Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, November 28, 2004 Wickenburg, Arizona
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 15:37:27 -0500 (EST)

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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter

November 28, 2004 from Wickenburg, Arizona


Dr. Dave’s Notes:

We have decided to offer a Christmas Special on our Home Study Courses. Each of the programs are discounted now through the New Year. If you are thinking about certification through the International Ghost Hunters Society, check out our specials today at


Probably the most asked question about the certification program is why we have the right to certify anyone as a ghost hunter. This may seem like a valid question, but if you examine it closely, it fails to take into consideration that we are and have been the pioneers in ghost research since 1996. We promoted the ghost hunting movement on the Net by training tens of thousands of beginners who wanted to know more about ghost hunting. We became the most popular ghost hunting web site on the Internet.


We established scientific standards and protocols for new beginners that separated them from amateurs who were taking photos of rain drops and calling them ghost orbs and ghost hunters using Ouija boards as their main tools. We established a scientific approach, void of Ouija boards and psychic wannabe's seeking fame and limelight. Since not everyone can be psychic, we taught the scientific approach that anyone could follow and duplicate what we were doing.


We certify our students because we are the institution that did the training and provided the education to those seeking to enter this field of endeavor. We offered the program in 1998, long before any other clubs decided that they should also offer home study courses. We are the only full time ghost researchers in this field; all others ghost researchers and parapsychologists hold day jobs outside of ghost hunting.


We share what we learned through our combined 30 years of experience in this field. We have made major contributions to the ghost hunting community. We coined the term “orb,” “vortex,” and “ecto.” We have taught ghost photography to tens of thousands of beginners who contacted us. We discovered and taught that the spirit realm is not inhabited by demonic or evil spirits, but the spirits of those who have died and return to be near their loved ones or others who remain here due to unfinished business or unresolved issues.


We answer emails from strangers, evaluate their photos for free, and take the time to work with people who are having problems, not rushing to investigate their haunts for a fee, but counsel with them and teach them how to undertake their own investigations. We always answer emails sent to us, which is a rarity according to those who write to us. Most ghost clubs will not respond to questions by visitors to their web sites.


We do not charge for conducting an investigation. We teach our members that exorcism and blessings have no place in our organization as they have no effect on the dead. The living has no power over the dead; the dead are beyond the religion of the living. Our program teaches about the relationship between the geomagnetic fields generated by the lunar cycles and solar storms as it effect the manifestation of ghostly activity. The traditional ghost hunter has no knowledge of how geomagnetic fields affect their ghost hunting results, but those who have taken our study courses fully understand the significance of lunar cycles and solar storms.


While some anti-IGHS groups bash our certification programs, they will certify people who take their own study programs. However, their programs are much less comprehensive and more directed toward the use of Ouija boards and psychic abilities rather than a course that follows the scientific approach to ghost hunting.


If readers are seeking an easy and cheap study program, ours is not for them. Our program is an in-depth analysis of the spiritual realm that interfaces with our physical realm. Our courses share our understanding and our insights gained from our research and intense love of this field. Our courses are for the serious student seeking enlightenment about the spirit realm, not the tire-kicker looking for a piece of paper to hang on the wall that they can buy for a few bucks.


Our study program will change lives and change the outlook toward the dead. We teach about the connection between the living and the dead. Many of our students, after completing our courses, start teaching their own workshops and seminars. Some decide to write books or open walking tours based on the knowledge they have gained from our certification program. We have no time limit for completing our courses; one couple finally completed their program after a five year absence from ghost hunting.


Going back to the original question, why do we have a right to certify anyone? The answer is because we are the International Ghost Hunters Society and we are the ones who have changed the traditional views of ghost hunting. Ghosts are not cursed and fragmented souls, but the souls of our loved ones who love us from beyond the grave and of those souls still working at resolving their emotional anchors locking them to this earth plane.


We certify students who undertake a training program through us, just as if you took a certification program from the Red Cross or from the local Fire Department. Our programs are second to none; we are the premier educational program on the study of ghosts and hauntings. We invite those seeking to gain a greater understanding of the spirits of the dead to undertake our home study programs, the certification is not the important aspect, but the knowledge you will gain from taking the courses will change your life.


I noticed that on Saturday, the airport in Reno was closed due to an unexpected snow storm that dumped some eighteen inches of snow up at Lake Tahoe. The FAA closed the airport and stranded people on the busiest travel day of the year. In October, we were in Reno where we did the G4TechTV cable show for Comcast. The weather was beautiful and warm and a month later, they are dealing with an early snow storm that closed the airport and stranded thousands of people.


