Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, November 14, 2004 Wickenburg, Arizona
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 11:35:21 -0500 (EST)

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter

November 14, 2004 from Wickenburg, Arizona


Dr. Dave’s Notes:

I just got word from my brother that our mother is not doing well. She is out of the hospital and currently staying at my brother's place to see how well she can handle herself. However, she is not improving, but slowly sliding downhill in health. Her outcome does not look good at the present time.


If you missed the book review of Haunted America Speaks, I have posted it on our web site at We are busy finishing up our next book, Restless Spirits Across America, due in a few weeks to our publisher then we will be starting on Ancient Ruins and Other Haunts that will be due in June of 2005 along with our full version book, How to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices. We will go into the history of EVP and give photo examples of each step in recording ghost voices and in working with the Acoustica 2.25 software.


Our book five, Ghosts of Gettysburg is due in January 2006 so we will be busy campers for this coming year. If you have stories from the Gettysburg area and would like us to consider including those stories, photos and EVP in our book five, drop us an email and we can chat about it. We literally started the ghost hunting movement in Gettysburg. We were the first to hold ghost conferences in Gettysburg in 1997, and since holding some six ghost conferences there. Before our ghost conferences, no one was out on the battlefield taking flash photos, but after our conferences, there isn't a night that you drive out to the battlefield and not see flashes blazing in the night. Unfortunately even when it is raining and all those ghost hunters capture are rain drop orbs.


We are not too far from the legendary haunted Vulture City, an old mining town situated near Vulture Peak. At one time, Vulture City almost became the capital of Arizona, but lost out by a few votes to Phoenix. Today all that remains of Vulture City is a mine shaft, a few stone, wood building, and a whole lot of history.


As we continue to record EVP at some of the old abandoned cemeteries, the voices we record are filled with emotions, often relating back to the time of their death or the manner in which they died. The emotions are strong and vibrant, suggesting that how we control our emotions in this life will resemble how we respond in the life to come beyond the grave.


What are emotions? Emotions are almost abstract in nature, we talk about emotional outbursts, we get teary eyed from a film or video, yet what are emotions? Emotions are what make us human. We hear that if we have no emotions, we are nothing more than the walking dead, but that is not true as the dead have emotions. We confuse the Hollywood version of the dead as ghouls and demented creatures of the night with the actual world of the dead. The two have nothing in common. When we die, we simply go from one room to another room that is off limits to the living. It does not mean we perish forever, but rather we now exist in a dimension that is free of physical pain and suffering. We are not free of our emotional suffering or of the negative baggage; we carry with us throughout our life.


In the Christian concept of life, upon death, each person leaves behind their emotional baggage and continues to the Pearly Gates into the presence of angels and heavenly beings where they sing praises to their God for an eternity while sitting upon clouds playing their harps. Unfortunately, this is a fairy tale. Those passing beyond the grave do not lose their emotional baggage. If they were angry in life, they will be angry in death. Those who fear going to hell will find that when they cross over they will find themselves in their hell. This hell is created by them as their self-inflicted punishment, until such time as they can let go of their fear of hell and realize that they can create what ever reality they so desire.


We have never encountered demons, devils, angels or had any of the thousands of EVP recordings of the dead speak about anything related to the Christian theory of life beyond the grave. In most cases, where people claim demons or demonic spirits are in their home, we find that those contacting us label anything that they do not understand as being evil. Often we find that people who love their parents will be fearful when a deceased parent contacts them after death. It seems in life we love them, but in death, we fear them. This doesn't make much sense, except to suggest that we have a fear of the dead. 


The International Ghost Hunters Society teaches that life goes on beyond the grave. Our family and friends will remain our family and friends, even beyond the grave. Our beloved pets will pass over to the other side and yet they will remain near by us, as their love for us does not diminish with death. Love does survive the grave and remains active. Love is a bond that connects them to us. Sharon and I have lost beloved pets and they do not remain far from us. Our little Yorkshire terrier named Shadow, passed away seven years ago, yet she is still around and often makes herself known to us. She may not be here all the time, after all, she has an active dog life on the other side. I image she is having fun chasing all the cats, yet she still has time to let us now that she is around us from time to time.


Those who do not believe in life after death will be in for a rude awakening when they pass beyond the grave. Look around you and you will see people in all stages of life. Some will be young and death is the last thing on their mind, others will have one foot in the grave and one foot on this side of life. They may have worries about life after death. Some may be looking forward to the next life. When they hear about a ghost or a haunting, they simply discount it as hogwash. For them, ghosts are not a part of the reality of life. Yet, we suggest that ghosts are the evidence of life beyond the grave. Ghosts are the real world of the dead, not some theory about life where we play harps for eternity, but the real world where once we are on the other side, our hang-ups will still remain with us.


