Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, September 25, 2005
From: "Dr. Dave Oester/Dr. Sharon Gill"
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 09:02:16 -0600

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter
September 25, 2005 from Ghostweb@DirecWay.Com
Dr. Dave’s Notes:
When Sharon and I were viciously attacked by a TAPS sanctioned hate mail campaign encouraged by Jason Hawes, we fought back by posting the email addresses of those committing this cyber crime. Even the infamous Jason Hawes attacked us with his hate mail, so his address was posted on the Hate Mail page. After revealing the email addresses of those sending us hate mail, the hate mail stopped immediately. It appeared that once those who were sending the obscene mail discovered their email addresses exposed to the public, they backed down.
It seems that there are groups who are jealous of our success and deliberately target us, as if trying to drive us from this field. We will not allow bullies hiding behind computers to intimidate us with their threats, we are like a scorpion with a nasty sting, a cougar with sharp claws, and we do not go gently into the night. We refused to be bullied by them and we decided to expose them for what they have become, a web site for angry immature TAPS member and fans that adulate paid TV actors that bicker, scream, rant, and rave for network ratings, all in the name of true ghost hunters.
Many ghost clubs are finding that they are becoming targets of hate mail from TAPS, especially if they are associated with the IGHS. In the great scheme of things, what goes around will come around to those who toss mud. We quickly found out who our loyal supporters are and who are not. We even had loyal IGHS members like Jason Snider and David Liles post links to our hate mail page on their web site to spread the word about TAPS.
Hate mail is very unprofessional, why anyone would want to play King of the Mountain is beyond me. There is so much unknown about this field, that we need hundred’s of new researchers to help explore and map this field. There is no one group that is king of the mountain, except perhaps in their own minds, but overall, the field is ripe for harvesting of knowledge. We have always welcomed new groups and researchers to this field. Our membership is free and open to every one, with the exception of hate mongers and those who discriminate and seek to deny others of their constitutional rights.
Several interesting aspects have occurred. Several people wrote me and said TAPS contacted them about doing a segment on their research, but after reading our hate mail page, decided to decline the offer. Others who did not decline discovered to their horror that after the filming, their group was cut out of the segment totally, and their material exploited without credit back to them.
As one visitor to our web site wrote and said, “It is a shame when Alpha Egos won't acknowledge the worth of any organization outside their 3 feet of space.” TAPS does not represent the vast ghost hunting community as their bickering, fighting, yelling, and screaming portrays a lack of understanding of how their negativity influences their scripted investigations. The public will catch on and the show will be cancelled and when the lost of fame and fortune hits them squarely between the eyes, they will fade back into oblivion.
We have added many new ghost photos to our Free Ghost Photo page. Drop by and check out some of the new ones. Tune in and listen to us on our October 7 radio program with Jeff Rense. If you cannot find him on your local radio station, you can listen free by going to and listen to us live. We will be playing an EVP from South Africa. We volunteer two-hours each month for playing EVP on the Jeff Rense radio program. We have been doing programs with Jeff Rense for almost eight years.
Halloween is just around the corner, which means that we are entering our favorite season of the year, autumn. The leaves are starting to yellow and the hot weather is losing it sting, as the nights cool off and the days become cooler. Many celebrate the autumn with its festivity of events, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Sharon is working on some great ideas for this Halloween, coffins that open and display a skeleton. Check out her new ideas at
Ghost hunting is not just a hobby with us; it is also the doorway to enlightenment, a path that enables us to gain great insights and understanding into the ghostly dimension that we will all cross over on the day of our death. This is not a religion for us, but it is a path for spiritual understanding. Western religion does not explain the presence of ghosts, however, men and women of the cloth often extort their own opinions and biases and claim it is scriptural. Fortunately, with over 2,300 Christian sects, those cults who claim ghosts are demonic or cursed are not in the mainstream of Christian faith, but rather in the outer edges of fundamentalism.
The Native Americans teach that we should have respect for the land, the environment and the people, animals and vegetation on this earth. Many tribes believe that animals, rocks, trees have spirits and that they can learn and draw energy from these spirits. Those who follow the Wicca religion believe that everything in nature has a spirit and that we can draw power from those spirits. They draw upon this power when they perform rituals, similar to rituals done in congregational churches.