From the window in our RV, I am viewing Arizona's blue skies and thankful that we are not in Reno, Nevada at this time. The shade trees still have their leaves, but they are slowing turning yellow and brown. The wind is gently tossing the leaves across the graveled area of the park. We are only ten minutes from the old ghost town of Congress where we take BooBoo to run free with us as we walk around recording EVP. There is something special about the desert setting; perhaps it is the clean air or the solitude that allows the inner voice to speak to our conscious mind. The desert can be harsh and unforgiving, but at the same time, it show harmony and beauty of God's workmanship.


BooBoo loves the time to be free and to check out whatever she wants to investigate. She stays close to us, she doesn't venture too far away. She will be sniffing one moment and suddenly she will flip her self upside now on her back and wiggle back and forth as if she is using the ground to scratch her back. We will be playing some of the EVP ghost voices we recorded this past week on our monthly radio program with Jeff Rense this coming Friday evening.


We do share one of BooBoo’s most interesting wiggles in our book, America's Hauntings Volume One: Haunted America Speaks, about the time we were investigating an old cemetery in the mountains of West Virginia. The old cemetery lies in a cow pasture and after we finished our investigation, we were walking back to the car when BooBoo decided to flip over and wiggle in the fresh green pie left by one of the cows. She loved the soft oozy feel of the fresh cow pie and then she wanted to share it with me. She came over to me and covered in green yuck. Sharon got a bottle of water and poured it over her trying to wash off the cow pie, but all BooBoo did was shake herself and all of the green yuck flew all over me. I now had my own camouflaged clothing, thanks to BooBoo. I am sure many of our readers can relate to similar events in their own investigations or laugh at the antics of our team member.


We heard from one member who was getting static from a local group of ghost hunters who laughed at using Reverse Speech to study EVP recordings. This is a perfect example of amateurs at work. These amateurs are in the dark about using Reverse Speech in analyzing ghost voices. Reverse Speech is a valuable tool for understanding the contents of EVP recordings. Anyone not familiar with Reverse Speech needs to take some time and learn about this technique that we have been using for the last seven years. More info can be found at www.ReverseSpeech.Com  and about its founder, David John Oates. In October, we did a two hour Australian radio program with him.


Happy trails.


Sharon’s Notes:

Dave and I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed the day with family and friend. We had a good day that included warm sunshine, a long walk in the Arizona desert and reflection on our thankfulness for a life we share in love, learning, and sharing with others. We are especially thankful for the fact that Dave’s Mother has healed enough from her injuries that she had returned to her own home. She has to be terribly happy about that, as it has been a long process of recovery for her. We are truly thankful for the support and prayers sent for her healing by so many members around the world.


We are thankful for the opportunity and the freedom to travel across America to discover new sites, historical and haunted, to gain insights into a realm unseen. We know it is very close to our own realm, as recorders capture voices of those who walked and worked the land before us. Photographs at times will capture the essence of those who remain on this plane of existence. At times, we know our physical plane meshes with the next plane of existence, just enough to alert us to other presences, and enough to raise more questions as to the mysteries all around us. Humanity has barely scratched the surface of this subject that has remained so taboo, but we are learning, one baby step at a time.


Dave and I work to learn. Over the past fifteen years we have learned some truths about ghosts and the spirit realm that have dispelled some of the myths passed down through generations and we've shared that knowledge. Other people are following what we teach and are learning about ghosts in their own areas, all across the country and around the world. Evidence of life after life is mounting, answering many questions, and raising more questions to answer. The physical evidence in photos, video, and voice recordings is astounding and continues to grow. Whether ghost research is a hobby or full time work, the existence of ghosts is being documented and folks are finding that ghosts are everywhere!


One thing I have noticed is that regardless who is out working to document ghosts, they all come to a point in their research where they talk about how they are sensing the spirits in places. We have some members who have developed real gifts of awareness to ghosts and to their surroundings. Some can feel the presence of spirits, some hear them, and some now see them. They have expressed that a whole new world of knowledge has opened to them where once these gifts were dormant and hidden. We can sit back and admire in awe, the gifts of those more spiritually aware who had had gifts all their lives as we watch them on their own television programs. They strive to help others communicate with deceased loved ones to find comfort in loss and unanswered questions with highly developed skills. We are all born with similar talents that unless we use them, they are lost before we recognize what they are and the value of developing them.


I seem to hear a lot of discussion about the sins of charging money for sharing knowledge by writing books and selling them, selling tools and memberships online and charging for time and services rendered. It seems there are some who feel if you do not author books to sell and take no money in the field you devote yourself to, them you are credible, worthy and border on sainthood.


