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One of our veteran members has decided to share a collection of scary stories from his childhood, in a new article entitled, Otherworldly Experiences. Charo has been a member of GHNC from the beginning and is a close personal friend, I have no doubt that every word of these stories is true. I hope you enjoy reading these tales, please stop by the forum and share some experiences of your own!

These stories are also available in the articles section.

The Ghost in the Field

This photo was taken on a ghost hunt some months ago. Myself and a group of friends decided to investigate a house that was known to be haunted. Not only is the house haunted, but many strange happenings have been reported around the property as well. There is a field behind the house that we didn't think much about, it was only when we returned home to review the pictures that we found what appears to be a skeletal figure standing in the field! Take a look at the picture and enhancement below.


Happy Halloween from GHNC!

Our good friend and fellow paranormal investigator, Merry Bearsky, recently sent us a photo showing what appears to be the ghostly handprints of a child. The story she relayed to us about the picture begins as her husband was doing construction work in a house which was known to have a strange atmosphere within it, as if you were being watched. As he was working, he looked behind one of his co-workers and immediately froze when he saw two ghostly handprints had appeared on a window that had been spotless just moments before. It was not cold enough for the imprints to be condensation and it didn't look to be dirt, the prints were also too tiny to belong to any of the workers present. Take a look at the spooky picture below and decide for yourself!

Click to zoom


Happy Halloween to all from the GHNC team. May your Hallow's Eve hunts be rewarding :)

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Michael Renegar, of the paranormal research group Camel City Spirit Seekers, has submitted this amazing new evidence which shows a ghostly face that appears above the subject of a self portrait. Michael says,

In the second album of pics from March 20th, you will find a pic of a hundred year old drawing. THERE IS A SECOND FACE IN IT!!! Professor Alvin Profitt spotted it in my photo! I went back and looked over the drawing, using a magnifying glass. There were no scratches, smudges, or fingerprints in that part of the glass or drawing to account for that face. I tried for half an hour recreate the image with my camera, and couldn't. Furthermore, it has been identified as a Huff family Member, who has been dead for decades!

Prof. Profitt, an expert in our field with over 40 years of experience under his belt, feels it is the genuine article. So much so, we have submitted it to Loyd Auerbach to review.

Check out the pictures below:

Click to zoom

Be sure to visit Camel City Spirit Seekers on MySpace!


Our veteran member and ouija board creator, Ken, has just put the finishing touches on his latest creation, check out the Ouija For Sale section for more information! Please Contact Ken if you're interested in purchasing this board.


Our investigation of Cherry Hill church in Davie county can now be accessed from the ghost hunts section. We have recently acquired audio recording equipment which was used on this latest hunt and will continue to be used in the future. Speaking of which, the GHNC team is gearing up for our yearly Halloween hunt, and we will be attending Zombie Con 2 in Chapel Hill on October 25th if you would like to come and meet us and other fellow investigators.

The ghost hunting season is just getting started, we will be bringing you lots of new evidence in the following months!


Many of our members have websites with evidence of their own. Please take a moment to investigate these ghostly links!

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The photographs from our twenty first ghost hunt are now available. Stop by the forum if you'd like to discuss them.


The photos from our yearly Halloween hunt have been posted. They are in the hunts section under hunt twenty, go check them out!



Brian Wolf was an average teenager and a rising high school senior until a near death experience plunged him head first into the spirit world. Critically injured and semi-conscious, Brian is visited by an ancient Native American relative, Gray Wolf, who miraculously heals him. Brian inherits a powerful Native American ceremonial necklace containing a stone of great power and is informed that he has been chosen to take up an old family task of helping earthbound spirits return to the spirit world. Brian’s best friend Todd Weller, also a rising senior, decides to help Brian with his family task and the two of them become modern day ghost hunters, encountering both benevolent and frightening spirits in their paranormal investigations. This intricate adventure will stretch your imagination by taking you on a wild and exciting ride through earthly, spiritual, and intergalactic realms.

Purchase The Chronicles of Gray Wolf


via Brian Martin:
I'm beginning work on an educational documentary about ghosts of NC. If you're an "expert" on famous legends of North Carolina, please contact me. If you're willing to go on camera to discuss, all the better! I'd love to find people who have actually experienced something like the Maco Light or the Devil's Tramping ground. Thanks!



Distinguished author Roger Manley is looking for your help:

The authors of the upcoming book Weird Carolinas seek local items from North and South Carolina to include. Ghosts, UFOs, haunted highways and houses, strange graves, freak accidents, weird yard art and unsolved mysteries—if it happened in either Carolina and if you can tell us the basic story of what, where and when, you’ll be credited by name if we use your information. Even if it happened years ago or to someone else, please contact:


Another chapter comes to a close in GHNC history. Over the past 5 years we have tripled the size of our team, traveled all across both North and South Carolina, and have gathered memories and experiences we will never forget. Hunt 19, our Halloween hunt, was what I consider the best hunt we have ever had. Check the hunt page and prepare to be amazed, we captured a spiritual energy like we have never seen before.

