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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter

December 12, 2004 from Congress, Arizona


Dr. Dave’s Notes:

We are offering our Christmas Special on our Home Study Courses. We have discounted each of the home study programs now through the New Year. If you are thinking about certification through the International Ghost Hunters Society, check out our specials today at We will be shipping all Home Study Courses so they will arrive before Christmas. As we get closer to Christmas, we will ship the courses by USPS Express Mail to ensure they arrive in time. The Express Mail fees are paid by us and is included in the price of the programs.


Ours is the oldest certification program for ghost researchers offered on the Internet. We were the first to offer our home study programs back in 1998 to help beginners in this field. Many sources now try to copy us by offering their own home study programs, but they offer only the inexpensive and basis Ghost Hunting 101 package, not the in-depth comprehensive professional material that represents thirty years of our combined experience as the only two full time ghost hunters in this field. We have no day jobs, we are not parapsychologists on the weekends and paralegal clerks during the week, but we are full time committed to this research, traveling across America as we investigate some of the most haunted sites in this great land.


We have gotten more registrations for our Southwest Ghost Conference in March. We have updated our Conference page at with a hot link to the lodging page, which has a list of hotels in the area. Our primary event will be in or near Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque.


While thinking about what to write about for this issue of our Newsletter, I was thinking back to how people associate ghosts with something evil or demonic, simply because they do not understand what is happening or they rely upon what someone claims is in the Bible. Let me digress for a moment and give another example of how the misinformed will promote an idea that is false, but believable. Let me use some experiences from my own background to illustrate the point.


One example would be that the misinformed are those who promote this myth are the large oil conglomerates. The myth is that oil is a fossil fuel and that it comes from decaying organic matter, such as marine sea life. Since the quantity of organic matter is limited, oil will one day run out. The major oil companies have equal controlling interest in Middle Eastern oil fields since they are partners with the Arabic sheiks who control the oil fields, thus the oil companies make money on oil produced in the Middle East as well as in their own back yard.


I devoted many years to oil exploration working with some subsurface passive imaging technology that I had developed and was applying in the oil patch. I started out in Kentucky doing wildcat oil exploration for companies who drilled producing oil wells from my data. I also owned an oil drilling company for a season, before the oil industry went into a slump.


 What would you say if I said that oil is not a fossil fuel, but a natural recurring commodity and not related organic matter? The fossil fuel myth stems from a lack of understanding and from ignoring technical data that has been available since the forties and fifties. It seems that the Russian reservoir engineers realized that their oil reservoirs were being “topped off” from below despite a total lack of additional decaying organic matter. All that lay below was solid granite and basalt, meaning that the oil was naturally manufactured in the mantle of the earth, before slowly migrating 75 to 150 miles upward to the existing reservoirs.


In oil lingo, the solid granite and basalt are referred to as basement rocks and are the oldest strata of rocks, created many billions of years ago. The oil is found in anticlines and traps located above the basement rock. However, this is not true. The Russians have drilled more than 320 producing oil wells through the solid granite and basalt. Their deepest well is over 7.5 miles deep or 40,280 feet.


Russia has drilled ultra deep oil wells that are producing oil that according to our traditional geologists could not be possible. Somewhere along the path, the fact that oil is not derived from decaying organic matter, but is being renewed from deep below the mantle never filtered into Western vocabularies. Even today, most of us are taught that oil is associated with decaying organic matter, but in reality, it is being renewed from somewhere deep down in the earth.


I remember reading about Dr. Thomas Gold when I was in the oil exploration field, as his ideas about oil seem to explain why I was finding oil below the marine life sediment zones, which according to geologists proved that my subsurface passive imaging technology was flawed. I was also searching for a common stratum that should have existed if a world wide flood took place. In other words, if a universal flood happened as told in the Bible, a layer of sediments containing marine life should be common throughout the world, but my discovery that the strata depth for the marine life varied from location to location suggesting marine life sediments from different time periods, not the same time period.


This data suggested to me that the Great Flood found in the Bible was a myth; perhaps this flood was a local or regional flood, but not a world wide event. I am speaking from purely a scientific view point based on data obtained from my subsurface passive imaging system. Truth should stand the test of time.


However, I did detected hydrocarbons several miles below the existing oil bearing stratums, never as deep as the Russian ultra deep wells, but far deeper than existing producing wells in the area. The idea that a bunch of dinosaurs died and rotted, decomposing into pools of hydrocarbons seem a bit far fetched for me, so when Dr. Gold talked about renewable oil, it made more sense to me.