This is the life to get rid of our hang-ups. This is the time to let go of our bitterness and anger about past events or family issues. Life is too short to hold onto the weight of negative baggage. When we say let go, we are simply suggesting that we release the psychological and emotional anchors we hold onto so that we are free from those burdens. This does not mean we allow ourselves to be placed back into those positions that caused us such anguish, but we can learn from negative experiences while letting them go. If we have a toxic parent who is nothing but poison, let go of the anger and move on with life, but do not go back to that parent again. Forgive them, but avoid the venom so they cannot poison you again.


Life is not perfect and we all suffer from time to time. Perhaps the best advice is the saying, “This too shall pass!” Bad times do come, but just as a clock will click off the minutes, so too shall the bad time pass. There is always a tomorrow and another tomorrow. To experience sorrow and grief is to be human, to grow from such experiences is divine.


Happy trails.


Sharon’s Notes:

I have always heard, you are what you eat, but lately I heard someone say, “You are what you think.” This is so very true, if you think about it. It is our thinking that develops the personalities that we have and the people we become. For Instance, do you ever look in the mirror and think how very fat you look? With our appearances being so important in this day and age, I'm sure that's something that crosses many thousands of minds, daily. Once you see your image and deem it to be less than desired, the thoughts of that stay with you the rest of the day. Your clothing may feel a bit tighter, your mood descends, and desperate thoughts of how to lose those extra pounds are a feature of the days thinking. This applies to anything and everything we do on a daily basis.


Did you perhaps grow up being told how dumb you are or how you will never amount to anything? As children, those negative statements are a part of how we feel about ourselves and in the formative years are part of what molds us into the adults we become. As a child, when a parent tells us how worthless we are or how we will never learn anything, after a time, we believe it to be true. If we are told we will fail and believe it, we fail. Today, professionals are seeing the damage being done by this kind of verbal abuse and they are making a great effort to reverse the negative programming in our kids. The focus now being a more positive one, is essential to boosting a child's self-image.


Falling into the trap of negative thinking is easier than people might think. The fact is that most very negative people never stop to think about what they are saying, how it sounds, or how it affects the people around them. Negative people are those who push people away by their mere behavior, yet they don't stop to realize what the root of the problem might be. This article is intended to help folks recognize and be aware of negative thinking and behavior, in themselves or those around them and to help them come to understand that they can change that negative pattern, changing their lives.


Becoming aware of negative thinking and negative people can be the first step to prevent falling into that negative trap. It has become enough of a problem within the community of man, which I am hearing it discussed on talk radio all across this nation and finding articles about it in magazines and newspapers everywhere. I'm sure the subject comes up on television programs, but we are presently not privy to that form of media. I understand that it has become a problem worthy of discussion, especially in such times of turmoil and unknowing what lies ahead.


The problem of negative thinking has always been there, growing and becoming habitual. It is all around us like an invisible force drawing people in and holding them in its grasp. Everywhere we turn, we are being bombarded with negative energy as times are changing. The nightly news is rarely anything that makes us feel good anymore. To be aware of what is taking place in this world, we are in the habit of turning on the news daily. The majority of what we hear are the negative events taking place, here in our country and abroad. The tragedy of the terrorist attack in September added fuel to an already burning fire, which has accelerated and increased the negative toxicity all around us. Because of 9/11, more people have become aware of the power and strength of negativity, which has become a topic open for discussion. We are in trouble.


Correcting negative thinking starts within ourselves. Your brain automatically sends messages thousands of times a day; unfortunately, they aren't always the most encouraging. More often than not, they relate to our shortcomings rather than the successes we experience. The things we accomplish and the good we do are forgotten shortly afterward yet the more negative things in our lives, hang right in there. Our negative messaging, constantly filling our thoughts causes us more problems, such as making decisions that are impulsive and emotional rather than decisions that are rational or sensible. Just a simple example of that would be getting angry after a negative event and feeling the strong urge to go on a shopping spree or overindulging ourselves on ice cream sundaes after finding we've failed at our diet anyway. These are just small examples of poor decision-making influenced by negative factors in our lives. I'm pretty sure we can all relate to either or both of those examples.


We have the ability to control our negative thoughts, just as we are able to think in positive ways. It is like the Yin Yang, or the balance that is needed in all things. When one takes control over the other, negative over positive thoughts, the positive fades into the background and the longer one remains in control, the more out of balance our lives become. By being aware of the negative takeover in our thinking, we can restore balance to our thoughts that in turn brings our lives back into the needed balance. Negative thinking brings us despair yet positive thinking gives us hope. What people think about themselves makes all the difference in their self-esteem and when we feel good about ourselves, the world doesn't quite look as bad.