Research is a double edged sword. There are those who boast that they sell nothing to support their work, which gives them pride, and yet in the same breath they complain they just don't have sufficient funds to continue their research as extensively as they want to. Donations are okay but they would never sell anything to support their hobby. It almost makes writing a book or working to educate people a disgusting practice and sends the credibility right down the toilet. What nonsense or as Dave would say, “That is a bunch of horse pucky!”.


Other people work hard to document their experiences and their research in publications, hold conferences, and make items available for others to learn and experience things for themselves. They aren't spending time complaining about the lack of funds to continue their work, though income from selling items may not make them wealthy ghost mongers as depicted by outside observers. The condemnation is unfounded for them selling knowledge and surrendering their credibility to some, in the process. Somewhere in there lies the answer without the sacrifice of credibility as I see this way of thinking as purely black or white with nothing between.


While condemning the small societies and their research, the mainstream psychics seen on television charge phenomenal amounts of money for readings over the telephone, write books to sell and hold conferences to teach without guilt or shame, loss of credibility, or condemnation for making money for their services. They remain respected, right, or wrong, without losing a thing.


Interestingly enough, research and time comes with cost. Grants are available for research projects worthy of funding; usually big names and institutions are involved. For the little guys, grants are rarely available so they fund their continuing work by selling books, holding workshops and sharing information to help others learn and understand. This is how they support their work and continue the research, though there are always those who go to extremes.


We investigated an old Victorian house one evening while in Pennsylvania. The woman was thrilled to meet our group as she had seen us on television and read our books. Her only question to us was how much we charged for an investigation. It seems she had contacted a group not far from her area and they quoted her $2,500 to investigate the house. We have never charged to investigate and she was shocked.


If you enroll in any class in any school, there is a cost to that education. We are now seeing some colleges offer Ghost Hunting 101 classes and of course, there is a cost to participating in the class. At the same time, a new area of knowledge is emerging and people are learning there is more to this life than we ever realized. Science tells us there are at least eleven dimensions beyond our physical plane of existence and they are sure there are a lot more they haven't discovered yet, but the research continues.


There is a microscopic world surrounding us that we may not see, hear, smell, taste, or feel with our fingers yet it effects us when we encounter it. Why else would companies off so many different anti-bacterial products to kill something we cannot detect with our senses? It exists and we know it because we have learned that unseen organisms cause illness, disease, and sometimes death.


There are those who believe the spirit realm effect us also, on a more spiritual level. Some who research mental illness teach that severe mental disorders stem from the spirit realm and those who take over our capacity for thought and reason. For many years mental illness was so misunderstood, anyone acting strangely found themselves locked up in a mental facility for life. These people were considered a danger to society and were separated from the public. Over the years and with more research, medical science has come to a better understanding of mental illness and chemical imbalance, suppressed emotions, and the effect of stress on people. In looking more closely at what affects us mentally, a foundation for the belief that the spirit realm affects our thoughts and desires is acknowledged. As a society, we were closed to such ‘nonsense’ until now. Logically, if the spirits had no influence on our minds, there would be no true psychics, there would be no communication from deceased loved ones telling us they are find and happy, and intuition as we know it would not exist.


We are energy and we are influenced by all that surrounds us. We are affected by the solar energy, lunar phases, and the energy of emotion of those around us. We can sense the projected anger, joy, and trouble nearby. A lot of people write to say they feel something is going to happen but they don't know what or why. Nothing in their five physical senses indicates a problem yet something deep within gives them a sense of foreboding, a present danger. We may identify this as a sixth sense but in many cases, it could relate to the influence of the spirits around us that bring us to a keener awareness.


This is an interesting concept that holds some credibility. I only hope we don't come to acknowledge the truth when companies start to market anti-spirit cleansing cloths and sprays. We are in a period of spiritual awakening, to an awareness of thing outside of the box, outside of our linear thinking. More researchers now than ever before seek the answers to the mysteries in life and though answers are slow in coming, they are coming nonetheless. The IGHS is a society dedicated to research, discovery, and documentation. We follow standards and protocols that separate the natural from the supernatural, allowing credible documentation and evidence of the existence of spirits in a realm just beyond our own. There is much work to be done and more people joining in the research to find elusive answers.


We support our work by the sales of our books and educational material available on our website. We have never attached a monetary fee to investigations, counseling, or evaluating photos or EVP. We talk to people who have questions and are frightened all the time as part of the work we do. We respond to all emails to help others understand, learn, and grow from their own experiences. The material made available on is our own, not copies of work by others. We work, we discover and we share so others can experience and learn for themselves that there is more to this life than we have ever realized before.


Happy Hauntings


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The IGHS offers a beautiful Membership Certificate. The membership certificate is valid for one year Check it out at for more information.


Kind regards,

Dave, Sharon & BooBoo

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