Who is Dr. Thomas Gold? He is the founding director of Cornell University Center for Radiophysics and Space Research. He strongly believes that oil is a "renewable, primordial soup continually manufactured by the Earth under ultrahot conditions and tremendous pressures. As this substance migrates toward the surface, it is attached by bacteria, making it appear to have an organic origin dating back to the dinosaurs."


Now what relationship does ultra deep oil and ghosts have to do with this article? It seems to me that we often accept an explanation as gospel without any direct evidence that the explanation was valid. We need to rely upon our own experience and knowledge when making important decisions. If we rely upon someone else to do our thinking for us, we cannot complain when we discover that thinking was flawed.


Ghosts are the souls of men, women, and children who have died and for one reason or another remain in this earth plane. Their anchors are holding them here until they can resolve the issues and release their anchors. Other souls come back to check on loved ones and to be near them at Christmas and other family events. Love survives the grave and our loved ones are never far from us. We teach the humanity of the soul; even death cannot separate us from our friends, family and loved ones. Why do we love them in life, but fear them as spirits?


We have many ghosts that either travel with us or visit us on a regular basis, yes even in our small RV, spirits come a calling. BooBoo almost daily reacts to unseen presences in our RV. We have lived with ghosts for the past fifteen years and have come to understand them because of that experience. We are changing how the world view ghosts through the continued research of the IGHS. If you will notice, now balls of light or ectoplasmic vapor by Hollywood scriptwriters represent ghosts instead of the ghouls and fiends of before. Since we have been promoting EVP two-hours monthly on a coast to coast radio program over the past two years, we now see a Hollywood film on EVP.


The IGHS has taken a stand since starting the society nine years ago, and we have not wavered since that time. Ghosts are not evil or demonic. They are the souls of men, women, and children who have lived and died on the earth. They retained their emotions, intelligence, personalities, and attitudes beyond the grave. They reflect their attitudes as ghosts as they did when they were alive. We will all cross over to the other side and we will all experience what it is like to be a ghost; our souls will continue beyond death and there will still be people living who will call these souls demons. Yes, some souls will be angry, just as there are angry people today.


Sometimes we forget that we are here to walk in beauty and harmony, we allow our environment to influence us and control our emotional state. It is hard to think of beauty and harmony when stuck in a traffic jam and you’re late already for an appointment. Our physical bodies may be stuck in a traffic jam, but we can escape the madness of the traffic by seeking out a place of tranquility and peace within our minds, our own private place of refuse in troubled times.


During the forthcoming Christmas rush, take some time for yourself, slow down and reflect on the things that are important to you, if a couple, consider the love of the good man or good woman in your life, and if single, consider the friends who support you, not because of what you can do for them, but because you are their friend. It is not the monetary gifts that are important, but the gifts of love and self-sacrifice that determine the caliber of person we are today. Yes, we all like monetary gifts, but they will fade in time, lost in the shuffle of life, but the true gifts of love will always remain with us.


Happy trails.


Sharon’s Notes:

Christmas, politically correct or not, is thirteen days away. Regardless of what is considered a respectable term, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever, the day of celebration is right around the corner. Regardless of the bickering over terminology, it is a day that has been celebrated, in individual ways for hundreds of years. The focal point of the day isn't the name or how it is spelled, it is what it means to each person who chooses to celebrate, each in his/her own way.


To many it is a time when family gathers together, for others it is a special meal provided by the local Salvation Army or rescue mission. For others it is a lonely time of year after losing a loved one. The holiday season tends to sharpen the memories of those we have loved and lost with hearts aching for their presences. If there is one thing Dave and I have learned over the years, it is that our dear ones are nearby when the holidays roll around and families come together. We have many, many pictures with ectoplasmic vapor, spirit orbs and at times, the image of someone dearly departed standing among loved ones in a holiday family photo.


My family will miss my Father this year as Christmas was his favorite time of the year. He enjoyed family gathering around, celebrating Christmas in traditional ways. I received a call from a friend of mine in Utah this week and she told me that her Mother had passed very suddenly in November. Her Mother was a friend of mine who I had known very well and she will truly be missed. We learned that Nancy Coplin lost an Uncle she was very close to last week. Our hearts go out to Nancy and her family during this difficult time. Our loved ones are never far from us and return to be among us, especially during the holidays.