I want to thank those who took an interest in Ken's first ouija auction. The auction was successful and closed at $65. This was truly a steal, in my opinion the board is worth well over $100 to the right person. Encouraged by the auction, Ken has decided to continue making these boards. His next one will be a celtic design and you can bet it will be even better than his last one. Check this site for updates on the next auction, but be aware that these things take time when you put the kind of detail into your work that Ken does. It will be at least a couple of months before the new one is ready.

Site Updates:
- Hunt 19
- Ghost Hunting Photo Collection, 2 CD's, over 1,800 photos Auction ends Nov. 16th
- Ghost Hunting Photo Collection, 2 CD's, over 1,800 photos Auction ends Nov. 11th
- Video intro added to Hunt 19, the Gravemaker returns!


There is big news for the GHNC website as Halloween draws ever closer. Before the end of the month we will be moving to our own domain name at We are also proud to announce our sponsorship of Ken Rhyne's first ouija board auction. Ken has just put the finishing touches on his first board, you can see the new images in the for sale ouija section. If you would like to make an offer before the bidding officially starts, please contact Ken directly.

The eBay auction begins now!


- New pictures in Ken Rhyne's ouija section
- Hunt 18

The first board will accompany us on our HALLOWEEN HUNT. Do not miss this one!


Halloween is almost here and the GHNC team is gearing up for our big yearly ghost hunt. Currently we are considering blast battleground and cemetery in Gaffney, SC as this year's location. We are short on info about it, so if anyone knows about this place, please contact us before the end of the month. To celebrate our favorite season we have put together a scary video for you which is called Morbid Dawn. Besides myself, fellow members Joseph L. and Scott G. star in the movie. You'll need DivX installed to watch it. If you enjoyed it, please visit our new forum and let us know what you think.

24MB 4mins 8secs XviD

Check out the updates, there are many new hunts and photos to be seen:
- Hunt 16
- Hunt 17
- New User Submitted pics in Gallery
- Updated IGHS archive to present
- Welcome new members, 37 total

The entire GHNC team wishes you a fun and safe Halloween!


The GHNC team has started out the new year strong by adding many more members to the group and by having our fifteenth hunt at the notoriously haunted Payne Road. This was supposed to be the hunt where the Union county team was going to meet up with members from other counties for the first time, but the meeting did not go as planned. The other members were not able to make it, so we didn't get a chance to learn about the location from someone with first hand knowledge. The hunt suffered as a result, but we still gathered enough evidence to post the new page for hunt 15.

The forum has slowly become more and more active over the months. I've started to consider switching it over to a better forum system, one with different rooms and more features. If I do upgrade the forum, I will be sure to leave anonymous posting enabled. I think this is what has made our forum so popular in the first place, that people don't have to sign up for an account, they can post immediately. One of our most active new members, Lunar, has been nice enough to share his paranormal experiences with us. You can find these in the articles section. Have a fun + safe weekend and enjoy the updates!

Site Updates:
- Hunt 15 added
- Lunar's Experiences added to articles
- New user submitted photos in the Gallery
- New forum!

If you don't see the option for the new forum under the forum section in the menu, try refreshing the side frame and clearing your browser cache.


My family has suffered from a sudden and unexpected death this holiday season. Our Christmas was replaced with a funeral, and I must tell you, it has been one of the toughest months in my life. You begin to look at things differently when people and places that were taken for granted begin to slip away from you. It's a humbling experience, and you really begin to understand the meaning of the phrase, "life is short". With a new perspective and a brand new digital camera, I plan to make 2005 one of our best years yet. You can see our new Minolta Z1 in the equipment section. This is the last camera I will be buying for a few years, so it better take good pictures. Patrick has the old Kodak now, this means we will have two digital cameras on every hunt as opposed to only one, as in the past. Stick around, great things are to come.

Happy New Year From GHNC!

Site Updates:
- For Sale Ouija Board Section
- New user submitted photos in the Gallery
- Sargel18 section added to Gallery
- IGHS archive updated to present
- New Hunt 13
- Tarot program released
- New Hunt 14

* Update *
GHNC will now be the direct distributor of original Ouija boards crafted by our fellow member, Ken Rhyne. These Ouija boards are handcrafted; wood burned with the finest care. Countless hours of dedication have gone into every aspect of these works of art. Visit our new "For Sale" page in the Ouija section to see the fine quality for yourself. I think you'll agree that these one of a kind boards are definitely of great collector's value.

Pricing and ordering information to come soon.


October has been a very active time for most of our members. Contrary to the past few months, we have finally started to place plans into action and do what we do best. Some members have been working overtime and have managed to add substantially to our hunting equipment. Last night was our first chance to test it out in the field. We went on the yearly Halloween ghost hunt to Poinsett Bridge. You can find the whole story complete with pictures in the Hunts section.

Site Updates:
- Hunt 11 added
- Equipment page updated in articles
- Vault section added in hunts
- New member list added in hunts. Visit the forum to find out how to join
- Hunt 12 added
- New Virtual Ouija Boards

Several readers from our forum have sent in their own pictures which have been placed in the Gallery section. I recently found some of our old pages I thought had been lost long ago. This stuff is from early 2000, right as we were starting out. You can find all this in the new Vault section. Enjoy the new material, and have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Things have been quiet for the GHNC team the past few months. We have since been on a hunt, but we didn't get enough pictures to create a section for Hunt 11. I think we just picked a bad night.

