Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, September 11, 2005, Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 13:07:20 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
September 11, 2005 from Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, Colorado
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
We have been adding new photos to our galleries almost daily so take some time, drop by, and see the new postings. Be sure to check before sending us snail mail as we are now using the Las Vegas, NV Mail Forwarding address that is posted on our home page at
We welcome Bob Gallienne, President of the Antietam Ghost Society, as one of our staff writers for this Newsletter. Bob majored in Journalism and his timely articles will focus on the ghost hunting community. He makes his début with this week’s edition of the International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter.
We have discontinued our Clip ID Badges due to raising cost of supplies. We have maintained the same retail prices on Ghostweb products for about six years, but as with everything else, the price of raw supplies continues to escalate.
We do not use white noise to get our ghost voice recordings. We have recorded over 3,000 EVP recordings without the use of white noise. We do not recommend white noise as it will generally cover up the voices of the dead when they speak. Any retail tape, disc, microcassette, or digital recorder will function as an EVP recorder and requires no modification to function effectively.
We subscribe to a mail list that discusses ELF, extremely low frequency, relating to discussions of Gravity Waves. I am presenting an insert of information that I thought was valuable since it correlated with another example of how solar storms affect not only the weather, but also the increased level of ghost activity reported.
David Thomson gave us permission to quote part of his email message, “When the flares produce a CME, which impacts the Earth, I have seen the Arctic high pressure system drop down over lower Canada, thus causing colder than usual temperatures in the Eastern US. This was a regular occurrence during the solar max from 1999 to 2002. If this X class flare comes close to Earth, we could also see some increase in volcanic and seismic activity. The seismic activity usually begins as a major quake in the South Pacific islands region, then a series of large quakes strike Taiwan/Japan, Kamchatka, Alaska, and somewhere on the West Coast of the Americas. During solar max, these quakes are often 7M+. And naturally, with the extremely high output of photons, the extra energy also heats the atmosphere, oceans, and ground. So yes, large flares can affect the weather on Earth. The degree of the effect depends on what side of the Earth is facing the Sun at impact, whether the flare is pointing toward Earth, and the magnitude of the flare.”
It should be pointed out that New Zealand had a 7.7 magnitude quake a day after David Thomson wrote this email. I also got an email from a person at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ who argued that this was just a theory, as there was no hard scientific evidence to support it. He did mention there are scientific studies under way to study the possible correlation of weather and solar storms.
However, some scientists would also argue that solar storms have no effect on the level of ghost activity, which we have found the opposite to be true. This past mega flare was one of the largest reported in the last fifteen years. The charged ion particles are still bombarding the earth today from as we past through that solar storm caused by the mega flare.
Last week we wrote about how negative emotional baggage follows us beyond the grave. Our emotions are not lost at death, but continue with us in the life to come. If we are angry in life, we will be angry in death. We mirror our emotions in death and this is why we suggest discarding our emotional baggage in this life so we do not have this burden to carry with us in our next existence. Our emotions have an effect on our moods. We could point out that our emotional state of being is reflected in our moods.
We got an e-mail from an angry person who ranted and raved that he could not see how we could believe such tripe; much less teach that moods affect the actions of ghosts. His attitude and his mood were reflective of his understanding. His anger oozed from his e-mail, yet he could not see the forest for the trees. If he were to meet sudden death, he would be standing on the other side still filled with his anger and negativity. His actions as a ghost would reflect his emotional state, which reeked of anger and negativity.
So many people are angry today, the Internet is their release mechanism, but in releasing their anger they pass on that anger to the victims they target. A few years ago, we had an obscene e-mail that when we traced it back, we discovered the perpetrator was a ten-year-old girl. Her use of the F word would shock most people. Her mother assured us that she had not learned that around their family. She felt free to use the F word in e-mails because she was hiding behind a keyboard and could not see the faces of those she assaulted.
After the tragic crash of Flight 93 into the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, one of our IGHS members wanted to write a book that documented the hauntings associated with the crash, but as soon as word got out about it, she was bombarded with hate mail and e-mail death threats. She even got a nasty e-mail from a professor she knew who was outraged that she would dare write a book about the crash. However, a few weeks’ later books started hitting the market. We were shocked at this professor’s unwarranted attack on her. When major heartbreaking events occur, it seems that so many will suddenly attack others without provocation.
I remember going into a Post Office in West Virginia to mail off some orders. I saw the Special Firemen Stamps on sale and made the comment that it was too bad none of the other firefighters, who gave their lives in the line of duty, were not acknowledged with a stamp for their bravery. I got the nastiest look from the postal clerk; it was as if I said something treasonous. I was shocked at the lack of compassion so many had for those who daily put their lives in harms way without the TV coverage that September 11 carried.
