Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, September 26, 2004 Standish, California
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 14:07:01 -0400 (EDT)

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter

September 26, 2004 from Standish, California


Dr. Dave’s Notes:

Last weeks Newsletter had a bad hot link to the Ghost Charm Jewelry page. The error was my fault, but I have corrected it now. I have also corrected the address on photo icon for the jewelry on the home page. Many of our fans and visitors have written to us about the bad link, and we thank them for their diligence. Halloween is just around the corner, a beautiful ghost charm necklace would be the perfect treat for someone you love, or for yourself. Take pride in your hobby as a ghost hunter, wear your ghost charm necklace and you will be amazed at the conversations that start up over the ghost charm.


Also, check out the Yak Tail Skull Bone ghost charm jewelry, the Yak Tail Skulls are hand carved and difficult to find anywhere. Just because little old Tibetan monks didn't carry the Yak Tail Skull Bone beads over the Big Hump does not diminish the rarity of these beads. We have only found them in one place during all the years of our travels. Sharon’s creations are beautiful and unique. These ghost charm necklaces would make a wonderful Halloween gift to someone special. Check out the Carnelian and Ghost Charm necklaces at


We are currently investigating the experimental utopian agrarian village known as Standish Colony, near Susanville, CA. This 1897 town elected to follow the Colonial Plan as created by Miles Standish at the Plymouth Colony back in the late 1600s. This utopian society like so many others societies failed to survive the test of time. We remember our visit to the Rugby, Tennessee utopian community, whose followers came from England, who built their community and prospered for a season or two, but in the end, discontent and jealousies destroyed the community. The Mormon United Order also prospered for a season, but it too failed to survive because of discontent and jealousies. The reasons behind the failure of the Standish Colony have been lost in a foggy past. All that is standing today from the original buildings is the Standish Hall built in 1908. Modern buildings and homes have replaced the rest of the town. The RV Park we are staying in once was the site of the mercantile building and the Wayside Inn convenience store and deli across from the Park was built on the old hotel site.


The Standish Hall is probably the oldest standing wooden hall in the United States. This building was built as the Village Hall of the Colony Plan, which was designated as the heart of the colony. It was located in the center of the village and was the place where Town Meetings were held. This concept of Town Meetings stems from the Colony Plan where all land owners voted one vote for each acre of land they owned. It was thought that the man with 40 acres had more at risk financially than the man with 20 acres. This was the same plan used at the Plymouth Colony. The Colony was a business enterprise and each man had to buy in at $10 an acre to finance the Colony coffers.


The Standish Hall is haunted, of that we have no doubts. We have talked to people living here who swear they have seen the curtains in the upper windows move by themselves. Some reported that they feel watched in the building, while others claim they feel nothing when in the building. A few years ago, Sharon took a photo of me walking through a doorway upstairs. In the photo was my self and an orb close to my face. Now before anyone jumps to the conclusion of dust orbs, the window to my left held the shadow of my face and the shadow of the orb imprinted on the window and also captured as a digital image. This ghost orb cast a shadow onto the window, just as my head cast a shadow when Sharon’s flash went off. Sharon got some good EVP on the bottom floor of the Hall, which we will play on the Jeff Rense program next Friday night.


Our sudden departure from New Mexico to Oregon due to the Mother's accident threw a monkey wrench into our time schedule so we are trying to make up for lost time. We are on our way back to Arizona to complete the balance of our stories. I am glad we do not have to travel to Florida right now to complete our stories, as the multiple hurricanes threatening to sink the State of Florida is reminisce of the 1995 hurricane season that did so much damage to Florida. I cannot imagine the grief and sorrow felt by those living in the path of the approaching hurricanes nor those whose homes and lives were forever changed. I think I would rather worry about dealing with rattlesnakes when we investigate ghost towns of the West than have to face the worry of these destructive hurricanes.


We are in a cycle of hurricanes now, similar to the storms that occurred in 1995. Some may believe in the Super Storms and climatic reversals, but the one thing we have learned from our research into the history of places is that everything follows a cycle. While living at the Crooked River Ranch, we found that one hundred years ago the desert terrain of today were then green pastures and flowing streams. The climate changed and the green grassy land changed to desert sagebrush when the streams dried up. These storms come and go in their natural cycles, and just because we do not remember those cycles does not mean that they are new and more forceful. We will always have doomsday prophets crying about Super Storms and Climatic Reversals, but then again, these same doomsday prophets said Y2K would bring economic ruins to our world and that didn't happen, nor have the prophecies of Haley's comet heralding in destruction and mayhem come to past. It seems to me the only benefit to these doomsday prophets were their books sales to the public. By the way, why did they write books to sell if the world were coming to an end?


Our Life Time Membership and Clip ID Badge is an excellent bargain over purchasing a yearly IGHS Membership Certificate and yearly Clip ID Badge. We have been going strong for nine years and we will be going strong for the next nine years, so why not save some bucks and sign up for the Life Time Membership. Some ghost organizations charge over $500 for a life time membership, we offer our Life Time Memberships at the same price as when we first offered them many years ago. Check out the good deal at


We invite our readers to share their stories and experiences on the Gettysburg Battlefield. If we use your story, it will appear in our America’s Hauntings:  Volume 5: Ghosts of Gettysburg book. You can send them to us via email. We would also like to include photos and EVP for the book. Sorry, no dust orbs, but ectoplasmic vapor and orbs in motion are acceptable.


We are looking for stories and photos from such haunted sites as Slaughters Pen, Triangular Field, Valley of Death, Devils Den, Little Round Top, Wheatfield, Rose Woods, Reynolds Woods, Iverson’s Pits, Pardee Field, Culp Hill, Spangler’s Springs, Peach Orchard, Sachs Bridge, East Calvary Field, Village of Gettysburg, Cashtown Inn, Lighteners Farm, Confederate Avenue, Seminary Ridge, Cemetery Ridge, and the Pickett Charge field. Release Forms for the stories and photos/EVP are required by our publisher.


The author will be credited with his story, photos, and EVPs, however, we will do the editing of those stories. We did a similar thing with Brad Steiger. We shared one of our ghost stories and photo with Brad Steiger in his recent book, Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, Haunted Places. Our story appears in his book with our names as its authors. This is your opportunity to have your story published about your experience on the haunted Gettysburg Battlefield.


Happy trails.


Sharon’s Notes:

Every event, party, or get together can be memorable. At Halloween, the food table is a big draw, especially when you have prepared some classic, ghoulish recipes that are unique and different. Along with that special food, the drinks are important. There are all kinds of special recipes available right now that are easy to prepare and good to drink. One that I especially like we will call, Boo Brew. It not only tastes special, it looks good in the punch bowl on your table.


2 cups Apple Cider

2 cups vanilla ice cream or vanilla frozen yogurt

2 Tbsp. Honey

½ tsp ground cinnamon

¼ tsp nutmeg


In a blender, process all ingredients until smooth. Serve this individually immediately after making. To serve punch-bowl style, add 2 one liter bottles of club soda or ginger ale, chilled. To add color to your punch, add a few drops of food coloring, until you get the color you want.

Happy Haunting!



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