Halloween is coming soon and it's at this time of the year that we become most active as a group. We have plans for the next couple of months and the site should get a good amount of new content. We are trying to decide whether to go to Poinsett Bridge again this year, or to go somewhere new. If you have any suggestions for our Halloween hunt, please stop by the forum and let us know. Speaking of the forum, we seem to be getting more traffic to the site than usual, and I'm happy to see folks sharing their viewpoints on the paranormal there.

Site Updates:
- Payne Road documented account updated
- Tarot Card Study section in articles. Learn the cards with the aid of books and spreads
- International Ghost Hunter Society newsletter archive updated to present. Over 35 issues and growing
- New Oracle board added to the virtual ouija section
- Graveyard directory added to the Haunted Location Database
- Astral Tarot program; great tool that tells your fortune and helps in learning the cards
- Ghost photos submitted by a fellow forum member, Trudy Causey

Check out the new Tarot card area if you are interested in fortune telling. I am currently experimenting with the Tarot and certain crystals to see how they affect spiritual contact. Expect more information to be added to the page as I learn more about the cards myself. Happy Autumn, and take care - Eikon


Welcome to the newly renovated home of the GhNC team. The updates are still in progress and will continue until the entire site has been transformed. I have lots of good news to share about the future of the site and the group. We have just purchased new equipment and have started to hunt again for the first time in over six months. We plan to purchase more ELF meters and also to experiment with new ways of interacting with the spirit world. The article and hunt pages have all the details on where and what we'll be hunting with this year so be sure to stop by there.

Site Updates:
- CSS makeover
- Hunts now feature an innovative image layout for easy viewing
- New camera allows us to capture images at up to 5 megapixels! (2580x1932x24BPP)
- Orb Gallery section that features high quality zooms of our best orb captures
- Faster image loading and a new image host
- International Ghost Hunters Society Newsletter Archive restored
- Brand new Hunt 10 with 15 pictures from our new camera
- Haunted Location Database Updated

Please tell everyone you know about the site and check out the forum if your interested in meeting other people with interest in the paranormal. I hope to make this place a larger community where we can trade experiences and ideas on how to further our trade. We can all benefit from each other and together we'll come closer to the truth. Take care - Eikon


I have redesigned the site for the 10th time and I think i've finally settled on a good layout. I also payed off CJB for a year so now the address is ad free.

The GHNC team has improved over the last 3 years into a very experienced group. We now have the time and money to really go after a hobby we all enjoy. I like the travelling it involves and I love catching photos of things most people dont even know exist. Another hobby I've become interested in is collecting ouija boards. Under the Ouija section you'll see a showcase of the boards and equipment we employ in the field. Each hunt is now accompanied with a detailed writing of the events, so you can now learn and see more then ever. When I bring the the old pictures back online we will be well over the 75 picture mark. This is our best year yet!


Big update for the site. We had the official hunt seven last night at a local area and got some great pictures. Hunt six has been updated and now has a webpage. The group pictures section also has some new pictures from last night. The location we chose is where an old haunted house used to be, but its torn down now.

We went around to the various barns and shacks that were still standing. We did some Ouija in a particular horse stable and came in contact with a spirit named Lezly. Hunt eight is planned to be Poinsett Bridge on Halloween night, unless we have another hunt before then. Go check out Hunt sevens page now!


The GhNc team is back in 2003 with all new equipment and an ad free website. We will be going on many more hunts in the upcoming winter months. Some old pages have been brought back and all broken picture links have been fixed.

Be sure to check out the new pictures in the Hunts section under Hunt 6. The new digital camera takes very high resolution pictures and you'll see the best quality possible. Please excuse the ftp folder, I will make a proper webpage for the new hunt soon.


As you can see its been almost a year with no activity for the GhNc2k2 team. We did a few ghost hunts between this time period but we lack equipment. My Polaroid digital camera started acting up on a particular ghost hunt due to paranormal activity and hasnt been the same since. I have recently come into possesion of a Sony Mavica digital camera but chances are it will never get used. The rest of the team has lost interest but there is always hope with the approaching winter season we may hunt again.... just incase that happens I have resurrected the site.

We have lost one of our greatest members. The one known as Crow Dawg has moved to Concord NC, which is an hour away from the rest of the teams Wingate location. Crow, I just want you to know I miss seeing you a lot... I miss my best friend. I know you are busy and have probably moved on to bigger and better things but please keep in touch. Peace out, brother.


The Ghost Hunters of North Carolina are back for 2002. To ring in the new year we've got a new site under a new host. Now you'll find a cleaner interface featuring smoother navigation. We will be constantly under construction but expect it all to return eventually. We will be getting more organized and more professional by featuring complete articles of each investigation. We are no longer a local group and will travel anywhere in NC to investigate.

Recent investigations include Rural Hall's Payne Road and High Rock road's Gravity Hill. We've had a lot of issues with our late web host. It seems they have trouble keeping up with our files. With our new host and new look this is sure to be GhNc's best year ever!

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