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- Dunn (Directions)
- Angier (Directions)
- Jamestown (Directions)
- Rural Hall (Directions)

Old Bluff Church
In about the 1820's on a Halloween day this church was having sermon and the preacher flipped out and killed every one in there and now if you go to the church and you read the big stone memorial and walk up to the doors and read the sign and do what it tells you to than you will see a man holding a lantern and he will wave you on.

Coats Park
At the park in Coats. There is this trail. If you walk down this trail, there is some kind of being that chases you. And if you camp there, there is a place that if you put something there such as a tent, and try to sleep your tent will be moved out of the way by morning. Its called " The Devils Stomping Grounds"

Lydia's Bridge
Lydia's bridge still stands, although it is now 40 or so feet from the new overpass. On High Point Rd from Greensboro heading towards Jamestown, there is a new overpass at the Welcome to Jamestown sign. Parking nearby and walking through the thick vegetation will bring you to the old bridge…and maybe to Lydia.

GHNC's Notes: This location is heavily populated and hard to get to. We had to park at an apartment complex and walk through dense brush until we finally found it. It wasn't worth the trip and we ended up losing our ELF meter. Not recommended.
Payne Road
There is local legend about a man who killed his family, it is said that he haunts the area and once you leave he haunts your dreams. Also an early 1930's type car has been seen by a few people but once off of Payne Rd. the car disappears.

GHNC's Notes: Having been to this location and speaking with locals, we now know Payne's land to be a slave plantation. The curvy road down to the bridge is dotted with rickety old slave shacks. If your brave enough the road goes all the way up to Stokes county. We haven't been very far down it, but we plan to hunt again there someday.

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- Greensboro (Directions)
Poinsett Bridge
The Poinsett Bridge is an arched stone bridge built in 1820 without mortar and named for Joel R. Poinsett, an early resident of Greenville and U.S. ambassador to Mexico. The bridge is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and was once a key part of a state road from Charleston to North Carolina.

It is the state's oldest remaining bridge and is believed to have been designed by Robert Mills, architect of the Washington Monument, though state researchers are still searching for proof.

GHNC's Notes: One of the best location's we've been to, I highly recommend it. Just look for the bridge off Old Highway 25 near camp Old Indian.

+ VA
- Clifton (Directions)

The Bunny Man Bridge
The Legend of the Bunny Man