Being aware of negative thinking means, we can then stop those negative thoughts and put them into perspective. What is the problem that lies as the basis for the onset of those negative thoughts? Take a good look at it, ask yourself what started the process and deal with it.  In that way, it can be set aside and not become an obsession that creates more problems later, nor will it become a negative rut that continues as a habit.


Avoid black and white thinking. According to Dr. Monica Basco, clinical psychologist, some of us tend to think things must be done in certain ways or in no way at all. If a person speaks in absolutes, such as “always” or “never” they think in black and white and are in an all or nothing trap. Avoid that type of extreme thinking. Nothing in life is absolute outside of death and taxes, so by using “often” rather than “always” we allow ourselves to see moderation in all things.


If you find yourself thinking that if you can't do something to perfection then you don't want to do it at all, stop, and think for a minute. If things have to be done to meet a high standard of perfection, you have already set yourself up for failure in that all or nothing way of thinking. We view failure as a completely negative outcome, so step back and get perspective on how something can be accomplished with pleasure not pressure. Approach each new day and each project on the basis on how to do things better, improving time spent. Face the future with a positive outlook on bettering each day, not regressing to what was done wrongly in the past.


Generate the positive thinking you want in your life and shed the negative thinking that we fall into so easily. Think back on the days when you have felt positive and confident and how everything seemed to fall into place easily. Days when we are at our lowest, we lack confidence and our self-esteem plummets, nothing seems to go the way we would like and it is discouraging. That is one good example of the difference between negative and positive thinking and the outcomes we generate.


Dave and I have put a great deal of emphasis on positive vs. negative thinking. We have also emphasized that we project our energies, positive and/or negative and attract the same back to us. New research has shown this to be true. If you project negativity, negative people and negative situations are drawn to you, where positive energy being projected out attracts positive people and opportunities. You are virtually a walking magnet!


Positive and negative thoughts can be very powerful. Research done at the Institute for Work and Health in Toronto has shown that a positive attitude can aid in healing where a negative attitude can delay healing. Recent studies indicate that nine out of ten people, who change from a negative attitude to a positive one, see a positive improvement in their lives. Research has also shown that people tend to dwell on the more negative aspects of themselves more so than the positive ones.


Feeling good about yourself is an instantaneous creation of positive energy! It is important to recall our successes, deeds and accomplishments that generate that positive energy.


We all make mistakes, as that is the nature of how we learn. Being able to realize we all mess up, opens the door to forgiving ourselves and letting go of the negative energy associated with errors. Being able to forgive ourselves and let the negative energy go, opens up more room for the more positive energy that we need to fill our thoughts and lives. Positive energy moves people forward because it motivates and energizes. Negative energy retards and inhibits forward motion, it stalls growth and holds us back, and it limits our potential. It all pertains to the thought patterns, be they negative or positive and the influence our thinking has on our outcomes.


The first thing to be done is to be aware of the negative messages that sent out by our brains.  Deal with them, rationalize them, and thwart the damage being done by stopping them. Realize that mistakes happen and forgive yourself, going into the next day with the new attitude of improving each day in more positive ways. Focus on your accomplishments rather than your failures, looking forward to the future, not back, to what once was. We can't change the past but we can learn from it to change the future for ourselves in ways that are more positive.


We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine. Find the things around you that make you feel good, make you laugh or bring you the greatest pleasure and enjoyment, should you find yourself slipping into a negative trap. Funny movies can bring on a more positive attitude and laughter makes us all feel better. Mingle with positive people and avoid those who look for the negative in other people or things around them. You will find that life offers a lot of positive energy as we let go of negative patterns. Even the bumps along life's road don't seem quite so harsh when our outlook, attitudes and our thinking changes.


All I have shared here deals with life and making it more positive because this is where it all begins, within ourselves. Negative unresolved issues go with us in death and we are still faced with finding resolution when we leave this physical plane of existence. We don't shed the negative attitudes or emotions with our physical bodies. Our emotions, hang-up's and issues go with us and to find the answers and resolve the problems can become anchors in death. Suicide solves nothing as those issues that caused a person to take their very life, remain with them on the other side until they can find resolution. Suicide does not solve any problems, it only create new ones to be added to the existing problems. 


The International Ghost Hunters Society is a research society that believes that by understanding human thinking and behavior, we come to a better understanding of the nature of ghosts. Most of our research has given us a good foundation for this theory and has helped many to understand and deal with spirits present in their homes or places where there is ghostly activity. Research into the spirit realm is the focal point of our organization. Helping others to understand is a very important aspect of this research. If in writing this article on negative thought processes and helping people recognize there is something they can do to help themselves and improve their lives, then we all benefit from the changes being made. May you all have a good and positive week ahead.


Happy Hauntings



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