I was reading on the Canadian Society of Dowsers web page, some of the articles related to the theory related to dowsing. In one article, the author spoke of energy ley lines are everywhere around us. Some telluric energy lines are positive and some are negative. When two telluric energy ley lines cross, they form a vortex or power node that combines the energy of the two separate energy ley lines. This discovery was by a medical doctor in central Europe back in 1950.
Further studies suggest that the telluric energy lines are associated with geological fault lines, one side of the fault is the positive earth or telluric energy flow, and the opposite side of the fault is the geopathic stress energy flows. I have done experiments where I injected a sixty-cycle signal into the earth and followed the fault lines by picking up the signal on a radio.
The living can draw strength and power from standing over positive vortex energy points; they can also feel drained and emotionally wiped out by standing over negative vortex points where two negative energy lines cross and form a vortex point. I have personally found this theory to be valid and explain in some instances why certain areas are haunted. In England, the Druids recognized the unique swirling vortex formed when two ley lines intersected. At these sites, they established sacred ritual points, initiation centers, or healing refuges to utilize this amplified energy.
While this may be seen outside of ghost research, please continue and I will show the connection, as Matlock would always tell the judge before he would illuminate the darkness the killer was hoping was hidden from view. We are talking about subtle energy fields and subtle energy changes that can affect the outcome of our objectives.
I have spoken of dimensional shifting and of quantum mechanics, of changing the outcome we presently have to an outcome more of our choosing. In our home study course, we talk about the language of prayer that relates how visualization when combined with emotion can effect an outcome change. One-step further might be to allow the natural energy God has created to aid us in achieving our desired outcome.
I am not suggesting that we all become dowsers, but that we understand that there exist telluric energy ley lines that crisscross in a lattice web network that we can draw from for personal mediation, for dimensional shifting, for empowering our souls with God’s own energy fields. As ghost researchers, we try to understand not only why spirits are earthbound, but also why they are able to manipulate electronic fields, electrical devices and register on compasses and EMF meters. Understanding telluric energy patterns may provide a key to understanding about why hauntings occur in specific places.
Once we understand the relationship of ghosts to the telluric electromagnetic fields, we can understand that ghosts can also draw upon these geopathic energy fields to manifest in this dimension in the same manner as they draw energy from the new and full moons or from solar storms. Earth based religions understand that earth energy is available and can empower them in their rituals. I can understand now why their belief in earth energy is so strong; the energy ley lines are being tapped into causing this energy flow for their rituals.
I am open to all sources of knowledge, while I may not endorse dowsing as not everyone can calm their mind necessary to avoid false readings, just as many psychics are not able to calm their minds sufficiently to do readings and thus they provide false information from their jumbled thoughts. It is like having a bad hair day, our mind and thoughts become too jumbled to accomplish much of anything. We need to know and respect our limitations.
Just as we were the first to teach that solar storms played a role in the activity level of hauntings, we are also now teaching that when two energy ley lines crisscross in this lattice web network, the combined energy of this vortex field aids the spirits of the dead when they manifest in this realm.
If you will notice that areas of a home, a building, or a historical site where hauntings are routinely reported that there exist telluric energy ley lines that these spirits are drawing upon so that they manifest outside of the lunar cycle and solar storm conditions that we have been teaching about since 1994.
If you find those energy ley lines, you are finding the places where the hauntings will occur. I believe that understanding the spirits of the dead is like a puzzle; we get small pieces of that puzzle and try to fit it into the overall picture.
Each of us should make a contribution to this field of study, not a contribution by how much money we make doing TV shows, but how we are contributing to the understanding of the realm inhabited by the spirits of the dead. Whether there exist Karma or not, our actions will be reflected in our life to come beyond the grave.
If we are disrespectful and angry in life, our next life will fair no better, we will still maintain our angry attitude and some ghost hunters will call us demons because of this emotional baggage. We are responsible for our own happiness and it is up to each of us to discard negative baggage in this life, not wait for a miracle in the next life, it will not happen.
Happy trails.
