segments call for hype, fear, screaming, panic, and ghostly attacks on their crew members. Their faked and fabricated investigations are geared to achieve the stupidity that comes from scripted investigations. Their scripted investigations focus on a teenage audience, not for adult thinking members of the human race. Another reality show that is not reality, but scripted from the beginning to the end.
 There are other kinds of ghost hunters who pursue this as a hobby like golf or swimming, and a small number of ghost researchers explore this hobby as an opportunity to discover the spiritual side of life. Following the spiritual path takes on new meanings since we have all lost loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Those on the other side do not forget the comfort it gives the living to know that life continues on the other side. We may become frighten when they come back to say they love us, but that is because we do not know how to deal with death. Well-meaning clergy members, who lack an understanding of life after death, do not know how to deal with those who return as spirits may condemn and judge these spirits. Instead of showing love and compassion, clergy members will label these spirits as evil or fallen from the grace of God, unless the spirit is their beloved grandmother and then the name of the tune changes as far as calling their beloved grandmother evil. 
Ghosts are real and they are alive and well without physical bonds. If we can lose our biases and negative beliefs, we would be more open and receptive to the spiritual side of life. Life is short, so why do we waste it condemning others and becoming intimidated if we find a ghost in our attic or in our basement. We fear the unknown; we fear what other tells us to fear so we live in paranoia about the unknown. One day we will be on the other side and we will wonder why so many of the living are so afraid of those who go before them to the other side? The truth is supposed to make you free, not afraid.
As researchers, we seek further light and knowledge, knowing that when we gain these spiritual awareness’s, others will seek to condemn the newfound truths because it disrupts the existing status quo. The knowledge that we take with us, our old emotional baggage should be an incentive to leave that baggage behind before we cross over to the other side. Who wants to carry it around in the next life? We must work at releasing the negative baggage in this life so the next life will be free of those anchors. Perhaps this is the hardest part of being a ghost researcher, applying the knowledge that we learn to our own lives.
Happy trails.
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