Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, November 7, 2004 Wickenburg, Arizona
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 11:32:14 -0500 (EST)

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter

November 7, 2004 from Wickenburg, Arizona


Dr. Dave’s Notes:

I just got word from my brother that our mother is not doing well. She is out of the hospital and currently staying at my brother's place to see how well she can handle herself. However, she is not improving, but slowly sliding downhill in health. Her outcome does not look good at the present time.


If you missed the book review of Haunted America Speaks, I have posted it on our web site at We are busy finishing up our next book, Restless Spirits Across America, due in a few weeks to our publisher then we will be starting on Ancient Ruins and Other Haunts that will be due in June of 2005 along with our full version book, How to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices. We will go into the history of EVP and give photo examples of each step in recording ghost voices and in working with the Acoustica 2.25 software. Our book five, Ghosts of Gettysburg is due in January 2006 so we will be busy campers for this coming year.


According to some pagan traditions, November 1 was the first day of the New Year, with October 31 being the end of the old year. Later the New Year became January 1, thanks to the Roman Church. People often ask if Halloween is more haunted than other days of the year. The Wiccans teach that the veil is thinnest at this time of year for the dead to cross over to this side. However, it has been our experience that is just plain old folklore and has nothing to do with the reality of the world we live in. We find that the seasons do not affect the activity of ghosts. I know that some ghost hunters profess that seasonal changes do affect the activities of ghosts, but we have never found this myth to be valid, at least not for us. We record ghost voices year round, in snow or during the heat of summer.


The IGHS has been teaching that ghosts interface with this dimension when the geomagnetic fields are at their peak field strength. We have been teaching this concept of over a decade. It is the geomagnetic fields or the electromagnetic fields that enable the spirits to manifest in this dimension. Solar storms caused by solar flares bombarding the earth are also another ideal time for the manifestations of ghosts. Halloween has nothing to do with these paranormal events. However, Halloween is one of the holidays that we have the most fun ourselves. It is a time of fun and enjoyment.


Some of our readers have asked how they can identify a portal opening. For new readers, a portal opening is like a worm hole that connects our dimension with the spirit dimension that allows two way travel. We would offer the following description of a portal opening from our own experiences. When the portal is active, intense electromagnetic fields will affect people within the immediate area. Some people will suddenly develop intense headaches and will feel like their life energy is being sucked out of their bodies. Standing near an active portal is not a pleasant experience. The opening does not remain open for long. We believe that these portal openings generate strong radio frequencies that RF scanners can detected.


A portal opening is not to be confused with photos showing dozens of orbs caused by airborne dust particles we call dust orbs. Environmental orbs are very common and will not show up in every digital photo because the orbs float on air currents and will be captured if they pass in front of the camera lens. Since photos are two-dimensional. Distance and size cannot be determined in two-dimensional photographs, unless the anomaly is behind another object. All orbs in front of people simply means that they are near the lens, not the people themselves. The best and only safeguard to determine if environmental orbs are present is to shine a million power candle spot light into the air, if airborne particles are present, they can be observed in the beam of light. These are not paranormal orbs, but airborne dust, pollen, or moisture orbs.


I was thinking about parallel dimensions, a part of the Many World Theory of Quantum Mechanics, the other night after I went to bed. I was trying to get a grasp on the concept and be in a position to explain it to someone if asked. I thought of the film, City Slickers, where Curly (Jack Palance) held up one finger to Billy Crystal and said that he had to find the one thing that was important in life. I thought about his holding up the one finger and realized that this one finger was also an explanation of parallel dimensions.


If I observe the single finger, I will see nothing behind the finger as it blocks out everything else. Instead of a finger, if I held up a book with 1,000 pages, all I would see is the cover and not the first page. If each of these pages represented a separate dimension, with the cover being our present dimension, all I would see is the cover of the book. The first page would be the closest parallel dimension where according to the MWT the only difference would be something very minor. It would be out of phase with our dimension and therefore we could not see it or know that it existed.


If for some reason that phase relationship shifted so that page one became the visible page, that dimension would become our present dimension. My concept suggests that parallel dimensions are out of phase with our world. Perhaps during peak geomagnetic conditions the phases naturally shift and this is why another dimension can slide into our awareness, but due to instability, it does not remain long.


Under this concept, the pages at the beginning of the book would more closely relate to parallel worlds that we recognize and accept as normal. The pages at the end of the book would represent parallel worlds that are so different from our present world as to be considered the opposites of this world. In these worlds, the Dave Oester’s might be considered, my evil twins. In each of these parallel worlds, Dave Oester would exist and function. The interesting aspect is that there are an infinite number of Dave Oester so does that mean that each Dave Oester has an individual soul or do we all share the same soul, but as a fragment of the total that exist?


The Many World Theory is also referred to as Pocket Universes, so each parallel world exists in a universe outside of this realm. We talk about the God of this Universe, but is the God of this Universe also the God of all other Universes, or does each Universe have its own God, thus our God is but one of many Gods?


During the middle Ages, the Church taught that the sun revolved around the earth and that the earth was the center of the Universe, but later scientists proved that this concept was not valid, much to the chagrin of Church leaders. Religion will have a difficult journey when parallel worlds no longer are a thing of science fiction, but a reality of Quantum Mechanics.


