Forms of Ghost

Orb Example
Occurence: Common
Description: Orbs are quite common and are sometimes found in pairs. Exactly what they are is not known. Orbs can be white or colored, hollow or solid. One theory is that an orb is a ghost soul. Orbs fly, or float and can be caught in motion.

Ectoplasmic Mist
Ectoplasmic Mist Example
Occurence: Uncommon
Description: Ectoplasmic mist is quite uncommon. Ecto mist is actually a weaker form of pure ectoplasm. Mist can be colored and can be seen drifting in the wind. Sometimes you can see it almost begin to take shape.

Ectoplasm Example
Occurence: Rare
Description: Ectoplasm is ghost energy in its purest form. It can be any color of the rainbow. Ectoplasm is usually in strands or rods. Motion blurs usually accompany the ecto because of the speed at which it moves.

Dark Ectoplasmic Mist
Dark Ectoplasm Example Example
Occurence: Uncommon
Description: Dark Ectoplasm is usually associated with an evil ghost. This is not always the case. In the photo above you can clearly see the upper body of a man. Dark ecto is usually so thick that it blocks out anything behind it.