Subject: [IGHS] Newsletter, December 19, 2004 Congress, Arizona
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 14:59:13 -0500 (EST)



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International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter

December 19, 2004 from Congress, Arizona


Dr. Dave’s Notes:

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Ours is the oldest certification program for ghost researchers offered on the Internet. We were the first to offer our home study programs back in 1998 to help beginners in this field. Many sources now try to copy us by offering their own home study programs, but they offer only the inexpensive and basis Ghost Hunting 101 package, not the in-depth comprehensive professional material that represents thirty years of our combined experience as the only two full time ghost hunters in this field. We have no day jobs, we are not parapsychologists on the weekends and paralegal clerks during the week, but we are full time committed to this research, traveling across America as we investigate some of the most haunted sites in this great land.


We have gotten more registrations for our Southwest Ghost Conference in March. We have updated our Conference page at with a hot link to the lodging page, which has a list of hotels in the area. Our primary event will be in or near Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque.


As we approach Christmas, I would like to share some thoughts about ghosts and life after death. These are my insights after investigating the paranormal for the last fifteen years. Consider this my fireside chat as you would if you were sitting in front of a fireplace watching the fire blaze away and I was sitting in a soft comfortable chair next to you. I will be speaking in the second person.


We do not believe in a devil or in demons. We do believe there are unorganized patterns of negative energy that others would call devils or evil. These collective patterns of negative energy will attach themselves to locations in this world. These unorganized patterns of negative energy sometimes "float" into an area and will "dock" there for a while before drifting on. Its docking location is not reflective of the people there or of the attitude found in that physical location. Its docking location is purely a happenstance. We do not believe in the Christian version of heaven, hell, demons, devils, or evil. Yes, negative energy exists, but it is not caused by our actions or deeds.


When we die here, our essence or our spirit which is energy cannot be destroyed. Our bodies convert back to energy patterns we call spiritual energy bodies that will exist in a new realm. We can take on shapes of earthly bodies or continue as energy patterns. We continue to progress in knowledge and as we rid ourselves of limiting behaviors; we evolve or mature into higher beings. Our energy patterns will then vibrate at a higher frequency, which will enable us to advance beyond the realm that we inhabit at the time and continue our evolution advancement. Those spirits who continue with limiting behaviors vibrate at a lower frequency and therefore are unable to advance beyond this realm.


We believe that when a Christian dies he or she will see the Christ or Angels. When a Buddhist dies, they will see the Buddha come to greet them. We see whom we think we will see. Our imagination or concept of realty continues on after death. A Mormon will die and will see elders or Joseph Smith and his or her version of heaven. A Baptist dies and he or she will see their version of heaven. Non-religious people are greeted at death by family members or loved ones. None of these after death versions is accurate but only a portrayal of what we expected and created for ourselves. In time, that concept will fade, as we understand that the realm we are now in will allow us to be whatever we want to be. We can create our own hell, if that is where we expect to be at death.


When we die, some energy patterns or entities choose to be together as they were here in this life; other entities do not choose to be together but rather to be separate. Persons who die here and seem to be trapped in this realm have unfinished business that prevents them from letting go and continuing on into the next realm. Often they are bitter and do not want to leave this realm. Other persons leave this realm but still have strong attachments here and would rather spend their time here than in their new realm. These entities are what we would consider Ghosts or Haunting Spirits. There is a barrier that separates us from those in the other realm. Often those entities that cross over that barrier and come back to be close to where they feel comfortable or where unfinished business still remains.


Orbs in motion are pure energy. The energy pattern is moving very quickly and stirring the air about it. An orb in motion causes a thickness in the air molecules such that we cannot see it yet a light striking from a flash could not penetrate through it resulting in the creation of a shadow. The orb in motion represents the soul, the spiritual energy that survives beyond death. The physical body returns to the earth and the spiritual essence continues onward. The spiritual essence or soul is immortal; we live again beyond the portals of death as a spiritual essence that can return and take the shape of their human body.


When we go from a physical body to a spiritual body, we go through a period of transition. We are in a new dimension from the physical plane and we begin to learn anew. Our learning process is now without physical form. As a spirit, it takes more energy to be visible to the human eye. The strongest manifestation for a spirit is when they take on a human form. Pure energy is the natural state without manifesting in the physical plane. We can only detect this pure energy with a film or a digital camera.