Dr. Sharon’s Notes:
In recent weeks, hate mongers have once again stirred the stink of bashing. Between the name-calling and threats on us personally, they begin calling us frauds. This is not new and every now and again, some frisky little know-it-alls feel a need to strike out at someone, anyone they see as a threat to their own way of thinking. This isn't the first time this has happened, but the one thought that comes to mind is the meaning of the old saying that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
To me, fraud is a strong word used to imply someone who misrepresents who they truly are. In this case, it is representative of those who have the nerve to represent that they are seriously interested in researching life after death when the real motivation is fame, glory, and getting rich quick. There are many fame seekers with agendas such as this, but there are many more honest, sincere paranormal researchers who do not require limelight and financial compensation to engage in this field, though at times it is difficult to determine which is which.
Let’s look at one of these hate mongers. This hate monger is a man who presents himself as an expert ghost hunter with a hidden agenda to find women he can snuggle up to based on paranormal research, using them to solve his personal financial problems. Once the unsuspecting woman is caught in his web of deceit, the victims find their life savings was the real focal point not a lasting, loving relationship. Once the money is gone, he is done with the woman seeking a new victim to drain of their money. If the women would turn him in to law enforcement people, he would find himself behind bars.
A friend of ours and avid ghost researcher and IGHS Member and advocate, found herself caught up in a relationship with this man we had come to love and respect. She fell in love with him and felt he was sincere in wanting her to be his wife. It sounded like a dream come true between two people who had common interests and shared common goals and we were happy for them both. Our friend had built financial security for herself over the years, working hard to do so and felt she was secure and ready for a relationship once again. She left a good job, family, and friends to relocate to be with the man she loved. After three months, she realized she had made a terrible mistake and knew she had to get out of the situation she was drawn into by sweet but empty words. Her savings was all gone and she lived in a nightmare of fear. Her greatest concern was for her young granddaughter she was raising, as she feared for her safety.
The man who thrives on deceit, asks unsuspecting women to marry him, plays up the role of devotion to them and ghost hunting only to tell them later that he is still married and if they want to marry him they can pay for his divorce. We can read in newspapers about the con artists taking advantage of innocent people, but it is hard to imagine how anyone could consciously damage the life of another person to benefit himself.
Why mention this disgusting man and his actions? The reason is that this is the same person who spends his time telling IGHS members and other groups how Dave and I betrayed him, making him a victim. In his mind, he was always loyal and devoted to friendship and the IGHS. His goal is to cause hate and discontent because inside he has always felt that way and anything or anyone who achieves success more than himself, should be taken down. He will talk to anyone who will listen and join in his campaign to stir hate and anger, bashing anyone who gets in his way.
The status he had found and the importance he felt during the six years of IGHS conferences gave him enough to get his rooms free over conference weekends. He convinced people his expertise was greater than any other. Because of the constant need to feed his ego, members of his local club fell from 200 to 2. He lost interest in his members, did not take time to work with them or evaluate their photos, answer questions or have outside speakers since the only voice he wanted to hear, was his own.
He claimed that there is someone higher and more powerful in the IGHS than Dave and Sharon. Let me clarify something right here and now for those who question who is who in the IGHS since this has come up more than one time. Dave and I established the IGHS and only Dave and I own and operate the IGHS and the Ghostweb. We answer to no one above us as there is no one else higher up in some bureaucratic chain in someone’s imagination. We have no outside investors or board of directors to make decisions for us. We ARE the IGHS and always have been.
We support the work we do by the books we sell and home study courses we write from our own material and our own experiences. We normally hold one conference a year, which helps us to support the Ghostweb and allows us to meet with people who want to learn and share special time ghost hunting. Unlike some, we are not earning a living by being paid to do scripted TV programs. When we did work with the media, we gave our time free for films and interviews.
With the onset of the ghost hunting movement, how can a person know what group is real and those who are not? It is a good question and one that comes up more often than it used to. If you are looking for a group to align yourselves with, to really learn about ghosts, and be part of a team of investigators, you will want a credible, serious group to enjoy associating with for investigations. Look for an honest group of people who focus on learning, documenting and sharing their experiences. When the focus becomes one of bashing other groups or individuals, you will find no value in participating as there is no serious research taking place.
People forget they have the right to check out a group before becoming involved with them. Take some time to read different websites to see what kind of research is being conducted and if they are actively researching. Ask questions and if you are hearing or reading about them targeting other groups or bashing other individuals, just understand that is part of what they do and will continue to do. When in doubt, try to learn more before getting involved and see if they have a growing membership or a declining one.