I have notice that with the media’s blitz live coverage of aftermath in New Orleans and Gulf Port that they rerun scenes and essentially say nothing new from one day to the next. While some people will get upset that anyone would dare question major news networks, the constant negative bombardment of the aftermath will affect people and the anger they feel toward those they think could have prevented the problems experienced there. Prior to the flooding, New Orleans ignored the sad state of repairs of the levees, the repair funds allocated elsewhere resulting in the disaster. Now because of those broken levees the flooding disrupted the lives of a hundred thousand people. People are angry and that anger is filtering over to those who watch the minute-by-minute coverage on television.
I am suggesting that constant bombardment of negative television is detrimental to our behavior patterns. We need positive experiences to lift us upward and to give us hope for a better tomorrow, not negativity that constantly pulls us downward. I know people who have watched the news constantly since the New Orleans disaster and their attitudes have gotten progressively more negative as time marches onward. We must find balance in our lives between the terrible happenings presented on television and an offset to help us maintain a balance in our lives.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
Today is the fourth anniversary of the tragedy that took place in New York City when the Twin Towers fell into rubble taking the lives of innocent Americans. Flight 93 crashed into the ground in the little town of Shanksville, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon became the target of the hate that men feel, and the evil that men do. Four years ago was a turning point in American history and our lives and we should take a moment today to remember those who lost their lives so needlessly and pray for our country.
I have never understood the depth of hate that reaches out to kill and maim innocent victims. I will never comprehend how hating others and their way of life or beliefs can end in destruction, on any level. It seems that we live in a country that has boasted freedom throughout its history and yet there are those hiding in the shadows scheming to destroy because of personal reasons. On a grand scale or a level of personal attacks, it is the hate, pure and simple that drives sick minds to act out on what they believe to be so. We see it everywhere as we travel and we are not seeing it ease, only increase with each incident or disaster that comes along. We as a nation do not seem to deal with things as they occur, it is just more fuel for the anger we feel.
In trying to come to some understanding of the psychology of what is taking place across the nation and personally; I turned to the readings of Edgar Cayce and what he determined about attitudes and emotions during his lifetime. As a result, I felt it worthy of sharing what I found. Though I still do not comprehend the depth of hate and destructive behavior, it gave me a footing as to why people feel the negative and act upon it so aggressively.
Cayce states, “Have ye looked upon the circumstances of others and envied them, coveted their position or their place? Then know ye have brought condemnation to thine own self.” Envy, jealousy, covetousness, and their extreme reverse, revulsion, are among the many age-old problems, which must be met if we are to grow spiritually. Hate is the strongest human emotion and it anchors us in life as it consumes our thoughts, disallowing growth. It remains like mire, holding us in its grasp until we choose to let it go. It also anchors us in death until we allow ourselves to work through it so we can move on.
Among the many negative games people play, faultfinding is one of man’s favorites. In this way, we bolster our own egos; find a degree of spiritual upmanship or in some cases, justify our own bad behavior. As we do find fault, others will find fault with us. This is the law and the fault is our own.
Cayce materials consistently gave credence to the problem of psychological projection – seeing within other individual’s personalities and actions one’s own fears, doubts, negativity, etc. Along with fear, anger, and resentment, it has often been stated that hate is the opposite of love, but this is not necessarily the exact relationship. Many psychiatric professionals share the opinion that the opposite pole to hatred is desire rather than love. In turn, the opposite of love is total apathy or indifference. Cayce materials tell us that we can only hate that which we have once loved.
We can look to the past and view the destruction that took place four years ago. We can label it as hatred of a free way of life yet if Cayce was correct, the acts were performed out of a desire to take something away that others have not experienced. People flood across American borders daily to achieve the freedom America has boasted. Many die attempting to reach a free way of life and hope for a better way of life for future generations. Our ancestors fled to this land for the same reasons, hope for a better tomorrow and a land of freedom for their families. But those who desire what they cannot have find pleasure in destroying it for all.
Between desire and apathy, we find pessimism. The eternal pessimist is motivated by self-failure or a need for self-attention. We can also include self-pity and the fact that people who have fallen into the negative trap of pessimism are those who also feel life has dealt them hard blows therefore the world owes them more than the rest of us. They spend their time striking out at others who have nothing to do with their past or their self-pity, but make good targets.
While targeting others and trying to damage other people on a smaller, more personal level, in their minds, these people think their attacks will fulfill the need within them, the emptiness of the abyss that is all consuming to them. The fact is, once the attacking begins, the need remains unfulfilled, and more attacking ensues because it has become an obsession. In the end, even the attacks are not making them feel better or whole. It only leaves in its wake, a path of negativity.
One fact that Cayce brought to light is that we like ourselves as we are, with all of our prejudices, hatreds, superior/inferior feelings, bad habits, mistakes, ill tempers and so on because as individuals and groups we have created ourselves. This being true, we are drawn to those of similar outlooks, beliefs, and feelings. It feels comfy among people who support and uphold us mentally and emotionally. But we resist change of anything other than our superficial natures and “like continues to attract like.”