We are in Congress, Arizona and the weather has turned sunny and warm once again. We have had several days of cold wind and hard rain but the skies are blue and the days are warm and wonderful again. The mud bogs along dirt roads are drying and we are out exploring the site of old Congress. The interesting aspect of the original site of the mining town is that if a person didn't know where the historic site was located, chances are they would drive right by. A person would never know there were actually three bustling mining towns in one isolated area of the Arizona desert.


As the population increases, civilization encroaches on a place of historic value that will be lost to subdivisions. The Congress Mine is on private property and though we can stand outside of the fence and clearly see the tailings and old stamp mill, the public is forbidden beyond the locked gate. The message is that for the right amount of money a person can buy chunks of western history for their own purposes and keep people out.


We have walked around the old town site many times over the past ten years. It is always changing. We record for voices from beyond the grave and each one is different, each one has a different message. This year we found acres of land surrounding the old town have been cleared for a new subdivision. It is pretty easy to see where this will be going in the next ten years and a person does not have to be psychically gifted to project the future of this land.


The changes are tremendous at the old town site. No matter where we walk this year there are signs of scavengers digging every where. The ground is littered with metal cans, rusted and laying all over the ground, having been dug up from garbage dumps of the old town. If there is treasure buried, people are determined to have it. Over a hundred years of searching and digging, I would doubt there would be much in the way of treasure left out there. The real treasures of Mill City, Congress and Congress Junction aren't buried under a rock or mesquite, the treasures are the history, the people who worked hard and died with the gold fever that drew them to Congress to work the mine. It is the harsh life our ancestors lived in the western civilization that embedded in the land. The Mothers who watched as their babies died from extremely bitter cold winters or searing heat from the blazing summer sun or the 1887 scarlet fever that swept through this territory taking many young lives with it.


Shards of colored glass glisten in the sunlight between rusted tin cans that now lay on the surface. The amber, green, purple, aqua, white, and deep blue shards lay broken and unwanted by relic seekers and scavengers who dig and tear up the land like huge renegade gophers seeking elusive wealth, leaving only large craters in their wake.


At times, I stand in awe of the destruction that lays before me covering the ground. The glass from over one-hundred years ago is beautiful, the colors vibrant just as the people and the town once were. Now, glass bottles are mere shards that lay encrusted with mud and dust, exposed to the elements of a desert existence. They are left behind without thought or care as broken glass has no value to the treasure seeker.


  I have always tried to see the beauty in everything; people, places and even the broken things most people overlook. For ten years, I have looked at the shattered glass and admired the color and the culture behind it. I always tried to envision what life was like for those struggling to make it big during the days of the gold rush. Most never achieved wealth but they continued to move on to the next strike, wherever that might be. Life was rugged and harsh in every mining camp and few escaped unscathed by the brawls that broke out over gold. I have wondered what could be done with the shattered beauty of the broken glass so it, along with the so much of our history would not be lost to progress. We have collected pieces of glass for several years not knowing what use it might be but somehow knowing it had a purpose.


Last year when Dave and I started collecting Carnelian, we invested in several rock tumblers. At that time, we had no idea that the glass we had gathered over the years could be tumbled also. The shards are very sharp which gave cause for concern when trying to create something beautiful with the pieces. Several weeks ago, Dave put some of the shards in the tumbler and let it tumble the colored glass for five days. It is similar to the natural process of water washing over stones and glass that takes off the rough edges. What we saw when the tumbling process was finished were shards of the glass from over one-hundred years ago, rounded without the sharp edges. They were beautiful; the color had not faded at all.


I started to work with the polished glass using silver wire to hold each piece securely and I mounted the finished piece on silver chain. I was pleased with the results and felt like we had discovered a means of preserving a tiny part of history that would have ended up more shattered and buried as old Congress will be in the near future. One of these days the old town sites will be gone and forgotten as a new house will sit on top on the historic site in the name of progress.


We have set up an area on the website where the ghost town glass pendants can be viewed and ordered for those who wish to own a piece of history and a thing of beauty. These pendants won't be found anywhere else as each one is hand made; each pendant is unique in size and color and there are no two like. These are very unique gifts for that special someone in your life who likes unusual or rare jewelry. It has always been our policy to ship within 24 hours whenever possible.

Happy Holidays, Ya’ll.


Happy Hauntings


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Dave, Sharon & BooBoo

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