One of the reasons we discuss the concept of parallel worlds is that it is unclear whether a haunting is from entities existing in the spirit dimension or if the entities exist in a parallel world that suddenly overlapped into our dimension. In these cases, perhaps we are the ghosts that they talk about in their dimension. We suddenly appear in their hallways and living rooms and vanish when they scream at the apparitions. In our reality, we see a woman or man suddenly appear in our hallway or living room, they look startled, and suddenly they disappear. Are these the ghosts that people see, or are they dimensional visitors caught in a dimensional shift? I believe we can experience both kinds of apparitions, ghostly and dimensional.


As ghost researchers, we are seeking answers to questions about the survival of the soul. We believe that true ghost experiences provide us with evidence of life after death. Our life continues beyond the grave and that everything we learn here, our intelligences, our emotions, and our personalities will continue with us. We believe that death is a comma and not a period in life's journey. What are true ghost experiences? We would suggest that when loved ones pass over to the other side and return to let their loved ones know they are happy, that single experience is a positive boost.


Spirits remain earth bound for many reasons, perhaps as many as there are people who live and die. Death is simply a transformation, as in going from one room to another room. It is my opinion that in order for us to continue in our new spiritual mode, we have to learn to let go of any earth anchors that would prevent us from spiritual growth. Anchors, such as negative emotions or tasks unfinished must be resolved and allowed to remain behind. The adage of forgive and forget is vital to our emotional health. Too many people hang onto anchors that prevent them from soaring to their heights.


Happy trails.


Sharon’s Notes:

Halloween has come and gone and here we are in the month of November already. Next, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving when family members come together, thankful for the unity of family and a host of reasons to be thankful this year. We all have things we are thankful for in our lives and should remember each day those things that give us the quality of our lives and those who are most meaningful.


Halloween is a special time of year. Nature is preparing for a long winters sleep; the winds of change stir something within us all though it is hard to find the right words to describe it. Halloween is a time of ghosts and goblins roaming the earth when the veil is thinnest. It is a time of fun and laughter, parties, trick or treat and a ghost story or two.


I listened to the ghost stories told on the radio and when I could, I watched all the programs presented on ghosts, ghost hunters and haunted sites on television. The television media outdoes themselves every year. It seems Halloween brings out more ghost hunters than ghosts! It is the self-proclaimed psychics on television that catch my attention as in almost every program they see or sense a presence, yet, there is very rarely any evidence to validate what they are saying. They are always at a haunted site with a known history of ghost activity taking place, yet when they are in these places, all is quiet.


Recently, I observed one very pushy psychic, dressed all in black, insisting there were ghosts around her while the owner of the building kept insisting there had been no ghostly activity since she had been there. At one point, while the psychic was sensing a presence, the owner was making every effort not to laugh out loud. It was quite an emotional scene, to be sure. For over five years, the owner had lived peacefully in a place once reported to be actively haunted with mischievous spirits. It seemed the ghosts had moved on when the former tenants moved out. The psychic, however, felt there were ghosts there, wanted to roam throughout the house and even down into the basement, against the will of the owner.


The husband of this psychic, in the meantime was wandering around the living area with his EMF Meter, around the television and different appliances in the structure, getting all kinds of anomalous readings. The meter started buzzing, indicating spirit activity as he stood in front of the television set. That was the area of the greatest ghost activity. I was astonished at how anyone could misuse a tool such as the one he had in his hand. Obviously, his readings were false, yet to him, he had discovered an area of activity. I realize some folks do not know how to use some of the tools we have recommended over the years, but these two were determined to prove there were still ghostly residents present even from artificial EMF emissions.


Outside of the EMF Meter, the husband had a digital camera around his neck. He took photographs inside the house and proceeded to take pictures of the outside of the house. The photos taken to validate what the psychic had said, it validated more her desire for a ghost still in residence. Nothing was captured inside the dwelling but when snapping photos of the windows from the outside, the couple insisted they could see faces in the glass. Having analyzed thousands of photos, we have received many that people knew had faces in the windows. 


When trees surround a building and there are fluffy white clouds in the sky, chances are real good that someone might see anomalous figures or faces in windows. When taking pictures outside of a building, it stands to reason that we need to consider reflection in the glass. In the case of the husband of the psychic in this particular program, he neglected to consider the white clouds reflecting as a possible, natural cause for the white objects he saw in the windows. To any experienced ghost hunter, this would have been obvious. When people give misinformation to validate something they are trying to prove, it invalidates anything they have done during the course of the investigation. In my opinion, the entire program was a waste of time and the investigation demonstrated nothing more than ignorance on the part of two people who claimed to be professional investigators.


Most of the ghost stories I heard on the radio stemmed from personal experiences that took place at sites of tragedy. Some people took their own lives in the depth of despair, someone was murdered at a particular site, or a tragic accident had taken place. That seems to be a common link when it comes to paranormal activity. In talking to people and researching the history of an area, we can often times learn what events led to a haunting. We can get a better idea of why spirits would remain at sites of known hauntings and document the activity we experience there.


We live in a wondrous world filled with mystery. We have minute particles we cannot see with the naked eye that can take life from us very quickly and though we do not see them, they are very much a part of our world. There is far more to this life than our five limited senses can detect. We are only in the first stages of learning what is around us. Opening one door of discovery only leads to many more doors yet to be opened. No one has all the answers to these mysteries, as most of the questions have not, yet, been asked. The true test of any professional ghost hunter is if they have common sense. So many people who profess to be ghost hunters lack common sense.


Happy Hauntings


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