Over the years we have heard from many people how dissatisfied they are with a club they joined. They may pay a high membership fee and end up excluded from investigations or they have their names associated with groups for a lifetime, finding they don't like the way the group conducts themselves. They may join a club only to find they are not learning anything and the meetings are boring without planned activities of any kind.
If people find they are not happy with a club, we recommend they start one of their own because realistically, the smaller the club, the better the club. You can conduct meetings in the way that you want them to be conducted for the purposes that you found interesting in ghost research in the first place. We have families that conduct investigations together and the common interest they find actually makes for a tighter, closer family unit that discovers they have a lot of fun together.
There are some wonderful clubs out there and wonderful people who are interested in learning and doing more. There are people out there who have self-centered agendas and use others to promote themselves. They use the work of others as their own, including members of their clubs, for egotistical purposes. Your work and the results belong to you and that is where the credit should be given, not stolen by others.
The IGHS was established for those who want to learn more and share what they have learned with others. There is far more to learn than any one group can discover solely. Working together is the key and the distractions of hate groups and bashing have no place in research. Ego has no place in research as no one has all the answers, nor does any one group know it all. Ghosts and paranormal events are a part of one of the greatest mysteries in life and we have barely scratched the surface of this field of knowledge.
No one has lost the right to IGHS membership unless his or her actions warrant it. We have only banished two members for unethical conduct. The one man I spoke about that takes money from women struts around in a tuxedo to improve his outward appearance after being banished from the IGHS, yes, he was a victim in fancy duds paid for by the woman he conned and blaming the IGHS for his loss of membership.
We strive to make folks feel equal and part of the work we do. We wear Tee Shirts for investigations and jeans to workshops and conferences without fancy dinners or added expense. If you are not comfortable then nothing around you feels comfortable and the focus is not on what you can learn but when you can get those tight shoes off your poor feet.
The letters of support are amazing and continue to come in daily. It's a sorry day when people have to take the time to clarify what they are doing and that they continue to work as honestly and positively as the day they started. Have a good week.
Bob Gallienne,
I often wonder what a hunter from 200-years-ago would say if he was to watch a modern hunter get ready to hunt. Most likely the hunter of today would have thermal underwear, camouflage clothes, gloves, a hat, scent away spray, glasses, a rifle with a fancy scope, binoculars, etc. 200-years-ago the average hunter had a black powder rifle and himself. Yet chances are the old time hunter shot more game for the survival of his family.
 What does this have to do with paranormal research? If one surfs the net for any length of time, particularly the novice investigator, you get the impression that the well-equipped ghost hunter of today needs at least $700 worth of equipment. The standard kit consisting of an EMF meter, an IR thermometer, motion detectors, recorders of several types, digital cameras, video cameras, night vision equipment,  air ion counters, flash lights, walkie-talkies, divining rods, and of course the fancy aluminum briefcase to carry all this neat stuff. I fell victim to this idea myself and now have three cases full of really neat stuff, that I never use.
Now what I notice is that most investigators fall into two categories. Some favor photography and others favor EVP research. EVPs in my case are what I most like about ghost hunting and 90% of the time, all I have is my digital recorder and sometimes a backup tape recorder. I don't even have a flashlight most of the time because EVPs can be recorded day or night and I prefer day work. I know most researchers claim 9 PM to 3 AM to be prime ghost time but I haven't found this to be the case. If I fell into the photography position, I dare say I would have a digital camera and maybe a back up 35mm film camera.
My point in all this is simple. If you are just starting out don't fall victim to the idea that a good ghost hunter needs a bunch of neat looking, most of the time useless, equipment. Figure out which type of research you like most and buy a camera or a recorder. While I can see the justification that some of this stuff is handy, it just isn't necessary.
Start with the basics and you will have a blast and not go broke doing it. If, in the future, some of these neat gizmos still look like something you cant work without go ahead and invest the money then. Just start simple and have fun at first, its all you really need. I might as well use this space while I’m on the subject.
 FOR SALE: Three cases of really neat ghost equipment in fancy aluminum briefcases. $750 OBO.
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Kind regards,
Dave, Sharon & BooBoo
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