If a spirit is organized, its energy patterns can be captured on film, but when the spirit is disorganized, its energy patterns cannot be captured by the camera. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Take something and spread it very thin, so you can see through it, such as water. If you put a drop of water on a wooden floor and spread it with your foot, you will not be able to see the water. Yet, if you put the same drop of water into a test tube, you will be able to see it. It is basically the same with energy; when the spirit energy disorganizes itself and spreads itself thin you will not see it but when it becomes organized, you will be able to see it and capture it on film. A good example is ectoplasm that is concentrated or when it is drifting apart, barely seen when photographed.


Those who recently passed beyond the grave cannot organize themselves yet. They are too new. They do not fully understand where they are so their actions are sometime playful and sometimes accidental. They are not yet able to organize their energies. They are not yet strong enough and they are beginning the process of learning. These spirits are not demonic or threatening, but accident prone.


The Tornado Lamps are a good example of disorganization to organization. What begins as a single cell grows to become what we are now, which is organized cellular structure and in relationships to balls of light, they organize themselves to become a single ball of light, which can contain many balls of light. It changes from a disorganized state to an organized tornado or a denser, more organized state.


A vortex may represent hundred's of spirit entities or one spirit entity. The reasons spirits join together is because when we pass into the other realm we will find we are surrounded with those we have been intrigued with, curious, we will find that we are with our kind and find ourselves together.

The tornado shape is a process of moving, one of the many. We have yet a lot to learn of these things. It is also a means of indicating to us that there is something very much present here.


The size and brightness of the balls of light represents different levels of energy. The very strong will show themselves more obviously to us. The energy level determined by how long the entity has been here in this world and the strength of the individual spirit. It is the conditions surrounding the spirit at the time it appears. These balls of light are not the airborne dust particles captured with digital cameras, but the balls of light are the orbs we can see with our eyes as they shoots across a room and vanish through the wall.


The spirits are strongest during the full or new moon. It is best when there is an electromagnetic activity, it does not have to be a powerful storm with lightening strikes, but the air becomes charged which is conducive to these energy patterns. Solar storms send charged ion particles into the earth that is conducive to these energy patterns.


In regard to very negative energy entities, there are many difficult circumstances as there are many surrounding conditions that we must consider. First of all, we need to know the history. For example, if the land has had violent acts then this can trigger the scenario for negative haunting. Two, if there is negativity in the home, negative spirits will feed on that fear then the haunting will be of a negative nature.


If you can change the element that the negative entity is feeding upon then there will not be the malevolent activity. But as long as the elements are present for that kind of atmosphere, the negativity will continue. The only way to remove a negative haunting is to change the human behavior that allows the negative entity to feed within the haunting. The source of this negativity lies in the unresolved negative emotional issues within one or more family members that act as a beacon that draws negative spirits to the home.


As the fire dies down in the fireplace, I get up from the chair and say, “There is life after life. Death is not the end, but a doorway to the next level of our adventure. We have no reason to fear death, but we should embrace death as the opportunity for advancement into the next stage of our existence.”


We get so busy with the Christmas rush, that we forget the inner beauty and harmony that we should be seeking at this time of year. We need to find our inner sanctuary of peace so we can walk in the path of beauty and harmony. Just as a raincoat will repel water, our inner sanctuary will repel the negativity that rains down upon us daily. If this season is difficult and hard because of finances, employment problems or family problems, remember that this too shall pass. There will be a brighter day ahead. There are valleys and there are peaks in our lives, the key is, never give up.


Happy trails.


Dr. Sharon’s Notes:

As Christmas Day is just around the corner, it is the time of year to anticipate the joy of family reuniting in celebration and reflections of the year gone by. The shopping is done for those special gifts, everything is wrapped and ready under a beautiful tree, lights are hung indoors, and give a warm glow to the family home and food is ready to be cooked for that huge home cooked Christmas dinner. Time passes at such a rapid speed it is hard to conceive that the year 2005 is fast approaching. Right now, we look forward to Christmas morning and family coming together once again.