The real question here is whether a person would stand alone in the attacks if they did not have the supporters standing behind them. Hate attracts hatefulness and not only supports the negativity; it inspires the growth of it. If someone continues to throw fuel into a fire, the end result is the fire getting hotter and growing out of control. This is the same with negative people and as long as they have those around them fueling their negativity, it grows. Without the crowd around them, their negative feelings remain just that, their feelings.
When people find others of like-mindedness, they lock on, contributing to the boiling pot of similarities, be it good and beneficial or bad, deceptive, and destructive. This applies in all areas of our lives and our religions are no exception. That is one reason there are so many religions and so many differing sects. People go where those around them are of the same likeness in thought while they look down on others who think and feel differently, not accepting any change to their own beliefs. The world can be small and limited when we view the differences around us with closed minds.
On a grander scale, psychologists and sociologists have been sounding the alarm that we, as individuals and as a nation, are suffering from a loss of purpose and will – a loss of identity as it were – far removed from the ideals, purposes, and attitudes that our Founding Fathers had formulated in constructing the basis for our society. Edgar Cayce stated that this nation must either continue that role in the earth to which our fore fathers had dedicated themselves or the mantle of the world leadership would wind its way westward to the Orient. All that we have known and loved in this country would be lost.
In the final analysis, neither heredity nor environment can stand up against an individual’s or a group’s choice of free will, attitudes, and desires. When there is a lack of peace and harmony within us, the result is following leadership that encourages destructive behavior. Retaliation may be at the core of one person’s feelings for reasons others may not even be aware of, but beware as that leadership can lead to the destruction of all who choose to follow. Misery loves company and feeds from it.
There is power in negative emotions. “For the mind is the builder and that which we think about may become crimes or miracles. For thoughts are things and as their currents run through the environs of an entity’s experience thoughts become barriers or stepping stones, depending upon the manner in which the thoughts are laid as it were.” The readings of Edgar Cayce, “stress that as individuals we are personally and wholly responsible for what we are – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Each person needs to realize that every thought and act are the material out of which they are building their very being.”
We can commonly see now that people’s attitudes and opinions are often at odds with fact, fancy and even demonstrable proof. “As man believeth, so he is,” this is true in that belief makes ones attitudes more important than facts. A person’s attitude becomes a fact to the individual, regardless of actuality.
We hear many angry people today, in many ways. The Internet is one source of spreading disinformation, lies, and negative feelings toward others, anywhere in the world. To find truth in anything it takes time, effort, and the intention of discovering validity in what is said, not just taking the word of someone else without evidence of truth. It is easy to sit back, alone in a room and write hate, stirring discontent among others because of personal feelings. It is self-satisfying to find others rallying around, endorsing the foolishness that spreads a wildfire of lies and negativity.
Those who respond in kind are those who need leadership, not being strong leaders themselves. They are also looking for a cause to fight for, anything they can endorse as long as they follow a leader. It takes strength to find truth, but it takes real strength to stand up, alone if necessary, for that truth.
Bob Gallienne,
What is it about paranormal research that generates so much conflict? This, more than the work itself, is what crosses my mind time and time again. One of the founding father’s main thought’s when writing the constitution was freedom of speech. It didn't have any mysterious notions or half truths. It’s just what it sounds like. The freedom to write and print what one likes without fear of prosecution or attack. I don't think attacking an individual personally, with slanderous remarks was what they had in mind while putting to pen their thought and feelings about freedom.
An opinion about a show or a book is just that, an opinion. I can't help but wonder if the people that react so violently may themselves have something to hide. Ghost research in it’s present form is a relatively new area of research. There are few absolutes, but there are people that have been doing it longer than others. Some of these people are willing to share what they have learned, simply by offering their past experience in one form or another, without holding a gun to anyone’s head. But this notion is unacceptable to some. They resort to name calling, threats, and slander. It’s their way or the highway. These people often present themselves as protectors of the public. “Don’t  worry, we have your best interest at heart” they bellow, as they preach propaganda and send hate mail.
It’s these people that need to be watched and questioned. They have appointed themselves as the Ghost Hunting Police Force. As a paranormal investigator, I personally am content to do research, help when possible, and respect the domain of the dead without turning it into a circus. When I read something I don't agree with that’s all I do. I don't feel compelled to call twenty or so people enraged to a point that I spend all my time finding others to “fight” with me.
The real “law” deals with the people that lie and deceive in an attempt to steal from the public under false pretense. It would seem that an organization as old as the IGHS would have folded years ago if they were up to half the things the hate mongers claim. Everything I have ordered from them has arrived quickly and I have never had any reason to complain or demand a refund. The contents of this article was unsolicited and no mystery money was or will be exchanged for its content.
I thought about naming specific organizations or people when writing this but I don't think it’s necessary. We all know who you are, and we too, are watching you.
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