This year has brought events that have left us wondering what lies ahead. Tremendous changes have taken place that give rise to concerns about freedoms in this country. Many have spoken out about this being the end times with a Mad Max scenario ahead. We are on the verge of what some consider to be World War III, we are warned to be alert and aware of all that is around us. The fires of fear burn brightly and life hasn't seemed normal for quite a long time. The biggest factor is that we don't know what or who to believe any longer, which leaves us with a huge gap of uncertainty. On Christmas morning, the thoughts of what is going on in the world outside of our own diminish as we focus on the joy of being together, giving gifts, and making Christmas the best day of the year. Can we change these factors that take our comfort and security from us or is there more that we can do as individuals?


As Americans, for many years we have enjoyed the freedoms this country was founded upon. We have not lived in a war torn country or in fear, as the threat of terrorist attacks has been distant. When the reality of the hate for our ways of life hit close to home, we all suffered the effects. The way of life we once knew, fell into rubble just as we watched the twin towers fall and that vision remains in our memories as if it happened yesterday. We hold the memory close with the expectation of a similar event to ensue, uncertain as to when it will occur, not if.


I recall as a small child seeing what looked like trap doors on the outside of homes in my neighborhood. The heavy wooden doors opened to concrete steps that led down into what seemed to be a black abyss. Seemed as any kind of horrible creature could have lurked down inside and it scared me. I had seen similar things back in Indiana when we had visited with friends, but they called them storm cellars. We lived in California and had never had anything like a hurricane or tornado where we lived. I wondered why many homes had these storm cellars if there were no storms?


I finally asked my Mother about this and she told me that during the war, people had them as bomb shelters. It seemed folks were scared the Japanese would start bombing so they prepared for it by having bomb shelters dug deep under their homes with the double trap doors making it easy to get in should something like that happen. Families could take refuge there; though there were regular shelters available in town should people need them.


I remember how chilling it was to think someone would actually drop bombs to kill us and found myself avoiding the now padlocked wooden doors that led deeply under the homes around the area. To reinforce the fear I had felt, I remember hearing warning sirens that were tested once a week by Civil Defense. The sirens were used as an alert for the fire department when the firemen were being called to the fire station in an emergency. To hear that siren whine loudly in the dead of night scared me as I then wondered if maybe it meant that bombs would soon fall.


The bomb shelters in most cases had become less threatening fruit cellars and the warning sirens were used to call firemen to the station. They haven't been used for their original purpose once in my lifetime, over fifty years now. Over the years, people have become comfortable and secure living in this country and found no need to continue being prepared for some unseen event, such as bombs falling. We have lived in peace and security without the threat of attack on our homeland. Over the years, we have transformed our shelters from places of safety to storage for canned fruit without a thought of our freedoms being challenged. We have all heard of the unrest in the Middle East, the hate and horrors taking place in foreign lands but we never thought we would see the day it would happen in our own backyard.


When you see your family on Christmas Day gathered around you, laughter ringing out through the home, music playing, and the eyes of those precious children and grandchildren wide with excitement, give thanks for all that is around you. Christmas is one day that is set aside, during the year to fill us with the blessings and love of family and connection. There is nothing as heartwarming as sharing the joys with those we love. Take those special times, feel the strength of that loving bond, and vow to keep it strong throughout the coming year. Nothing can break through that connection when it remains strong.


Pray for this country to find that kind of strength among its people, like a chain that won't be broken. When you pray, envision it as having already happened and believe that it is so with all that you are. God answers prayers but also expects us to put our own energy and effort into the outcome. The scientific community is seeing just how collective prayer works effectively, especially in healing. Dave’s mother was in Intensive Care Unit for three months with 17 broken ribs from a small car and a giant gravel truck collision. Her life hung in the balance, but 11,000 readers of this Newsletter projected positive energy to her and she escaped death and is now home walking on her own. We are so very thankful to have her in our lives and recovering so well.


Right now, our country needs healing and our hearts desire is one of peace. Before there can be peace on earth, we have to find peace within ourselves which is a far greater task. It is time for this nation to heal on the inside and for Americans to regain the strength of a loving bond as a people who have fought more than once for the freedoms we have held so sacred. May sound like a pipe dream to some, ready for ridicule, but nothing is impossible, some things just take a little longer.


We certainly want to remember our military right now, serving in a foreign land, away from those they love, willing to sacrifice so that their families and generations to come will live in freedom and know peace in their lifetimes. We pray for their safe return to the arms of those they hold dear. May God bless us all in the coming year and may we find our prayers answered as we envisioned them and as we earnestly believed they would be. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday together and bright hope for peace in the coming New Year.


Happy Hauntings


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